Joe Rogan Experience #1347 - Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Matt - 9 hours ago
I love that Neil got so passionate, he was starting to get boring. Boom. Get with the program everyone else. He’s in the know!
John RossStar
John RossStar - 12 hours ago
He runs on and on not unlike Robin Williams but at least you might learn something. Knowing he's like this, you just gotta go in expecting it and let him run the show - Joe can take it easy!
Erich Foster
Erich Foster - 16 hours ago
The swirliness is likely a result of his temporal lobe epilepsy.
rita the cat
rita the cat - 18 hours ago
Niel "everyone should have an artist"
Joe "I have an uncle"
I want to hear about Joe's uncle. 7:05
Jon C
Jon C - 7 hours ago
J S - 18 hours ago
NDT needs to work on his conversational skills
The Wandering Ghoul
The Wandering Ghoul - 18 hours ago
Tyson is a tool.
Want to get an education?, Not his ReEducation.
Read a book.
reincarN8ed - 19 hours ago
I wish I had Joe's patience.
James Madden
James Madden - 19 hours ago
The Starry Night is an oil on canvas by the Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. Painted in June 1889, it describes the view from the east-facing window of his asylum room at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, just before sunrise, with the addition of an ideal village. It has been in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City since 1941, acquired through the Lillie P. Bliss Bequest. Regarded as among Van Gogh's finest works, The Starry Night is one of the most recognized paintings in the history of Western culture.
Annette Andersen
Annette Andersen - 20 hours ago
My problem With Dark matter as a particle is, how it does not attract itself into spheres, if it did we could see gravitational lensing effects everywhere we look. If galaxies are embedded in Dark matter haloes, we have it all around us and we Would have more around planets and Stars and all our calculations of orbits and masses of bodies fail to predict reality... I have dificulty putting into words, what I mean... I know it is Weakly interacting or non-interacting matter... how can it be meassured or found in a lab, if it does not interact, and if it has mass, how can we not indirectly see it concentrating around heavy astral bodies as unexplainable deviations in our observations?
Hockey Doors
Hockey Doors - 20 hours ago
Ok Joe, I've got a plan that is guaranteed to get you 5 mil subscribers. NDT, Shapiro, Jones and Ken Ham. Scientist, conservative, conspiracy theorist and a religious fanatic. You basically wouldn't exist, but that 3 hour convo would be epic.
MaryYeung - 21 hour ago
I'm not going to diagnose, but there might be that aspect/angle, or it's his personality; maybe he's just a loquacious guy! Joe has come to terms with that because he knows it doesn't come from a nefarious space. I literally just went to a NDT talk and got a chance to interact briefly and he is a very kind man. His talk was so moving, and that passion you see here, came out at certain times. He loves his job and he's passionate about astrophysics.
Adam Gardener
Adam Gardener - 23 hours ago
Neil: blah blah blah he heh heh
Joe: peep.......
Neil: ROAR heh heh blah blah
Neil talk over you DeGrasee Tyson
Lawton Strickland
Lawton Strickland - Day ago
There’s a difference in knowledge and wisdom: NGT is a prime example.
Lawton Strickland
Lawton Strickland - Day ago
Tyson is a egomaniac. He’s so egotistical, he’s a jerk. How in the world does he figure car companies need to build the roads. Glad Joe called him out on that.
Lawton Strickland
Lawton Strickland - Day ago
“ very few homes have solar power” in LA. “And it should.” And, how scarce and how expensive is the material that makes the batteries for solar power? Answer: it’s super scarce and super expensive.
Viking 1982
Viking 1982 - Day ago
Everyone should have an artist in the the family. Joe: i gotta uncle, 🤣dead
Nunya Bis
Nunya Bis - Day ago
Smh. This fkn guy. Yeah, I guess you might think he's something special if you either didn't do or can't remember high school level science.
If you're not completely scientifically ignorant though... he's just a fkn ass half of the time, his ego is out of control and he's actually FOS in some things.
NDT... next time you want to BS about Earth having a run away GH warming effect and becoming like Venus..... refer back to your bit about pressure and CO2 liquid/gas states. Then join the fkn dots, asshole.
Tristen Rubio
Tristen Rubio - Day ago
Joe, I just turned 24. My birthday is Oct 16th 95. I've always been a fighter. I mean I physical fighter. I've trained at so many gyms, I wanna train with you. Honestly, nobody scares me except for for you and Micheal jai white. I love training, but here in houston, gyms popped up everywhere and they suck. Their those type of people that watch to much UFC and think they can train people but have never been in a fight. I wanna roll with you. You're the scariest person I know.
Just Pull
Just Pull - Day ago
That thing he says about being denied the opportunity of randomness is awesome...
Roberto Ruba
Roberto Ruba - Day ago
Joe people still love you. Nothing wrong with being blond. Most of us are when compare to Neil. Itwas a great episode ... so stop bitching people.
Rakaihautu Kereama-Thomas
I love NDT, but this was a little difficult to listen to.
Sir Nate
Sir Nate - Day ago
Someone should do a video compilation of all the times Neil has cut off Joe as he was beginning to say something 🤣😂🤣😂 Iol I can't stop laughing now everytime Neil does it 🤣😂🤣😂 he's bursting with so much excitement to talk and share what he knows
Matheus Benazzi
Matheus Benazzi - Day ago
I'm not sure this dude does drugs, but maybe he's into some medication at the time of this interview, he is really agitaded
Mike Miller
Mike Miller - Day ago
1966. Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers ...
