NLE Choppa - Camelot (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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Lyrical Lemonade
Lyrical Lemonade - Month ago
where’s lenny?
wavvy-slumpz - 11 days ago
Morris Crow
Morris Crow - 21 day ago
Stop reading my name
Stop reading my name - 22 days ago
Lyrical Lemonade 0:33 behind the pillar
S4W xz
S4W xz - 23 days ago
Jason O'Donnell
Jason O'Donnell - 29 days ago
Herein ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Peyton - 3 hours ago
When you switch up from crip to blood like tf
Ezilee Ndidiamaka
Ezilee Ndidiamaka - 3 hours ago
Is it just me or did I sight bloc boy jb
Nicholas Berg
Nicholas Berg - 4 hours ago
He reminds me of Juvenile in this! Think I hear the Brass Construction sample that's in Back That Azz Up
Luh Celo
Luh Celo - 4 hours ago
Artist from Nashville check me out
memeatron ?
memeatron ? - 5 hours ago
But he didn’t brush his teeth🙁
Someone is Here
Someone is Here - 6 hours ago
2:28 so we just gonna ignore the man sucking the popsicle like that
Chol Ajak
Chol Ajak - 6 hours ago
Like if N.L.E CHOPPA is better than lil pump
Xx MLGSHREK xX - 6 hours ago
I can’t wait for the next song
xHucio - 7 hours ago
Here comes the 7th and 6th graders acting like there gangstars.
Blazin Sweets
Blazin Sweets - 7 hours ago
Omg bro this is so MF whack bro wtf smh I'm out this bitch trash ass nigga
HalfwayPrism - 7 hours ago
hey this song is fire but y’all should check out my shit too :)
Jaquann Miller
Jaquann Miller - 7 hours ago
Black hole any one 😂😂😂
Daemun Marshall
Daemun Marshall - 8 hours ago
1:55 when u leave after fucking your girl
Daemun Marshall
Daemun Marshall - 7 hours ago
@Lil Gun hi
Lil Gun
Lil Gun - 7 hours ago
Alex Ambriz
Alex Ambriz - 8 hours ago
It disapoints me how hip hop has changed
Torch - 9 hours ago
Lil Gun
Lil Gun - 7 hours ago
XBL GAMING - 9 hours ago
*Things nle cant live without*

His TankTop
Lil Gun
Lil Gun - 7 hours ago
k gurl
k gurl - 9 hours ago
Who do u think would win ina fight? Blueface or NLE choppa
Lil Gun
Lil Gun - 7 hours ago
Biomez - 9 hours ago
Thought someone opened my door at 2:28
Primm's Hood Cinema
Primm's Hood Cinema - 9 hours ago
Bro all of these comments are legit spam.
It's too many people in the world - *Thanos*
Mario Trick 869
Mario Trick 869 - 9 hours ago
i deeply felt that
SkatterV - 9 hours ago
*Co-starring: DA OPPS*
Brandy Smith
Brandy Smith - 9 hours ago
0:11 when your sibling opens your door and wont close it back.
Pop Music Piano Tutorials
There’s an instrumental of Camelot on Spotify
Qasim Mohamed
Qasim Mohamed - 10 hours ago
If you like then your not gay😘👇
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 10 hours ago
I think NLE is tryna be like Joe
Rob's Reactions
Rob's Reactions - 10 hours ago
That push up form was lazy af
YouTubeVoids - 10 hours ago
why was the opps running from the cops ?
young precise
young precise - 10 hours ago
1:10 poor camera man
Lil Gun
Lil Gun - 7 hours ago
Which is cole Bennett
The Sensible One
The Sensible One - 10 hours ago
I will be her in:
Like so I can remember
Lil Gun
Lil Gun - 7 hours ago
Ok let's see bout that
Nugget the III
Nugget the III - 10 hours ago
He put on a frickin mustache and wig and the cops couldn't find him

Water Sheep
Water Sheep - 11 hours ago
Choppa shoulda payed for the lemonade, that woulda been so much better
Lil Gun
Lil Gun - 7 hours ago
Ye should have brought racks and make it rain to the kid
Xmarks.daspot G
Xmarks.daspot G - 11 hours ago
Felipe Cruz
Felipe Cruz - 11 hours ago
Why you guys haten
Lil Gun
Lil Gun - 7 hours ago
Who Dis
Who Dis - 11 hours ago
Dude got left hanging at 0:35 😭
papi panda
papi panda - 11 hours ago
choppa is a confirmed crip now :0
daryl dixxom
daryl dixxom - 11 hours ago
me: *puts on shirt*
nle choppa: how you do tht
BradAttaCk - 12 hours ago
how many donuts have those cops been eating
NBG Dook
NBG Dook - 12 hours ago
He missed one of his homeboys hand😂😂
Kylen Cofield
Kylen Cofield - 12 hours ago
U are good just like tayk
BCG Beastmode
BCG Beastmode - 12 hours ago
Stick to solos
SAADM4922 VLOGS#1 - 12 hours ago
is nle acuttaly a bed persan?
Imdecentdoe - 12 hours ago
Choppa better have given that guy at 0:37 his handshake
Feels bad.
Shirley Thomas
Shirley Thomas - 12 hours ago
what the fuck is nle choopa
Jay Jay
Jay Jay - 12 hours ago
when you scrolling through comments looking for lyrics but cant find any so u start reading the randomness for an hour, AYE
XXXPAVOR - 13 hours ago
0:43 when u taking a walk and your leg has a seizure midway through
Julia C
Julia C - 13 hours ago
I've seen caramel with more skin tone than you
Josh m00re
Josh m00re - 13 hours ago
Judge: you have 40 years

6ix9ine: you ever wonder why blue nle choppa and that guy with are never seen hanging out?
Lil Gun
Lil Gun - 7 hours ago
Dallas Dane
Dallas Dane - 13 hours ago
those push ups be real archy
Brizkayy - 13 hours ago
Don’t forget this dude is 16....
613 _Drake
613 _Drake - 13 hours ago
About my thousand time watching this anyone else tho.
damaaj johns
damaaj johns - 14 hours ago
If this gray ya hole family gay👇
unwanted heat
unwanted heat - 14 hours ago
"Hoe stfu and just gag on this dick" such powerful words
jacob barrett
jacob barrett - 14 hours ago
Dis don't look like my hood
Wawa Pierrelouis
Wawa Pierrelouis - 14 hours ago
Fuck 12
captain - 14 hours ago
My slow transformation into cj from San Andreas
cj Jones
cj Jones - 14 hours ago
Liam Kibby
Liam Kibby - 14 hours ago
Literally garbage
Brandon Murray
Brandon Murray - 14 hours ago
Jarva Jackson
Jarva Jackson - 14 hours ago
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