Zombies of Nairobi

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mc. muci
mc. muci - 44 minutes ago
Wtf did i watch
bertoness77 - 3 hours ago
Adam Sandler change profession ?
عبد الله ابن فارح
Where did you learn swahili
Tertuna - 6 hours ago
Damn i feel bad for those animals on the trash piles
Justin Pleasant
Justin Pleasant - 12 hours ago
When he said we get high to forget about being hungry that shit broke my mf heart😔
Justin Pleasant
Justin Pleasant - 12 hours ago
Seeing kids on drugs is so sad
David Marsden
David Marsden - 13 hours ago
At the end of the road theres always a small square.
Donuld Drumpf
Donuld Drumpf - 16 hours ago
they dont deserve this
joshua posy
joshua posy - 17 hours ago
"you filmed alot, why dont feed us" damn
Blessed Mburu
Blessed Mburu - 22 hours ago
thank you for calling zombies their the nairobian zombies
Ohh No No
Ohh No No - 23 hours ago
Just run them over, holy shit
Çağatay Orhun Güvercin
Allahin ugursulugu ustunuzd olsun kasmerler tez zamanda hepiniz insan ziyanliklari
tyeryertu - Day ago
Baked Potatoes41
Baked Potatoes41 - Day ago
I feel so bad now....
Caustic - Day ago
Summer lucked out. Good thing it was model airplane glue.
Hakan Eroğlu
Hakan Eroğlu - Day ago
İts a Shame!!!
Sarah Dixon
Sarah Dixon - Day ago
Really good doc. Honest talk no soft speak. The unbelievably difficult lives of most of the world. I'm British one of the lucky ones, and I know it.
Lanre Oladejo
Lanre Oladejo - Day ago
Look @ the kid @ 15:11, he’s become so convinced even trying to influence the adult journalist to take another hit of the Jet Fuel.
Arselpang - Day ago
Who else thought that it was Adam Sandler in the thumbnail and clicked because of that?
nicki osanya
nicki osanya - Day ago
👏🏽 good job
Rick - Day ago
Nuke everything
funny Com.
funny Com. - Day ago
Its how the title said Zombies.....they are human beings who needed help badly.
Abdifataah Moha
Abdifataah Moha - Day ago
This is the real life of kenyan people and they want take the sea of somali people.
Henderson Sanchez
Henderson Sanchez - Day ago
14:27 hope that kids keeps his sense of humor. Might lose it sniffing jet too much
Henderson Sanchez
Henderson Sanchez - Day ago
Nevermind he went to rehab
Major Degtyarev
Major Degtyarev - Day ago
They’d be snorting that glue.
Timo Janiceski
Timo Janiceski - Day ago
lai_nb - 2 days ago
That baby im crying
Dennis Kamau
Dennis Kamau - 2 days ago
Hawa wazungu wanatuharibia jina mbaya, lkni hii Kenya yetu iko na shida mingi
Mage - 2 days ago
Imagine how much damage something like ice would do in these communities, we need to actually start to help create proper economies and such to help these people almost all of Africa seems to be disconnected from the rest of the world.
Mc Cc
Mc Cc - 2 days ago
sheet, i am investing in some elmer's glue in the morning
That Guy
That Guy - 2 days ago
I think I just saw SHECK WES under the bridge
Dakota Long
Dakota Long - 2 days ago
Fucking druggies
Maliek Stewart
Maliek Stewart - 2 days ago
This makes me feel so much more greatful of what i have
Roxy Blu
Roxy Blu - 2 days ago
This was deep
Emeka Eric Adonis
Emeka Eric Adonis - 2 days ago
I feel bad for Africans and the poors of this world. The elites and leaders don't really care.
Lydia Hernandez
Lydia Hernandez - 2 days ago
this is so heart breaking....the poor kids
Sandzak Kosovo
Sandzak Kosovo - 3 days ago
M Z - 3 days ago
So this what human beings created for ourselves, the heaven that we live in and each one of us is guilty some more than others. Nothing can fix this other than Jesus and God or death. Choose NOW.
ImFizzleSticks - 3 days ago
How do they all have perfect white teeth? Like what
Bernadette Rakshit
Bernadette Rakshit - 3 days ago
Oh I knw dis glue it's Denrite we cal here in India..nd u really become high aftr inhaling it
Keith Bartlett
Keith Bartlett - 3 days ago
Great documentary
Ginger - 3 days ago
So, Africans sympathize with Aryan ideology (swastika on the wall)...the more you know.
afdsasdfa asdfasdf
afdsasdfa asdfasdf - 3 days ago
" this boy is so stoned that he just basically fell and hit his head " huh?? he isn't stoned he is fucking sniffing jet flue or glue.. that isn't stoned buddy.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - 3 days ago
America: yeah we have weed, cocaine, meth, acid, opioids, magic mushrooms, LSD, ecstacy, nitrites, cannabis, i can go on forever
Africa: yeah well we have glue, and jet fuel.
