Top 10 Scary Maps That Will Get You Lost

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MostAmazingTop10 - 28 days ago
Would you follow any of these Maps?
BaldingClamydia - 21 day ago
Apache? Have I been saying a-patch-ee wrong?
Wolf fang
Wolf fang - 23 days ago
Someone should write a book, tell the world you buried a treasure with clues to it in the book with gold, silver, crystals, rubys, sapphires, emeralds, platinum, diamonds, and pearls. Then put 2 of each pokemon game in a box and bury it. They don't even have to work lol🤣
Audz_Da_Bomb Z
Audz_Da_Bomb Z - 23 days ago
jeefery nero hardy eek noo
Moon Child
Moon Child - 24 days ago
I got near Hawaii too So would love to go there
MegaSword 7
MegaSword 7 - 26 days ago
Did you spot the triforce at 1:48?
jesse somer
jesse somer - 3 hours ago
I Love Maps Too Rebecca Felgate
Polarwölfinluna - 14 hours ago
friesland exist in germany in the north near the north see
Tygo Schermer
Tygo Schermer - Day ago
number 5 isnt that scary unless youre afraid of wooden shoes
Tomas Gomez
Tomas Gomez - 2 days ago
White Dragon of the Cape
I had to scroll around the ocean, too. First place I wound up? Also Hawaii! One of the only states I haven't been to yet. Honolulu, here I come!
the king of all death
the king of all death - 4 days ago
hey what up you tubers of most amazingtop10 big cover up message me for details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its big even blowing up on facebook
Kamil Banks
Kamil Banks - 5 days ago
i ended up in lyons township, IL lamo
Tawny Owl
Tawny Owl - 6 days ago
I ended up in the middle of Iceland. :o
sure, would camp there.
Bad Mako
Bad Mako - 7 days ago
Rebecca just got me stranded on an island off the coast of California.
San Nicolas Island.
Thanks Rebecca XD :P
Hannah Lindsey
Hannah Lindsey - 7 days ago
How did I scroll for 3 minutes and ended up 19 minutes away (southbourne UK) from my current location (Portsmouth UK)?
Sherrie Buck
Sherrie Buck - 7 days ago
Masonic Symbols look this way because they ARE Illuminati. Are, are, Arrrrrrrr!
Kristoph Kummins
Kristoph Kummins - 8 days ago
Chernobyl.... sounds cheeki breeki why not lol
Marcy Sabbath
Marcy Sabbath - 8 days ago
Northland, New Zealand
rebellious pearl
rebellious pearl - 8 days ago
Shoot I ended up in hell!
Grace Shroba
Grace Shroba - 8 days ago
*lands on North Korea* no thank you
thecrumbietiger - 8 days ago
Where did I end up on the zoom-map game thingy? Zucchelli Station in Antarctica, that's where. Yep.
Spencer Sawottke
Spencer Sawottke - 9 days ago
It’s the Superstition Mountains not the suspicion mountains. Also A-patch-ee not a-pash-ey
Resilience Of A Gypsy
Resilience Of A Gypsy - 9 days ago
Sir Walter Raylee... is he by any chance friends with sir Walter Raleigh?
Arisu's adventures
Arisu's adventures - 9 days ago
I ended up in the middle of the pacific ocean... no island, just water everywhere!!!
Kayleighars - 9 days ago
I landed in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean
Creep Show
Creep Show - 9 days ago
Apache = (phonetically) uh- patch- ee, just a friendly FYI ;)
sosopath - 9 days ago
Maps wait they don't love you like I love you
Jean Strong
Jean Strong - 10 days ago
The mountains in Arizona are the Superstition Mountains.... not Suspicious
Jerry b
Jerry b - 11 days ago
You mean the superstition mountains
jeremybly - 11 days ago
I ended up on Rebecca's rear 😆
Robert Rathel
Robert Rathel - 12 days ago
I ended up in mansel island Canada
Jeremiah the Pisces
Jeremiah the Pisces - 12 days ago
I played end up in scottland
amanda sermon
amanda sermon - 13 days ago
Lol how this chick pronounced apache.
Alan Perez
Alan Perez - 13 days ago
I ended up in the woods close to a town called Borbollones in the state of Durango, Mexico... I didn’t even felt like I zoomed in and out to hard :/
Andrew Fredborg
Andrew Fredborg - 13 days ago
It's pronounced a-pa-chee
Trevor Nelson
Trevor Nelson - 14 days ago
Nevaeh Jones
Nevaeh Jones - 14 days ago
I landed in Africa
lauren mata
lauren mata - 14 days ago
I needed up in Timmins Canada
Boule Salvia Teper
Boule Salvia Teper - 15 days ago
I ended up near the South Sandwich Islands.
yacine kadri
yacine kadri - 16 days ago
lol  Rebecca I live in London and after playing your game I ended up in Antarctica
Montanna Bridger
Montanna Bridger - 16 days ago
i ended up inn montana yes i would
Cathy Niemand
Cathy Niemand - 16 days ago
Lol Rebecca I landed in Libya
Joshua Heijden
Joshua Heijden - 16 days ago
But Friesland is a part of the netherlands....
Kiki Terhune
Kiki Terhune - 16 days ago
I got Fort MacLeod Canada.... I've been to Canada but Windsor
MsMookalate - 16 days ago
I'm not the only one who thought Obama /Osama
Harrison Butchart
Harrison Butchart - 17 days ago
I ended up in the scariest place possible!

TheElementalGamer {GlitterSparklesAJ}
I ended up at faroe islands😂😂
White ScorpionD
White ScorpionD - 17 days ago
I live in hawaii
Erica Williams
Erica Williams - 17 days ago
Who doesnt know how to pronounce Apache? Tomato tomAto I guess
Heidi Svenson
Heidi Svenson - 18 days ago
Kara Sea of Russia
Mosquitos Bite
Mosquitos Bite - 18 days ago
I ended up in Russia
Mosquitos Bite
Mosquitos Bite - 18 days ago
I ended up in Russia
Ace Joker
Ace Joker - 18 days ago
City college lol
IVANNA RICO - 19 days ago
I searched Lue map and all my tabs closed, scary
Laura Hill
Laura Hill - 19 days ago
I landed is Syndey. Not Sydney, Australia nooo Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Canada.
CreepypastaJack376 - 20 days ago
Rebecca Felgate: "Do you wanna play game"
Pax Magellanic
Pax Magellanic - 20 days ago
Ended up in Keewatin, Unorganized NU, Canada
Emma-victoria Holmes
Emma-victoria Holmes - 20 days ago
I ended up in prince patrick island
Vince 00h
Vince 00h - 21 day ago
Rebecca you are my future wife I love you keep up the great work follow me on insta: Vince00h
Mylum O'Shinn
Mylum O'Shinn - 21 day ago
My phone pointed Toronto, your house! Yes I push all the buttons til I found the Felgate Mansion.
Ingmar Honawar
Ingmar Honawar - 21 day ago
I landed up in Greenland. I would love to go there. Since I am from a tropical country, i would love some ice
martin coetzer
martin coetzer - 22 days ago
My treasure is my family and friends
Snow Gaming
Snow Gaming - 22 days ago
I ended up in Russia, guess im a Slav now
Shayna's Catopia
Shayna's Catopia - 22 days ago
I ended up in the middle of Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada. Scary. Middle of nowhere.
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