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Channel Awesome
Channel Awesome - 3 months ago
So, is Donnie Darko a deep classic or a pretentious slosh?
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Starman Gaming
Starman Gaming - 5 days ago
+Gabriel Oviedo to answer: yes
donnie darko is a worst movie ever made
Phage Grove
Phage Grove - 2 months ago
:im a ten year old whatching this but i dont give a fuck.
Phage Grove
Phage Grove - 2 months ago
well it depends was it originally intended to be that way or does the internet never really explain it
FlameBugs - 2 months ago
there is a sequal to this movie called s. darko
Ririn Collin Wing
Ririn Collin Wing - Day ago
The Movie that deku probably saw that made his first hero outfit
William Beal
William Beal - Day ago
Those bedroom eyes
Johannes Berg
Johannes Berg - 2 days ago
people think this movie is better than it really is bc of the cool looking bunny, nothing more
Hessed3712 - 6 days ago
So did the girlfriend really die?
Just Call Me Ace
Just Call Me Ace - 8 days ago
I live in Australia so I don't understand what do stamps do I'm quite confused by the ad
Roxy Woodward
Roxy Woodward - 14 days ago
Yeah I know it's not really fair, since you're reviewing the actual movie, but I'd seriously recommend the director's cut of Donnie Darko. The editing is a LOT less awkward, all scenes just linger a little longer, so it's less of the 'super mario feel' you were talking about. Also, it's a lot clearer what actually goes on in this film.
Donnie Darko is one of my favourite movies of all times, but saying that, I'm pretty much referring to the director's cut. The editing really bugs me in the theatrical version.
Daemic - 14 days ago
Holy shitttt breaking the 4th wall like tha so subtly during the intro was masterful
Ciaran Foster
Ciaran Foster - 14 days ago
cinema venom did a expose doc on u and im starting to beleave him ads ads ads how much u getting paid mate
Kayleigh Brown
Kayleigh Brown - 18 days ago
Am I the only one that thought this movie was just pretty good. Like, yeah. It was kinda clever and kinda cool and I liked what it did but that's the key word. Kinda. I liked it. It was pretty good.
But mind blowing? I dunno if I'm just being super hipstery never struck me as THAT deep. Like I guess it's pretty deep for a movie this mainstream's like level 3 artsy ya know.
Stuart Habeger
Stuart Habeger - 19 days ago
Who's gonna count off your head at night
One asks who.
We know He is not human.
It's Donnie darko
Tynox 01
Tynox 01 - 19 days ago
2:45 good taste lady, i literally just finished IT today, ITS pretty damn good
altarush - 21 day ago
Do the Incredible Mister Limpet : the Don Knotts movie.
Gloomy Fish
Gloomy Fish - 21 day ago
"I guess I missed the part where they went from name-calling to multiple homicide"
Hoooo boy I am getting some Jeff The Killer flashbacks...
Sid TheFilthyBastard
Sid TheFilthyBastard - 22 days ago
Why didn't you talk about the soundtrack??? It has one of the greatest soundtracks ever.
By the way, i love the movie, not because it's deep. But because of the phylpsophical nature of it. And i feel like Donnie is one of the greatest characters ever written. And also preatty relatable for any person with phsychiatric problems. It feels like if a bunch of emos from the 80's and 90's decided to make a film; all about depression, anxiety, and other phsychiatric stuff, and a lot of sad romance (that that's basicly what this movie is about); just like fugazi, rites of spring, or i hate myself.
I think that if this movie came out in more resent years it would have been praised a lot, because of all the 80's vibe. You know, this trend of 80's vibe with since fiction and stuff .
So yeah, i love Donnie Darko, but not because of the reasons people mostly Say it's cool or not. And i'm not trying to be unique, i'm just trying to show the other side of this movie (that really has a fucking awesome soundtrack)
Inter Sans Historia
Inter Sans Historia - 22 days ago
Only Nostalgia Critic can make a stamp sales truly amusing and interesting.
Travis-Colt Gray
Travis-Colt Gray - 24 days ago
Do Armageddon
Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana
i dont think you're commited to Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle motion
Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana
movie schools are often full of dumbass's or assholes, JUST LIKE MY SCHOOLS!!!!!!!!
Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies - 24 days ago
This is the only video I've not watched from series 12 & without getting onto it too much I'm going to say it's one of the best films ever & one of my favourite movies
Jennifer Carmack
Jennifer Carmack - 25 days ago
Fuck all of y'all. This movie is amazing.
Alexis Dennis
Alexis Dennis - 27 days ago
Guys rember danny darko dantdms evil ego
Pinestraker - 29 days ago
Where did you get that Avatar t-shirt?!?
naterpler - 29 days ago
Drawyoursword420 - Month ago
You're right critic promo code nostalgia because......stamps? Why not have an ad for betamax? But I WILL take the free scale
Odd Freaks
Odd Freaks - Month ago
“He looks so much like Lola Bunny-“
*two sudden claps*
Ciaran Mather
Ciaran Mather - Month ago
2:47 coincidentally, also the ending of another film featuring Jake Gyllenhaal...
Jinhunter Slay
Jinhunter Slay - Month ago
I've never watched this movie before, but any movie that references the Smurfs (the FRIGGIN of the most garbage franchises out there!) and uses it as if it's some kind of meaningful line is clearly NOT SMART. In fact, it's downright cringe-worthy!
Wesley Darnell
Wesley Darnell - Month ago
11:38 The hell did Donnie say?
lcyw20 - Month ago
Where did you get your Avatar/Captain Planet T-shirt?
lcyw20 - Month ago
The rabbit looks a lot like the rabbit masks used in the Arkham series of games for the Mad Hatter portions.
BlueVelvet116 - Month ago
Tbh, I think DD was one of the first movies that tried to somewhat copy a David Lynchian type of filmmaking while attempting something lighter in terms of character and atmosphere. Nowadays there are just so many of them, even shows like Maniac did this. I mostly agree with the critic, parts of it come out hollow and pretentious despite, yet other parts are memorably good. It's the one sub-genre I can't quite put my finger on. On one hand, it is indeed thought-provoking which is a huge achievement in the era of countless reboots, but on the other hand, I'm like "Well, this could mean anything, much like anyone can make a movie that is intentionally weird, what's the guarantee there's an actual original concept behind it"? Gyllenhaal was also in Enemy - now that's a great surreal movie in my eyes, but I wouldn't be appalled if someone doesn't really find it all that great.
CrackedReality - Month ago
Lyle McDouchebag also did a video on this and well...
Seth... A car is coming...
Hessed3712 - Month ago
Wait... what? The bunny was a dude he killed from the future? And then his girlfriend dies, and his mom and sister get stuck in a time loop/vacuum/ timy whimy things and crash into his room. Killing him and resetting the timeline? But why? How?
My head hurts. I’m going to watch a review of Green Lantern.
Viraemia 096
Viraemia 096 - Month ago
Dude seriously your sense of humor is worst than leonard part 6 director's sense of humor
Robert Burns
Robert Burns - Month ago
My favorite movie
42nd Blaze
42nd Blaze - Month ago
Nostalgia Critic modern review style
Most of the review: THIS MOVIE SUCKS some of it is good BUT THIS IS OVERALL A SHITHEAP
His conclusion: This movie was good and thought provoking in it’s own way though it has some flaws
Ciorchinele Suprem
Ciorchinele Suprem - Month ago
Donnie Darko? Really Doug? Stop. Just stop...
Joshua Schmidt
Joshua Schmidt - Month ago
Do The Grinch (2018)
CrazyQuilman157 - Month ago
Emma Hill
Emma Hill - Month ago
Dead Girls
Dead Girls - Month ago
As a huge fan of this movie I find his video hilarious .They were in a school for troubled kids he was gifted it was spiritual and scientific time travel its like
If you haven't had a spiritual experience most of this is just gonna seem nuts . I liked it cuz they think he's crazy but he's gifted like a lot of people that are labeled mentally off. I didn't like some scenes they where dumb like. But it fits he's playing a troubled teen . I like all his videos there really good comedy .lol
SukiNoKoe - Month ago
"Are there ANY movie schools NOT run by dumbasses!?"
Let me think here.....
SukiNoKoe - Month ago
......this movie looks weird af, not in a good way, either. Points for the 'Girl Who Leapt Through Time' reference.
