CEO Firing People Prank! Pt. 2

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Angel Guerra
Angel Guerra - 27 minutes ago
Can't wait for part 3
Angel Guerra
Angel Guerra - 27 minutes ago
Do more plsss
Angel Guerra
Angel Guerra - 32 minutes ago
Natalie Williamson
Natalie Williamson - Hour ago
The first guy I was sooooo glad to see him smiling cuz he mad me sad to see him down
Mike Crusoe
Mike Crusoe - Hour ago
Ass hole that girl deserved the $100. and quick for asking for it 😁
King S
King S - 4 hours ago
Only white middle aged white guys could do this 😂😂
farhan shah
farhan shah - 4 hours ago
Sad prank
Lance Lote
Lance Lote - 5 hours ago
Bad joke!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
yahboi dev
yahboi dev - 6 hours ago
The first one and second one was sad😂💀
Elton Gaoseb
Elton Gaoseb - 8 hours ago
Please don't do this kind of pranks its sad thou
여자귀여워 - 9 hours ago
This is cruel:( pranks r meant to b funny and shit but dis hurt me bc work out here is hard):(
Justin Roundtree
Justin Roundtree - 9 hours ago
Fell sad for 😭
Justin Roundtree
Justin Roundtree - 9 hours ago
Look at his face
Pause Viral
Pause Viral - 12 hours ago
I hate poverty?
Yanga Yanga
Yanga Yanga - 17 hours ago
I almost cried... the first guy😢😢😢
ED Reese
ED Reese - 18 hours ago
Hes trying to point camera away from lady blocking view but instead accidentally pointed camera directly at... well... 5:43
Sora Galindo
Sora Galindo - 20 hours ago
My heart broke :( that girl was so sad!!!!!
100%AMAZING VIDEOS fishing
The first guy's reaction made me cried
Frank Moreno
Frank Moreno - Day ago
If I was in management I would've escort that idiot out of the store for bothering employees.
Frank Moreno
Frank Moreno - Day ago
What a stupid prank...
ibrahim keyow
ibrahim keyow - Day ago
it's never funny bro,how it is very painful when someone tells you the source of your daily bread is closed
Sum ting wong Richard
What if the first guy got violent with you and actually really lost his job.
Jose rico
Jose rico - Day ago
Give me a 100😂😂😂
Alex G
Alex G - Day ago
The pranksters definitely got the first guy fired. Walmarts big on not accepting tips or stuff like that.
Stanley Shedd
Stanley Shedd - Day ago
Some things just aren't funny
Darren Zhuo
Darren Zhuo - Day ago
I sent this to walmart
grubbytron - Day ago
You're one of those people who have no idea what its like, to be broke as fuck. I hope you get soo'd you peece of shit. Don't fuck with people.
MsMiamia2010 - Day ago
Your a fucking prick and you think your funny
longlivingdude - Day ago
Dude, I like your videos but you can't do this prank no more. It's too personal and hurtful, I think.
Gods Will
Gods Will - Day ago
You fired Tony Jaa's Daughter?! He's gonna kill you bro.
Gods Will
Gods Will - Day ago
Girl- "I want to know because I want to improve."
Guy- "Well you're fired so you can't improve."
Me- 😯😮🤬😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣☠️☠️☠️😩😩😂😂😂😂😂
chicken Adobo
chicken Adobo - Day ago
Bts gogo playing in the back 👌
ubiquitousdiabolus - Day ago
That first girl is so sweet.
charlotte B.
charlotte B. - Day ago
Omg I'm crying
William Peng
William Peng - Day ago
This is so hard to watch 😭😭😭
Adeel Zafar
Adeel Zafar - Day ago
4:05 breaks my heart.
why - Day ago
He doesn't eat meat cuzz he vegan
Gàcha ;-; Ángełica
Gàcha ;-; Ángełica - 2 days ago
That’s not even funny
Jose Chavez
Jose Chavez - 2 days ago
This hard to watch feel bad lol but funny asf
Dean burney
Dean burney - 2 days ago
As a responding Policeman I hope he would find his criminal trespass charge and his need for a $$5,000 Attorney “Funny.”
Lolicon S
Lolicon S - 2 days ago
Mr beast probably would have given 100k
Space Physics
Space Physics - 2 days ago
Pranks should make people happy and not sad. Man the first guy.. I felt so fucking bad for him.
Monique LaFontaine
Monique LaFontaine - 2 days ago
The last guy looks like a young Samuel Jackson.
Yahya Lamont
Yahya Lamont - 2 days ago
Don't make a girl cry, scumbag.
Maks Repsol
Maks Repsol - 2 days ago
Bro seriously i felt kinda bad for them. I'm sorry
Katelyn D
Katelyn D - 3 days ago
I’m in Benton Arkansas
Asshole Qui iam_Beasty
Asshole Qui iam_Beasty - 3 days ago
If he didn’t give people money @ the end this would have been a fucked up none funny prank 😭
hM - 3 days ago
I never wanted to slap someone more
Maya Brooklyn
Maya Brooklyn - 3 days ago
I felt SOOOO bad for the first guy!😧😥.
MylesThePlant - 3 days ago
This some office type shit
Ethan Rodriguez
Ethan Rodriguez - 3 days ago
That is so mean so stop
Ethan Rodriguez
Ethan Rodriguez - 3 days ago
Little bitch that’s not ok stupid
MrNYCinc - 3 days ago
What a dick
C-kaka 98
C-kaka 98 - 3 days ago
Everybody talking about the first guy but ignore the second girl 🤦‍♂️
The Random Show
The Random Show - 3 hours ago
JR V Stfu pussy!!!!!