America: hold up wait a minute sumthin ain't right 🤨
Marley Matthews
Marley Matthews - 2 days ago
I'm from the UK and I sniff glue I no it ant rite but I only do if I'm pissed and bored and I don't fancy doing coke
Michelle Carl
Michelle Carl - 3 days ago
I don't know how old this segment is but I really hope that boy at the end makes it. He's smart n his personality is great plus he's a handsome boy...i pray he stuck with it n is still in the program. Thank you to the reporter n his team for risking their lives to show the world first hand in how this is taking over the youth n adults in Africa. I felt so sad for those babies because of the moms letting them play with the fuel n some give it to the babies so they don't cry. Ugh that broke my heart n I hugged my grandchildren tight n told them they are very blessed!! God bless these children n thank you for these programs that are feeding, schooling n housing some of these children giving them a chance at life and a future!!🙋❤🙏👏💪💕🙏👏 👞😥😞😊
Mohamad Khairul
Mohamad Khairul - 3 days ago
Luis Loyola
Luis Loyola - 3 days ago
Can you give the info to donate before the video ends? I cant see because of the suggested videos square..
ThatoneboiDamir - 3 days ago
I didn’t expect him to speak Swahili that well. Mi pia na ongea swahili.
brett - 3 days ago
i want glue these guys look happy and they are living life to the fullest
brett - 5 hours ago
@Beth Meyers wtf beth its not cool to judge other peoples life choices. the high is obviously amazing and you forget where u are laying down. its so cheap that they dont even need to work its complete and utter freedom
Beth Meyers
Beth Meyers - 5 hours ago
brett Idiot. They are lying on heaps of feces laden garbage so messed up they cannot move. Go volunteer and help kids in need or something.
Phantom Phantom
Phantom Phantom - 3 days ago
This is so sad
anonymous - 3 days ago
You can find all kinds of stuff there considering their is so much trash you can make your choice of weapons n shit
Daniel Dennehy
Daniel Dennehy - 3 days ago
I would not go there without a hazmat suit
shattah syvah
shattah syvah - 3 days ago
this video so touching.this kids need so much help.
GabrealCollins - 3 days ago
Bravo to the Italian Amani Organization .
Kevin Kellis
Kevin Kellis - 4 days ago
That kid is a beast
Safwane Lellou
Safwane Lellou - 4 days ago
If everyone had weed they wouldn’t need inhalants and bro it’s in the slums of Nairobi, they could easily grow weed🤷‍♂️
the comedian
the comedian - 4 days ago
They seem just like the blacks here they truly have that nature in them
INQLOCY - 4 days ago
Holy shit its so poluted
Semicon07 - 4 days ago
Patrick Mwangi
Patrick Mwangi - 4 days ago
Am from Nairobi and this really hurts .Its soo heart breaking yet nothing is done about it.There are soo many families surviving through drugs and are unable to stop.God help us...
Annette Johnson
Annette Johnson - 4 days ago
Its sad cause they look & act just like zombies. This is very depressing. Wow....... 🤔
GoldenWarrior859 - 4 days ago
4:56 just like Russia
LIVEFRMNYC - 4 days ago
Jet Fuel???? Holy Shit!!!!
Amante Apasionado
Amante Apasionado - 4 days ago
I thought Africans were tall, this guy is towering over everyone.
General GT
General GT - 4 days ago
Go the dragons haha
General GT
General GT - 4 days ago
Hell on earth
General GT
General GT - 4 days ago
This is wrong..makes my blood boil.this isn't how we were meant to live.
Yung Sallah
Yung Sallah - 4 days ago
Thank God for my life im grateful
ka11am - 4 days ago
The rich west done this to this people god damn you
Abdul Aziz Moreira
Abdul Aziz Moreira - 4 days ago
Stop skin colour, stop religion, stop government, we are all one. On this planet earth, we help each other without a difference!
Jonathan De La Cruz
Jonathan De La Cruz - 5 days ago
Dam he makes 40$ just by selling to 100 ppl

They need to produce coke or weed and send that shit
Blanko - 5 days ago
6 in the morning

Mom: Get up time for school.

Me: 0:12
Blanko - 2 days ago
@SBakerNYC issa joke calm down.
