What would you do to test drive a Koenigsegg CCX?

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Mr.t Whitie
Mr.t Whitie - 15 hours ago
GLEN Dooer
GLEN Dooer - Day ago
Ear... Hydrogen Peroxide..
Jeffry Gilbert
Jeffry Gilbert - 2 days ago
Nothing, nothing at all. Next question?
Placeholder Name
Placeholder Name - 4 days ago
Even modern Koenigseggs are still based on the Ford modular, specifically a Coyote engine with GT40 heads. It's just straight up annoying when Koenigsegg denies it.
Sir Bozzy
Sir Bozzy - 5 days ago
Cut my toe nails :-p
Sean Davidson
Sean Davidson - 6 days ago
What would you do for a Klondike bar? Would you'l kill a supercar? Delorian Klondike bar?
Ben Dayspring
Ben Dayspring - 7 days ago
I'll take midevial torture over road trip with a kid, ANYTIME!
Matt H
Matt H - 7 days ago
What about a CGT man?
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 8 days ago
"I prefer most forms of medieval torture to driving long distances with my now 5 year old son" -Ed
AudiMan - 9 days ago
Its so weird to me cause I have seen this car in person. It was at the Ferrari dealership in Fort Lauderdale. I was in the 8th grade and my family and I were in the Miami area for a cruise trip. My mom was driving past the dealership and through its window, I barely saw the tail light of my most favorite supercar of all time. A Mercedes Benz CLK GTR. I immediately told my mom to turn around cause I knew how insanely rare the GTR was. We pull into the parking lot, I walk inside and there in a row is an Enzo, an FXX, a Reventón, the CCX and the CLK GTR.
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker - 10 days ago
There is nothing better than Ed Bolian waxing philosophical on a car That only a few hundred people in the world will ever get to know well!
Andrew Seeber
Andrew Seeber - 11 days ago
Who's here after Bugatti clapped konisegg's speed record
Mitch Clark
Mitch Clark - 11 days ago
espresso 41!! shout out Tifton GA
Bulldawg Trucker
Bulldawg Trucker - 12 days ago
Ha great to see a Techie driving around with that G on that tag! 😂
Elie Bassil
Elie Bassil - 12 days ago
Damnnn that’s another vid with Naples in it , ive seen this car at naples motorsport
mercedesbenzformula1 - 13 days ago
One of my favorite cars ever
Ben Martz
Ben Martz - 14 days ago
Love the old truck in the rover photo.
Taters'n'gravy - 14 days ago
The entire time your ignoring the beautiful lime green lambo muira right next to it that outclasses it by a mile.
Andy_12 _
Andy_12 _ - 14 days ago
7:05, if that guy were to get in an accident he is going to have his ribs broken by the seatbelt.
Andrew Gardner
Andrew Gardner - 15 days ago
8mins 38 seconds-Why do so many Americans wear their seat belts under their arms?-Oops- just read further back in comments and seen similar regarding incorrect seatbelt wearing.
7A - 16 days ago
are you going SOYBOY with that wide open mouth smile??
i have no "DREAM" cars, cars upon which.................................I DREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM!!!!!
BUG-ATTI, rhymes with RUG RATTY.
Owning a rangerover removes copious quantities of your road cred.
Christopher Vega
Christopher Vega - 16 days ago
To his defense ear infections suck
thomas pavelko
thomas pavelko - 17 days ago
I could see Ed at some point having a Consignment dealership at some point
lars kristensen
lars kristensen - 19 days ago
i thought koenigsegg had same issue as italian sportscars. they burst out in flames before they corrode.
RG P - 21 day ago
"Then she said, now you suck mine." Cues the music intro.
roshawn1111 - 21 day ago
Damn that is saying alot the Newer Corvettes are Stiff as fuck.
SP02 - 25 days ago
Curated has sold some really interesting vehicles.... like this Silhouette: https://wearecurated.com/1977-lamborghini-silhouette-for-sale/
hussein saab
hussein saab - 26 days ago
i came here to say i would do nothing, absolutely nothing. i dont care to drive that or a buggatti or a ferrari. im a huuuuuge car guy but i just dont give a shit unless i can buy it.
Legacy Gamer YT
Legacy Gamer YT - 27 days ago
Ed's must've always told his parents about his long days screwed negotiating crayons in kindergarten.
Greg James
Greg James - 27 days ago
I’m 22, I got an ear infection last year and this year, I can understand the pain, it’s like being stabbed in the ear with a knife multiple times man... no bueno...
Tar NaTION - 27 days ago
I wish I had the money to do the things I want to my car but the army doesn’t pay well enough to do that and cover my debt. But still love hearing your stories about the cars you get and can drive.
fraz ahsan
fraz ahsan - 27 days ago
“they found me and kimmy playing w/ my stick shift”
*vinwiki music plays*
DaBaltimoron - 28 days ago
There is nowhere that a Diablo is better than a Murcialago
DaBaltimoron - 28 days ago
I want to know what intern had to go to the Piggly Wiggly to shoot 5 seconds of Klondike bars?
Z Green
Z Green - 28 days ago
25k for oil? Wtf
iamspyvspy - 28 days ago
kerbed wheels on a #1.3m car ? no sale :P why is it so hard for youtubers to wear seat belts properly ?
