YAASHWIN SARAWANAN Punishes Alan - Results Show | Asia's Got Talent 2019 on AXN Asia

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rahul the indian gamer.
rahul the indian gamer. - 10 hours ago
4:25 I actually geussed it

(secret is his mouth went mmmm)
Anoop Negi
Anoop Negi - 12 hours ago
All was vedic maths tricks
pootlong pootlong
pootlong pootlong - Day ago
70% is the comedy 30% math
Mohamed Alpha Jalloh
He is so confident. Smart man
Riday Uz Zaman
Riday Uz Zaman - 3 days ago
He isn't 15...he said false.
Jeevan prabu
Jeevan prabu - 5 days ago
Who is first?
Retro Senpai
Retro Senpai - 5 days ago
that guy can't use calculator to save his life
Retro Senpai
Retro Senpai - 5 days ago
yawshwinn at 15: beating all nasa super computer
me at 15: eating ramen and coolaid while watch mongatari series
Nightbot - 7 days ago
Calendar problem is very easy. Even i can do this
shivam verma
shivam verma - 7 days ago
Had seen a little chap in up state (of India) with same talent (computer mind).
R Sirath
R Sirath - 8 days ago
It was 751
R Sirath
R Sirath - 8 days ago
It was 751
tenzin singey
tenzin singey - 9 days ago
Ask same type of que to any 10th or 9th strandard student iin india...they will answer easily
Ant R
Ant R - 15 days ago
All the Indian fathers have a rock hard on when they see this guy lol
Moses Torcato
Moses Torcato - 16 days ago
So the judge carries the Monday with him everywhere he goes
Rizza Maternum
Rizza Maternum - 20 days ago
Test his brain power
Aryan Khan
Aryan Khan - 21 day ago
Did he say 1955? Starts at 02:25
NotRobby - 21 day ago
Did he win
Hannan's delicious food
U ar superb.....big support from Tanzania...wishing u prosperity...
Obs.P4TRICK - 22 days ago
He is Indian right
FAYGO TONE - 22 days ago
Ralph Renzo Isidro
Ralph Renzo Isidro - 24 days ago
Why the Asians Got Talent is a Garaduation Event?😁🤣😂
Sunil Singla
Sunil Singla - 25 days ago
I am not a hater but nothing special...
I can do it and millions of people in india can do it...
Sheenu Sandhu
Sheenu Sandhu - 25 days ago
Meri tere ko ik hi suggestion hai k physics or maths koi or new invention mat krna students phele hi bahuut pareshaan hai
Current affairs
Current affairs - 12 days ago
Anna Bitchbastard
Anna Bitchbastard - 25 days ago
What a brilliant young mind! #love from Australia.
Rakibul Islam
Rakibul Islam - 25 days ago
Ayshe Myumyun
Ayshe Myumyun - 26 days ago
Billa Balde
Billa Balde - 26 days ago
Very fun
SörösMartin - 28 days ago
There are 3 types of people:
Ones can count the others cant
•Luna Dreamz•
•Luna Dreamz• - 28 days ago
The dates thing he did at first I actually know how to do that
Usha Ravaliah
Usha Ravaliah - 29 days ago
You are great bro. Lots of love from Sri Lanka
Naami Khan
Naami Khan - 29 days ago
Osm man
Iman Haiqal
Iman Haiqal - 29 days ago
Teacher: I said no calculator!!
Me : sorry Yaashwin...you can go now
lucky ducky
lucky ducky - 29 days ago
i love how e spelled school, skool
DUDE REVERSE - Month ago
did he win
Jasmine Kaur
Jasmine Kaur - Month ago
omg my daughter was born on the same date n same month n same day aswel but different years 😱😱😱
Haroon Dabbagh
Haroon Dabbagh - Month ago
Everybody deluded
This is so easy
U hav to understand it
to apply it.
captain eye
captain eye - Month ago
Nice super 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘beautiful
Kang Taehyun
Kang Taehyun - Month ago
KFC staffs: Guys someone is missing
Me: What is it?
KFC staffs: I think Colonel Sanders is missing
Also me: He just take a break in Asia's Got Talent
Kiwiskids playschool
Kiwiskids playschool - Month ago
Anna I am your heart fans
Sabbir Hossain
Sabbir Hossain - Month ago
Lots of love from BANGLADESH💜
Kitty Animates
Kitty Animates - Month ago
Me and my friend studying math together...
*me holding a Yaashwin Sarawanan calculator*
My friend: is that...A YAASHWIN CALCULATOR!?
Me: yeah

(. 0 w0. )
Zaheer Qadri
Zaheer Qadri - Month ago
Love for him from Pakistan
Błåçk Hãwk
Błåçk Hãwk - Month ago
0:54 please don't call them hoes 😂😂😂
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explaine plz😜
abdula rehman
abdula rehman - Month ago
I am from India very good bro
Gaming With Krishna
Gaming With Krishna - Month ago
What is the trick behind this
;-; - Month ago
Labaik Ya Hussain
Labaik Ya Hussain - Month ago
Fu*k school
All In One Hacker
All In One Hacker - Month ago
Love from India Yaashwin 😇
Nidhish Prasannan
Nidhish Prasannan - Month ago
Yet in Indian government exams they ask this calendar questions.
See how difficult it is to get a job here
Sanwal The YouTuber
Sanwal The YouTuber - Month ago
Very nice
chandra mouli
chandra mouli - Month ago
Great from india
S.F. Rana
S.F. Rana - Month ago
He is beyond the talented! Faster than calculator... only 15-16 yrs old... Unbelievable!
God bless him!🙏
Royal Ravi
Royal Ravi - Month ago
Iam indian really talent person
Jerry Gamer
Jerry Gamer - Month ago
Imagine is his spectacles. Giving him all the answers
Tech4 Century
Tech4 Century - Month ago
Congrats yashwin
From india
Piyush Rahi
Piyush Rahi - Month ago
What's the benefit of winning your very first Grammy award if you don't even remember your that special day and you have to take out a slip with Monday written on it 😂 he is clearly not fit to be a judge. He made him a dickhead and on top of it no verification on the calculation it sucks
Dev Rana
Dev Rana - Month ago
He at 15 - in asia got tallent
I at 18 - abe scope dede yaar
Asis Bandopadhyay
Asis Bandopadhyay - 2 hours ago
8x yaar with Kar98k
rahul the indian gamer.
rahul the indian gamer. - 10 hours ago
इसे स्वयं खरीदें
KING OF ANDROID - 28 days ago
@Błåçk Hãwk 😂
Błåçk Hãwk
Błåçk Hãwk - Month ago
Everyone's not a dckhead like u
Yostar10 - Month ago
priyanka m
priyanka m - Month ago
power of Indians🍹🍹
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