Zombies of Nairobi

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argumentumadbaculum - Hour ago
This journalist is incredible
Bagz Ogam
Bagz Ogam - 3 hours ago
Good things happen in Kenya stop branding our youths as zombies....
Simome Smith
Simome Smith - 3 hours ago
Filmed their way of life; They asked for food and where refused; ran wondering why they where angry; Really dude really??
Jerome Sparrow
Jerome Sparrow - 5 hours ago
U call live africans zombies......?????...weeweee 😠😠😠
Cero powa
Cero powa - 8 hours ago
It shows the level of Corruption done by the Government of Nairobi
(Capital of Kenya).
Bil Clinton Saragih Manihuruk
Oh no is not good for them
Joseph Cometa
Joseph Cometa - 10 hours ago
what do you feel when the boy gave u a one hit of his jet fuel sniffy thing?
owen Michael
owen Michael - 13 hours ago
10:42  "Aah riu uraaginyaaga ni undu wa kii?" She meant "Say no to drugs" 😂😂😂😂✴
Chloe MF
Chloe MF - 18 hours ago
We have this in the Philippines too. We call it rugby
brokefolkfabrication - 18 hours ago
Jack Albright
Jack Albright - 22 hours ago
Just bomb the shit out of the whole area. Remove this trash from the face of the earth! They have NO value to anyone.
IcoJesusa - 23 hours ago
And everyone donates for trash noterdame
AlchemySERUM - Day ago
Watching this video makes me realize how much we have but we are keep talking about how poor we are...now at least we know what poor is :(
adnan ali
adnan ali - Day ago
robbenklopper - Day ago
Europe in 10 years from now.
Movado Kali
Movado Kali - Day ago
I use to live this place and these boys are amazing and friendly
the K.K.K
the K.K.K - Day ago
“ we have nothing “. * has more children *
the K.K.K
the K.K.K - Day ago
Is dat caca
Liana Fedha
Liana Fedha - Day ago
Thank God I don't see lil girls
CALIMADE916 - Day ago
Bob Saget
Bob Saget - Day ago
African Americans complain about American poverty where the government takes money from the working class to pay for their food, shelter,healthcare (not just African American, whites and hispanics as well).....meanwhile in Africa they are suffering real poverty where nobody is coming to help you.. you are left to the wolves to fend for yourself and you don't really see them Waiting act like Afrivcan americans... they are out there collecting bottles not waiting on a check in the mail... I find the contrast really interesting
This what happens when there is no civilization.
Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor - Day ago
Such a hard life that it breaks my heart ❣
lefroy1 - Day ago
11:22 Face of a killer right there
JustJoshingYa - Day ago
What kind of glue? And notice how these garbage people sell it to kids and young as 8. Even younger that weay not know about. Hilarious when Trump spoke the truth about these humans cesspools, and liberals said oh no Africa isn't a shit hole blah blah well here's your proof that the west and american society is clearly superior to the east.
DareToLive - Day ago
Another successful black Nation, And they actually say that they are oppressed by the white man in America. If you look around you will clearly see that the worst place for blacks is in their own communities.
DareToLive - Day ago
That level of exposure to solvents and VOC is deadly, and if they do get to grow old they will suffer till death.
Think of gulf war syndrome X10.
Mac Anthony
Mac Anthony - Day ago
yet the Kenyan government does nothing... smh; typical corrupt African country... smh
Nubia Cruz
Nubia Cruz - Day ago
Oooooo I Hear The Arcana soundtrack
nothapa - Day ago
They walk around with Coke bottles with glue inside. The bottles hang hands-free off their face. If you wander away from the crowds they’ll try to rob you
D J - Day ago
omegaorgun - Day ago
Resident evil anyone?
Daddy Duck
Daddy Duck - 2 days ago
Holy moly they have jet fuel
Jay Kingtana
Jay Kingtana - 2 days ago
Just a reminder of how lucky we really are...shit sad yo
WJP Degas
WJP Degas - 2 days ago
This just makes Ghana look like heaven, i ain't complaining no more...wow people got it bad😅🤦🏽‍♂️
Mesheck Mwangi
Mesheck Mwangi - 2 days ago
for those being plagued by guilt because of where you live and your life style, do not its like a abuse to their faces. appreciate what you have if you are living a comfortable life there is nothing to be ashamed of because that is what they are striving to achieve help and donate where you can you may not be thanked or televised for what you did but that noble deed changed someones life the clothes donated clothed someone, the food filled them even if its for a week.