SBakerNYC - 2 days ago
Blanko scumbag
vargasmongo3435 - 5 days ago
first I will hit hard who manage those chemicals and arrest them 20 years then from that search all the suppliers 30 years
Casanova Casanova
Casanova Casanova - 5 days ago
I hate life..! My wifi just turned off
Casanova Casanova
Casanova Casanova - 5 days ago
I hate life..! My wifi just turned off
Cher Bear
Cher Bear - 5 days ago
Heart breaking...
Gamerboys Productions
Gamerboys Productions - 5 days ago
I’m really happy for that kid
Alex F
Alex F - 5 days ago
did they try to draw a Hakenkreuz, the Symbole Nazi-Deutschland... because it was a Swastika :')
Epickimster 188
Epickimster 188 - 5 days ago
My dad has 4 bmws and a 2 Bentley’s and we live in Sandton South Africa seeing this makes me not want to spend so much money on gucci
Epickimster 188
Epickimster 188 - 4 days ago
DEATHTRAP thank you for your comment and I will
DEATHTRAP - 4 days ago
Your lucky to be that wealthy don’t spend so much money on things that aren’t that important give it to someone who needs it:)
mizrahi chick
mizrahi chick - 5 days ago
GOD hear our prayers. Please have mercy on us, please have mercy.
Hema Gajmer
Hema Gajmer - 5 days ago
This is the reason I hate videos of people eating like crazy videos , my heart aches when that boy said they sniff glue which makes them high and forget about hunger .it must be very painful for the person who made this documentary .
Omar Omar
Omar Omar - 5 days ago
A group of those zombies injured me using a knife in koyole Nove 2018
ItsSkiiz - 5 days ago
And 60% of americans are obese, it's disgusting to think that people face issues from over eating while there are kids on drugs just so they don't suffer from their hunger.
fxke_reVerse - 5 days ago
Real Eyez Recognize Real Liez
This white man is bat shit crazy. I’m black and wouldn’t do this. I’d been pissed my pants a couple times 🤷🏾‍♀️
Megalodon Unlocked
Megalodon Unlocked - 6 days ago
thumbnail = Buffon.
Yui Nurahilyon
Yui Nurahilyon - 6 days ago
This is so heartbreaking... I wished I could do something for them if only I had the ability to do that right now.
junel burdeos
junel burdeos - 6 days ago
In my childhood im sniffing glue.. but now im clean... thanks to my family they never down me.. respect from.the Philippines
Ay Kay
Ay Kay - 6 days ago
11:28 Even in Africa, when a black guy tells you it's time to go, that means you better get the hell outta dodge. You can ask why once you get somewhere safe.
Paul Ziolo
Paul Ziolo - 6 days ago
This is a vision of the human future worldwide.
Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Turbo S E-Hybrid
Sad thing is, steve is probably dead or back on the dtreet again. Street is not forgiving, very sad.
BulletproofKam - 6 days ago
Shithole Africa
Idontknow myguy
Idontknow myguy - 6 days ago
You make a dollar a day. That's good if you don't. That's your fucking problem
Nana Afrika
Nana Afrika - 6 days ago
Of course it’s the white Trojan horses that save the poor Africans
Kakie Ruth
Kakie Ruth - 7 days ago
This hurt me ☹☹
AMMAR ali - 7 days ago
I want help them I m from Pakistan
AMMAR ali - 5 days ago
@Xoxo Xoxo ♥️♥️🙀
Xoxo Xoxo
Xoxo Xoxo - 5 days ago
AMMAR ali i really want to help them too I’m from France
Sneaky Redneck
Sneaky Redneck - 7 days ago
All I can say is - oh I wish there was a god. I’m at the beginning of the vid and just waiting for the blame game to start. Which western country is it this time? Perhaps just maybe he will mention horrible parents who shouldn’t be having children, or the horrible corruption installed throughout the government who rarely let even a penny from a donated dollar reach someone in need or crisis.
Oh and stop with the drama at around 12:30.
Asheem Abraham
Asheem Abraham - 7 days ago
I don't know what to say people! We are so blessed and yet we take things for granted. Please please think of these brothers and sisters of ours before we take things fro granted..these are the kind of information that make me feel so helpless. Unless the ones who are blessed come together "us". These brothers and sisters don't have a chance.
Emma Atieno
Emma Atieno - 7 days ago
Nice documentary with some exaggerations thrown in to season the story. Mlango kubwa is far from being among the most dangerous places in Africa, lol.
Carol Verde
Carol Verde - 7 days ago
Fucking drugs I hate them I wish they never excited
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