CEO Firing People Prank! Pt. 2

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Joshua Torres
Joshua Torres - 3 hours ago
Damn man I felt bad for the 1st guy like but I felt happier when he realized it was a prank
padrote lopez
padrote lopez - 5 hours ago
Yo man, that's f up. Y'all messing with people lively hood. Why don't y'all go to corporate's office and fire CEO 's.
MANXAN H - 7 hours ago
honestly if it was my last day i wouldve dropped him
rave buster
rave buster - 9 hours ago
I'm just so uncomfortable watching this vid.
Purple Pancake
Purple Pancake - 9 hours ago
“Pick that shit up” Lmao my boy did not care at that point. Went out with a bang
Armani Armani
Armani Armani - 10 hours ago
Stupid bastard, find something better to do jackass
Chestian Crowley
Chestian Crowley - 10 hours ago
Ol girl said "wish me good luck". DAMN THAT WAS SEXY!! I want one!
Mexico Español
Mexico Español - 10 hours ago
Good video and the $100 help a lot 😀
Joshua Kelley Kelley
Joshua Kelley Kelley - 10 hours ago
the time 5:00 she was very nice idk why she was that nice
Hyde Van Brutton
Hyde Van Brutton - 11 hours ago
Thats fucked up man. These are peoples livelihoods. Don't fuck around with that. This kind of joke humiliates and belittles these hard working people.
Marie Vlogs
Marie Vlogs - 12 hours ago
Watch my videos
Jay Blade
Jay Blade - 14 hours ago
The awkwardness of this prank was unbearable lol
Power Moves Express
Power Moves Express - 14 hours ago
This shit not even funny 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
J. D.
J. D. - 14 hours ago
Did you really graduate from Harvard?
Cristian Autran
Cristian Autran - 15 hours ago
Dude probably got fired anyways for taking money
Justin Ruberio
Justin Ruberio - 15 hours ago
They’re all gonna get fired anyway because you can’t accept tips on the job lmaooo
MTMBeats - 15 hours ago
I felt bad for the first dude
cute devil
cute devil - 15 hours ago
Good guy, fired and then become a crime.
New Vendetta
New Vendetta - 16 hours ago
Fuck capitalism. The Boss just has the ability to completey destroy people's lives with a snap of their finger. I know it's a prank but stuff like this actually happens everyday.
Stephen Chavez
Stephen Chavez - 16 hours ago
Fuck this is so foul but funny 😂 at least he gave them money after
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse - 16 hours ago
they need to stop doing prank after seeing this
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse - 17 hours ago
SOI BOI - 17 hours ago
Ifeel bad for the first guy
Anthony Aguilar
Anthony Aguilar - 17 hours ago
“throw in an extra $20 for giving me a heart attack” 😭
Future Surgeon
Future Surgeon - 18 hours ago
I feel bad for the all of them.
Peter Gargs
Peter Gargs - 19 hours ago
So f**ked up
Gabi Mulengwa
Gabi Mulengwa - 20 hours ago
3:27 suppose I had my own way how, I would have promoted this beautiful girl.
LOZARK - 20 hours ago
this is not funny its plain mean
Celeste Kennedy
Celeste Kennedy - 20 hours ago
Horrible idea for a prank even with giving them money after the fact. Brainless idiots are making these videos.
CASHPABLO - 21 hour ago
so hard to watch
ATpandaYT Gaming
ATpandaYT Gaming - 21 hour ago
I'm fired?? 3:43
whY aRe YoU rUnNinG
whY aRe YoU rUnNinG - 22 hours ago
Funny how with a suit and confidence you can just fire random people hahaha
john reynolds
john reynolds - 22 hours ago
Good prank idea but the guy delivers it poorly
Ricky Hunter
Ricky Hunter - Day ago
This shit so funny 😂
Jordan G.
Jordan G. - Day ago
Mike should have punched you lol...i wouldnt even have been mad😙
Eric Hawthorne
Eric Hawthorne - Day ago
Yeah, i couldn't watch past the first clip. This is not nice to do to people at all. Even if you give them money in the end. I feel like you are taking advantage of the less fortunate in our community. Not cool.
