Trying Hair Braiding Tutorials

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Mikaela McSweeney
Mikaela McSweeney - 2 hours ago
Jenna: "Even if I had a person with a real head of hair..."
Julien (quietly and in distress): "I'm a person."
Dominique Porchi
Dominique Porchi - 12 hours ago
“Bounce me mommy” lol
Kylie Stewart
Kylie Stewart - 12 hours ago
I feel like if Jenna did anything with her hair and didn’t mention it no one would even say anything we would just accept it
Mega Cat #changethedamnwayyouchangeyourprofile
Help I think I’m dying literally I’m actually concerned this is not a joke I swallowed a toothpick help
Alex Celest
Alex Celest - 17 hours ago
You need thicker hair
no12regrets16 - Day ago
To be fair, even the girl doing the tutorial looks like she’s cosplaying as ginger Jesus.
Techno_Waffle11 - Day ago
That awkward moment when you fall asleep to Jenna ranting
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee - Day ago
Head & Shoulders has good reviews.
Irving Rivera
Irving Rivera - 2 days ago
Jennaaaaaaaaaaa use bigger strands of hairrrrrrr oh mah gawd beetchhhh I swear btw ima Aries so you MUSt hate me and tell julien I’m team jenna
Miscellaneous Going
Miscellaneous Going - 2 days ago
I'm pretty sure jenna and I are the only people who dont know how to pull apart braids
Trisha - 2 days ago
Try a rope twist.
Sarah Guinan
Sarah Guinan - 2 days ago
No one :
Literally no one :
Not a single soul :
Jenna : JuLiEaN !?!?!?!?!
Jaqueline Vidrio
Jaqueline Vidrio - 2 days ago
11:51This why I hate blondes with brunettes you can’t do anything without it camouflaging
Jaqueline Vidrio
Jaqueline Vidrio - 2 days ago
Heads up the second and third hair look should be done with THICC hair not thin bc it turns into that no offense
Heike P
Heike P - 2 days ago
Jenna: "I'm not really that good at braiding"
*a bunch of photo's of beautiful braids made by her pop up*
GIRL I can brush my hair and that's where it ends!
Ariana Potorski
Ariana Potorski - 3 days ago
Jenna, if you're trying to do full braids by pulling them out, make the braids themselves bigger and fuller (like with more hair)
Kristen Davis
Kristen Davis - 3 days ago
Hello, this video is my mood. For hair, makeup and cute outfits
Kenadi Steffl
Kenadi Steffl - 3 days ago
I need a boyfriend like Julian
Christa Maribel
Christa Maribel - 3 days ago
Can someone link the two gold necklace she always wears ?? 🙏🏼
Baby Girll
Baby Girll - 3 days ago
My mom did that french Braid with the bows on me as a child in 4th grade
Sanna Niemi
Sanna Niemi - 3 days ago
I actually think you looked really cute in that braid-crown
Heather Smith
Heather Smith - 4 days ago
8:34 the picture looks a small boy that’s waiting to be taught a Windsor knot 😂
Tanya Pavlenco
Tanya Pavlenco - 4 days ago
У Дженны на батнике написано "нах"? :D
Tammy S
Tammy S - 4 days ago
Kermit is jealous of your shoes... next bday.
Izzy Henes
Izzy Henes - 4 days ago
If you are making your braids look fuller you need to pull it from the bottom of the braid to the top
K.B’s Critters
K.B’s Critters - 4 days ago
Welcome to Jenna’s Ratchet Salon
K.B’s Critters
K.B’s Critters - 4 days ago
You are pulling at each section of hair hence making it looser. You should try fluffing from the middle of each section slowly until you get the desired look. If that doesn’t work then I can’t help you and you should go to Guy Tang.
B O O P - 4 days ago
_B o u n c e m e m a m i_
Katherine Johnson
Katherine Johnson - 5 days ago
“ Look at me “
* sees Jenna aka Jesus Christ *
“ Don’t look at me anymore “
Applo A
Applo A - 5 days ago
Not bad , your videous are good! I watch them on Russian translations, and I like them)
Dingleberry FtM
Dingleberry FtM - 5 days ago
Jenna with blonde hair is a whole new level of thottery lol
FeralsRock - 5 days ago
Real talk, Jesus cosplay Jenna actually looks really bohemian and I am HERE FOR IT! Just get her some 70s bell bottoms and she’s got a LOOK!
Katsic - 5 days ago
For a first attempt Julien did pretty good. Its hard teaching men braids😂 especially my man. It took alot to teach the three strand braid.
