I Let Strangers Pick My Makeup

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - Year ago
HELLO FRIENDS!! what do u guys think of my new makeup look?? and let me know if you got a notif for this video :). SO MUCH LOVE, safiya
Josephanie Ackman
Josephanie Ackman - 15 days ago
You tried LipSense, I’d love for you to try our eye makeup to see if it lives up to the LipSense challenge!
Shilah Lewis
Shilah Lewis - Month ago
I love you You are the best 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😘😘😘
Rowan Blanchard
Rowan Blanchard - 2 months ago
I think it's really cute. You look like you could be a business man in summer🍉
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets - 3 months ago
Wassup. Srsly I think whatever makeup you try u look amazing in it! I did get notifications a Year Ago! I would have watched it early but I was rly bussy and forgot about it.. So sorry. LOVE U!
Morgan and emma Muffin
Morgan and emma Muffin - 3 months ago
hi Queen Safiya
SarahMariePardy - 2 days ago
All these people seemed so nice :)
press f to pay respects
am i the only one who thought the eyes were watermelons and the eyeballs and brows were the scooped out seeds
belleekgirl - 7 days ago
Lips are epic! That color does flatter you!
STOPWARS - 8 days ago
dude you look so gorgeous with all those crazy colors you should do wacky color combinations more often
Tina Yu
Tina Yu - 9 days ago
Yayeeeeeee I’m Tina
So....... I wAs IN thE vIdeO?
Tina Yu
Tina Yu - 9 days ago
I need to talk to America’s parents

Hey Guys It’s Me Julia
Hey Guys It’s Me Julia - 11 days ago
The eyeliner would look really pretty as lipstick or eyeshadow
Hanate Monstas
Hanate Monstas - 12 days ago
At the risk of coming off as mildly sexist, that guy picked a really good eyeliner
Jenny Ta
Jenny Ta - 13 days ago
wow i freaking LOVE the look
xXNyaIsYoGurl Xx
xXNyaIsYoGurl Xx - 15 days ago
Kate Jennings
Kate Jennings - 15 days ago
3:14 flashback Mary 😂😂
Isabella Corrigal
Isabella Corrigal - 16 days ago
Derek is now iconic 😂
Annie 7216
Annie 7216 - 20 days ago
Why did u get kicked out😮
Roberta Fisher
Roberta Fisher - 21 day ago
I liked the green eyeliner........Erm, I liked the green eyeliner xxxx
Drenma - 21 day ago
The eyeshadow is crazy 😍
Molly Macioch
Molly Macioch - 22 days ago
At 3:00 the mirror says holographic glow Simplynailogical is happy
Leah Ginsburg
Leah Ginsburg - 22 days ago
kat chirstian
kat chirstian - 23 days ago
Tbh she was worst in buzzfes
Poppy Rose
Poppy Rose - 23 days ago
I could never do this like how do you just ask random people

I have intense social anxiety
Galatea Lagersten
Galatea Lagersten - 24 days ago
" so, im here with dAnieL aNd aMeRikA "/#
Nora Csiszar
Nora Csiszar - 24 days ago
"Sometimes you just need to glitter" YES Safiya!
Jaki Poloai
Jaki Poloai - 25 days ago
Why did they kick u out just cuz of that
Sami ._. Blu
Sami ._. Blu - 25 days ago
Can you ask KIDS to choose your outfit, makeup, etc? Please like so Saf can see.
cameronzemail - 25 days ago
To me, I think of a Summer goth.
shook kookies
shook kookies - 25 days ago
Saf now has 3 pink the towns.
Crazy Elegant Majectical Unicorn
When she said she had "America's Badunkadunk" I was like "Woah you only just met the girl!"
Cmc C
Cmc C - 26 days ago
Everything was unconsciously influenced by ur shirt...
Sarah Dale
Sarah Dale - 26 days ago
daniel and america... nice names lol.joking. just intrigued
kzragdoll - 27 days ago
Have you tried the flex menstrual disc?? Please try it!