BAKAL BATO - Day ago
You're fired❌
I promoted you as a costumer✔️
yj - Day ago
at 8:58 you should’ve just said “Oops” then drop the money for him. He’s such a nice guy.
Lex The Lion
Lex The Lion - Day ago
Daaamn. The shit people gotta go through so you can get your you tube or patreon money lol.
EaglesZIM - Day ago
This is so BAD
deandra yates
deandra yates - Day ago
What a dick bruh I'd be heated y'all playing with people emotions
a21aaron - Day ago
Wow this video seeing you actually be human and apologize made me subscribe I seen your videos for a while now and couldn’t believe someone could do this too people without telling them it’s a prank
tea mint
tea mint - Day ago
The first guy's reaction broke my heart omg
Timothy Martinez
Timothy Martinez - Day ago
This shit is wrong bro not even funny
ToastToTheLordz - Day ago
This not funny at all.
The Walking Monkey
The Walking Monkey - Day ago
Lol wtf give me a 100 😂😂😂😂
Cee Raw
Cee Raw - Day ago
You’re a god for making his mood better 😂 lmao MERICA
KayGod - Day ago
Kill this character. Not healthy for your brand image. Others are okay
Dd Oo
Dd Oo - Day ago
This is not funny.
Government Official
That's rude :c oh you said it was a prank ok I luv it c:
Low Carb
Low Carb - Day ago
People are so dumb.
Bryan - Day ago
2nd lady was so nice🥺
Jianpeng Yan
Jianpeng Yan - Day ago
This is so wrong. So forking wrong. I can smell discrimination☹️
Government Official
Hush peasent XD
Shaun Johnson
Shaun Johnson - Day ago
You went too far with this 1 lad!
9-5 is hard enough
Ilyass Nadah
Ilyass Nadah - Day ago
Just give him the money , don't expect what might happen
Dean Santos
Dean Santos - Day ago
Spread some love!
Pulsar1984 - Day ago
Not funny at all, what a way to break someone’s spirit..... And, they already have to take crap for working at Walmart. Not cool....... Are you gonna pick on the homeless next??????
Dougie Dee's
Dougie Dee's - Day ago
6:16 he sounds dumb.... can’t wait til he finds an emotionless bitch to destroy his life 🤣
Raja Khaklary
Raja Khaklary - Day ago
Actually I saw it feels to be get fired ...maybe few of bosses are watching this...
Tristan Mohip
Tristan Mohip - Day ago
Looking for productivity.. "Well maann alot people around here gotta go" 😂😂
KingKolten - 2 days ago
He gave the second girl 80 dollars and she said "give me hundred" 💀💀💀
Flufflez x3
Flufflez x3 - 13 hours ago
+BG BugaTTi You just contradicted yourself ...
BG BugaTTi
BG BugaTTi - 15 hours ago
+Flufflez x3 Obviously she's not in a relationship with Cassidy but that is a Gold Digger move right there. lol
Anthony Aguilar
Anthony Aguilar - 17 hours ago
^ exactly. Lol she said throw in an extra $20 for giving me a heart attack
Flufflez x3
Flufflez x3 - 18 hours ago
+BG BugaTTi Gold diggers are people who get in to relationships for money
BG BugaTTi
BG BugaTTi - Day ago
+Flufflez x3 Greedy gold digger
Brian Bang
Brian Bang - 2 days ago
Lol you wrong for breaking their hearts bro but you are such a good guy to really appreciate the hard work people do and you value it is important. Mad respect brother. Have a bless one In Jesus name. It seems like in some of your videos are in Irving? Lol
Frisco - 2 days ago
Lamborghini murcielago 2010
That 2nd woman was so cheerful and calm
robgilm - 2 days ago
You are a dick.
Hailey Tucker
Hailey Tucker - 2 days ago
the 2nd one was rude she was like "how much you give me?" he was like "80" she's like "give me 100" like bitch get outta here
King Louis
King Louis - 2 days ago
Mann.. this guy is on point!