Winter Ivy
Winter Ivy - 5 days ago
I’m surprised that wig didn’t end up on one of the dogs honestly
laady veloza
laady veloza - 6 days ago
I love u guys together omg I’m dying laughing lmao
Thea Draghici
Thea Draghici - 6 days ago
For the best fluffy braid look I make sure my braid is really tight by taking really small pieces when french braiding and then pull the braid apart from the edges of the braid
Piper Kopser
Piper Kopser - 6 days ago
If you want to retry pancaking your braids, maybe this will help: To make the pancake braid fuller you can start with a little bit bigger section and then put one hand on elastic, squeezing braid and pulling it taught, and then using your other hand to take sections from the very outer part of each "bump" if you will. Then, once you get to the top do it again! This way, you have enough slack for the top stitches to make them all full. Hope this helps, it just takes practice! Also, some people prefer to pancake the braid before putting on the elastic so that the hair pulls out easier. :) big fan!!
Lenore Ignore
Lenore Ignore - 7 days ago
OH MY FUCKING GOD! This "basketball" hairstyle is nightmare of my childhood. My mom was doing it on me on every family celebration and on every celebration EVER. THIS SHIT MAKES YOUR HEAD HURTS LIKE HELL. FUCK.
btw love you, mom
Charlie Pomfret
Charlie Pomfret - 7 days ago
Why has this got like no likes?
Buddha Baby
Buddha Baby - 7 days ago
I swear to God this is me in Beauty School.
Makenzie Zito
Makenzie Zito - 7 days ago
I just dropped my phone and cracked it while watching this video rip
TheCrunkful - 8 days ago
Julian is any spirit animal
Blue dolphin swimmer
Blue dolphin swimmer - 8 days ago
I would totally do this but I pulled the trapezius muscle in my shoulder so I can’t put my arm up far enough to do my hair 😭
LL Lemon
LL Lemon - 9 days ago
Jenna legit looks gorgeous with ANY FREAKIN HAIRSTYLE. Sorcery.
Bea H
Bea H - 9 days ago
I think the last braid looked amazing! You don’t give yourself enough credit Jenna!!
Connie Mendel
Connie Mendel - 10 days ago
tie dye the wig please
Cecilia DuBien
Cecilia DuBien - 10 days ago
*18 minutes of Jenna screaming HELLO*
Coffee pls
Coffee pls - 11 days ago
i wanna try these braids but my hair is way too short will someone please let me play with their long hair
christineurmom !
christineurmom ! - 11 days ago
NewWorld - 11 days ago
Damn Jenna you got some junk in that trunk
Grace Divine
Grace Divine - 11 days ago
if you use a bit of hairspray on the braid before you pull it, it'll stay better. also, if you pinch the very edge of the braid gently and go up from the bottom instead of the top you'll get a better look
who took the rotisserie chicken
9:45 Julien is ready for his basketball game tomorrow
Megurine_ Sydney
Megurine_ Sydney - 11 days ago
Now I wanna see Jenna try to do Game of Thrones hairstyles XD
Garrett Hawke
Garrett Hawke - 12 days ago
4:49 Julian.EXE has stopped working
god is a cermet
god is a cermet - 12 days ago
*bounce me mommy*
Elyza Lex
Elyza Lex - 12 days ago
Can you pls just do a whole video with a braid and just not mention it
Megan D'Alessandro
Megan D'Alessandro - 12 days ago
6:29 Jenna looks like Jesus. Amen 🙏🏻
Miranda Nichols
Miranda Nichols - 13 days ago
I laughed so hard when she looked like Jesus 😩💀
Victoria Ann
Victoria Ann - 14 days ago
you look so much like jared leto in that 2nd braid. next video: do jared's look from the met gala and make your own head to carry around (out of like clay or something lol idk u got this)
Uh ok
Uh ok - 14 days ago
Honestly Jenna inspired me to get at job lmao. Something about her personality makes me think she believes in me (even when she’s just braiding hair) and my first day was today.
Rhys-Christian Mobsby
Rhys-Christian Mobsby - 15 days ago
Are you a flaky scalp? Because Julien made Jenna look Dand-ROUGH.
Tippy The Baby Dog
Tippy The Baby Dog - 15 days ago
7:10 Jenna creates a hairstyle; critics call it “unique” and “the next big thing??”
Hannah McIver
Hannah McIver - 15 days ago
Well for one her hair is way passed the dirty stage😂 “there’s so much dry shampoo!”
jess - 15 days ago
OMG when he said you got it! Lol
Janae Frigillana
Janae Frigillana - 16 days ago
Try a double French pigtail looking braid
someone - 16 days ago
5:49 "I look like *a* Jesus"
there are.. _many Jesus-es..?_
Maycee Russell
Maycee Russell - 16 days ago
“I look like a Jesus!”
~ Jenna Marbles 2019
I’m dying 😂🤣
Loryn Mathews
Loryn Mathews - 17 days ago
Even if you pull the braid apart after it’s finished, it won’t look the right way unless you loosely braid it to begin with. When you cross each piece, instead of pulling it tightly, leave a little slack to make it fluffy before you have to pull it apart.
darkstar2874 - 18 days ago
I’m watching Jenna’s videos back, seeing how long her blue dye stayed in her hair and fearing for the year of teal in my future now. Imma need more bleach later on for sure.