James Dailey
James Dailey - 28 days ago
I road tripped 1100 miles from Upstate NY to KCMO towing a camper with a 4 year old and a 1 year old. The key to success? A dvd player mounted to the roof and a LOT of cartoons.
J Baran
J Baran - 28 days ago
Isn’t the CCX the only Koenigsegg legal in the US?
Mr Martin
Mr Martin - 29 days ago
The price of cars ( hyper / super / whatever ) is just plain ridiculous
kemicbi - 29 days ago
I don’t know maybe wait till the owner is getting a new exhaust and offer to pay them $10K to drive and shoot a video in their car
Re Brand
Re Brand - 29 days ago
I feel you, the long road trips with kids ... Love my car love my kid, but anything over 8h is a pain for everyone.
letsgetretardent - 29 days ago
Thats one of the coolest cars ever. Half bugatti half pagani.
Mr Wonderful
Mr Wonderful - 29 days ago
Imagine your eating at moes 2:05 and you just walk out and see that lineup
nullrout - 29 days ago
props to the Publix footage
Ahsan Uddin
Ahsan Uddin - 29 days ago
Aren't Pagani Zonda's legal in the USA? They made Zonda's with a proper manual transmission and a V12.
Whit Stiles
Whit Stiles - 29 days ago
This is so random, but is that photo at the 1 minute mark at the Hilton in Norcross?
VINwiki - 29 days ago
Anthony Clauser
Anthony Clauser - 29 days ago
The CCX is one of the coolest cars ever made and Christian seems to be the most personal person ever. It's sad to hear it's not really a fun car. Of course eventually Christian will create the most nasty, yet drivable car - just give him 20 years.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt - 29 days ago
It IS the worst thing EVER to road trip with our 3 3/4 yo... Even the big kids suck... 10, 12, 14
DMax M249
DMax M249 - 29 days ago
captainsewerrat - Month ago
Am I the only one getting annoyed with the way the passenger is wearing his seatbelt?
Milo Hajek
Milo Hajek - Month ago
Awesome Ed, keep the dream alive ;)
Milo Hajek
Milo Hajek - Month ago
Plus Christian is an awesome guy so you cant go wrong with a Koenigsegg
fuck you
fuck you - Month ago
On today's episode of car stories. Rich guys bitching about their rich guy "problems". In this case being forced to drive 8 hours in a range rover to go drive a million dollar car!
NFSundrgrnd - Month ago
10:46 You can see how bad Ed wants to get a Koenigsegg!
Theodor Nortvedt
Theodor Nortvedt - Month ago
would drive from norway to florida to drive a koenigsegg
SLID Tossed Pissed Elemental Into Bleu Cheese Salad
Mr Bolian...
Permit me.. to expand your horizons...
I.. am probably younger than you (I dont really know). My lil boy is within a month or two in age compared to yours... and I.. really dont have the kind of dough.. to buy any sort of a Rover, except a SD1.
Last year, my wife and I got cajoled into doing a vacation with her family, in a 3 car convoy.. which is about as much fun as being strangled by 2 Boa's and a ANACONDA trying to eat them both.
My lil boy and I.. well.. I have taught him well. SInce the age of 1 - 2, he his colors, shapes and alphabet. Mostly because they correspond to cars. He knows what shapes vehicles are. He knows theit attiributes.. and he knows their sounds. Knows Alfas, Porsches, GM / Ford / Dodge trucks gas or deisel. Ferraris, Lamborghinis... pretty much any good looking car (Challenger, Camaro, Vette, Cuda, Stang, A/C Cobra) he is very fimilar.
From the beginning of the trip, in the DE / MD line right around NJ / PA, we left together to head down to NC about 15+hrs later. My wife had wanted.. to bring something... domestic like a tv screen or videos to watch.. I said no. We are going to practice... our car spotting... from the start of the trip.. to the end of the trip.
AND we did just that.
Every vehicle, everything that was gas or diesel, every Dodge Ram, Dually, QUAD CAB, every Porsche or Vette Conv... every Maserati.. every Rover etc etc etc etc... it was quite enjoyable. YES, quite OCD. QUITE a load on my brain. 1st, having to work out a driving in tandem with a bunch of other cars in a non fimilar space. Having to watch for cameras, cops and other stuff. Balancing what we are seeing... and just keeping everything calm.. and moving...
It was definately a challenge.
Id much prefer that.. than watching dopey kids videos.
Austin A
Austin A - Month ago
3:29 can't beat those publix bogos!
Promotions Only
Promotions Only - Month ago
Sooooo this is a pump and dump. Or maybe a de pump and buy. He’s trying to manipulate the market to drive the price down so he can buy one.
DolphinDivingChamp - Month ago
Such a ed thing to do lol
Promotions Only
Promotions Only - Month ago
As a parent it’s interesting to hear you describe your trip.
I drove from NH to Key West with my son at 5/6 years old and it was a lot of fun
Big Bad Bakken
Big Bad Bakken - Month ago
Seing as how I can now recognize shrewd negotiations and the negotiators who negotiate them, thanks to the vinwiki channel master class, I can confidently say that, Mr. Bolian, you are making this video to manipulate the price of that Swedish monster down a touch, in order to purchase one.
It's really sorcery what you do, isn't it? The Art of the Steal. Well played, my lengthy friend. Well played.
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