Exclusive Look At President Trump's 2005 Tax Return | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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James Gilliam
James Gilliam - Day ago
Listen up Rachel I will make sure that me personally going to make sure that there will be a petition to have you arrested.
Vlad Chiriac
Vlad Chiriac - 3 days ago
I have a feeling that she is biased against Donald Trump and republicans, it's just me or is it true?
Solo Mofo
Solo Mofo - 6 days ago
What was she trying to prove?
Worst case of Crabs ever
Worst case of Crabs ever - 10 days ago
hahhahaah!! oH gawd W hat a clown!! Its Histerical!! This woman!!! She is actually doing this!!! She is serious!! Ratchel madcow has lost her marbles!! How can someone go so far into into the land of the Ridicule!
Aerial - 11 days ago
Well he doesn't have to release his full taxes because he was a private citizen...Whereas the rest were in the game....
Davros Trump
Davros Trump - 11 days ago
Looks like his money covered the cost of the Mueller report and all the money wasted on it.
Aerial - 11 days ago
OH, BTW Miss.Cow, unauthorized release of tax returns is a felony...
Aerial - 11 days ago
50 years huh. lol pathetic Johnston+Madcow = "Fat Cow." lol.....Pathetic attempt at slander..
Aerial - 11 days ago
"Here's the thing." Nah, there is no thing "Madcow disease." Just drop it and let the President fix the country your puppet masters broke.
Ding-a-ling - 11 days ago
Trump paid %25 in taxes?? I don't think that makes him look bad. I think Trump baited Maddow, and she fell for it.
Corey Hart
Corey Hart - 13 days ago
26k dislike 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭!!! MSNBC sucks!! Maddow is the worst ( Next to Don lemon)! Trump2020!!!
Hermann Göring
Hermann Göring - 13 days ago
Was this supposed to demonize Trump?
IPTVMultiMedia Group
IPTVMultiMedia Group - 14 days ago
nice play
Free Pilot
Free Pilot - 17 days ago
When did it become compulsory to even disclose your personal income when becoming president? Furthermore why? Don't e elect officialsfor their views for our country, policies? The left sure had no problem When obama didn't sore hood BC. BTW. We then need to disclose all government elected officialsin to doe their tax returns. They are all robbing us dry. Both sides.
Marco Quiroz
Marco Quiroz - 19 days ago
Trump is running MSNBC into the ground!
These guys are chasing their tails!
The white House release, you can tell they TOTALLY knew it was coming
McDouche77 - 23 days ago
Who is this little dude?
BIG O TIMA - 23 days ago
BIG O TIMA - 23 days ago
Tom Sheehe
Tom Sheehe - 24 days ago
Hmmmm....sounds like he hired a smart accountant. You are a schmuck Maddow.
Eddy Q
Eddy Q - 28 days ago
So what is wrong with being a good business man? We need a business man as president to help our company grow. This is MSNBC, what more do you expect?
Shawn Goodridge
Shawn Goodridge - 29 days ago
She is such a dummy. Didn’t she read this ahead of time. Wow if you still watch her you’re as dumb as she is
Vernon Hardapple
Vernon Hardapple - Month ago
3:02: Maddow's GOOFY impression...
John Bentley
John Bentley - Month ago
Trump sucks 🤮🤢🤮🤮
ciaran devaney
ciaran devaney - Month ago
Only rosy o'donnell
Steven Bright
Steven Bright - Month ago
Those tax returns are fraud returns!
Robert Gosselin
Robert Gosselin - Month ago
This carpet munching dude can't get any dumber than this. It's impossible. Although ...
[S]-Oscar Hennin
[S]-Oscar Hennin - Month ago
The white house:
it is illegal to publish private tax returns
Random reporter:
Lol it isn't illegal I have the right to someones private information
C K - Month ago
You know who else *could* have leaked all those sleazy documents? David Cay Johnston could have done it! Madcow could have! Even bill clinton could have!
Furor Frisii
Furor Frisii - Month ago
Just came here to see the angry boy cry. But no sweet tears this time. Bad vid. Dislike.
Travis Hammelsmith
Travis Hammelsmith - Month ago
What a clown.
Mike B
Mike B - 2 months ago
All about the build up. Not the actual taxes.
Don McGrath
Don McGrath - 2 months ago
Is this woman really this stupid? What Rachel officially has here in a whole lot of nothing. I really don't understand why Liberals are so focused on Trump's tax returns. They keep wanting Trump to pay his "fair share". Can someone please explain what his "fair share" is? While you're at it, please show me just one person in America that intentionally pays more income tax than they're legally responsible to pay.
Jacob McCandles
Jacob McCandles - 2 months ago
"He associated with the biggest Mob Boss in New York..."
From the 1960s through the 1990s NOBODY builds a building in NYC without going through the powers that be. Not Trump, not Obama (had he done so), NOT ANYBODY. They controlled the unions, the concrete, the gasoline...EVERY SINGLE THING.
Without going through the Mob in the 70s and 80s, business just couldn't be done in New York, PERIOD. To suggest that Trump is a bad guy for this is to turn a blind eye towards the bigger picture.
James Nunnery
James Nunnery - 2 months ago
That's why i stop watchining you.
jesse aguirre
jesse aguirre - 2 months ago
To this day I still love this EPIC FAIL!!!!
imnotaterrorist - 2 months ago
Had to revisit this in 2019 as the dems are trying to subpoena his tax returns.... Still hilarious
James Schrienk
James Schrienk - 2 months ago
No wonder she lost.... literally millions of viewers... what a joke of a so called News reporter
winston ledford
winston ledford - 2 months ago
she dont know what fake is dont have to its the law
neils Bruno
neils Bruno - 2 months ago
Rachel, this is big, big scoop of scoops.. where is the news?
Jackie Kershaw
Jackie Kershaw - 2 months ago
Where is the news? This is the best comedy show ever hahahaha 🦶🏻you just keep putting your foot in it lol. Why not mention Nancy’s mobster family’ ? Now that would be interesting news. It would be sure to bring your viewers back.
Grasshopper - 2 months ago
I'd love to see the picture of Trump putting those papers in his mailbox. They got trolled so bad.
Mark Schneider
Mark Schneider - 2 months ago
When the president is re-elected she’ll likely go into a total mental meltdown ! And it won’t be fake news !
Chris Hardin
Chris Hardin - 2 months ago
How does a loser make a hundred fifty million dollars in one year?
Alex Daniel
Alex Daniel - 2 months ago
One of the most embarassing moments in modern TV history.
SapphireElf - 2 months ago
Sooooo ... trump payed about 25% tax? ... sounds legit hahahhaha
TheRosscoW - 2 months ago
Please remember what you did here. You got played and made a fool of yourself. If you have news and proper discussion material jump up and down. You had nothing here. They planted it on you and you bit. Hopefully your superiors will watch you show before released so you don't make a criminal look better. The worst news segment I have seen.
winston ledford
winston ledford - 2 months ago
the page is rigged
winston ledford
winston ledford - 2 months ago
you lie
winston ledford
winston ledford - 2 months ago
A la Verga
A la Verga - 2 months ago
Democrats are still crying way wah tax returns waah... its 2019
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