Making PERFECT Cotton Candy!

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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino - Месяц назад
I hope you enjoy today's video! I got a lot of requests to try out more ways to make Cotton Candy! What are you doing this weekend? 🐱📦❤️
Black August
Black August - 15 дней назад
Rosanna Pansino please make more Cotten candy
Piper Sanders
Piper Sanders - 18 дней назад
playing talking tom
Georgia Marcinkowski
Georgia Marcinkowski - 18 дней назад
OMG he is so cute
Gucci G
Gucci G - 21 день назад
Rosanna Pansino in talking Tom the eyes and in 2 the eyes whatch u then the can hack ur phone
The Kids
The Kids - 23 дня назад
I love you so much your videos are very nice make a jelly bean challenge I’ve been watching your video since I was 5
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom - 56 минут назад
Y’all remember talking angela and how it stalked you and kidnapped you? that was creepy.
Allen Soldevilla
Allen Soldevilla - 18 часов назад
Wow I love tom
AlShahad Shahad
AlShahad Shahad - День назад
ياخي ليش دائماً من اشوف فيديوهاتش اجوع واقوم اكل كل المطبخ🥨🥓🥩🌭🍕
Optic Legend
Optic Legend - День назад
I'm dying the bubble gum was hilarious omg Ro🤣🤣😋😂I cant breath
ILY SO MUCH😚😚😗😙😆😂🤣😊😎😏😙🤗😍😘
Trevor Rahaman
Trevor Rahaman - 2 дня назад
I need that...
Halo Game
Halo Game - 2 дня назад
Vanessa Morgan
Vanessa Morgan - 3 дня назад
Can I have a shout out I've subscribed and turned on the notifications?
Kai'ree Show
Kai'ree Show - 3 дня назад
You don't know me
You don't know me - 4 дня назад
It isn't called a soft chewy it's called a starburst look at the candy bag next time
روحـي لــگ
روحـي لــگ - 4 дня назад
Rosanna make more video with tom , My talking tom is real 🤔 I can't imagine that ☝🏻️!
Ari Roblox
Ari Roblox - 4 дня назад
Ari Roblox
Ari Roblox - 4 дня назад
Play roblox
gen100 - 4 дня назад
AnnMarie Klein
AnnMarie Klein - 5 дней назад
Loved this. I had surgery today and I'm catching up on your channel.
Terry Harvey
Terry Harvey - 7 дней назад
ive got technique now!...then it all falls apaart lol
loltodo :D
loltodo :D - 8 дней назад
It only works with hard candy ro!

Edit: I stand corrected!
life with leya
life with leya - 9 дней назад
Talking tom scared me at first then I understued what was going on
Britnee Delavega
Britnee Delavega - 9 дней назад
She finally gets into the recipe at 3:20...
Yasmin Garzon
Yasmin Garzon - 10 дней назад
I got the game it’s great 👍
Mukesh Jadhav
Mukesh Jadhav - 10 дней назад
yummy treat for me Is cotton candy 🍭🍬
Sky Galaxy
Sky Galaxy - 11 дней назад
How cute tom awwwwww😉😉😑😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
Liliana Wilson
Liliana Wilson - 12 дней назад
You should make hot tamale cotton candy
LivGeneral - 12 дней назад
OH my god cgi tom how cute!
harold altagracia
harold altagracia - 12 дней назад
Please make the pink sugar cookie from Nicki Minaj's Good Form promo!!! 🍪🍪🍪
Audra Jones
Audra Jones - 12 дней назад
Love your Outfit Ro❤❤
Altero - 13 дней назад
Mlp Lover_xox
Mlp Lover_xox - 14 дней назад
7:17 😂😂😂😂😂
مجد النعيمي
مجد النعيمي - 14 дней назад
Arjay Gacile
Arjay Gacile - 14 дней назад
Who ever does not like rosanna pansino you need to meet your self
Juniper149 - 15 дней назад
My cotton candy machine came with flavored sugar
Black August
Black August - 15 дней назад
Hi can you melt chocolate and pour it into a poop emoji mold I would really want to see it
Megan Drawin’
Megan Drawin’ - 15 дней назад
Plz feature Derek Gerard in your vids!!!!
