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ai thm
ai thm - 7 hours ago
Best part 7:14
Aymanjan - 10 hours ago
That is like me but more self-aware
AZRIEL AZRIEL - 10 hours ago
that's how Undertale looks like when you sum up
Marsh Pearce
Marsh Pearce - Day ago
I’m a gamer
Maruchan a113
Maruchan a113 - Day ago
Tas bien pendejo we la neta
Payton Lyon
Payton Lyon - Day ago
It is birth
Zachary T
Zachary T - Day ago
gonna tell my kids this is how they where born
Just Natsumi_
Just Natsumi_ - 2 days ago
Why's there sssniperwolf
rainbow li
rainbow li - 2 days ago
Ima gamer, we all gamers
Gatcha Emily
Gatcha Emily - 2 days ago
8:04 Idk why but I can't help but just stare at the one that was by itself before lol
Jonas Muste
Jonas Muste - 2 days ago
Play it 2X speed
Anders Henriksen
Anders Henriksen - 2 days ago
This reminds me of Billie Eillish
Mangle YT
Mangle YT - 3 days ago
Is it just my phone or , Sssniperwolf is in the thumnail
ne znam
ne znam - 3 days ago
*sSsNiPeR wOlF*
najeh mohammed
najeh mohammed - 3 days ago
انت الافضل
Brendan Booth
Brendan Booth - 4 days ago
top 10 games I play while pooping also 4:44 I got butterflies in my stomach
1. kids
Sebastian Mirila
Sebastian Mirila - 4 days ago
This is life
Sebastian Mirila
Sebastian Mirila - 4 days ago
This is epic
dtyhvj fhcym,
dtyhvj fhcym, - 5 days ago
why sssinper wolf in the thumbnail!?!
Deer_Unlimited88 - 5 days ago
Why sssniperwolf in thumbnail!? Nani!?
Joseph Q
Joseph Q - 6 days ago
PS:if I spelt anything wrong I don't care
rubycutie loves you
rubycutie loves you - 6 days ago
I'm nine
Memegod Gamez
Memegod Gamez - 7 days ago
1:16 anybody got abed from community vibes?
Mohammed Haris
Mohammed Haris - 8 days ago
What was the purpose of this game???????
Bry Bry
Bry Bry - 8 days ago
haha 20 million not so much
Yuri Yui
Yuri Yui - 8 days ago
It's a giant donut.
Phantux 1.667
Phantux 1.667 - 8 days ago
FTC! Open up!
weirdos are awesome
weirdos are awesome - 8 days ago
The Cutie
The Cutie - 8 days ago
I though it was a sssniperwolf video
The Anonymous artist
The Anonymous artist - 9 days ago
I'm children.
Finlay Hamm
Finlay Hamm - 9 days ago
Ludving Leiva Borduy
Ludving Leiva Borduy - 10 days ago
Ajspya - 11 days ago
14:27 dose anyone see that hidden little bit of a hand?
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown - 11 days ago
ɴɪᴄᴇ ɢᴜʏ
ɴɪᴄᴇ ɢᴜʏ - 11 days ago
What happened to pewds at 14:51 ?
Jolee Davis
Jolee Davis - 13 days ago
Why was azzy in da thumbnail i got clickbaited . wait was dat sssniperwolf i cant tell
kevin santos
kevin santos - 13 days ago
I don't see the point in this game? also why was Sniperwolf in thumbnail?
FAT Panther
FAT Panther - 13 days ago
I’m 10 suck it.
Mini Craft
Mini Craft - 14 days ago
Vernita Dryer
Vernita Dryer - 15 days ago
But I'm not a 9year old :'(
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