A Hidden Message In My Mom Phone Reveled Her Darkest Secret

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Ilijandar100sto Stoev
Ilijandar100sto Stoev - 29 days ago
You were idiot
Hadley Alva
Hadley Alva - Month ago
who else just wanted to legit find out billy’s number and legit let him come live with your family
Hadley Alva
Hadley Alva - Month ago
i remember when i was little (like 4) i said to my mom “if i had a step mom, i’d probably love you more” as i grew older i realized how rude that was and i feel so guilty (i’m 13 now) (i don’t have a step mom)
3rd World Farmer John Ham
you will see him again by the WILL.
Amethyst Barnes
Amethyst Barnes - Month ago
I think you did the right thing to do😘😘☺😊🤗
John Do
John Do - Month ago
They were together 10 fucking years
John Do
John Do - Month ago
Stop using my sons and daughters as pawns and having them lie for you
Tara King
Tara King - 2 months ago
My mom felt the same way when she thought my stepdad was cheating on her. Me being a network security student caught ever girl he was talking to. I and she had never been so grateful and sad at the same time we both loved and cared for him (different ways of course). This is our life though. And life teaches lessons
Jonny Aguilera
Jonny Aguilera - 2 months ago
You should never been with your mom for doing that to you. You should just when with your stepdad not with your mom. She is a bad mom for using you just for the things that she wants in life not for you just for her only her. I would just leave her. Thanks for your story.
Somendra Srivastava
Somendra Srivastava - 2 months ago
Who loves this 7:08 song in the back especially 7:12 ? Pls tell me the name
Olivia Soap
Olivia Soap - 2 months ago
why her stepdad look like Donald Trump
Frankie Saldana
Frankie Saldana - 2 months ago
Revealed* lmfao
Desiree Abell
Desiree Abell - 2 months ago
Are these true stories?
Desiree Abell
Desiree Abell - 2 months ago
If I were you I would go live with your Dad and never talk to your mom again. He's not your step Dad anymore, he's your REAL Dad now because the love there is so powerful. You need to go see him at least. His heart is probably breaking.
Kaylee Farmer
Kaylee Farmer - 2 months ago
Why does she keep shrugging
Ash Conner
Ash Conner - 2 months ago
You should have asked the judge to stay with your step dad. It seems your mom wants her own life, no matter the cost. Don't get caught up in that.
Rare Vibes
Rare Vibes - 2 months ago
Why do they keep shrugging their shoulders
Aliya Hsu
Aliya Hsu - 3 months ago
I hope that someday she is reunited with her stepdad.
Misstura Edreece
Misstura Edreece - 3 months ago
Why is there always a misspelled word in the title
Lama Sione
Lama Sione - 3 months ago
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😨😨😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫🤤🤤🤤🤤😭😭😭😭 wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mariam Asadi
Mariam Asadi - 3 months ago
Gold Digger alarm
Giulian PIays
Giulian PIays - 3 months ago
You're dad be lookin like Donald Trump
Cheon Sarang
Cheon Sarang - 3 months ago
plzz see your stepdad more often, he is sad and alone
Danielle Adkins
Danielle Adkins - 3 months ago
Ur mom is so selfish
ivan720 - 3 months ago
I really thought the little girl was gonna have a happy ending for telling the truth but she got screwed too.
Don't tap on my profile
Don't tap on my profile - 3 months ago
Donald Trump? ?
Luvvay - Sans
Luvvay - Sans - 3 months ago
To those of you saying *so you didn’t do your own homework?😂*
She means w/ help...I don’t blame you guys because she should’ve said that...😬
Алина Малина
Алина Малина - 3 months ago
5:06 "I went down stairs..."

Goes up stairs
ღ Patcheroni ღ
ღ Patcheroni ღ - 3 months ago
okitssahara - 3 months ago
Uhh he looks like trump nobodys gonna say nothing about that.-.
Min Taehwan
Min Taehwan - 3 months ago
okitssahara bahaha hahahahha hahahahha
Breanna Charles
Breanna Charles - 3 months ago
My story 😏
RandomVids WithMe!
RandomVids WithMe! - 3 months ago
Um....He looks like donald trump😐
TyraTheTyrant World
TyraTheTyrant World - 3 months ago
They make the titles when they are drunk 😂😂
TyraTheTyrant World
TyraTheTyrant World - 3 months ago
“I had to do my own homework” first of all my mom used to think she was helping me by yelling back the math questions 💀💀💀
Van Duc Nguyen
Van Duc Nguyen - 3 months ago
Brave girl and a really good man.
NUROCYPHER - 3 months ago
billy from stranger things
Ghenesis Gutierrez
Ghenesis Gutierrez - 3 months ago
But I lived with my dad
Ghenesis Gutierrez
Ghenesis Gutierrez - 3 months ago
This is exactly what happened to me, but I had my READ dad, and my mom took me away from him.
destiny_._._ - 3 months ago
Why does the dad look like Donald Trump
T-series official
T-series official - 3 months ago
Good for him
LAUGH translator
LAUGH translator - 3 months ago
Go back to ur dad
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