Detained trying to enter Russia...

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Royce Chandler
Royce Chandler - 4 hours ago
put all the euro trip videos together and sell it to netflix or don't post your next wild trip make it a movie of full fucking sends and sell it to Netflix "EuroFullSend2" or "EuropeFull2end", youre welcome fkrs
Juan Franco
Juan Franco - 14 hours ago
Those are not even Russian police they are German
K B1ZLE - 2 days ago
Curlyhead Belal
Curlyhead Belal - 3 days ago
lol what if it lands in syria or yemen. your fucked
work workk
work workk - 3 days ago
Makes me hold his ash tray 😄 this is comedy gold.
rade markovic
rade markovic - 3 days ago
come to Belgrade!
Jackson Ostrander
Jackson Ostrander - 3 days ago
Sommer ray
•Dono Wright•
•Dono Wright• - 3 days ago
9-0 is so fucken weird
Nirow - 3 days ago
Youtube just recommended your videos to me for no apparent reason, and after watching 2 of your vids, i have to say you guys are like "Yes Theory" on crack cocaine. I like that.
LIGMA _ - 4 days ago
go singapore or japan
Damian nl
Damian nl - 4 days ago
Netherlands there (nijkerk)
TheBmanBeast - 4 days ago
1:34 You guys should sell a mouth guard that's modified to hold the 2 bottle tips in place so you don't shatter a tooth when drunk
ab soultde
ab soultde - 22 hours ago
Fuk off u goof
kevin 70893
kevin 70893 - 4 days ago
That asian boy sucks
Mohammed Gouda
Mohammed Gouda - 4 days ago
Come to China
Eric Valadez
Eric Valadez - 5 days ago
i love they smoke cigs . where you fucking cry babys at
Rhynne Ross
Rhynne Ross - 5 days ago
Reminded me of trailer park boys a bit lol
Cesar Gallegos
Cesar Gallegos - 5 days ago
They better start saving that YouTube money and sell many FULL SEND items bc in a few years they will probably have bladder problems and issues with all that beer they drink daily. They think life is a game but if they don’t take care of their health sooner or later it will catch up with them. Take it easy you guys! Food for thought! Anything in excessive is bad. Be safe.
Rick Hermus
Rick Hermus - 5 days ago
They did u a solid . Ud get killed there probably
mathew valentine
mathew valentine - 6 days ago
New Zealand
Jonathan Villar
Jonathan Villar - 6 days ago
Guilherme D.
Guilherme D. - 6 days ago
Go to Brasil
Isaac Dinnie
Isaac Dinnie - 6 days ago
Hit up Switzerland
Jess Michael
Jess Michael - 6 days ago
Why is 90 so fuckin bent
whose that
whose that - 7 days ago
Jan Dähler
Jan Dähler - 7 days ago
Come the fuking Switzerland🔥
Blake Finley
Blake Finley - 8 days ago
90 is a pussy
Marcus Lotz
Marcus Lotz - 8 days ago
You’ve been to Mainz and I didn’t knew
Tameem Motala
Tameem Motala - 8 days ago
What does full send mean??
Matthew Krasin
Matthew Krasin - 8 days ago
Song at 16:54???
sstweed2 - 8 days ago
That African lady is goat
Lethal_Jake - 8 days ago
Hey Nelk like this comment. HAHA JK, unless you wanna.
BlueClan - 8 days ago
saw u in center haha u took a pic with my buddy up near duns stores
Humble Rumble
Humble Rumble - 9 days ago
"Sister fucking has became a real problem" LMFAO
SmutnaJules007 rychwalska
Should have learned how to say fu__ing in Russian before you left, since that's every other word that comes out of your mouth, which btw matches your ugly face!
justin wright
justin wright - 9 days ago
Then 200 euros were gone lol
Ukrainian Mapping
Ukrainian Mapping - 9 days ago
This is the times they said f*****
Jackson Henry
Jackson Henry - 10 days ago
Remove 90 from the squad
McKenzie Mallen
McKenzie Mallen - 10 days ago
Walking up to random people and drawing on them with sharpie
Marco Ruiz
Marco Ruiz - 10 days ago
Joseph Hildreth
Joseph Hildreth - 10 days ago
There like real ass people I would definitely kick it with thease fuckers
Glenn Glade
Glenn Glade - 10 days ago
Who are "they"???
Owen J
Owen J - 10 days ago
dad got me on darts
Supreme Jonathan Mat
Supreme Jonathan Mat - 10 days ago
Summer ray
franz beck
franz beck - 10 days ago
a very annoying group of humans
Nekro Manis
Nekro Manis - 11 days ago
Come to berlin
A1 43
A1 43 - 11 days ago
wait... y'all Canadian?! UNSUBSCRIBED
Ross_Motorsports - 11 days ago
Putin's PR team sucks!!! They should have invited you guys to watch him do shirtless horse wheelie's!
Sarah k23
Sarah k23 - 11 days ago
they r like 2019 version of jackass
Hoobda Doobda
Hoobda Doobda - 11 days ago
At 8:51 nice photoshop the hands are half covered and you used an I message text of the skulls 😂😂😂
Ricky Rod
Ricky Rod - 11 days ago
This is actually fucking gold
E.N.G Creation
E.N.G Creation - 11 days ago
9 0 is a g pure respect
Shane Yit
Shane Yit - 11 days ago
15:00 trailer park boys I hear yah Nelk
Scrappy Koko
Scrappy Koko - 12 days ago
These vlogs look like next episode of Trailer Park Boys 😄🙏🏽
Bray Zap
Bray Zap - 12 days ago
country clubbin
country clubbin - 12 days ago
90 is fucking lame, ditch that fool
Big Boi_69
Big Boi_69 - 12 days ago
Сука ыуат
Bean DIGG - 12 days ago
Who snitched
Etienne - 12 days ago
double barrel shotgun broo...fullsend
EMILTOYSE Lol - 13 days ago
U can fint cheap mearch her
505 Time
505 Time - 13 days ago
The Filipino kid that has a Lisp is annoying
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