Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Official Reveal Trailer

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EA Star Wars
EA Star Wars - 4 days ago
Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.
Titan Smash Games
Titan Smash Games - Day ago
For the love of everything holy I hope you all learned from the BF2 launch fiasco and know the only ok micro transactions is cosmetic items you know are what you are getting. Not P2W not loot boxes not battle passes and ESPECIALLY not P2P even after we already payed you for the game
Shamrock Shanks
Shamrock Shanks - Day ago
Single player no money grabber schemes right?
Reed Carless
Reed Carless - Day ago
Shit game
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards - Day ago
Are you going to ship an ENTIRE game this time? Or are we going to be $60 dollar beta testers and microtransaction guinea pigs AGAIN? Sorry EA... I can't trust you anymore.
Omer Miran
Omer Miran - Day ago
the first rigth move that ea did in many years
Tysonn J. Smith
Tysonn J. Smith - Minute ago
Give it a week before we start seeing dlc to fill rushed gaps in gameplay.
wsc 540
wsc 540 - 3 minutes ago
Какой жанр ? РПГ? Как рыцари старой республики?
FingerFlicksPC - 13 minutes ago
The Graphics look fucking great
OmegaMapDesign - 13 minutes ago
1:09 Silvestri's Avengers theme
Tabitha Galavan
Tabitha Galavan - 23 minutes ago
Omg is that Cameron Monaghan? ???😮😮
Saku Style
Saku Style - 24 minutes ago
They made him a padawan just so they could say "padawan on the run"
Berreta Escueta
Berreta Escueta - 28 minutes ago
So will battlefront still get updated while this game is out
Corwin404 - 33 minutes ago
Please let this be good, it looks like the type of game I've wanted to play since Jedi Academy. 16 years ago.
Toxic Carnage
Toxic Carnage - 33 minutes ago
I'm still not going to pre-order any game from EA
Streamtrooper - 40 minutes ago
1. trust no one.
2. respawn entertainment
3. damn it
Matt Hayes
Matt Hayes - 43 minutes ago
God dammit, fucking hate this kid. Ruined the Joker on Gotham now he’s fucking up Star Wars.
Brett Voss
Brett Voss - 47 minutes ago
hurrah EA is going to make another awful Star Wars game. I wish they would give the license to a company like Bethesda
jaime tano
jaime tano - 48 minutes ago
Tráiler sin gameplay es sólo humo
Plug Walk
Plug Walk - 51 minute ago
Fml EA
Daniel García
Daniel García - 52 minutes ago
I want to be exited, I really do! But it´s EA! Oh man.....
SavingPvt_Highon - 54 minutes ago
EA, please release the Star Wars rights so the industry can get a legit Star Wars game.
KELELTIK - 56 minutes ago
sorry EA but never again ,l,
james smith
james smith - Hour ago
Fallen order a.k.a this company's current status
CCBAZ - Hour ago
Im a fan of star wars and im sorry but i dont care about EA
I need this game and if is trash i'll be trash as a jedi
Cody Frisbee
Cody Frisbee - Hour ago
I hope EA realizes that respawn is the last hope they have and if they try ANYTHING the community has had enough
my life's a lie
my life's a lie - Hour ago
Star Wars EA: The Fallen Company
Dandrius - Hour ago
a other jedi game? ....oh never happend before......same the money for other games.
Freezer France
Freezer France - Hour ago
People who hate ea sw be like :
« Ea so greedy »
15 min later
« Oh yes ill buy this useless 30 $ fortnite’s skin and ill pre order the new callofblackhole 5 premium edition .
Im sur there are Many fake accounts only here who never played bf2 ea .
Silly crowd 😅
_GaMeRgUyS_ - Hour ago
I’ve watched this too many times
Liam Morris
Liam Morris - Hour ago
I just point blank refuse to buy EA games all together, expensive trash with no substance.
Darkfoxa - Hour ago
Hey, so EA
If this is for ONCE a single player experience and not an MP DLC cashgrab, then great! Good job trying to hand us a REAL star wars experience
If this is another MP focused game with a basic story mode on the side and 20DLC's with micro currency... You really need to lose the Star Wars game license. Honestly.
A. Bishop
A. Bishop - Hour ago
Why not show the trailer 1 to 2 months in advance of the games release? Why 7 months in advance? That doesn't make sense to me. The game could get pushed all the way to next year or get canceled and moved on to the next console generation by than. Square Enix does this all of the time to their customers.
Square showed a trailer on a Final Fantasy 15, labeled FF 13 Versus, back in 2008 on youtube that was supposedly coming out for the PS3. Final Fantasy 15 was going to be FF13, but than it was canceled without anyone's knowledge and than redone and FF fans got something that was completely different than advertised. But than the game they advertised in 2008 as 13 Versus got pushed from 2007 to 2016 right onto the PS4 as Final Fantasy 15. Funny, the trailer was shown before the actual FF13 was shown. I've posted the actual 2008 trailer below to prove my point.