Glad Yakie
Glad Yakie - 2 days ago
The girl was actually proud of being fired😀😀😀
Juan Valdez
Juan Valdez - 2 days ago
You are a FUCKIN ASSHOLE that deserves to get STOMPD OUT💀🔨
I. O. G I. O. G
I. O. G I. O. G - 2 days ago
I love this girl she very calm
Jeremy - 2 days ago
who keeps fucking sniffing nasty messed up audio crackhead cameraman
razztazz - 2 days ago
Too many other ways to pull harmless pranks. This is a horrible idea. I'm out.
CLOVERLESS - 2 days ago
Messed up. All for stupid likes and views.
Kristie Alas
Kristie Alas - 2 days ago
This is actually so mean.
Yong Jun Jung
Yong Jun Jung - 2 days ago
This is why I hate prank videos. He thinks he can make it up by giving money after hurting their feelings with condescending and arrogant attitude? Be a human first by knowing what to do and what not do first.
Matthew Gilliland
Matthew Gilliland - 2 days ago
Not that funny man
Joshua Flores
Joshua Flores - 2 days ago
I'd smack you in the mouth. Fuck the $100
Charles Brown
Charles Brown - 2 days ago
I just walked out with everything... You're fucking fired 😂😂😂
Mando Mendez
Mando Mendez - 2 days ago
He paid him to not get beat up
Joshua Mendes
Joshua Mendes - 2 days ago
I felt bad for the first dude
Simon Tin
Simon Tin - 2 days ago
I felt terrible, not funny @Cassady. I like to watch all your prank videos but not this one. They are living paycheck to paycheck. Look at their face when you say "You're Fire." They have their families (elderlies and babies) behind and guess what they're thinking at the moment. I'll still watch your other prank videos but, let's not tease to those who are suffering.
Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Davis - 2 days ago
The first guy made me so sad.... I pray he finds a better job anyway. This was uncomfortable to watch, dang...
Amir Bennasr
Amir Bennasr - 2 days ago
How the fuck they believed him how? 🤣
Jane Taylor
Jane Taylor - 3 days ago
Stop these stupid pranks, they're dumb!!!
Aaron Serrano
Aaron Serrano - 3 days ago
Cassidy stop playing with peoples livelihoods. You are an ASSHOLE
Vyvuvu Ffggg
Vyvuvu Ffggg - 3 days ago
Right bro
Advance Auto Films
Advance Auto Films - 3 days ago
Disliked, not funny at all
Liam Bennett
Liam Bennett - 3 days ago
Advance Auto Films Crybaby
jose velasquez
jose velasquez - 3 days ago
Yooo the last dude is from my Walmart
elena elizondo
elena elizondo - 3 days ago
this is so sad :(((
Tate Rambo
Tate Rambo - 3 days ago
Bro please keep making shit videos are cool as fuck ur a solid dude
Carlos Velasquez
Carlos Velasquez - 3 days ago
Bruhh.. My town! Garland Tx. Lmaoo
Jonathan Noel
Jonathan Noel - 3 days ago
Man this ain’t right.
One Bad Hombre
One Bad Hombre - 3 days ago
You're a dick dude. Not funny at all.
What they Say K
What they Say K - 3 days ago
Want to see a bitch in the way?

👇🏾 keep going

May W
May W - 3 days ago
Cody H.
Cody H. - 3 days ago
I feel really bad for the 2nd one day lady was just so innocent 😥😥😥
Scott Bloxsom
Scott Bloxsom - 3 days ago
This is a shit video..
kiara lyn
kiara lyn - 3 days ago
Ppl do anything for likes. This is fucked up.
Ugyen Tshering
Ugyen Tshering - 3 days ago
Not funny!!
Some pranks are pushing this too hard.
David Beckman
David Beckman - 3 days ago
I felt really bad for the young girl, she cried 😢
Ganval TV.
Ganval TV. - Day ago
I don't she's a greedy bitch and a hypocrite the 3rd guy was more real
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