Mario - Care For You (Official Video)

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G S - Hour ago
Sam Smith?
Florestal Anthony
Florestal Anthony - 7 hours ago
What a major come back✌🏾✌🏾🙄
Rubbie Imbira
Rubbie Imbira - 8 hours ago
Those pple who put a thumbs down I don't know how they dislike this song
jhoe tv
jhoe tv - 9 hours ago
Indomaret mana suaranya
Estelle Goss
Estelle Goss - 10 hours ago
Elisa Ma
Elisa Ma - 18 hours ago
# Uno Is Lord !
# Uno Is Lord ! - 22 hours ago
Beautiful Mario Never went away! The BEST of all times ...❤✨💥😁😁
Barbara Gunter
Barbara Gunter - Day ago
He is so amazing and wonderful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯❤️❤️💯💯💯
Anthony Hart
Anthony Hart - Day ago
Open me and delete
All those nights I was weak
And you held it down
You're so hip but I know
That your heart's gettin' cold
It's gettin' real now
All these evil words
Usin' them to stab me
Even though it hurts
You can throw 'em at me
'Cause I can't lose you baby🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢😢
Munyaradzi Jani
Munyaradzi Jani - Day ago
Man I'm crying. It hits me there 😭😭😭💔
Dééaah André Breezy
Oooooomg 😢😢😢💚
Mirriam Miley
Mirriam Miley - Day ago
Loving this all the way from kenya 🤗🤗🤗☺💕💕💕🎶🎶🎵🎧
Kreativ Tina
Kreativ Tina - Day ago
Keep strong Mario😢 , you have grown so much keep up the good work🤗😙
Tevin zayvell
Tevin zayvell - 2 days ago
Walking down the aisle to this..
michelle m.
michelle m. - 2 days ago
Youtube Member
Youtube Member - 2 days ago
I love MARIO!
Rian Hardy - WPG-C
Rian Hardy - WPG-C - 2 days ago
Why did they whitewash his mom? His mom was a darkskin woman smh.
Nigel Minor
Nigel Minor - 2 days ago
Unless you gone through it, No one would ever understand the pain that a kid goes through when growing up with an addict as a mother, you love your mother so much as mad as you may be sometimes at them for what they do to you without knowing, you get so scared of losing them to addiction and they are literally there but absent, and there is literally nothing you can do to get them out.. I hope you stay strong if you in that situation coz we gone get through it somehow.. Bless up
Mansa Sedanu-Kwawu
Mansa Sedanu-Kwawu - 2 days ago
If I keep liking comments, I will kill my device.
Thank God you are back King.
We missed you so much.
Luzny Tanja
Luzny Tanja - 2 days ago
I love this song so much! I'm so Thankfull for it🐘
MakeupBy Jai
MakeupBy Jai - 3 days ago
Wow. It’s going to take him some time to get over his moms death. That’s no easy road for nobody
breezy brown
breezy brown - 3 days ago
2:58 that breath he takes ... he cares and loves :))
Floetry William
Floetry William - 3 days ago
I feel every word I see your pain and admire your heartfelt song your strings nd real mario don't ever change you will find happiness and regain back what your searching for love you xxx. R.i.p to your mum shes proud and looking down at a you for ever more zz
benjamin ikaot
benjamin ikaot - 3 days ago
sweet song, missed your music for some time but u still got it
MsShellybell12 - 3 days ago
CARLOSE MASENDA - 3 days ago
since last month iv been repeating this song....who else is feeling the pain in mario
reo renco
reo renco - 3 days ago
with love from Zimbabwe
subzerodark - 3 days ago
A mother story awesome video
randi flot
randi flot - 3 days ago
Oh my goodness Mario 💓💓💗
eighth Lab
eighth Lab - 3 days ago
this video is soo amazing mario!!
Malvern kupex
Malvern kupex - 4 days ago
Who was send here through Empire we love you Mario aka Davon????
Jennifer Mcdonald
Jennifer Mcdonald - 4 days ago
I love this song and also him and his beautiful voice as well. God bless him. Whatever he has gone through or still going through I hope and pray God strengthens him and move him forward.