Ryan LaFountain
Ryan LaFountain - Hour ago
“Render in unreal engine. Not actual gameplay footage.” Looks cool though but so did battlefront(s)
Harry - Hour ago
Is this titanfall 3because I mean it’s respawn
Blake Stone
Blake Stone - Hour ago
Sin... gul... play... er?

What is this sorcery?
Wegilla Cavalcante
Wegilla Cavalcante - Hour ago
Cameron Monaghan aaahh❤❤❤
SpongeBob SquarePants
i wish this was a movie
Nicholas Yu
Nicholas Yu - Hour ago
Star Wars and EA...a terrible combination. Screw the greedy bastards at EA with their loot crates and DLC. Pass.
Noviam Mapping
Noviam Mapping - Hour ago
3 rules to survive:
1. Play the older SW games
2. Dont play any EA SW games
3. Result
SoohNabis - Hour ago
oh finaly respawn will leave Apex to work on Star wars! like they did with Titanfall for apex... i dont trust Respawn! They create a game, and stop working on it after that.. ( titanfall 1 and 2 are hacked, and they do nothing for that). Once a game have reach the money they needed, they start a new project and let the last one, dying!
Sergey Lukyanov
Sergey Lukyanov - Hour ago
>Trust only in the Force.
>Influence Lost: Kreia.
DevRo - Hour ago
3 rules to survive:
3. OUT
Jordan Dahl
Jordan Dahl - Hour ago
I really hope this one has a good start. The trailer looks great.
Anthony G
Anthony G - Hour ago
The game trailers always tell a better story than the movies, including the old republic trailers.. Maybe the teams involved with these trailers should actually make the movies.
KING AKHTER - Hour ago
Best gaming company=Rockstar games.

Beast greedy company=EA
Franciszek Woźniak
Franciszek Woźniak - Hour ago
EA: Singleplayer games are dead
Also EA: Hold my beer
Kyle Sievers
Kyle Sievers - Hour ago
bro is that cameron joker man?
Darthplayz19 - Hour ago
EA: You have just watched the trailer,
That will be $4.99.
If you have watched our trailer in 720p or hight that will add on an additional $2 "deluxe fee"
Oxford - Hour ago
Don’t fuck this up EA
Aierek - Hour ago
Oh no not another knights of the old republic
george sourop
george sourop - 2 hours ago
i think its shit
Andrew Coe
Andrew Coe - 2 hours ago
Trust, No EA
Camm - 2 hours ago
Wow, i am really impressed...He got so far! Who would blame him, he has a really talent. I am so proud. I'd love meet you one day, Cam. You worth it. ♤♡◇♧ Keep trusting in the force!
Octavio Rodriguez
Octavio Rodriguez - 2 hours ago
I say nobody should get this game for the bounty hunter game and the other star wars games ea has shut down.
sunnykwan111 - 2 hours ago
Inb4 Respawn purchases EA
Janus Flanus
Janus Flanus - 2 hours ago
You better not fuck this up
potatos potatoson
potatos potatoson - 2 hours ago
Lel...EA u aint gona get shit from me.
Борис Николаич
бля ну куда же в 2к19 без негров, и сюда лупоглазую черномазую запихали..
Robert Stanley
Robert Stanley - 2 hours ago
Would Rather be a Sith
Meme Notyou
Meme Notyou - 2 hours ago
When you get excited watching a game trailer and then remember that this is an EA no one = dont trust EA ever again. Will not pre-order. Will not buy until reviews are out and information on DLC is available...will not buy if there is even one single DLC to be paid for, loot boxes or some stupid ass access pass.
I will only buy completed games from now on and will never feed the EA beast again, no matter what the game is.
Richard Depaola jr
Richard Depaola jr - 2 hours ago
Agreed 100%
Joe Hawkins
Joe Hawkins - 2 hours ago
better name than the rise of skywalker thats for sure
Ernesto Trindade
Ernesto Trindade - 2 hours ago
Fuck you EA
MiraKuru - 2 hours ago
I cant wait to sit and see how EA is going to fuck this up
William Revell
William Revell - 2 hours ago
£10 for the lightsaber DLC
RubberPanda - 2 hours ago
”Oh looks like a great game! I should pre-orde... It’s EA nvm”
William Sanderson
William Sanderson - 2 hours ago
Milk it baby
davie jones
davie jones - 2 hours ago
This looks so cool
Josh Dauncey
Josh Dauncey - 2 hours ago
Surely you fuckers can’t add supply drops and all that cash grab shit to a single player game. Especially after your recent cluster fuck ups...
jrworthy42 - 2 hours ago
A rule as old as time, if a preview of a game only shows cut scenes and not actual game play... it sucks.
Drizjr - 2 hours ago
So it'll be full of Season Passes and DLC's....
JackZeMaster - 2 hours ago
thislooks awesome
Luso Clemendes
Luso Clemendes - 2 hours ago
My only question is this, where are the other games that were promised with similar gameplay and storyline, a space opera of uncharted? It looks awesome and all, but after EA canceling many single player titles is just hard for me to visualize this game even coming out.
Churchmaverick D
Churchmaverick D - 2 hours ago
Vladdick - 2 hours ago
Ian Gallagher?