Pat Cassar
Pat Cassar - Month ago
It's the Rick and Morty of abstract cinema, fans acts like it's so high brow and unique. It's a good gateway drug to explore more surreal, slow pace movies, just don't say it's "the greatest movie" Until you watch more movies within the same genre.
Blahblahblah - Month ago
Maggie and jake are only three years apart in real life, why is it hard to believe they could play siblings?
Andrew Abbey
Andrew Abbey - Month ago
“Because Donnie Darko has 2 very polarizing audiences”
I didn’t know this was a Star Wars movie
Dani Freak
Dani Freak - Month ago
Another bird sound: ALAN!!
Alejandro Rodolfo Mendez
It is weird to me, internet keep mention this movie but i never saw or have any memory of even heard it on tv. it is like if I were from another dimension. it is even weirder to known that drew barrimore was in this, maybe that way she met his husband, the guy from freddy got fingered.
somehow it is an artsy interesting concept, i would like it to have a better ending, or you can put that everything was in donny imagination before dying.
disparityband - Month ago
This movie seemed genuinely interesting to me before I read the explanation. Now I fucking hate it.
A good film has to be understandable given what's contained within the film itself OR has to be a technically brilliant movie wherein understanding the unknowable isn't necessary because it's so well made on a technical level (cinematography, dialogue, editing, acting, art design) that it is kept interesting. This film obviously fails both.
And as a mystery to solve, I love the answer: "the rift was caused by uh well er whatever who cares, the important part is everything else but the answer".
Scottish Locke
Scottish Locke - Month ago
Am I the only one who’s gonna point out he said gylenthal instead of gyllenhal?
Natalie Metcalf
Natalie Metcalf - Month ago
Poorly done movie, but it is about schizophrenia. Idk its kinda deep but leaves a lot to be desired
Alejandro Alvarez
Alejandro Alvarez - Month ago
Director cut, please
DraculaCronqvist - Month ago
Donnie Darko is like Pulp Fiction. Overhyped piece of shit with no message in it, but pretends *so* *hard* to have a message.
michaelkeha - Month ago
this movie has Seth Rogan in it well then you know it's a piece of crap.
jakegetscake - Month ago
I love this movie the soundtrack is amazing
Erica Marie Lee Pagan
Erica Marie Lee Pagan - Month ago
I wish during the Smurf part Black Nerd Andre just peeked in
Erica Marie Lee Pagan
Erica Marie Lee Pagan - Month ago
Can you please review John Dies at the Emd with Paul Giamatti?
Pentarax - Month ago
The best way to describe the movie is this; it's an inverted "It's a Wonderful Life". Instead of a man being shown a world where he's dead that ends with him deciding to live, it's a man being shown a world where he lives and everything is awful so he goes back and dies to make everything better.
BoyKagome - Month ago
If I understand it right, Donnie is a god who used his power to save himself from a Jet Engine crashing into him. However, by saving himself everyone elses life went to crap... So the movie is him figuring out why its better to sacrifice himself for their sakes. So at the end he uses his power to go back and take the hit.
Like Haruhi Suzumiya, it doesn't seem like hes aware of his power...until the very end.
Wire One
Wire One - Month ago
I hate this movie for the simple fact that it essentially created the Tumblr “deep” edgelord subculture.
This movie birthed a lot of Hot Topic customers.
Vanessa B.
Vanessa B. - Month ago
You know what was a masterpiece? That promo.
Nailz4Dayz - Month ago
11:55 Hogwarts?
J.P. Kalfakis
J.P. Kalfakis - Month ago
I honestly thought this was an incredible movie.
Alex Rubin
Alex Rubin - Month ago
Oh please, we all know that the best movie to watch while on a date is the movie about the husband and wife trying to kill each other. I'm brain farting on the name of the movie right now. Please tell me what movie it is.
Haydn Anderson
Haydn Anderson - Month ago
19:20 Oh god, her head is at like a 30 degree angle, but her hairline is somehow perfectly level! This is the most jarring shit in the movie.
Daniel Boulrice
Daniel Boulrice - Month ago
Ok hut how do you get the stamps to stick of you print them out?
Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME!
"It ends with a SPIDER, and they all bang the girl. Happy reading."
