Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic's MAJOR Beauty Stash | Harper's BAZAAR

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Harper's BAZAAR
Harper's BAZAAR - 9 months ago
Whose beauty stash would you like to see featured next? Dream makeup artists, hair stylists, etc. Sound off below!
Cale Clark
Cale Clark - 12 days ago
Pat McGrath!!
Bristal Roth
Bristal Roth - 16 days ago
@Brittany Myers yes
this is hanguk
this is hanguk - Month ago
Harper's BAZAAR patrick ta
Jazmín Lopez
Jazmín Lopez - 2 months ago
Patrick Ta or Jen Atkin,
yellow tulips
yellow tulips - 2 months ago
Beyonce's makeup artist.
hiba shamim
hiba shamim - 9 hours ago
Mario is so sweet, i had never heard him before but now i m a fan of his personality
A Ric
A Ric - 23 hours ago
Mario is such a gentle and charismatic man. It’d be calming to have him always doing my makeup. He’s so sweet that I just want to hug him.
Damaris Negron
Damaris Negron - Day ago
Never knew he was from the Bronx ❤️ Humble beginnings, he’s very inspirational. I’m from the Bronx too.
Shei A
Shei A - Day ago
Is mario gay? If YES ? WHY all handsome men happens to be gay. 😔
maya boukhary
maya boukhary - Day ago
she’s so annoying
Tamara - 2 days ago
Eto brate neki naš lik (ili poreklom sa Balkana) ode u Ameriku i zgrne ogromne pare šminkajući Kim Kardašian.. Ovde bi ga smatrali pederom
MakeupByJoxlyn - 5 days ago
That Master By Mario Palette is the G.O.A.T. I wish I had a backup for it, it’s so good 😭🙌🏽
Michael Whale
Michael Whale - 6 days ago
What an amazingly lovely person. Handsome too, makeup isn’t too bad either 😉
vab - 6 days ago
he's so humble & a gentleman 💛
KT Al - 9 days ago
The interviewer has no boundaries,lol
Backpack. X
Backpack. X - 10 days ago
“I actually like these brushes ,this is a really good contour brush”
Literally never been used
Kass5656 - 11 days ago
He is 1000% gay, i know it
Orion - 11 days ago
I legit just like watching him talk. His personality alone will take him far in life. He’s gentle/sweet and sharp cuz he’s expert level in knowing what to say and when to say it.
Biljana Radivojević
Biljana Radivojević - 12 days ago
He says he's Albanian, but his last name is totally Slavic.
noOneGivesAFuck - 13 days ago
She's so irritating. If that was my makeup collection, I'd freak
Briza Camacho
Briza Camacho - 13 days ago
Maybe next time she doesn't have to touch *EVERY SINGLE THING*
Ana Maria Artene
Ana Maria Artene - 13 days ago
I want to live in there. Fantastic organisation and amazing products. 😍
cl cllu
cl cllu - 13 days ago
Not one Fenty
Zhexos - 14 days ago
3:23 does it _look_ like he needs help? 🤦‍♂️
Alana Darlyn
Alana Darlyn - 15 days ago
No touchy wouchy!!!!
Noluvuyo  dlamini
Noluvuyo dlamini - 16 days ago
no darkskin products okay
Sara Da Savage
Sara Da Savage - 20 days ago
She should have asked more questions rather than grabbing shit from his hands and touching everything.
Queen_ari375 xo
Queen_ari375 xo - 20 days ago
Abi Fuentes
Abi Fuentes - 20 days ago
Holy crap she was so bold this entire video lol
Candice Smith
Candice Smith - 22 days ago
When she dropped the pencils I just wanted to slap her, but he was so polite he seems really nice
Kb ttr
Kb ttr - 24 days ago
ur annoying
Rina - 24 days ago
Albanian head squad ig
Brittany Hairston
Brittany Hairston - 25 days ago
I need my makeup stash to look like that!
nia durant
nia durant - 25 days ago
His hands look soooo soft and you can tell he’s a makeup artist by how his hands move 😭
MsCrystalclear23 - 26 days ago
Can we talk about the L’Oréal truMatch compact in your bathroom cabinet ?!?! Come on I’d love to hear what he has to say about it cause we all ain’t got money like that !!! Lol
brittany gage
brittany gage - 27 days ago
Her grabbing everything would bother me sooooooo bad lol
Pop Up Opinions
Pop Up Opinions - 27 days ago
Im surprised this wasnt a Poosh exclusive..ive watch 3 times and I just cant get enough❤❤❤
Xlildeedee - Month ago
Why the fuck does she keep touching everything
Isabella Markovinovic
Isabella Markovinovic - Month ago
I honestly live for the fact that his go to mascara is a $9 one from L’Oréal
Isabel Thechemist
Isabel Thechemist - Month ago
It’s pronounced Cera-V, long V. 🤣 that’s what I focused on in this video. I’m weird...
