Brad and Sean Evans Make Cast-Iron Pizza | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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First We Feast
First We Feast - Year ago
QuietStorm - 15 days ago
Is no one safe? Sean stops waiting for people to come to him, takes his hot sauce on the road to energize (victimize?) other youtube shows. I like it. Hunt them down Sean. Publicly bag and tag their smoldering remains.
kumchel - Month ago
Scott Fallis
Scott Fallis - Month ago
Have Brad on Hot One's plz!
Dan Witzke
Dan Witzke - 3 months ago
Shawn Wilson
Shawn Wilson - 3 months ago
Jamie Giv
Jamie Giv - 2 days ago
10:04 brad's smile
Robbie Cook
Robbie Cook - 3 days ago
I like to drizzle Jesus Christ on my pizza too
tihi - 4 days ago
I always thought brad was bald underneath
theicecreamjones - 4 days ago
jesus christ.....hahahhah
denicekimberly - 5 days ago
I have avoided buying a cast iron skillet for like ever. Don’t want one. Now I have to have one because obviously. Great.
Fall Days
Fall Days - 5 days ago
Is Brad married? Brad do you want to marry me?
EstebanEsq. - 5 days ago
I like Brad, I don't like Sean. Sean is an awkward man.
drewski west
drewski west - 6 days ago
the deeper i dive into brad's episodes the more i appreciate him as a human
Nic Burch
Nic Burch - 8 days ago
"I'm like high"
Preston Vanderfinch
Preston Vanderfinch - 9 days ago
Can we get Bradley Cooper to play Brad in the Brad movie?
Colin Few
Colin Few - 9 days ago
Hawaiin all you chris
Max Gurtler
Max Gurtler - 10 days ago
The editing on this is incredible!
FALpwn - 10 days ago
What kind of knife was on the cutting board?
DeRien8 - 11 days ago
Brad looks suuuper young in the thumbnail
Sune Wallentin Goettler
Sune Wallentin Goettler - 11 days ago
Dis not a deep dish pizza? You are a liar!
Mary Guilfoyle
Mary Guilfoyle - 12 days ago
Milk helps, but honey is the best way to combat the heat! Take it from a native New Mexican, home of Hatch Chili! You've GOT to make green chili stew and Sopapillas! Fresh roasted green and dried red chili are staple in the Southwest! Come during the International Balloon Fiesta, first week of October to second weekend! Breakfast burritos and over 700 hot air balloon, it's awesome!
Nurah Abrahams
Nurah Abrahams - 13 days ago
Okay, but YouTubers do up to 2M and more on the Scoville scale and I wanna see Brad try it
Lekha Pratap
Lekha Pratap - 13 days ago
Was that toward the sun by malstein something person?
tierneystOP - 14 days ago
Brad is underratedly handsome
Michael Iniguez
Michael Iniguez - 14 days ago
Brad looks so majestic in the thumbnail
Hanna-Liisa Pärnik-Pernik
I love how Brad talks to vinny and not the guest. Like Vincenzo is way more important than everyone else :D
stargate905 - 15 days ago
Mama mia
Carl-William Carlsson
Carl-William Carlsson - 16 days ago
The editing is just superb
Eva Kirana
Eva Kirana - 17 days ago
clicked the vid without even reading the title cs the tumbnail is brad without the beanie
Breezus Ennals
Breezus Ennals - 17 days ago
“ Fck the show, Fck the people “ 😂😂
Mr. Meeseeks
Mr. Meeseeks - 17 days ago
Why is Brad such a Hot Dad
James Morris
James Morris - 19 days ago
From everyone's reaction on Hot Ones and then Brad, it's pretty obvious the Scoville rating isn't a true heat rating. The Last Dab never gets the harshest reaction. Would be better if they renamed it and let a harsher sauce be used for the final dab.
Patrick Lopez
Patrick Lopez - 19 days ago
Did the Last Dab Reduxx a week ago, and I'm pretty sure I left the planet for a bit.