DressedInBlack - 2 days ago
Damn I feel bad man my parents went through this shit
SongsOfSeparation - 2 days ago
Nothing a little bit of Resident Evil 5 justice couldn't fix
Tony Tang
Tony Tang - 2 days ago
You guys are brave...I have been some places like that but would never use camera filming them.
Rap Buwa
Rap Buwa - 2 days ago
i bet u had like 20-30 nairobi thugs walking with u
And u payed them a good amount of money
Otherwise this documentry is a suicide 😂😂
Hitemdown - 2 days ago
White ppl take billions of dollars from africa every month and dont send nothing back exept brainwashed journalist, Africa will rise 1 day hate it or love it, the real zombies are shooting up your kids in school.
Esther Mband
Esther Mband - 3 days ago
The 18 year old😧😧😧😢😢😢😢so sad
Ho SwayX
Ho SwayX - 3 days ago
this is physically sickening to watch
Geo Niko
Geo Niko - 3 days ago
You simple idiots do not realize they pay gang leaders for permission to be there or they wouldn't last 5 minute
im a potato boy
im a potato boy - 3 days ago
Bye I'm going to go commit suicide now good luck
Black Clover
Black Clover - 3 days ago
yes indeed a very intelligent race of humans ... what next eating AA battery's for a lithium buzz
Elvis Shoutah
Elvis Shoutah - 3 days ago
l understand most of your Reactions. l live in Zimbabwe Mbare. shit gets real here
No problem
No problem - 3 days ago
felt bad eating a chocolate cake while watching this. Too good to put down tho
Makhulu Mapogo
Makhulu Mapogo - 3 days ago
Corrupt government is the worst u can have
In Somalia we are at war for almost 30 years and we don’t have this epidemic
Adnan Khan
Adnan Khan - 3 days ago
Hey that’s center city or kingensition in Philadelphia
Mud One
Mud One - 3 days ago
I hope I will soon be able to get them out for good
nitya anand
nitya anand - 4 days ago
Kamlesh ka village dun dun Nagar 😂😂😂
strangerkain - 4 days ago
coming to a town near you
Mike Ochieng
Mike Ochieng - 4 days ago
id like to know if they stay in school
SneekySmurf - 4 days ago
Wow very touching, if I can get a sponsor to donate money to me I’d made the best of every cent over there, my heart is crying when I know I have the will to help the ability to help the strength to help but not the money wow! And we now a days have famous actors donating $100,000,000.00 to rebuilt a church .... 😔 I guess you need to ( War-Ship ) somewhere with a roof when god is in you smh 🤦🏼‍♂️ damm I’m sad I can’t help. .. hey better off people put me in the game couch as they say! Use me but don’t use me 🙇🏻
Is that you cuz?
Is that you cuz? - 4 days ago
What a nice way to describe a group of human beings... Zombies? What ever happened to human decency.
Nderi Rontified
Nderi Rontified - 4 days ago
Shame on us kenyan,it took a white guy to tell us our problems
Lxkam - 4 days ago
When the government thinks the only way to eradicate homelessness and poverty is by promoting or doing nothing at all about toxic drugs abuse,so that the population of this category doesn’t live long. Failure government!
LØNE MARKSMAN - 4 days ago
“I want people to help us”
Dude they’ve been getting help for decades.
They need to help themselves first before asking for external affairs to waste so much money that goes to nothing
Jasonricks - 4 days ago
good for people who have good heart for others life
Jasonricks - 4 days ago
how about its government
Antoine - 4 days ago
investigating a symptom and not the cause
Just Davo
Just Davo - 4 days ago
I don’t feel bad for them 🤷🏾‍♂️
My name Jeff
My name Jeff - 4 days ago

Africa: 0:00
dennis 1234
dennis 1234 - 4 days ago
don’t do drugs smoke weed
The_Crazy_ Crustacean
The_Crazy_ Crustacean - 4 days ago
I feel like this documentary will do better without the background music
Hunter Boettcher
Hunter Boettcher - 4 days ago
This is so god damn sad
Ivanna Goddess
Ivanna Goddess - 4 days ago
So y'all stop complaining with life
Muhammed Namdar
Muhammed Namdar - 5 days ago
Meanwhile Big cities around the world like Las Vegas waste tons of money water and electricity. We could help those people but we don’t. I try to donate money all the time to organisations to help people like those. I know where to point my finger when they ask me what did you do for these people.
Subscribe at 10000 and I will do a stripper video
Great doc, hope them kids are okay
Issa Issah
Issa Issah - 5 days ago
Who else thinks the little boy is funny??