Ro - Month ago
Look it was kinda annoying that she was touching everything but we ALL know that we’d be going crazy seeing all that makeup
sahtification - Month ago
he looks super nice
K Hott
K Hott - Month ago
Every 6 seconds she’s like “but Kim” “kim Kardashian” stfuuuu it’s MARIOs fucking show damn
nxri - Month ago
Mario is uhhhh

Manuela Ximenes
Manuela Ximenes - Month ago
Is there any comment not talking about the way she wants to touch things? I mean, she seems very nice, and I bet she's a fan, so she might have been a little anxious and wanted to pick everything up. Let the girl bee lol
katty kash
katty kash - Month ago
The interviewer loves makeup and it shows.
KitschC4the - Month ago
Omg girl. Keep your hands for yourself
Hehaa - Month ago
Come on now those brushes were BUSTED the whole WORLD KNOWS
Angie Monroy
Angie Monroy - Month ago
He’s from Santa Paula my brother almost beat him up
Arpine Petrosyan
Arpine Petrosyan - Month ago
Love how humble he is 😊😊😊
Nikita Miller
Nikita Miller - Month ago
Dini ilma
Dini ilma - Month ago
I love you mario
Cameron Rouse
Cameron Rouse - Month ago
he looks like puss and boots
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton - Month ago
There's no way all these products could still be in date
Joelle t.
Joelle t. - 2 months ago
her touching things annoyed me lmao
Valentina Somo
Valentina Somo - 2 months ago
Mario is coming to Nordstrom Fashion Valley this Thursday, April 18th to do a personal appearance for Laura Mercier! Call (619) 295-4441 x1914 to get your ticket. Simply ask to speak with a Laura Mercier MUA.
Business XX
Business XX - 2 months ago
I was randomly listening to YouTube videos on Auto Play, and I heard Mario's name, and I had to stop and listen. I want Mario to do my makeup!
salcia nelanda
salcia nelanda - 2 months ago
he sounds so sweet
Gaby Munoz
Gaby Munoz - 2 months ago
Keep your hands to yourself girl... Don't be touchy grabby!! (Unless he gave her permission off camera and it wasn't disclosed to us) I wouldn't want anyone touching my treasured items/work tools.
Angel Paul
Angel Paul - 2 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks they’ve got chemistry? 😍
Margarita Panagiotova
Margarita Panagiotova - 2 months ago
He hot
Odalys Gutierrez
Odalys Gutierrez - 2 months ago
Idk - 2 months ago
gives me gold digger vibes
Caribbean Mermaid
Caribbean Mermaid - 2 months ago
He’s quite dashing and I learned a lot from this video. The girl is gorgeous as well.
Van Fofo
Van Fofo - 2 months ago
After watching theese kinds of videos,i will go to the beauty store at the next day lol i just feel so poor
Kay Map
Kay Map - 2 months ago
Why did i fell in love with him? And that laugh at 17:00 😍
Sophia Daniel
Sophia Daniel - 2 months ago
all I can think of are the chemicals and all the pollution. sigh...
Gangus The Refrigerator
Gangus The Refrigerator - 2 months ago
supercooljesusgirl - 2 months ago
Pretty sure it's Scott Barnes and Kevyn Aucoin who have invented the modern contour movement
facetuning celebrities
facetuning celebrities - 2 months ago
I feel bad about all the bad critiques on the interviewer. Imagine being her and seeing all this negativity. We re all humans and aren’t perfect.
Chloressa Wren
Chloressa Wren - 2 months ago
11:44 Mario: *is answering question about the product*
Interviewer: gimme dat 🖐🏻✊🏻
Emily Pease
Emily Pease - 2 months ago
omg i love how soft spoken and polite he is
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel - 2 months ago
He is very accommodating.