712 Divinity
712 Divinity - 7 hours ago
Shut up
Mariya Lewis
Mariya Lewis - 8 hours ago
JR V You’re probably white and racist
DJ _
DJ _ - 9 hours ago
JR V Racists
Nafeesa F.
Nafeesa F. - 9 hours ago
Bushra Alsaffi
Bushra Alsaffi - 3 days ago
😭😭the first guy noo
Time Traveler
Time Traveler - 3 days ago
That indian chick
Fudge Fantasy
Fudge Fantasy - 3 days ago
You can't hurt people's feelings.
Troy Barnett
Troy Barnett - 3 days ago
First time watching your videos and scanned a few others, You have yet another new sub !
Matthew Lo
Matthew Lo - 3 days ago
You've got fired because you're Black.
Brandon Luevano
Brandon Luevano - 3 days ago
I felt bad for the first guy
Carlie Byrom
Carlie Byrom - 3 days ago
The first guy was so sad, :(( poor baby
juicevideos - 3 days ago
Pranks are funny n all but this really ain't all that funny. Douchebagery at its finest
A2O_RYaN - 4 days ago
*6:41** she asked for 20 more dollars*
shubham singh
shubham singh - 4 days ago
I enjoy ur every videos and really u are such a nice guy.... I want to see u in Hollywood bro
nombla1111 - 4 days ago
This prank was fucked up.
Jeshua Flores
Jeshua Flores - 4 days ago
6:45 i love how she’s crying saying no no i can’t take money! and then when she finds out she got $80 she’s like GIMME $100! 😂😂😂
Taraji sans
Taraji sans - Day ago
Jeshua Flores ikr lol 😂😂😂
SpiderFang - 4 days ago
Dude that was mean. Home boy was cool af . You made it good bro
Hurricane Hubbs
Hurricane Hubbs - 4 days ago
That first guy was actually really doing his job well. He wasn’t messing around. Not his job to greet.
PENGUIN RB - 4 days ago
Bet this comment won't get pinned.
PENGUIN RB - 4 days ago
How do they not see the camera man?
SHAE W. - 4 days ago
This dude is fuckn sick!!
thestars .night
thestars .night - 4 days ago
This is actually hard to watch and kind of a cruel prank
Abel Hernandez
Abel Hernandez - 4 days ago
Hey guy. If you are going to play the part of a CEO you need to sound the part. You may want to improve your communication and vocabulary.
Ahmed Zomor
Ahmed Zomor - 4 days ago
painful, although it's a prank but don't humiliate others or disrespect them or make them feel guilty
H Λ C K Ξ D - 4 days ago
It’s sad but sometimes it happens in the real world
YouTube Impuhlses
YouTube Impuhlses - 4 days ago
The first guy I felt so bad for him 😭
Rubisel Martinez
Rubisel Martinez - 4 days ago
I feel bad for even watching this video
Aditya Jain
Aditya Jain - 4 days ago
Man thts really nice of you.......
U got many subs today
don pito lindo
don pito lindo - 4 days ago
ah men i felt bad for them -_-
Curry_ Mofo
Curry_ Mofo - 4 days ago
I almost cried for the first guy, oh poor guy working genuinely
Maya Brooklyn
Maya Brooklyn - 3 days ago
I almost cried too😥😥
Dominic Franklin
Dominic Franklin - 4 days ago
This is really fucked up
CHOICES - 4 days ago
She said give me a hundred YESSSSS
T_ Vlogs
T_ Vlogs - 4 days ago
U know he can actually go to jail like this
Uliekeggs - 4 days ago
Pretty mean prank tbh...
cosmicprank music
cosmicprank music - 4 days ago
Dude this video is evil
Brenden Steele
Brenden Steele - 5 days ago
Bruh that shit ain't funny yo like can't walk up to people and do that shit yo a prank is cool but doing that to people jobs like that ish ain't funny yo....I was waiting for him to walk up to a manager and do that shit
Bre - 5 days ago
Omg this is actually kinda fucked up lol I was sad
Derek Testorff
Derek Testorff - 5 days ago
Lesson of the video, wear a suit, get a business card and you can get people fired for not showing up to work.
Monconjay - 5 days ago
The second girl is soooo pretty!!! She reminds me of Priyanka Chopra.
Rashid Khan
Rashid Khan - 5 days ago
I felt very bad for the first guy ..I am an Indian bit emotional I almost cried but felt good when he gave him some dollars..
Sent Sky
Sent Sky - 5 days ago
Should cassady be bann3d from wwalmart

Sent Sky
Sent Sky - 5 days ago
Should cassady be bann3d from walmart
Divine Taylor
Divine Taylor - 5 days ago
I would’ve took that $80 back from that bit so quick. Greedy slut
crazyunclecasey - 5 days ago
You probably got these people fired, cause you gave them money. Agaist Walmart policy for employees to receive money from guests.
SAY NO MORE - 5 days ago
Its not a cool prank i think ..
Bali Toth
Bali Toth - 5 days ago
I feel so bad for the first guy
Jessie Bruh
Jessie Bruh - 6 days ago
Omfg the First Lady was hella respectful and she carried herself with pride.
Arpit Mishra
Arpit Mishra - 5 days ago
She was indian
Pixel Gaming
Pixel Gaming - 6 days ago
What a freak! Why would someone do such a thing?
El CuCuy
El CuCuy - 6 days ago
Thanks to your $80 you got those nice employees in trouble, for accepting money while working, hope you get sued!!
David noel
David noel - 6 days ago
She was no dont give me money and then was like GIVE ME MORE
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