Tarah 'Tarah
Tarah 'Tarah - 4 days ago
Sending u plenty love 💕💕💕💕, Mario one of my evergreen artist 💕 since high school days 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Camille I Garza Alcala
Camille I Garza Alcala - 4 days ago
The boys mom is my best friends actual mom
HR-Vex - 4 days ago
He's back
Mor Abactive
Mor Abactive - 4 days ago
Thobeka Ayanda Radebe
Thobeka Ayanda Radebe - 4 days ago
This is beautiful!
Christina Darden
Christina Darden - 4 days ago
Thinking of my friend that got tooken by DCF😭❤️
Vanessa lafleur Djemmo noumbi
I hate it
Vanessa lafleur Djemmo noumbi
This song IS annoying
Vanessa Mucosa
Vanessa Mucosa - 4 days ago
Mario making bops since my childhood💜
lorry beaks
lorry beaks - 5 days ago
I love this tears to my eyes...
OpticNinja - 5 days ago
Is this the Nickelodeon video version?
Jasmine Delee
Jasmine Delee - 5 days ago
I love he's music, he's voice is amazing
sanjir Sham
sanjir Sham - 5 days ago
Ladies and gentlemen Rnb is finally 🔙 🎶 our music our culture ✔
thetonegamer114 - 5 days ago
Perfect video. If y’all know the story of his mom and his life this is amazing 🙌🏾
judi bortier
judi bortier - 5 days ago
This song is soo good, vocals are so on point. Mario you are the shit, and I wish people would realize that.
Sophia Woodson
Sophia Woodson - 5 days ago
And he's back 😍😍😍
TasiaSings95 - 5 days ago
Can a man be so blind
That his vision can be mine
'Cause the shore won't draw the line
When water rides in with the tide
And for once I am driftin'
But not on my own
And now I'm right I should've been
Here with you all alone
Open me and delete
All those nights I was weak
I gave up while you held it down
You're so hip but I know
That your heart's gettin' cold
I'm holdin' tight, it's gettin' real now
'Cause I can't lose you
'Cause I care for you
I care to lose you
I care for you
I care for you
I care for you
Sometimes I don't ask for help
And you don't wanna open up
And when you see my tears right now
You won't need to clean 'em up
All these evil words
Usin' them to stab me
Even though it hurts
You can throw 'em at me baby
It takes a man to admit he messed up
But girl you gotta be fair
'Cause I can't lose you
'Cause I care for you
I care to lose you
I care for you
I care for you
I care for you, yeah
Open me and delete
All those nights I was weak
And you held it down
You're so hip but I know
That your heart's gettin' cold
It's gettin' real now
All these evil words
Usin' them to stab me
Even though it hurts
You can throw 'em at me
'Cause I can't lose you baby
I can't lose you
'Cause I care for you
I care to lose you
I care for you
I care for you
I care for you, yeah
stlaurentjournal - 5 days ago
this song is really badly produced - Mario acting like Adele#way too much pop processing on vocals. Just go back to Up tempo, Scott Storch or Tim. If you want an artistic director. Holla at me. I'll get u dat money #canada Ur a little confused right now. Ur first album was way to good for this.
Naomie priscilla
Naomie priscilla - 5 days ago
beautiful beautiful song
Haney Rap
Haney Rap - 5 days ago
Sanchi Gaikwad
Sanchi Gaikwad - 5 days ago
Why did i not know someone like him i saw this on the TV and i cried so much Your mom is important please treasure her
Nourhane Chikh
Nourhane Chikh - 5 days ago
I just heard 0:23 and I've subscribed
I feel so pain and soul in his voice
This is my first time listening to him and definitely won't be the last 💗💞
Eneyi Pryce
Eneyi Pryce - 5 days ago
Could be the baby blues or just a very relateble song. Amazing 💐💐💐💐💐
Juliana Sibanda
Juliana Sibanda - 5 days ago
I'm stuck on this song, every beat sending my emotions all over the place. I don't know whether i lost him or he lost me but i know it hurts so bad coz I CARE FOR YOU..!
Zero Fuks
Zero Fuks - 5 days ago
should have 100 mil views
Ricardo Nabil
Ricardo Nabil - 5 days ago
The better voice to the rnb urban respect mario✌✊
buy dafuck out this man music people🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯
kyra james
kyra james - 6 days ago
My neighbours are going to love this song so much💫✨💞💖☺️
Angry Oldhead
Angry Oldhead - 6 days ago
The fact that it’s been so many years and he’s only 32 is mind blowing 😂
NTH THN - 6 days ago
I love Mario's music!!!