Emmy Erickson
Emmy Erickson - 2 months ago
oh my she touches every single thing he shows her🙄😂
Iman Chanell
Iman Chanell - 2 months ago
Kinda cringey how he said "super dark skin" lol.
Aarshi Singh
Aarshi Singh - 2 months ago
why does she have to touch EVERYTHING...
Anica Bennington
Anica Bennington - 2 months ago
As a slav, I'm intrigued by his surname. Does anyone know his ethnic background?
Elona V
Elona V - Month ago
He's albanian from Montenegro.
ana cruz
ana cruz - 2 months ago
9:47 does anybody saw that? 😂 he didn let her touch that one hahahaha, he is so polite and talented, and so down to earth
TIffanyrose Angeles
TIffanyrose Angeles - 2 months ago
Mario you have such a lovely chilling manner.your model reminded me of a young Merinda Kerr the Aussie VS angel & supermodel. Your a natural beauty.
Denisa Varfi
Denisa Varfi - 2 months ago
Haha,, it's all yours the palette girl, you can have ittt🤣 after you have touched everything in that silly and childish way😠🤯
Grace Rimai
Grace Rimai - 2 months ago
His voice.... 😍😍😍😍
Mary Salinas
Mary Salinas - 2 months ago
Can you please stop touching everything! Geez!!
KayJay Beauty
KayJay Beauty - 2 months ago
I hope she asked his permission to touch his things, that would bug me a little if someone didnt ask first
Claudia D'Angelo
Claudia D'Angelo - 2 months ago
So annoying. She wants to touch everything....
bernadette malinda
bernadette malinda - 2 months ago
Mario is sexy cause dude is so down to earth. I love his personality, his a good listener something that most men lack
Elizabeth De la fuente
Elizabeth De la fuente - 2 months ago
She is a kid of annoying. Plus it has to be sad to work so hard just to be labeled as "Kim Kardashian's makeup artis"😒
your g
your g - 3 months ago
WTH she just took his palette omgggg broke!
your g
your g - 3 months ago
is it just me that saw at 9:42-9:47 he quickly stopped letting her touch the Cera Va loooool
Génesis Curiel
Génesis Curiel - 3 months ago
Ok but he said he applies everything that goes to the face on his hand first????
Reflection Stillz
Reflection Stillz - 3 months ago
Why are women so obsessed with artificial beauty
sarawitno hh
sarawitno hh - 3 months ago
because im albanian❤️ i love you mario
Daniela H.
Daniela H. - 3 months ago
I think I love him 😭 He seems so sweet despite the fame he has.
BrunetteBarbie - 3 months ago
Omg y’all shut up if he didn’t want her touching stuff he would never have gave any permission to enter his collection room!!!! She was excited
Jessica O
Jessica O - 3 months ago
She's annoying and laughs at everything. It's good to some excitement but she went overboard on his collections.
He seems patient, easy going & down to earth, likeable fella ☺. I wonder how much money all those products are worth! 🙄😄
Marta Ta
Marta Ta - 3 months ago
What is the name of the oil for blemishes that Mario uses? Was replaying few times but still couldn't get the name?
I’m Snow White
I’m Snow White - 3 months ago
he’s so kind and caring omg
Okay I’m like lowkey annoyed how she kept grabbing everything and snatching it from him but she’s cute
Dont Stop the music
Dont Stop the music - 3 months ago
Lmfaro the way he looked at her when she said " well you got the hook up "🐓💨
Kimber Corbitt
Kimber Corbitt - 3 months ago
OMG!!! Look at all the ABH Mario palettes. Sadly I had to customize a palette for the colors bc they are so expensive or counterfeited.
sandadelsol - 3 months ago
haha eastern europe and weird shaped heads....I know exactly what you mean :)
Aliana - 3 months ago
Kevyn Aucoin revolutionised the contour! Though Mario is soo good
Popl231 - 3 months ago
Is he gay?
Mary Estrada
Mary Estrada - 3 months ago
Just slap on some Nivea on your face Mario! Your a product junkie
Jus Killintime
Jus Killintime - 3 months ago
Why does she have to GRAB EVERYTHING?!!!!!
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