2468zeb - 21 day ago
So, with a cast iron pizza, always remember to drizzle with: Frruh, oh god, Jesus Christ and olive oil for extra goodness
Kwee Ayu Hapsari Kurniawan
Loved his attitude in all these spicy challenges, specially the last one, fair play man 👏🏻
Kelly Tran
Kelly Tran - 21 day ago
I’m breathing and waiting for the day the whole BA team appears on Hot Ones, dabbing the Last Dab while making the Perfect Wings
Jacob Marion
Jacob Marion - 22 days ago
I’d buy some of that hot sauce tho
Lindsay Andersen
Lindsay Andersen - 22 days ago
Loni D.
Loni D. - 22 days ago
Brad continues to cook while his insides are melting, now that's professionalism.
Angela Perry
Angela Perry - 24 days ago
"Give me another little dab."
N R - 24 days ago
Love the Youtube cooking channel cinematic universe coming together
Luisa Sanchez
Luisa Sanchez - 24 days ago
Brad is hot!!!! I need a glass of cold milk right now.
SJ T - 24 days ago
Brad gets electro-shock therapy while making sandwich | He's (barely) Alive | Bon Cruelty
JakesNotDrinking - 25 days ago
Oh christ, Brad is like ten times more attractive without that beanie on.
Ken Adhitya
Ken Adhitya - 26 days ago
that snake caught me off guard. lol!
Blaire Cannon
Blaire Cannon - 26 days ago
Brad said "F you Blaire" he said my name 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Petronella Wessman
Petronella Wessman - 27 days ago
I'm not sure if Brad Leone is an adjective, but asking for more of that final hot sauce because he hacked the system and didn't experience it properly is such a Brad Leone thing to do.
Hatiess - 28 days ago
Brad looks like a prince without his beloved hat
leonace2277 - 28 days ago
Can brad show off more of his hair😍
Kathryn von Tersch
Kathryn von Tersch - Month ago
He took his hat off and turned into a disney prince holy cow.
gerald bock
gerald bock - Month ago
Ghost Pepper, Carolina Reaper and then.... (sinister music plays in background) Pepper X.
Thunder Rhododendron
Thunder Rhododendron - Month ago
Oh my frickin' god I have to try several grocery stores to get green peppers for my pizzas. It's not s pizza without them.
bird - Month ago
Do you think sean prepares for his shows by eating something to counter act the taste? like those special pills that make your taste buds different?? christ i would before going on the show man, and that still wouldnt save me from the pain in the throat and sinuses
bird - Month ago
What a PERFECT duo!!!!!!!
LOL when they put the snake on sean saying a long "sss" hahahaha
Alcamathyad - Month ago
I like pepperoni and feta on my pizza.... or pepperoni and banana peppers. Both are great.
Marília - Month ago
Brad liking Green Bell Pepper is what it was missing for me to fall in love, now that's it
JoeMcDonald2349 - Month ago
Now we know why he wears beanies all the time. Has to contain that beauty somehow.
Blue Stack
Blue Stack - Month ago
Sean is that one friend who handles Weed very well and just watches the newbie who cant handle it.
Not Taikka
Not Taikka - Month ago
So that's what Brad looks like without a beanie
Addison Wilkins
Addison Wilkins - Month ago
Brad's my favorite!!!
JOE Quezada
JOE Quezada - Month ago
You ok Vinnie? Vinnie?
mouse mice
mouse mice - Month ago
wow how well do these complement each other!!
Austin Schreiner
Austin Schreiner - Month ago
i wanna see Brad and each editor make their signature dish. like whatever they make at home that they know they’ll crush. i wanna see that.
Ella Camville
Ella Camville - Month ago
To be completely honest? I always think Brad's hat is to cover a receding hairline, and then when he takes it off, I'm more surprised that he actually has a full head of hair. Every time it happens, I'm confused again.
lickthismiff - Month ago
Seeing Brad without his hat is like seeing Santa without his beard or something. It's like when Luke in Gilmore Girls takes off the baseball cap, nothing is right with the world (but you're still like, daaaamn)
Dorra Berkhaies
Dorra Berkhaies - Month ago
Omg the editing killed me xDDDD
Broken Root
Broken Root - Month ago
This episode, it dawned on me that Brad reminds me of Bradley Cooper doing an impression of Charlie Day.
Natalia Alfonso
Natalia Alfonso - 25 days ago
Broken Root that's actually REALLY accurate!! Wow! Hahaha.
