James Charles x Morphe Reveal

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Ba Na
Ba Na - 2 hours ago
Who else watches this video just because the swatches are so nice to look at idk haha
Guy Tyler
Guy Tyler - 9 hours ago
As a young child 👶 I decided that I want to experiment with makeup and I want to make a bob Ross on my face so I’m saving up to get your palette and brush set
Emma Is Cool
Emma Is Cool - 17 hours ago
I got the mini version it's worth the money
nicola crossan
nicola crossan - 18 hours ago
SOOOO boohoo and pretty
Bhadra Praveen
Bhadra Praveen - Day ago
When he started singing “hallelujah” I said “ waaaaaaa-lui-gi”
Claire Monaghan
Claire Monaghan - Day ago
sophie - Day ago
sophie - Day ago
LittleCupcakeK. k
LittleCupcakeK. k - 2 days ago
Now if he knew that there was going to be a mini, 13 months later...
{i t ‘ s e v i e}
{i t ‘ s e v i e} - 2 days ago
When you were like PR SHOULD I SAY MY PALETTE AHHH. i started smiling you were legit so exciting, from one of you fellow sisters xxx
Gracelyn Williams
Gracelyn Williams - 2 days ago
I just got my palette today!! I'm so happy!! I love you sister James💕💕
emily jordan
emily jordan - 2 days ago
Oh and now he’s not friends with the dolans either
PewDiePie vs. T-Series
PewDiePie vs. T-Series - 2 days ago
I’m here after the second reveal
Mina Musemic
Mina Musemic - 3 days ago
Bruh get better at hiding those double swatches
Sxphie xox
Sxphie xox - 3 days ago
I'm currently buying the palette
Miss Fuzzy Bug
Miss Fuzzy Bug - 4 days ago
'welcome back to MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! or should i say... mY PaLLEtE?!?!?'
[NoFR] MIGUS - 5 days ago
Why are you gae
Raf Palarca
Raf Palarca - 5 days ago
wished we had morphe here in the Philippines :(
Alvina GotoNed
Alvina GotoNed - 7 days ago
Does anyone know how to check the batch code to know the production date of this pallete? Please help me!!! 😭😭
Abbeyleigh Ferguson
Abbeyleigh Ferguson - 7 days ago
Goose bumps
saniya hunt
saniya hunt - 7 days ago
That intro was 🔥🔥he KILLED THE ENDING
Lia Cat
Lia Cat - 7 days ago
Omg his pallet is almost a year old it feels like not that long ago
Josefina - 7 days ago
Do I dye hard stan him? No. Do I love him? No. Did I still bought it because it’s actually good pallet? Yes.
Yanna Kayaa
Yanna Kayaa - 8 days ago
Just bought mine ! so excited to use it 🌈
gohdux - 8 days ago
How sad to be this man. Because you can bend it and twist it anyway you want. He is a man. Just very very very broken. It’s probably the saddest thing I’ve seen in a long while. He will get old someday. He will be alone someday. In his quiet time he knows that he’s a unfulfilled mess. Don’t buy his joy it’s not real. He’s miserable.
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez - 8 days ago
7:34 u could see all the finger marks after he stabbed his finger in the shades 😂😂😂😂
bittersweettrue _
bittersweettrue _ - 8 days ago

I wanted the brush set ;-;
Does someone know where I can get it for cheaper?
itsnikixx - 8 days ago
love the asmr at the end of the reveal video
thea - 8 days ago
who watched this after the part two version of the palatte?
Chace and Synthia
Chace and Synthia - 9 days ago
How are you so good at makeup ?!
iCream - 9 days ago
Every comment in a month:

WhOs HeRe AfTeR tHe MiNi PaLlEtE
Jesus Guzman
Jesus Guzman - 9 days ago
Who’s here after the mini reveal? 💕💕
Hana Hezli
Hana Hezli - 4 days ago
I watched but j couldn't hear it... Could you?
Grace - 9 days ago
I’m so confused lol did he release the same exact palette as this one again just recently?
Baustelli 775
Baustelli 775 - 9 days ago
Who is Here after his second reveal?? Hahaha
The_real_kitten - 9 days ago
I realized at one point in this video he says “I have a very minimalistic style” okay James sitting up in ur expensive house with all ur expensive makeup and say that ur very minimalistic. I don’t hate James but that was just funny to me that he think’s he minimalistic. There’s a difference between minimalistic and simplistic.
lilly21ish - 9 days ago
Iv just ordered mine 😆❤️
Ur typical gURL
Ur typical gURL - 9 days ago
Just realized the video came out a day after my bday yipee
Elias Moh'd
Elias Moh'd - 9 days ago
James charles:queen of make up
Felicity Smith
Felicity Smith - 10 days ago
I just got it!!
Timmy Bee
Timmy Bee - 10 days ago
I will stand by my opinion that his signature looks like he wrote Janis Chanes
Griselle Rodríguez
Griselle Rodríguez - 10 days ago
Put the english captions, thank me later 😂
Lįękę Vįssęr
Lįękę Vįssęr - 10 days ago
I love how you sing!
Your amazing 💗
Avilyyne - 11 days ago
The Wonderful World Of Orange
james:my hands is tired for swatching
(gets an idea)
Rabbit Face
Rabbit Face - 11 days ago
That all white outfit is scaring me 1 wrong move and a disaster appears
Edit: love ya James! ❤️❤️
Letmesleepinpeace - 12 days ago
After all the drama,
*fuck it I still love sister James*
Olivia Ellis
Olivia Ellis - 12 days ago
Does the pallet have highlighter in it
Samin Aryafar
Samin Aryafar - 12 days ago
soo Charming 😍😍😍😍😍
Mariela Sanchez
Mariela Sanchez - 13 days ago
Not really a fan or anything like that, but I fucks with the pallet lmaooo
Samantha Angulo
Samantha Angulo - 13 days ago
Jame's i brought your palette when you launched your palette
hac.knslash - 13 days ago
Yo Ian has a sisters tattoo 😂♥️
Sisters Forever
Sisters Forever - 13 days ago
James: Next color after Mary is literally.I LITYERALLY love this color!!
Sophia’s Little customs
Who’s here because of Ryan Tryhan and can’t stop laughing
Zoe T
Zoe T - 14 days ago
Almost a year later and I finally ordered itt
Emilka S.
Emilka S. - 11 days ago
@Zoe T I envy you! Mine on Friday or Monday... 🤗
Zoe T
Zoe T - 12 days ago
@Emilka S. mine is supposed to come on Thursday😮🙃
Emilka S.
Emilka S. - 12 days ago
Same 🥰
Keemy World
Keemy World - 14 days ago
The beatbox but really good 🎶songs
breighlee Webster
breighlee Webster - 14 days ago
Dear James,
I come rewatch this video a lot because you are so inspiring you are helping young and old people to go for the goal! I may not want to be a makeup artist but you have definitely inspired me!
star skyies
star skyies - 15 days ago
I love your palette
LocalRootsBeautique - 15 days ago
i LOVE the palette
「 ghxst 」
「 ghxst 」 - 15 days ago
*Soon to be a year.*
Lisa C
Lisa C - 15 days ago
Those vocals thooooo❤️
Tatianna Lagares
Tatianna Lagares - 15 days ago
21:43 omg I just love Ian’s smile 😊
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