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Moriah Elizabeth
Moriah Elizabeth - 26 days ago
Oh. ALSO. The results from the poll on last week's video were great! Only 4% of you that voted liked the old intro better. I'm sorry if you're in that 4% that wants the old intro back, but the new one is here to say!
Ali - 26 days ago
IDONTLIKE YOU - 26 days ago
Love u
Fish Cookie
Fish Cookie - 26 days ago
Fish Cookie
Fish Cookie - 26 days ago
Chantsalmaa Chaagii
Chantsalmaa Chaagii - 5 hours ago
That three schshles are a LoL dolls
Skye Grimshaw
Skye Grimshaw - 6 hours ago
Love you
Eilidh Costello
Eilidh Costello - 6 hours ago
I like 1
Alexis Doyal
Alexis Doyal - 7 hours ago
First trans squishy
Katelyn Kintsche
Katelyn Kintsche - 9 hours ago
When she knocked the other two over with the boy one not gonna lie I died laughing
Lilly Foxxy
Lilly Foxxy - 9 hours ago
why do i feel like the last squishy you made in this video was a gender bend of you
Inez Hornbecker
Inez Hornbecker - 9 hours ago
make one into your cat
Tatyana Shaw
Tatyana Shaw - 10 hours ago
What kinds paint do you use??
Anna Ivanov
Anna Ivanov - 10 hours ago
Moria:put those cheeks way girl
Me: what
Me but then: rewatches and falls of bed laughing 😂
Irene Yang
Irene Yang - 11 hours ago
boys+CHAOS=INFINITY CHAOS DESTROY GIRL+BOY=calm rules nonemean cute kind

So true right??????????
Irene Yang
Irene Yang - 10 hours ago
Pleas tell me no or yes PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ i want my first comment p,z just say something
Kimber Edwards
Kimber Edwards - 11 hours ago
How old are you
Beau Steffer
Beau Steffer - 11 hours ago
Poor lol doll squishie
Beau Steffer
Beau Steffer - 11 hours ago
Your videos are so cute and cool
Lilytily 1
Lilytily 1 - 12 hours ago
did anyone notice that the lips of the second squishy that got a makeover had the lips of part of the face in roblox?? XD
Lulu vids 2019
Lulu vids 2019 - 12 hours ago
Those are LOL Dolls! :D
Star HAN
Star HAN - 12 hours ago
Nobody: me: it looks good
Setayesh Hussaini
Setayesh Hussaini - 13 hours ago
LOL! what the heck is this video. Also you should make a gudetama squishy makeover.
Chelle J
Chelle J - 13 hours ago
It's fine I like it looks like a real LOL doll
Jeff Jeffersontheroyalscientist
I love how she uses her own words against herself
Jeff Jeffersontheroyalscientist
That scream gets me every time
Scarlett Neulader
Scarlett Neulader - 15 hours ago
u should make a dolly dingle squishy
The Potato Boss
The Potato Boss - 16 hours ago
Wait your left handed me too
Kailynn Garcia
Kailynn Garcia - 16 hours ago
Your so funny
The Three Friends Crue
The Three Friends Crue - 16 hours ago
Ooooo im back :D haha ive lost my tablet for about 3 months
Sam Sworn
Sam Sworn - 16 hours ago
I con’t stop laughing
Noodle Poodle
Noodle Poodle - 17 hours ago
We stan a trans squishy
aya tablet bess
aya tablet bess - 18 hours ago
me. Oh that's ugly also me still ugly moriah oh god it is ugly
888campbell888 - 18 hours ago
please do more food
sophie plays
sophie plays - 19 hours ago
It’s a LOl doll
Gacha Child
Gacha Child - 20 hours ago
No! It's because she doesn't have eyebrows
Frozengacha queen
Frozengacha queen - 20 hours ago
I love ur intro
XxGHACHA GalaxyxX - 20 hours ago
I didn’t skip your Video last Week when you cooked ! That was So funny Don’t Overbake Cake mix Guys it give Saminela!
Its_ MyAvacado
Its_ MyAvacado - 21 hour ago
I love how the boy just kicked both of them after Moriah said:
The Judgement on her face!
Edie Davis
Edie Davis - 22 hours ago
She had a transgender squishy
Madalena Afonso
Madalena Afonso - 22 hours ago
Vanessa Lewin
Vanessa Lewin - 23 hours ago
the eyes are very creepy.
chickennuggets Isaidchickennugget
It’s a good thing you messed up on the hair, because actual peoples would look like that.
shanicejones88 - 23 hours ago
Those are LOLS
Michlle Greene
Michlle Greene - 23 hours ago
koalala :/
koalala :/ - Day ago
15:04 the details on her blouse is gorgeoussss
koalala :/
koalala :/ - Day ago
9:24 i love it a lot though, #nomakeup
when it turns 6:00 am abby and lilly
I am depressed
Soffia PUSCA
Soffia PUSCA - Day ago
1-3 I love 3 it looks like Draco XD
Soffia PUSCA
Soffia PUSCA - Day ago
I love the green one the first one but then I was like you got a eye for design
Nazmul Asad
Nazmul Asad - Day ago
For My
For My - Day ago
Omg its my bday !
Teofil - Day ago
you forgot to say squishy roasting
Blue _ berry
Blue _ berry - Day ago
Moriah:Demented muppet with self of steam issues

Me: the Kardashian‘s or a creepy person or every person that hates?
Blue _ berry
Blue _ berry - Day ago
Moriah: dead half dead dying

Me: weird you mean
Reflection - Day ago
*Shows cinematic from feet coming up*
Face: 😳
It’s fine though, I couldn’t do any better then you did
You did try and make entertainment so I am good with the squishy you made
MoonLight Madness
MoonLight Madness - Day ago
Why is a demented Muppet with self esteem issues the perfect decrepition of me?
candace atwell
candace atwell - Day ago
Big fan of urs. "No more business casual. It is gonna match her hair" Moriah 2019 . P.s I love ur videos
Allyn Edmonds
Allyn Edmonds - Day ago
The second ones lips look like octopus lips
Ava Dolan
Ava Dolan - Day ago
The whole time in this video I was laughing and wheezing 😂
Na'Laeyah Wolven
Na'Laeyah Wolven - Day ago
I I love the second one too
rainbow turtles
rainbow turtles - Day ago
The hate in her eyes...
Mythical _gachas
Mythical _gachas - Day ago
"So here are the squishys but no spoilers" AS SHE SHOWS THE SQUISHYS BUT WITH A BLUR THAT MOST PEOPLE CAN SEE!!
Ady Kiddy
Ady Kiddy - Day ago
The last one looks like a farmer elf on the shelf! Lol!! 😆 It still looks great tho!
March Duncan
March Duncan - Day ago
Moriah fish girl is not that bad I could not do better even though I’m not a great artist when I’m drawing but I’m a good painter and yeah Moriah don’t let anyone tell you that it sucks because it’s really not that bad
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