Conquistador Noodle Man
Conquistador Noodle Man - 2 hours ago
Rule 34 is gonna have an influx of Imperial jedi hunters after this.
Jubbs !
Jubbs ! - 2 hours ago
This looks like ass
j f66
j f66 - 2 hours ago
I've wanted a good Star Wars game for so long...
pantakarn puengrang
pantakarn puengrang - 2 hours ago
Jedi and Jerome!!
melvin sacromentoe
melvin sacromentoe - 2 hours ago
Can’t wait to see how EA fucks this up
RZAJW - 2 hours ago
They gonna fuck it up
Lucky Wannabe
Lucky Wannabe - 2 hours ago
1. Don’t Trust EA
2. Don’t trust P2W
3. Don’t buy this game
EmojiMan - 2 hours ago
*Darth EA* - Execute order Microtransactions
*Respawn* - Yes sir right away
_adds microtransactions_
FingerFlicksPC - Hour ago
Except both EA and the devs said there’d be no micro transactions...
marry - 2 hours ago
Help me defeat barry!
Oliver Douglas
Oliver Douglas - 2 hours ago
As much as I want this to be a good game, I know it won’t be.
Whether I give in to my curiosity and buy it or not, I only have 1 request...

Can we please get a Star Wars game that isn’t made by EA? That way it actually has the chance of being considered a good game
ke ne
ke ne - 2 hours ago
I really want to watch this movie and I will do it anyway.
Jaydevsinh Raol
Jaydevsinh Raol - 2 hours ago
When they started implementing Micro-transactions, Loot Boxes, Started Releasing Broken ass game for the full price. And people lost hope for majority of AAA games.
Veteran Gamers : "It wasn't always like that"
Апр Апро
Апр Апро - 2 hours ago
Блин, ну что это за тенденция такая пошла повсюду страшных теток пихать? Почему модельку девушки не сделать более симпатичной?
NotSamuelEJO - 2 hours ago
It's EA so it's automatically shit.
Daniel Smid
Daniel Smid - 2 hours ago
I don t think so
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan Ibrahimovic - 2 hours ago
3 rules to survive
1. Don't pre order
2. Watch a review
3. Don't trust EA
Daniel Smid
Daniel Smid - 2 hours ago
Rule number 4, trust Respawn
Niklas Westerberg
Niklas Westerberg - 2 hours ago
there is nothing i like more than star wars but i just can't feel hyped, i go whole days without even thinking about this game. why does EA have to be involved?! :(
Daniel Smid
Daniel Smid - 2 hours ago
Star wars battlefront 2 became a good game.. No loot boxes, no pay to win, new progression system, missing characters are finnaly here, conquest mode similar to 2002, heroes don t cost credits anymore and a lot of more content is coming including Ahsoka..
Collin Wilcox
Collin Wilcox - 3 hours ago
On one hand I can’t wait because it’s a respawn game but on the other it’s ea and you already know they’re gonna find a way to mess it up
Marshal - 3 hours ago
Cyberpank 2078?
Tobias Bichler
Tobias Bichler - 3 hours ago
Well done.
World of Warcraft is now in Star Wars too. But why Anduin?
marshallbonk - 3 hours ago
Lol the trailer always looks great. the only good jedi game was the jedi knight academy and the force unleashed.
cube's 163
cube's 163 - 3 hours ago
Is that Jerome valeska
Daniel Smid
Daniel Smid - 2 hours ago
Caseless - 3 hours ago
Bet you 69.99$ that is is gonna be a rushed and unfinished game by the time it comes out
Daniel Smid
Daniel Smid - 2 hours ago
They worked a lot od years on it, and they have no plans for dlcs, means that we will get everything on launch, and it won t have microtransactions,,
Dreadmyshadow - 3 hours ago
I bet the last boss will be behind a pay wall and the lightsaber will be locked behind the pass.
Daniel Smid
Daniel Smid - 2 hours ago
No microtransactions, no dlcs, and no microtransactions won t be added, has been confirmed
Jimmy Mash
Jimmy Mash - 3 hours ago
this is ea we are talking about, they will find some way to screw this one up
Daniel Smid
Daniel Smid - 2 hours ago
We ll see.. But I don t think so, not after Anthem, it could destroy them completely
Natthapol Vachananont
Natthapol Vachananont - 3 hours ago
Joker come
Joshua Truong
Joshua Truong - 3 hours ago
DLC unlock: 99.99
Han Solo
Maps: 39.99
Game: 59.99
Daniel Smid
Daniel Smid - 2 hours ago
What are you smoking,,?
pilkers2 - 3 hours ago
Can you update BF 2015 pls people actually still play that game and I mean ALOT
pilkers2 - Hour ago
Daniel Smid but BF1 is less competitive and more casual
Daniel Smid
Daniel Smid - 2 hours ago
Not actually, everything has moved okn 2017, which is 10times better. Except for weapons, that pisses me a lot
time light
time light - 3 hours ago
Is this some kind of meme =/.......
water bottle
water bottle - 3 hours ago
3 rules to survive:
1. Don't trust EA
2. Don't trust EA
3. Don't trust EA
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