LOL, best part about the book "IT" xD
sirabdude14 - Month ago
When the entire point of a film is "betcha didn't understand this!!" whilst also being the most obviously symbolic horse shit imaginable, it's not a good film.
Zayden Turner
Zayden Turner - 2 months ago
Epic moist attack
Hunter Grant
Hunter Grant - 2 months ago
Sometimes I doubt your commitment to remembering it so that I don't have to.
Ric Moriarty
Ric Moriarty - 2 months ago
I like your boobs.
Harry Savva
Harry Savva - 2 months ago
I like the Director's Cut better
vinler - 2 months ago
It would appear this is the director's cut being reviewed witch I saw first and the finally seen the theatrical cut possibly last years. The Director's Cut had not extra scenes add to the movie but some scenes were moved to different places. Maybe I'm biased having seen the Director's Cut first but that is, In my opinion, the better version. I don't really know what the movie is saying, and I don't care, but I liked it because it seemed, to me, original and different.
Rachel - 2 months ago
That was the best commercial I've ever seen or heard.
A Frog
A Frog - 2 months ago
Donnie the lazy eyed mouth breather
Links Elements
Links Elements - 2 months ago
Now u gotta do Samantha Darko now thats a classic
Phage Grove
Phage Grove - 2 months ago
Phage Grove
Phage Grove - 2 months ago
i mean im 10 years old
WonkaVator - 2 months ago
I gave the bell a Tapp Tapp Tapparoo
Jesse Ortega
Jesse Ortega - 2 months ago
Fucking bubbles!!
Funny how years later I get nostalgia from your own work!! Thank you for the ridiculous amount of laughs over time. Keep it up!!
Matt Roy
Matt Roy - 2 months ago
So basically the way I see it, he saw his own death..and was trying to cope with it. Then in the end he couldn't escape it but had to come to terms with it regardless of the rest.
Anohni Muse
Anohni Muse - 2 months ago
"oh man i gotta hear what The Nostalgia Critic thinks about Donnie Darko"
Sharon Fay
Sharon Fay - 2 months ago
He forgot the weird ending that doesn't make sense. It turns out he's in purgatory.
Lantz Tompkins
Lantz Tompkins - 2 months ago
I was going to skip the commercial but when you put that much life into it i gotta watch it all the way through. Much respect
The One Who Laughs
The One Who Laughs - 2 months ago
21:55 I was expecting A Fish Called Wanda reference there.
Gumpy Flyale
Gumpy Flyale - 2 months ago
I love stamps to
Aimster - 2 months ago
how come no one ever reviews the movie domino?
Tatters - 2 months ago
I think in 5:04, there's some people in that production who are fans of TWEWY.
Kevin Suarez Macena
Kevin Suarez Macena - 2 months ago
I feel it just a good movie to see while trippin' with someone, nothin' else. But if not is kinda sluggish to sit through.
Lightup Darkness
Lightup Darkness - 2 months ago
Ohh his girlfriend wasn't supposed to die or Armageddon she was the key
Lightup Darkness
Lightup Darkness - 2 months ago
Wish they stuck to a scene instead of cuting to next boring scene
MTF - 2 months ago
This is probably my favourite film ever
blacklite911 - 2 months ago
If I were to call my mom a bitch she would’ve cracked me over the head with a lead pipe THEN kick me out
Killer Kirby
Killer Kirby - 2 months ago
He mentioned fortnite he's given up his right to his kneecap
omar Balooshi
omar Balooshi - 2 months ago
777th dislike .. you asshole, you deleted my gylenTHAAL comment
Starfall Entertainment
Starfall Entertainment - 2 months ago
Wait! There's a God's not Dead 3!?
Killer Kirby
Killer Kirby - 2 months ago
Starfall Entertainment everyday we stray further from god
Train fan1995
Train fan1995 - 2 months ago
Mortilum - 2 months ago
Doug keeps getting funnier and funnier in these reviews. I enjoyed every second of this one.
dragonball slayer326
dragonball slayer326 - 2 months ago
Donnie darko is a masterpiece absolutely beautiful
dragonball slayer326
dragonball slayer326 - 2 months ago
This is my favorite nostalgia critic episode
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