Maci Leistner
Maci Leistner - 15 дней назад
I love rotten candy
BadBlastMan - 16 дней назад
Cool video I love it! #Rodiculous
Vanilla Cupcake
Vanilla Cupcake - 16 дней назад
It's going to be a long time until I manage to unlock cotton candy in the game 😂
addi1230 addi1230
addi1230 addi1230 - 16 дней назад
Omg I love your dress! 👗 😂😂😂 🐸☕️
Pranithi Kanteti
Pranithi Kanteti - 16 дней назад
Can you do something BTS theme
Galaxy Cupcakes2105
Galaxy Cupcakes2105 - 16 дней назад
I’m sorry but I won’t get the app cause. I’m scared because of the talking Angelia and I was playing it and umm.... I saw something in eye so I un downloaded the game so if you believe me good job. And if u don’t then umm good luck. I’m so sorry
Arnima Khan
Arnima Khan - 16 дней назад
I always watch your videos , whenever I am sad . Your videos makes my day , it makes me so happy . Your videos are my happy pills !
Nancy Lopez
Nancy Lopez - 16 дней назад
Hi ro I love you so much you are amazing I love all your videos their all amazing you are a queen in baking delicious cakes and other things you are such an inspiration I love you so much 😍😘😚😍💕💯😘❤💯%😘
Andrea Necker
Andrea Necker - 17 дней назад
Ro what color marble is your backsplash? I love the larger pieces it’s absolutely gorgeous! ❤️
A2 Kidz Newz
A2 Kidz Newz - 17 дней назад
Now I'm gonna go make some cotton candy
Jenna Evangelista
Jenna Evangelista - 17 дней назад
Fun! Can you make something from Deltarune please
Aiden Rijov
Aiden Rijov - 17 дней назад
I've watched you for a while and I swear you look like my kindergarten teacher
iman pa
iman pa - 17 дней назад
Tracey Trinder
Tracey Trinder - 17 дней назад
Delete that game because people see you through his eyes
john depew
john depew - 18 дней назад
i love the game rosanna ;)
Marycarmen Aguirre oyosa
Marycarmen Aguirre oyosa - 18 дней назад
I love cottoncandy😍
cat fat
cat fat - 18 дней назад
Dlit tok
Andreas Johansson
Andreas Johansson - 18 дней назад
Rosanna Pansino
the girl who always takes that step to
impossible heights .. If someone says big Rosanna Pansino wants it even bigger...
Dima Yassin
Dima Yassin - 18 дней назад
Piper Sanders
Piper Sanders - 18 дней назад
hi ro! I love your youtube chanel. im still a kid but you inspire me and are my hero. I love you and Ijustine!
Aubries arts, crafts, N other stuff
Aubries arts, crafts, N other stuff - 18 дней назад
I am #Rowdiculous
Jack Lalonde
Jack Lalonde - 18 дней назад
A muzzle would work great !
JustKyle - 18 дней назад
To do you remember Sasha your pink knife I would wonder if you can bring her back
Kseniya Noshyn
Kseniya Noshyn - 19 дней назад
You should have put all of them on there and see what happens
Adelaide Warren
Adelaide Warren - 19 дней назад
Adelaide Warren
Adelaide Warren - 19 дней назад
Hi I love your channel
Oreo Animates
Oreo Animates - 19 дней назад
Can you make deltarune treat? Pretty please???