ThePorrimMaryam - 18 days ago
Jenna I don't think it's you. The braids just don't suit your face, and it really do be like that sometimes. The braiding itself looks good, but you should find braids that compliment your face more.
Ali Jensen
Ali Jensen - 18 days ago
Why am I watching this? I have literally the same hairstyle as Julian. Except mines pink
Ali Jensen
Ali Jensen - 18 days ago
I have reeeallly thick hair. When it was long, if I tried to do any of these, I’d look like I have a helmet on my head
Kory Shedd
Kory Shedd - 19 days ago
I love all of your videos but WOW I FELT THIS ONE IN MY SOUL
Alek - 19 days ago
As an Aquarius I respect juliens chaotic energy
Es H
Es H - 19 days ago
With that wig Julien looks like a waman from the back, and you’re like “oof you a snack” and then he turns around and it’s like “suprise bitchhh! Imma mans 🙃” 🤣🤣🤣
Jolie Wyatt
Jolie Wyatt - 19 days ago
Grab a bigger selection of hair then braid then fluff it bb that's how it can work
WORK, WORK - 19 days ago
sadly braids don't really show up on any hair color other than blonde
Carlie Flowers
Carlie Flowers - 19 days ago
Meh thick braids are overrated I have thick curly hair and even my braids turn out tiny. You have to have hair down to your butt for it to look that way 😂
greenteaqueen 2002
greenteaqueen 2002 - 19 days ago
"put some whipped cream on me cus im an apple pie"
Avi person
Avi person - 19 days ago
Jenna ur hair is not going to be full, you have thin hair, that girl had thicker hair
Taylor Rode
Taylor Rode - 19 days ago
@jennamarbles okay. so dude... I love you, but the issue is the hair color. its very dull and muted. also you're not using enough hair and you need to put some texture spray through it first, it would also help if you curled the hair first
Daisy Irvine
Daisy Irvine - 19 days ago
You’re so pretty with a middle parting!!!😍xx
polina vertegel
polina vertegel - 19 days ago
jenna those last braids look like aladdin's pants
Anonymous Canadian
Anonymous Canadian - 20 days ago
You should make a 3D custom face mask for a ratchet salon topic
Samantha A
Samantha A - 20 days ago
16:17 - most relatable speech of 2019.
Jessica Geelan
Jessica Geelan - 20 days ago
“ you know what doesn’t look weird?”
“Lookin snatched”
Moody Lee
Moody Lee - 20 days ago
When you’re pulling your braids apart to make them fuller you have to just pull it a little bit from the outer edges not the entire thing like you were doing. It also helps to pull them out a little bit at a time as you’re braiding because if you do that once you’ve gotten to the end of the braid then the braid is more likely to fall apart and get super tangled in the elastic because it’s being pulled backwards.
Cathy Gonzalez
Cathy Gonzalez - 20 days ago
why are Jenna and I the same kind if Virgo
IzzyClaw07 - 20 days ago
Jenna totally explained me every morning: I do something the internet says is cute, It doesn't work for me so i try smth else, also doesn't work i try smth else, ok fine a pony tail let's look like a cute piece of shit
Juliana Estrela Ferreira
Juliana Estrela Ferreira - 20 days ago
When Julien turns around with the twisted braided wig. Man, this video is good. 😂
Chesney Warren
Chesney Warren - 20 days ago
This is Pablo 🦒 don’t let him drown in the comments!
Carman Myrick
Carman Myrick - 21 day ago
Julien with the wig looks like the Duloc dancers from shrek
Brianna Simpson
Brianna Simpson - 21 day ago
okay but am I the only one who feels bad and just wants to come over everyday to do Jenna's hair for her?
Luzul Lapis
Luzul Lapis - 22 days ago
I think they are scammers with wigs and extensions fuck braid tutorials!!!11
Scolly Catrapumba
Scolly Catrapumba - 22 days ago
Subjective, but okay
Roselyn Higareda
Roselyn Higareda - 22 days ago
4:09 somethings you can say when your boyfriend braids your hair and during sex
Jessa Lehman
Jessa Lehman - 22 days ago
9:44 is my favorite Julien face.
Kambria Bennett
Kambria Bennett - 22 days ago
Jenna! When you fluff braids out you’re supposed to pull up not to the side. That’s why they always come out looking God awful
Lexi Sims
Lexi Sims - 22 days ago
I relate to this on every level. Every level.
Emily Blessing
Emily Blessing - 22 days ago
can you try those crazy eyeshadow tutorials?
Shelby Walker
Shelby Walker - 22 days ago
"not like a bus. like like a bike"
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