Gracie Girl
Gracie Girl - 27 days ago
You can't get rid of pink the town
Camille Pelletier
Camille Pelletier - 28 days ago
is it just me or when safiya had the foundation and the eyeshadow i've seriously got vibe of kabuki makeup
Toasty Valdex
Toasty Valdex - 28 days ago
5:26 the girls face when he says it looks nice
three awsome kids fun
three awsome kids fun - Month ago
u r crazy i love it
Lucy Cunningham
Lucy Cunningham - Month ago
Now saf needs to get a dog and name it Budunkidunk
Erica Lenhart
Erica Lenhart - Month ago
I hope that lipstick was vaccinated...
Annika Hoag
Annika Hoag - Month ago
At 6:50 y’all are right in the front of the eyeliner display from the “Picking My Makeup Blindfolded” video....I think I have a problem
Lorelei Van Tuyl
Lorelei Van Tuyl - Month ago
Saf cannot escape Pink The Town
Lily John
Lily John - Month ago
Kat von d? :(
Maria Zareva
Maria Zareva - Month ago
I have the ever lasting liquid lipstick by kat von d in the colour Roxy
Margret Rena Bonita
Margret Rena Bonita - Month ago
Oh my gosh! To meet Safiya AND talk makeup = fangirl screaming.
Abril Bedoya
Abril Bedoya - Month ago
Love the look!
Tiya’s Glam Lounge
Tiya’s Glam Lounge - Month ago
I am at that point where I just ‘like’ safiya’s videos before even watching them 😂
Mike the random Mike the slam
The girl behind her at 5:40 looks like Liza Koshy
Eve Wilson
Eve Wilson - Month ago
When Safia said she was a bird, who else kind of wanted her to say "Wadup T-shirt reference!"
Jalissa Jal
Jalissa Jal - Month ago
I definitely wouldn’t have picked a bright color. I would’ve picked more brown tones. Maybe for a main color a reddish color.
Annishka Deshmukh
Annishka Deshmukh - Month ago
Safiya in the thumbnail was literally me as a baby when someone took my toys or things.
Krazy K
Krazy K - Month ago
I just realized that Tyler has such a steady hand when he is holding something (like a camera).
Ann Nee
Ann Nee - Month ago
I was always taught to either do bonkers eye or bonkers lip never both... But what do I know😏
Kiwi. Loves.Sloths
Kiwi. Loves.Sloths - Month ago
6:33 Wow...I love her name!
happy_cactus - Month ago
Pause at 1:53 and look at her cup
NaviNovaNewbie - Month ago
Derek is the best human
Jessica Reyes
Jessica Reyes - Month ago
Dont worry I like it too lol
Heather Jay
Heather Jay - Month ago
I will pick a black lipstick
Alice B
Alice B - Month ago
Best word in the video: Interesting.
Katie Tikao
Katie Tikao - Month ago
I love how encouraging Saf is to the people picking out the makeup ❤️ great video as always, love your content! I’ve been binge watching these videos lately haha they’re so good.
Holo HH
Holo HH - Month ago
Sophie Mather
Sophie Mather - Month ago
Everyone is hyping up Derek but everyone seems to have forgotten about Daniel!!
Blackglitter Rain
Blackglitter Rain - 2 months ago
His name is not Daniel, it’s Maxon, get it right
taslima begum
taslima begum - 2 months ago
Who else loves how Safiya says 'SHMASH' and 'ACHECK' ??? 😂😂😂
Woofie Does Art
Woofie Does Art - 2 months ago
i hate everything about this look,you look like you belong on the highway
Hope Stout
Hope Stout - 2 months ago
“Are you hungry?” Favorite thing said
Hope Stout
Hope Stout - 2 months ago
Daniel checking himself out in the mirror 😂
Mackenzie Wilkie
Mackenzie Wilkie - 2 months ago
You and Tyler seem like people who could make friends with anybody:). Thanks for being awesome!!
WolfBoi Animations
WolfBoi Animations - 2 months ago
Nyx TheFox
Nyx TheFox - 2 months ago
I’ve had people ask if I was Nyx The Fox for the Nyx makeup brand
It’s not...
G and A Sisters
G and A Sisters - 2 months ago
I don't want to be rude, but is this girl named America??
