Tucker grills Ocasio-Cortez adviser over 'Green New Deal'

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James Sievert
James Sievert - 5 hours ago
Take another meth hit. 🐝🐝🐝
ProDago USA
ProDago USA - 7 hours ago
Oh my God! I just saw his hand as he played with his chin, it looks like it's about 600 years old
ProDago USA
ProDago USA - 7 hours ago
what's up with the Democratic lefty professors and oddities? If you had the giraffe neck of the other professor that had his hair hanging over the left eye to make a statement this is just too utterly funny good grief
Ding-a-ling - 2 days ago
I didn't know hair itself could be addicted to Meth!!
The 6th Senz
The 6th Senz - 2 days ago
my question is how come no one‘s talking about 5G and how dangerous it is to the environment killing birds plants animals why is nobody talking about the chemicals they spray in the air that are hurting the plants that we need to eat and feed ourselves. Why are we not talking about how our water is toxic full of Fluoride and other dangerous chemicals that are dumped into our water killing our whole ecosystem this is more dangerous than anything else but no one ‘s talking about it. Why ? Why do we look away on these topics I don’t need 5G. This is more dangerous than oil or anything else but no one wants to talk about it It really needs to be discussed because everything‘s been affected
Ty Jackson
Ty Jackson - 3 days ago
He has big hair and thinks he looks smart so we dump common people should just believe him.
kaine ichimaru
kaine ichimaru - 4 days ago
Dude is just flat lying to tucker
Kirk Franks
Kirk Franks - 4 days ago
Two faced jackass
Obsidian Jay
Obsidian Jay - 4 days ago
um i dont want to buy an electric faggy car
Willie Biggins
Willie Biggins - 6 days ago
What the hell is that dude trying to look like anyway
Joanne Clark
Joanne Clark - 7 days ago
I love Tucker's "okay"
Mark Reilly
Mark Reilly - 8 days ago
I just looked at what the guy looks like in the thumbnail and I already hated him
John Johnson
John Johnson - 9 days ago
What an @$$H0L3! This hi[[ie needs to go take a bath. He doesn't have a clue!
A Penandroll
A Penandroll - 9 days ago
"Its the wrong document Tucker"...oooooooh right...ok...my bad.
James Monk
James Monk - 9 days ago
And this guy is a lawyer, he sound stupid to me.
G. Dileonardo
G. Dileonardo - 10 days ago
I thought your guest was that guy from "alien conspiracy's" what's his name georgio ??? He's got that wild hairdoo!!
JAMES CONNOR - 11 days ago
Professor Wingnut
OMG music lives here
OMG music lives here - 11 days ago
Shes a flake
Ed M
Ed M - 12 days ago
His hand looks like an evil wizard claw.
David Wilcox
David Wilcox - 12 days ago
......and he’s a college professor. God help those kids.
Luke Flegg
Luke Flegg - 12 days ago
It's really interesting comparing the Youtube comments of pro AOC people with anti AOC people like here.
I find the the pro AOC people will comment with support and solidarity with her and backup/ evidence what she's saying, or they criticise her opponent by actually responding to their points and challenging them with information.
Anti AOC comments like here are about 4x as likely to just be an insult with no actual case or information. Just random offensive jokes or saying they're wrong/ stupid/ugly/other irrelevant insults.
Just found that interesting.
syndrome1965 - 12 days ago
This guy has ingested more illicit illegal substances, than, EMINEM's Mom, Charlie Sheen, and Tommy Chong combined!!! LOL
Hockey snipes 365
Hockey snipes 365 - 13 days ago
That guys hair fake to me, looks like a wig.
Michael Carter
Michael Carter - 13 days ago
with advisors like this no wonder she is soo fukking stupid
Ben Zorn
Ben Zorn - 13 days ago
I often have no problem with Tucker, but he was clearly ignoring and glossing over the (surprisingly) fair points this man was making to appease the Fox audience, although I guess CNN isn’t the only outlet to use such tactics to silence the opposition.
Seekers Cove
Seekers Cove - 14 days ago
I thought he was spoof, the hair
Pdubs 706
Pdubs 706 - 14 days ago
This guy is a clown.... & don't get me started on his hair!
Jaze - 15 days ago
This guy has bloodless dead man's hands
bob grant
bob grant - 15 days ago
Tucker for prez
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson - 15 days ago
Hes on crack
MrPoolaty - 15 days ago
First there was the man bun...
Now there's the MANual beehive
Andrew Clifton
Andrew Clifton - 16 days ago
Anyone think it's Tucker with a wig on???
James Sievert
James Sievert - 16 days ago
Total tweaker.🗽
James Sievert
James Sievert - 16 days ago
Do some more meth. Idiot and a liar. Wow dye your hair old man again.
alexander44444 - 16 days ago
What the f... wrong with this guy hands??😱
Reaper12Bravo - 17 days ago
AOC’s top advisor who is the one who authored the green new deal, has said flat out that it has nothing to do with climate change or global warming! It’s nothing more than a socialist tactic to gain power!
iamrichrocker - 18 days ago
ok good people..is it a wig or just a effed up haircut?
JustJitzu - 18 days ago
Why are all the demo-rats equally weird and punchable?
Someone who is not retarded.
How does a man from Kansas have a fake British accent?
banjoboy01 - 19 days ago
don't go into massive debt to have this clown head professor! there's your free education
starfish 19
starfish 19 - 19 days ago
Tucker got owned.
sa.ajlee - 19 days ago
Look at how swollen the man's joints are. I think he has severe arthritis and may be in severe pain thus constantly moving for relief.
dasbakon - 20 days ago
Justin Hopper
Justin Hopper - 20 days ago
I can’t take this guy seriously with that awful rug on his head lmao. This tweaked is AOC’s adviser...I’m not even surprised
American Enigma _
American Enigma _ - 21 day ago
AOC only is using deceptive politically appeasing terms to hide the fact that she is only using this to gain 90 trillion money funds !!! And then do nothing ! It’s all a facade !!! Don’t fall victim of her manipulation
Cory Griffiths
Cory Griffiths - 21 day ago
Cortez is destroying the planet and destroying my generation.
SuperiorHealthNC - 22 days ago
This guy
SuperiorHealthNC - 22 days ago
Please let her run with Biden
SuperiorHealthNC - 22 days ago
Hey....high math guy.....be a better teacher
Patrick Holtzman
Patrick Holtzman - 22 days ago
That's a wig right? That guy's wearing a wig
Walter Heater
Walter Heater - 22 days ago
That Professor is wearing a wig...........definately.....
Jon Jonzz
Jon Jonzz - 22 days ago
The Mean Fool Steal. A hoax on America on a massive scale. The msm has signed on this Fake Scare
Roozie F
Roozie F - 23 days ago
I will never drive an electric pu$$y car!!
Polo1312 - 24 days ago
That guy is the definition of creepy
jennie walsh
jennie walsh - 25 days ago
Poor Tucker. How does he cope with some of the nutcases that come on his show? Nerves of steel?
jennie walsh
jennie walsh - 25 days ago
AOC is hell bent on destroying the USA. How many FOOLS are on board with her devilment?
Christopher Young
Christopher Young - 25 days ago
Coked up and got the dustiest hair cut I’ve ever seen
Jeff Weier
Jeff Weier - 26 days ago
Nice hair !
Markey Mark Markey
Markey Mark Markey - 26 days ago
Is that a wig
ipissed - 26 days ago
He thinks his $17 toupee cancels out his 83 yr old hands. What the meth is going on here?
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