Niko Kitsakis
Niko Kitsakis - Day ago
As much as I appreciate the content but it’s astonishing that the video quality of this podcast is still so bad. The image has no contrast and the cameras are out of focus. Also, the 60fps are completely unnecessary for watching two people talking. The only thing that does is make it more difficult to play right on older machines…
Athear Nasery
Athear Nasery - Day ago
Dude Neil has to chill... Damn
For his glory
For his glory - Day ago
He just keeps proving the perfect design of the architecture. Our father
For his glory
For his glory - Day ago
If we let a small group of these global warming people blast our tv, radio, and media, people might be fooled to believe this garbage
A Talking Koala
A Talking Koala - Day ago
Its a remarkable fact about warter
tstcikhthys - Day ago
12:19 LMAO. Yes!
Jaan C
Jaan C - Day ago
Full cost accounting. Politicians wouldn't get it Neil.
wonderland78 - Day ago
Everyone: full stop.
Neil: comma.
TEBOWsDisciple - Day ago
I have never seen somebody get so fired up about air pressure.
mLam91 - Day ago
Can someone link me Joe rogans podcast?
Ben Smith_252.0
Ben Smith_252.0 - Day ago
M F - Day ago
im i the only one that rewatches the entire video 3 times in a row
Clint Harris
Clint Harris - Day ago
I think VanGogh tried DMT.

And NDT needs to stop pretending to be an expert on EVERTHING. From Art History to seems he's the EXPERT, Mark!
Brandon B
Brandon B - Day ago
" Most things when they cool they shrink, as all men know...🤣🤣🤣 19:26 - 19:31
sigimi - Day ago
Why is that, they use headphones most of the times and sometimes they don't?
sigimi - Day ago
@Sam Norris Thanks mate.
Sam Norris
Sam Norris - Day ago
Usually seems to be up to the guest it seems. If the guest chooses not to wear them Joe doesn't either...
Ben Robertson
Ben Robertson - Day ago
C'mon Jaimie cut his mike when Joe goes to speak it's the only way
Tsujanryo - Day ago
"We believe in democracyhere & majority rules & that's kinda worked."
:O aaahhhhhhhhhh!!! WHAT?! NO!
Tyranny of the majority=democracy.
Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Davis - 2 days ago
If I interrupted anyone like that growing up I’d be smacked Jesus Neil stfu for a sec and Liston to the question. Full of yourself much fuck.
Niklas Hall
Niklas Hall - 2 days ago
About art. Well said Neil!
martin aakervik
martin aakervik - 2 days ago
Oh?! People in the comments look so black and white at things? No nyanses? No shades of gray, or colour? Yesterday everybody loved Neil, to day everybody hate him? We humans are more like sheeps than we like to belive. Follow the trend. OK, Neil talk alot and probably is being more famus than what is healthy. But, remember, he have always been open about how he worked on takeing over interviews and lead them, so that the journalist gets the facts right and not have time to manipulate. Because there was some decades science was really taboo in media and the fact was often way off to be a good story. I rather have facts than bullshit.
andrew dilfer
andrew dilfer - 2 days ago
Joe wore the same shirt as the last time NDT was on. (JRE#1159)
Cody Brown
Cody Brown - 2 days ago
The uneducated bums big mad
Jen Buckway
Jen Buckway - 2 days ago
I can't believe I watched all this
Jen Buckway
Jen Buckway - 2 days ago
Ndt's head is getting bigger with every word. I wonder if he has A friend that could actually stand him for more than 1 minute at a time.
Vince Ursi
Vince Ursi - 2 days ago
More that half an hour to explain the properties of water and ice. I’m out
Daz mataz
Daz mataz - 2 days ago
i would rather put a drill to my ear drum then listen to this cunt ramble the fuck on
Evan Jarvis
Evan Jarvis - 2 days ago
Why cant we not use large alternators with the turbines that keeps the engines going?? The energy keeps the energy going that produces the energy...🤔
BenjiDolja - 2 days ago
Joe “I got an a uncle” Rogan
Al Truism
Al Truism - 2 days ago
what atmospheric pressure and air temperature combination is required for neil to let joe finish a sentence?
Negative Zero
Negative Zero - 2 days ago
Neil seems genuinely uncomfortable when he’s not the one talking.
Miles McLenon
Miles McLenon - 2 days ago
Is the breath and pee thing they talk about based on the pigeon hole principle? At the 1hr mark
Katya Remy
Katya Remy - 2 days ago
NDT is annoying here
R. C.
R. C. - 2 days ago
Neil talks too much, only he is right, the world by him, geeeeeez.
SoFloG HD - 2 days ago
as an artist, I came for science but got art, love it!
Bernard Miller Jr.
Bernard Miller Jr. - 2 days ago
Wow this is a long blow. Tangent 12 has finally been used. Does it ever end?
Bernard Miller Jr.
Bernard Miller Jr. - 2 days ago
Liberals especially those who live in crystal rubbing Scientology horsesheet suck balls. Global warming is a real thing. I don’t think we can control it. It’s happening and always was.
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