Cat all Do
Cat all Do - 2 months ago
Georgia Ruff
Georgia Ruff - 2 months ago
your a lot like Moriah elizebeth you should collab. the only problem is she loves colour
Mahima Satsangi
Mahima Satsangi - 2 months ago
I like your eye look 😅🌸
Poke Bowl
Poke Bowl - 2 months ago
I feel like the lips woulda looked better as a nude or pink liquid lipstick with a gloss on top. I woulda chosen KvD Lolita with and ABH nude gloss
Jüst NöthingToYoü
Jüst NöthingToYoü - 3 months ago
Ar u left handed?
Hannah Childers
Hannah Childers - 3 months ago
Jessica and Lynette are incredible
Mia maven
Mia maven - 3 months ago
I hope safiya gave the girls a little something for their participation, like a lip balm or a bronzer and I hope the girl that loved the urban decay eyeshadow received one.
Katie Biedron
Katie Biedron - 3 months ago
I have the vampira lipSTICK and it’s my favorite
Emily Mayaka
Emily Mayaka - 3 months ago
ash S
ash S - 3 months ago
Wizzle - 3 months ago
derek is my spirit animal
Havanna Brown
Havanna Brown - 3 months ago
you have bautifull eyes
Secret Runner Girl - The Hamilton Clan
The lipstick is so dark [I’m still trying to get brave with color though] so it’s probably just me. You look amazing though!
Sadie & P.
Sadie & P. - 3 months ago
She looks good! Love the lipstick and the foundation
Katie F
Katie F - 3 months ago
Y’all film at Santa Anita mall in Arcadia don’t you?? I live so close by and I can recognize all the bird cage chairs and stuff in the background ahahaha
Meghan Simmons
Meghan Simmons - 3 months ago
*Derrek remembers everything*
10,000 subs without any videos? ꧂
I know Im Weird but I would of matched the color of the eyeliner to the lips
ugly potato studios
ugly potato studios - 3 months ago
how could u do this? i cant even ask strangers were the checkout is without ending up just walking away?!!!
Eva LIu
Eva LIu - 3 months ago
that eyeliner is sooooo pretty!!!!!! I know damn well i wouldn't use it a lot, but i wanna get that
Sujatha Bay
Sujatha Bay - 3 months ago
Lol you have so many pink the town blushes
Ruby Leigh
Ruby Leigh - 3 months ago
This was the first video on this channel that I saw. It’s been about a year since I’ve subscribed and I’m just now watching this video again and it’s so crazy and nostalgic 😂
Tanya Purba
Tanya Purba - 3 months ago
I just realize my sister has that highlighter kit😂
MâddøxGrêy - 3 months ago
You look so beautiful without makeup. You have amazing clear skin!
Ella Powell
Ella Powell - 3 months ago
The girl who chose the contour reminds me of Jane from Jane the Virgin for some reason. I think it’s the outfit?
Limabeanjellybean - 3 months ago
Na na na Na na Na Na Na na Na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na Na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na Na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na Na na Na Na na Na Na Na Na
Audge Podge TM
Audge Podge TM - 3 months ago
Can we take a moment to appreciate that the girls name is AMERICA? That’s the best name ever. I wish my name was America. Also, me moms name is Lanette.
Afton Ratzlaff
Afton Ratzlaff - 3 months ago
You look so beautiful with AND without makeup! Love you Saf!
PS I'm REALLY late so I wouldn't be surprised if Saf didn't respond.
sonia Quinn
sonia Quinn - 3 months ago
You should let them buy makeup for them srlf
cecilia herrera
cecilia herrera - 3 months ago
did no one else notice that the last guy was wearing a bt21 shirt? it had cooky on it and i was like oh shit wtf. also everyone please take a moment to appreciate safiya without make up?
A Rogers
A Rogers - 3 months ago
Tbh I would SOOOOOOOO troll you.
THE HUNT DOGS - 3 months ago
Y did no one troll her really good
Sad .Biscuit
Sad .Biscuit - 3 months ago
MaKe AmErIcA gReAt AgAiN!
America already looks adorable 😉
MIsheardNerd - 3 months ago
this video was amazing...i just have one question how do you get the people to come to you or get them
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