Disney Princess Pool Party

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Kaycee ram rami jahau
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Follow me please 😜😜😜😜😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚💟💟💟💟
KlaHiKa Kurkela
KlaHiKa Kurkela - 2 hours ago
0:06-0:15 😂😂😂
Amélie Bellavance
Amélie Bellavance - 6 hours ago
Isabella P
Isabella P - 6 hours ago
Anyone else notice how contoured Snow White and jasmines chest were in the thumbnail??
Life With Olivia
Life With Olivia - 12 hours ago
*2019 anyone?* .... *no just me, wow*
Emily Yuchasz
Emily Yuchasz - 12 hours ago
Wwhhyyy so many views😂
Nancy Vazquez
Nancy Vazquez - 15 hours ago
4:25 Sleeping Beauty grabs onto the floaties
Mariana Moreno
Mariana Moreno - 15 hours ago
4:25 did somebody else noticed she moved her hand
Sophia Kenton
Sophia Kenton - 15 hours ago
Did anyone else notice the change in jasmine's shoes??
0:07 0:23
Sophia Kenton
Sophia Kenton - 16 hours ago
can we all just appreciate they're bathing suits🙏
Edgardo Hurtado
Edgardo Hurtado - 16 hours ago
No entiendo
Lilly Katherine
Lilly Katherine - 16 hours ago
Who’s here 2019?
Adan Echeverria
Adan Echeverria - 16 hours ago

Good morning goes
Under the sky
Under the sky - 18 hours ago
Worlds turning into a fairytale
Pepennyla Gome
Pepennyla Gome - 19 hours ago
Next Viedeos Best 👈
movie Dacing party pink 👈🙉🙊
Leagins Leagins loock 👈 😂
Iqra abid
Iqra abid - 21 hour ago
why so many fucking views
Анастасия Третьякова
Эльза жирная версия
Oliwia Jagoda
Oliwia Jagoda - 23 hours ago
Co to za gówno
Chu Tran
Chu Tran - 23 hours ago
Lea Kaupel
Lea Kaupel - Day ago
Die fette Elsa 🙄
เรา เอง
Clémentine di santo
La reine des neige elle est grosse 😂😂😂
Fatoom - Day ago
4:44is that israel shape??
Jasmine Goslin
Jasmine Goslin - Day ago
Elsa’s reaction to all the frozen merch is priceless “why is my face on that guitar? nope. I’m done. I’m done”
Gladys Garcia
Gladys Garcia - Day ago
Amanda Silva
Amanda Silva - Day ago
Jessie - Day ago
Where's that place???? Its amazing!
JJWEB Hayden
JJWEB Hayden - Day ago
Sees goldfish**
Oh Uhm..sorry I’m eating em.......
V.I.P Victoria
V.I.P Victoria - Day ago
Poopy heads
V.I.P Victoria
V.I.P Victoria - Day ago
Omg sorry my brother commented that
Tracey Canning
Tracey Canning - Day ago
Afra Brook
Afra Brook - Day ago
2019 ?
「 Margot 」
「 Margot 」 - Day ago
Did they go to Notch’s house or did they buy a new house?
Eugevb - Day ago
You guys are Jewish?
Marie melissa Ferdinand
its so ridiculous
Domenika Bagatelos
Domenika Bagatelos - Day ago
Omg 285M views?!?! Woww that’s Awesome!!
Aimee Rankin
Aimee Rankin - Day ago
Who else saw the shadow of the drone
Raven Dark
Raven Dark - 2 days ago
맬송 - 2 days ago
유튜브 맬송의 누리입니다 구독과 좋아요를 눌러 주세용
Human Person
Human Person - 2 days ago
Hate to be the waiter
ملك عمار
ملك عمار - 2 days ago
I love you ASL
Ayla Valdez
Ayla Valdez - 2 days ago
Que chingados le paso a elsa
Gab Ros
Gab Ros - 2 days ago
I remember I used to watch these when I was 9 :(
MBK 47
MBK 47 - 2 days ago
The princess thing is so funny
Malen Owen
Malen Owen - 2 days ago
Damn Elsa thick
Liam T.
Liam T. - 2 days ago
Anyone else notice that in the thumb nail Snow White and Jasmines boobs were contoured?
Kaedde Gin
Kaedde Gin - 2 days ago
Me encantan las piernotas de Elsa ♡
Agus tracchia
Agus tracchia - 2 days ago
andresoide - 2 days ago
I love petunia
Briscelyn Cotter
Briscelyn Cotter - 2 days ago
Why is my face on the guitar
You know what
I’m done
Im done
* throws the guitar off a mountain* NO
Mallak Angel 2
Mallak Angel 2 - 2 days ago
Fouzia Imran
Fouzia Imran - 3 days ago
Wonderful Cinderella's
Melanie Trejo
Melanie Trejo - 3 days ago
My name is Melody and home earlyshdudhdhnidibdnkic
abbi Garcia
abbi Garcia - 3 days ago
En tres vídeos
Andie Kathryn
Andie Kathryn - 3 days ago
Elsa be thiccc
Virginia Reyes
Virginia Reyes - 3 days ago
Um me
Arons Adventures
Arons Adventures - 3 days ago
Anyone watching in month of MAY !?!?!
ig @aaronunis
Lina Connor
Lina Connor - 11 hours ago
Arons Adventures I am
Leylah Perez
Leylah Perez - 13 hours ago
Kay And Khalis Gacha
Kay And Khalis Gacha - 19 hours ago
Arons Adventures yeup
Todd Hilton
Todd Hilton - 20 hours ago
Arons Adventures me
Ana De La Guardia Smith
Ana De La Guardia Smith - 23 hours ago
I am!!!!!
zhasss v
zhasss v - 3 days ago
i love how elsa is the only sane one
Aylin Idrovo
Aylin Idrovo - 15 hours ago
zhasss v ikr
I thought disney characters were supposed to be thin
AtLeastSomethingYT OwO
AtLeastSomethingYT OwO - 3 days ago
+Laura Wauters true
AtLeastSomethingYT OwO
AtLeastSomethingYT OwO - 3 days ago
That very rude
Laura Wauters
Laura Wauters - 3 days ago
I thought people were supposed to be kind, loving and respectful towards each other..
Sangeeta Ganguly
Sangeeta Ganguly - 3 days ago
Elsa wears boots?Eh?
Sara Kze
Sara Kze - 3 days ago
Мария Крюковская
Чо за Жиро баски!!!!???
Mary Lennox
Mary Lennox - 4 days ago
김승란 - 4 days ago
공주 님사랑해요
Eleena Escarilla
Eleena Escarilla - 4 days ago
If I whore a princess I will be ARIEL
If you whore a princess what would you be?

