GIANT fish on TINY RODS! Toy rod fishing challenge!

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ITS KMAN - 2 days ago
What kind of braid did you spool on the dock demon?
Bethany Lightsey
Bethany Lightsey - 3 days ago
Who is the Japanese lady
DANGER !!! - 16 days ago
U loooooove that lil throwing stick Luke 😂🤣😂🤣 Great Vlog as Usual
Carolina Outdoor Life
Carolina Outdoor Life - 17 days ago
My heart melts everytime watching you and your kids.
NES QUIK - 21 day ago
Luke:It’s peanut butter jelly time
Nathan:it’s hfsxhhfcvbnkjlteabkktvv
Enrique Paz
Enrique Paz - 24 days ago
Click Sub-ScribE!!!!! Nailed it! Tommy's my man. 26er Flattie oh Em Gee. Good Job Tommy!
Ron Baum
Ron Baum - 24 days ago
Just wondering Luke, why are your no roll sinkers strung on with the point down?
Noe Flores
Noe Flores - 27 days ago
I wanna kill that catfish because he hit tommy
harjit hothi
harjit hothi - Month ago
its funny how calm nathan is when the fish just ran with the line
cayo hampton
cayo hampton - Month ago
You put a shot of milk into your child’s cereal and the rest of the bottle into yours that’s wasn’t cool
Christian Mullican
Christian Mullican - Month ago
You should make nathan and tommy a YouTube channel when they get older
Awesome fishing video by hook
Michael Haddix
Michael Haddix - Month ago
Saltiness Vlogs
Saltiness Vlogs - Month ago
My pb is 68 pounds
KOLBI WILLIS - Month ago
“Are you playing doctor or mad scientist on those fish “? “Mad scientist!” Hahah!
Oliver Chapple
Oliver Chapple - Month ago
Tom has the technique
Clutch Gaming
Clutch Gaming - Month ago
7:16 is why I am scared some times to hold a fish
Tomahawk 43
Tomahawk 43 - Month ago
They are very skilled
Ya boi Lè meme
Ya boi Lè meme - Month ago
Legend has it, 4:20 is the last thing you see before you die.
Carolina Outdoor Life
Carolina Outdoor Life - 17 days ago
ツSharpz - 25 days ago
Ya boi Lè meme yes
Cody Bennett
Cody Bennett - 2 months ago

Kenneth Cauley
Kenneth Cauley - 2 months ago
What pound test line did you have on those little poles?
Tropical dreams
Tropical dreams - 2 months ago
Isnt that awesome? Using a kid rod! They give awesome fight just on regular rod but a kids it would pull ya in ..that's what fishing is all about👍👍👍
Ponte Vergas
Ponte Vergas - 2 months ago
Asen buena pesca
B Chappy
B Chappy - 3 months ago
Was that the line that came with the kiddie poles or did you use stronger line?
MistaCaliber - 3 months ago
the issue i have with using lighter rods is sometimes the reel will lock up a lot faster, which happened to my dolphin rod with a big fish.
Gavin Macdonald
Gavin Macdonald - 4 months ago
The left in the intro
Beverly Brewington
Beverly Brewington - 4 months ago
your mom
Anthony Luna
Anthony Luna - 4 months ago
Man i love the way you spend time with your kids and see you are teaching them the right way
BigOOF Streaming
BigOOF Streaming - 4 months ago
Jacoby Mccauley
Jacoby Mccauley - 5 months ago
Tommy fought the hell outta that fish 💪
Khala Lacho
Khala Lacho - 5 months ago
michiel arrio
michiel arrio - 6 months ago
Pregnant catfish
gabriel lopez cecena
gabriel lopez cecena - 7 months ago
awesome great dad
Aryo Ginting
Aryo Ginting - 7 months ago
Adam Tironsi
Adam Tironsi - 7 months ago
If we can beat our pee pee
My Main Channel
My Main Channel - 8 months ago
Holy moly those kids rods are insanely tough! 26lbs? Crazy!
Filozof - 8 months ago
Joshua Galloway
Joshua Galloway - 8 months ago
U could go fish for upgrades, take the Zebco’s too the Tennessee River.
Joshua Galloway
Joshua Galloway - 8 months ago
Tommy did such a great job with fighting the flat and pulling him up to the boat in the net. That 25lb flat, Luke can lift
seapine blue
seapine blue - 8 months ago
i mainly fish 1ft poles for EVERYTHING
got a nice shark on one
Dustin Dressler
Dustin Dressler - 8 months ago
Did you just fat shame that catfish?
Mattia Arena
Mattia Arena - 9 months ago
Mattia Arena
Bic Lighter
Bic Lighter - 9 months ago
his son caught a bigger catfish than me and im 18
dab masters
dab masters - 9 months ago
Sandra Jenkins
Sandra Jenkins - 9 months ago
Funny intro with the kids
Outdoor madness
Outdoor madness - 9 months ago
Outdoor madness
Outdoor madness - 9 months ago
Cach and cook catfish
Outdoor madness
Outdoor madness - 9 months ago
Outdoor madness
Outdoor madness - 9 months ago
Get a new boat
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