Ellie Holmes
Ellie Holmes - Month ago
This is a real man, that's all I'm saying fuckers!
Gabe Daily
Gabe Daily - Month ago
Chill with the editing
grantharvey9937 - Month ago
“F*** the show, F*** the people”
This has earned a like from me!
DJ Mizzy
DJ Mizzy - Month ago
Who wears a jacket in a kitchen? Who wears a jacket in a real chefs kitchen? Who wears a freakin jacket in the Bon Apetit kitchen !!!!!??????
jayvebluhd - Month ago
10:37 - 10:40 sounds like Rick from Rick and morty lol
Fagner Macedo
Fagner Macedo - Month ago
Why people do that? Must be a thing for The straights™
Civil Villain
Civil Villain - Month ago
Green bell peppers on a pizza are delicious.
Badger - Month ago
stateniland - Month ago
I get no satisfaction from eating sauces that HOT..
X Xu
X Xu - Month ago
Andy: WTF
Matt Schwarz
Matt Schwarz - Month ago
8:35 - for those kind of combinations I really love Brad and Vinnie ! - Matty Math. would call them the perfect humans :)
Carmen Guzman
Carmen Guzman - Month ago
Brad is like Marshall from how I met your mother sexy older brother
Wasmo - Month ago
Every bite Brad takes, "oh that's not so bad. Oh wait, IT APPROACHES"
MRTN13 - Month ago
Brad's sarcasm level is around 135.000 Scoville
Happy Serene
Happy Serene - Month ago
The edits get me every time
Drizzyr Auvryar
Drizzyr Auvryar - Month ago
Should have made him try an actual hot sauce like Swampadelic. Not some tasteless novelty hot sauces.
NgArclite - Month ago
Sean probably did his research on Brad. Probably doesn't even like green bell peppers lol
Jacob Coe
Jacob Coe - 2 months ago
I have a problem..... You two need to try my habanero-poblano fermented hot sauce.
usbgus - 2 months ago
It's mind blowing how a genuinely nice guy like Sean can confidently lead every interaction with zero hesitation. He is always on.
And Brad took the hot sauce like a champ
Angelo Rei Mape
Angelo Rei Mape - 2 months ago
Never been this slow in tapping on the video cuz I got lost in Brad's eyes in the thumbnail.
Shiruvi - 2 months ago
i have a bottle of that death sauce, it came with a cute skull keychain. i put just three drops of it into tomato soup when i've got a cold and it clears me right up lol.
Cliff P
Cliff P - 2 months ago
Did you see the vulture behind Brad eyeing the pizza after it was taken out of the oven, but was so disappointed that it was not cut already.
Cliff P
Cliff P - 2 months ago
Did it start cooking at about 4:20?
Cliff P
Cliff P - 2 months ago
What was the question again? Oh my!!
Edelweiss Angelita
Edelweiss Angelita - 2 months ago
i just wanna chat with Claire and Carla in the back.
MrCursorFTW - 2 months ago
Ey boss, where can I get myself a nice gubellini hat?
Nam Chu
Nam Chu - 2 months ago
claire and molly have to take the last dab too
--> Most epic hot ones show ever
Russell Weymouth
Russell Weymouth - 2 months ago
Q:"What do you like about that?" A:"Cause I like sauce on the crust."
cutieheadd - 2 months ago
Brad ur so fuking hot
HL JJANG - 2 months ago
Love the editor!!
Madison Falco
Madison Falco - 2 months ago
Brad is so hot wtf😍
Mariusnoob - 2 months ago
What is the intro?
Silas Cheatwood
Silas Cheatwood - 2 months ago
The editor uses like a way simpler style of editing that works perfectly here and is just as funny if not more than others
Alexandra Campos
Alexandra Campos - 2 months ago
As much as I enjoyed the hot sauce portion of this video, that pizza looked really freaking good! like holy moly.
KASSANDRA LUNA - 2 months ago
Whoever does the animations for this show is a genius
jennifer2406091 - 2 months ago
Don't forget to hang up your jacket on the way out.
Ella - 2 months ago
brad gotta get rid of that beannie he looks so good without it
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