a n g i e
a n g i e - 19 дней назад
Rosanna loving your makeup
QuietStar silence
QuietStar silence - 19 дней назад
Please make something outlander
Dats pretty sweet bruh
Dats pretty sweet bruh - 20 дней назад
Mmm haribo gummy bears cotton candy
laylat2000 - 20 дней назад
can you make a fortnite llama cake plz
Lamar Newmeyer
Lamar Newmeyer - 20 дней назад
Where's Moe?
the cat gamer76 the cat gamer76
the cat gamer76 the cat gamer76 - 20 дней назад
Chong Lor
Chong Lor - 20 дней назад
Watching Ro videos makes me happy when Im down lol the first attempt was an epic fail though xD
Afton Blue
Afton Blue - 20 дней назад
I’m your 1millionth view!! 😊
How many subs with no vids?
How many subs with no vids? - 21 день назад
Talking Tom......
letty medrano
letty medrano - 21 день назад
Ro you should try “ASMR”!!!!
Purvi Sharma
Purvi Sharma - 21 день назад
I also downloaded it
Purvi Sharma
Purvi Sharma - 21 день назад
Please try some Indian snacks 😘
Jean Wang
Jean Wang - 21 день назад
jesus i haven't watched your videos for so long now that i got shocked at how you've gotten thin.
Enrrique Ramirez
Enrrique Ramirez - 21 день назад
You are amasing!!!
The waking Dead
The waking Dead - 22 дня назад
You can only use HARD CANDY
Jessica Laine
Jessica Laine - 22 дня назад
Yes I get to try some new stuff for cotton candy! Lol
Maziad Alrajhi
Maziad Alrajhi - 22 дня назад
💖I love love love cotton candy and those were perfect❤️💙💚💛🧡💕💖
shiza javed
shiza javed - 22 дня назад
Ro please do more challenges
xXArcticHeartXx - 22 дня назад
next one do Deltarune
glowReUuh - 22 дня назад
Not a fan of cotton candy but I’d like to try it made from starbursts I think I’ll have to make some at work one day
smash slash
smash slash - 22 дня назад
Sqeak would turn pink
Erika Seng
Erika Seng - 22 дня назад
All I know is that ro has big windows and doors
ZhenHua Gu
ZhenHua Gu - 23 дня назад
Kadence Kay
Kadence Kay - 23 дня назад
I got the game talking Tom 2 me and my brother love the game
Hailey's Channel
Hailey's Channel - 23 дня назад
Cotten candy😋😍😋😗*pretends there’s Cotten candy emojis*
GoodDay MyFriends
GoodDay MyFriends - 23 дня назад
Wow!! The cotton candy looks delicious 👍❤
Gabby Wo
Gabby Wo - 23 дня назад
I think a step ladder was needed
Grace Gallegos
Grace Gallegos - 23 дня назад
shes trying to get us killed with talking tom glad i'm not subscribed
Brett Logan Stuart
Brett Logan Stuart - 23 дня назад
*I Actually Found U And This Video On Ad OMG*
Juliana Morris
Juliana Morris - 23 дня назад
Can u do something for z nation
Jocelyn Sanchez
Jocelyn Sanchez - 23 дня назад
I noticed that it went from littlest to biggest
dania sohail
dania sohail - 23 дня назад
She is supposed to lightly spin it not wacking it around in circles
Linh đa Nguyễn
Linh đa Nguyễn - 23 дня назад
Linh đa Nguyễn
Linh đa Nguyễn - 23 дня назад
I don’t know how Tom can stand over that giant box maybe he was standing on Squeak how could he?
Purvi Shah
Purvi Shah - 23 дня назад
ariya - 23 дня назад
7:27 hahahaha!!! That was rodiculous Ro~ good job tho!
Delicioso Pastel
Delicioso Pastel - 23 дня назад
muy hermosa
bennifer cardozo
bennifer cardozo - 23 дня назад
make more videos with tom
Rebeca Garcia
Rebeca Garcia - 23 дня назад
Cute outfit
Crystal Awesome
Crystal Awesome - 23 дня назад
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