Reply for answer
And LIKE for FREEDOM😊😊😊😊😊👇
Esesesjojo Esesesjojo
Esesesjojo Esesesjojo - 4 days ago
كلش حول الفديو 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Esesesjojo Esesesjojo
Esesesjojo Esesesjojo - 4 days ago
كلش حول الفديو
gabriella greene
gabriella greene - 4 days ago
284mil views hold up
Deja Hammie
Deja Hammie - 4 days ago
Bh GSusus
Bh GSusus - 4 days ago
Isabella Almeida
Isabella Almeida - 4 days ago
Yeni Pacheco
Yeni Pacheco - 4 days ago
I been watching you since I was 6 now I'm 15
Yeni Pacheco
Yeni Pacheco - 4 days ago
You guys all beautiful ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️🦄🦄🦄🦄🍩🍩🎂🎂🐰🐶🐶🍪🍪🙂🙊
Abril Samatha Delgado
Abril Samatha Delgado - 4 days ago
Lique wax la jarra omaigaf💗💖💖💖
Meely Stephanie Urbina Cruz
Mencanta las princesas
Simple6trewqasdfghjs Kaur
You are the best Rachel
Hdhdb Bsbzh
Hdhdb Bsbzh - 4 days ago
Salma Barzi
Salma Barzi - 4 days ago
Fabienne Beret
Fabienne Beret - 4 days ago
Precious_Hooman - 4 days ago
4:27 I thought she was asleep 🤨😏
Jcolbie Tejada
Jcolbie Tejada - 4 days ago
I saw belles bra and she hide it 😂 it was so funny
Shreesha Mukherjee
Shreesha Mukherjee - Hour ago
I was literally just in that part:)
Mike Brosch
Mike Brosch - 10 hours ago
Didn't see it
Sofia Gabriilidou
Sofia Gabriilidou - 21 hour ago
+Cousin Vlogs 0:06 - 0:15
Jcolbie Tejada
Jcolbie Tejada - 4 days ago
I saw belles b a and she hide it it was really funny guy I’ll subscribe and thumbs up hehehehehhehehehehhehehehe
Rowena Aquino
Rowena Aquino - 4 days ago
Yohann Gwyneth
Yohann Gwyneth - 4 days ago
Wow you guys have many views
Keep up the good work and I love your channel 😊😊
pedro perez virge
pedro perez virge - 3 days ago
SavPlayz ROBLOX - 5 days ago
Cinderella belle sleeping beauty and Snow White r soooo pretty
Arden Allen
Arden Allen - 5 days ago
The most classicy of classics, like look at the views!!
NathaliePlayz Cookie YT!
Raj Raj
Raj Raj - 5 days ago
You guys suck👯‍♀️😚 did somebody say suck
Raj Raj
Raj Raj - 5 days ago
You have bad fashion losers😝
Ahira Grace Aquino
Ahira Grace Aquino - 5 days ago
Belle you are amazing
Steppy Gachas Potato
Steppy Gachas Potato - 5 days ago
Elsa looks ⓉⒽⒾⒸⓀⓀ I have a issue😂🤣
Sapphire Wolf
Sapphire Wolf - 3 days ago
Adriana Campuzano
Adriana Campuzano - 5 days ago
Hola que tal como estas
Yousra Mahdy
Yousra Mahdy - 5 days ago
I love Cinderella and Snow white .. they're pretty
Silvia Bravo
Silvia Bravo - 5 days ago
Like si elsa. Se parece a un hombre
Gamzeberay Arinca
Gamzeberay Arinca - 5 days ago
Ben deniz kızına aşık olayım hiçbirinize değil
Gamzeberay Arinca
Gamzeberay Arinca - 5 days ago
Ben hepinize aşık oldum. Ben size aşık oldum
Alice Brenham
Alice Brenham - 5 days ago
284 million views. Omllll I’m so proud of u. Been watching since I was 6 and now I’m 14
Denise Astilla
Denise Astilla - 4 days ago
I will definitely believe
Shimu Sheikh
Shimu Sheikh - 5 days ago
Marley Carreon
Marley Carreon - 5 days ago
Ariel es la mejor😘😍😘😍
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