Monique Brown
Monique Brown - 6 days ago
I love this song been playing like 8x a day since i heard it.
Brenden James Martel
Brenden James Martel - 6 days ago
He has had a rough life. Glad to see him back.
Sonia Soto
Sonia Soto - 6 days ago
absolutely beautiful
When NYC and NJ concert?
Atheer jawad
Atheer jawad - 6 days ago
It’s awesome 👏
THOMAS.A. KHOMION - 6 days ago
Good music at last........
hinjao Karbi
hinjao Karbi - 6 days ago
awsm song😍😍😍 luv from india
Jose Bailon
Jose Bailon - 6 days ago
Mario been that dude! Real R&B!
Ebony R
Ebony R - 6 days ago
Awe man definitely feel this. Bless u man ❤
Angelica Grajales
Angelica Grajales - 6 days ago
This is for my ex 😭
Gisela Sequeira
Gisela Sequeira - 7 days ago
This comment sections proves that there's still beautiful people on this world ❤
RobinFlysHigh - 7 days ago
Mario is fine, talented, and stays true to himself and his brand. Much love 😊👍❤
Rafael Miranda
Rafael Miranda - 7 days ago
Real rnb 👏👏
Liliane Lubaki
Liliane Lubaki - 7 days ago
Miss you and you came back. What a huge surprise! very happy to see you again Mario. Remember LET ME LOVE YOU, was the best in Charts, was 2004, somehing like that. Love
Time had not any effect on you, that s a good point for an artist!
O'LAINES - 7 days ago
The hook alone is amazing 😩😩😩
MecHelle Jackson
MecHelle Jackson - 7 days ago
Best song ever
Ann Marie Mullady
Ann Marie Mullady - 7 days ago
Bad tune x
youcropper - 7 days ago
This song is about him and his mother dealing with drug addiction. You can see at the beginning of the video. They did a documentary about it too. Plenty folk take to the foot when they make it but dude stood by his mums. I think he should do a movie about it coz plenty aint as strong... God bless you and yo mums Mario...
Kauna Anoint
Kauna Anoint - 7 days ago
At my big age, you making me cry!
Kauna Anoint
Kauna Anoint - 7 days ago
Greetings from Namibia Mario
TheCartersan - 7 days ago
Absolutely incredible artist. Mario should be million times bigger than he is. beautiful song.
REECE - 7 days ago
enternative gazar
enternative gazar - 7 days ago
Welcome back Bro (mario)
Cindy Oliver
Cindy Oliver - 7 days ago
This is a very beautiful song
McR L - 7 days ago
Man this song hit me hard
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis - 7 days ago
sumthinsnazzi78 - 7 days ago
HO. LEE. SHIT. This just made my whole entire life!! 🙌🏼
Lukasz Minge
Lukasz Minge - 7 days ago
Aryel Line
Aryel Line - 7 days ago
hanna - 8 days ago
I love you, Mario. Hope you can fix the broken kid inside you.
I hope you make more music and again fix the broken kid inside of you and be happy.
foreverhoticis - 8 days ago
I think of my son Tj. when I hear this song...Even if I wasn"t perfect...I care for you!
Beauty From Within 89
Beauty From Within 89 - 8 days ago
1k dislikes
Song: 3:33 in length...
Hahahahaha numbers don’t lie. The synchronicities are crazyyyyy! Super blessed & favored Mario! 💚💫
Her Xcellency
Her Xcellency - 8 days ago
Great voice, I enjoyed being serenaded by it.
Julia Larionova
Julia Larionova - 8 days ago
Спасибо тебе, Youtube, за такую прекрасную рекомендацию. Очень тронула данная композиция.
Dominika Tuptová
Dominika Tuptová - 8 days ago
menina _poesia
menina _poesia - 8 days ago
A intro já me deixou arrepiada💙 que voz😍😍
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia - 8 days ago
This deserves more views. Great song Mario
Sithethelelo Ncanane
Sithethelelo Ncanane - 8 days ago
Next videos