He should be given a platform
mosh kela
mosh kela - 5 days ago
Well done America u have the control over 3rd world bravo , Thanks for throwing billions of tons of wheat to the ocean and not giving it to those countries in need , Thanks for spending trillions of dollars on weapon and destruction industries so u can destroy more and more of countries under excuse of terrorism instead of aiding this poor people , When u are the real terrorist " government " which is ruled by the economy owners the jews of israel , trump , obama , bush all are fucking dummies in this jews hands , damn sorry fellow brothers in humanity to let u go deep in this shit , but hey there will be a judgement day when the responsable people get burned in hell no worries be sure of it !!!!
Juan D Diaz
Juan D Diaz - 5 days ago
The balls on that Jounalist and his Team
abdul dennaoui
abdul dennaoui - 5 days ago
silence i kill you
silence i kill you - 5 days ago
all these guys are lost...
Peenager - 5 days ago
This is like a fucking horror movie... I guess sometimes I’m happy I live in a small town in Sweden
Peenager - 5 days ago
This is like a fucking horror movie... I guess sometimes I’m happy I live in a small town in sweden
Cabib Tanggomay
Cabib Tanggomay - 5 days ago
That place is insane....
Romans 8:18
Romans 8:18 - 5 days ago
We need to stop spreading money in material things that we really don't need & start helping these people come out of this situation.
DOOM667 - 5 days ago
hahahaha :D
Michael Middleton
Michael Middleton - 5 days ago
This is fucking horrible these are the exact issues that world leaders need to fix
Axl Rose
Axl Rose - 5 days ago
How lucky we all are who are watching the video with me......
Psytoxin - 6 days ago
This was 3 years ago... This never would happen these days duh
Nash Reyes
Nash Reyes - 6 days ago
Use mask bro here in my country some teens do that to we call that rugby a very sticky glue use to fix shoes they do that because of poverty
youngsta Young
youngsta Young - 6 days ago
Very sad man. No one should be living like this if the greedy bastards at the top shared a bit wed all be better off
Believe & Achieve
Believe & Achieve - 6 days ago
The current President of Nairobi, Uhuru Kenyatta, should be put on trial.
Risto Pde
Risto Pde - 6 days ago
The real zombies i had ever watched on YouTube
Joseph Croce
Joseph Croce - 6 days ago
I feel like being “blessed” and “fortunate” to live in Canada is an understatement. I know I would feel more “blessed” by helping those who are less fortunate and knowing I made a difference.
kalis oromo
kalis oromo - 6 days ago
Fucking asshole white people going to our country and recording a video and calling our people zombie who brought this poorness into our country it a white man fucking dogs born with tails and talking shit as they're humans fucking dirty ass man
EYERUS NEGA - 6 days ago
Dear God thank you for this beautiful life and forgive me if I don’t love it enough.
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez - 6 days ago
The reporter is not in much danger. Apon arrival they explain how they are the only ones to show the world what it's really like. Reporters are literally their only ticket out of that horrible situation, even a strung out crack head can understand the circumstances.
Matt Mccaslin
Matt Mccaslin - 6 days ago
3 years ago. You think it's gotten better or worse.
Michael Weston
Michael Weston - 6 days ago
Shithole is about right.
dino leo
dino leo - 6 days ago
What's the fucking Nairobi Government doing?!?
mo hirad
mo hirad - 6 days ago
I can not beleive we are in 21th century and follow human being are suffering like this in Nairobi. Uhuru kenyatta should bury his head in a shame. He should watch this documentary. Iam Very sad to see follow east African people like this.
MKM2ND - 6 days ago
your showing the poor side of nairobi, go to the wealthy side
Johnny B
Johnny B - 6 days ago
What do the government?
justsomerandomguy 2
justsomerandomguy 2 - 6 days ago
Here in my house with all the things i need Food, Water, Etc. And i realize that im the luckiest person.
Richard Mills
Richard Mills - 6 days ago
What is the other options there? That shit hole, We should be happy they have this to turn 2
Richard Mills
Richard Mills - 6 days ago
JohnnyRetweeter - 7 days ago
Unfortunately these are windows into the near future of west coat leftist states- don't believe me come down to San Fran or Seattle and see for yourself.  There is no coming back from what is happening now- once the states have drained their social budgets all of the free government handouts will stop, the state will go beyond the extreme debt they are already locked into and everyone reliant on state handouts will turn into this. These are signs of things to come if the US becomes socialist as the democratic states are already well on their way.
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