Gordon Ramsay Prepares & Cooks His Vietnamese Menu For Locals | Gordon's Great Escape

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WillPlayz - 9 hours ago
0:32 the women ran into a tree
A Guitarist
A Guitarist - 22 hours ago
fackin’ ‘ell
Kris B
Kris B - 23 hours ago
Food and money. All Asians think about from the moment they wake up until they go to bed.
Ala Carte
Ala Carte - Day ago
"Don't take anything until they're fucking finished please"
Jack Kinette
Jack Kinette - 2 days ago
6:47 when you cum
Jack Kinette
Jack Kinette - 2 days ago
2:26 he is dropping the secret ingredient
Legend Gotta Catch Em All
The reason he’s so good is he takes the criticism & remains humble.
Steve Sanderson
Steve Sanderson - 3 days ago
Nice to see sweat drop off his nose into the food nasty as fuck
You're Is me
You're Is me - 4 days ago
The man with black clothes looks so confused 😅
Ambrose Teas
Ambrose Teas - 4 days ago
Like when I seen him sweating on the food. But very humbled to see him struggle. Keep it up my friend
Ad Pitre
Ad Pitre - 4 days ago
Did anyone else see Gordon’s sweat rolling down his nose go straight into the dish ?? Omg 😮 🤮
BRIGHT SIDE - 5 days ago
5:41 jaldi jaldi jaldi😂
Linh Phùng
Linh Phùng - 6 days ago
Tội nghiệp mấy bạn nhân viên bị choáng ngợp, nhưng được lên tv :))
Thu Mỹ Đỗ
Thu Mỹ Đỗ - 6 days ago
Stygian HD
Stygian HD - 6 days ago
Fucking legend mate.
Ken Steel
Ken Steel - 6 days ago
She want to ruv Gordon long time
EthanThe Walrus
EthanThe Walrus - 7 days ago
Is it weird that i’m vietnamese and none of his foods are from vietnam 🇻🇳
Isitoah julian
Isitoah julian - 8 days ago
Gordon shouting silently is hilarious
PH GAMING - 11 days ago
Well he just stuggles with asian food but when it comes to western dishes and michelin style cooking ...he's a legend.
Nautilus1972 - 12 days ago
Kissing on cheeks/ No no no.
Nautilus1972 - 12 days ago
2:05 They have NO idea what he said.
abid faisal
abid faisal - 12 days ago
Ramsey is sweating all over the place & some of them dropped in the pot apparently 🤨🙄
Is it one of the secret ingredients? 😂
Dolci Napoletani
Dolci Napoletani - 12 days ago
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZFkRgoIwLyphATQQ4R6KMw. 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇱🇰🇱🇰👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👇
Pablo Chapo
Pablo Chapo - 12 days ago
Madam V can get the D
Adam - 12 days ago
Watching a British guy trying to keep up with Vietnamese cooking using French techniques is hilarious. 6:48 Gordon is trying to use western appetite words and it comes off like sexual harassment because western advertising mixes food and sex.
Trina Tang
Trina Tang - 13 days ago
A great master never stop learning😊. Bravo👏👏👏
The Original Boyz in the Hood
Anyone who's been to vietnam will know exactly what he's talking about at the end....
Manic Hamartia
Manic Hamartia - 14 days ago
He was sweating in the food...
Chris Evy
Chris Evy - 14 days ago
I definitely love Gordon Ramsay is my favorite shift ever but when I saw his sweat dripping off his nose into the ditch he was frying no one said anything. Wow I wish I was there I could’ve had a Gordon Ramsay moment on his self. Gordon Ramsay you’re so cool couldn’t help but say something
Waskito - 14 days ago
wake up
Medanel GPlus
Medanel GPlus - 14 days ago
Its Mister fucking Rice
John Knight
John Knight - 14 days ago
The sweat is dripping off his nose into the food 🤢
fang ride
fang ride - 15 days ago
bad pork lol
Syed Ibrahim
Syed Ibrahim - 15 days ago
that sweat drop at @02:29 tho
Iris Genavine
Iris Genavine - 15 days ago
I want to spank his booty and say “good job.” 😂😂😂
Lyric Shear
Lyric Shear - 16 days ago
This whole damn episode i was grinning so hard through the failures. But im proud of him. I admire him at the same time. Its so nice to see tradesmen struggle and put themselves in positions where they don't know shit.
Weird Foods
Weird Foods - 16 days ago
The trees are speaking
Tonyo Carpenter
Tonyo Carpenter - 16 days ago
Gordon sweat dripping off his nose all in the food 😂
Andrew Le
Andrew Le - 16 days ago
Don’t ever give Vietnamese people sweet and sour it’s a sin
Mary Cook
Mary Cook - 16 days ago
Hello everyone
Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen - 16 days ago
It's really really hard to cook well with viet nam style, but gordon is a lengend, a symbol of cooking on top of the world, so he did very well, i can't believe it, it can't be a difficult thing to him
Gamer Pro
Gamer Pro - 17 days ago
Disgusted when a piece of chiecken dropped on the floor. 2:30 is more than disgusting gordon! Dropping your sweat in while making the food! Yulk! You are disgusting! Hurts right!? 😆
Aaron Tkachuk
Aaron Tkachuk - 17 days ago
BeiBei Zhao
BeiBei Zhao - 17 days ago
5:35 don't take anything until i fucking finish, OK? lol
Talha Khan
Talha Khan - 17 days ago
Did anyone notice him sweating and the droplets falling into the food? Ewww so gross. I'm not going to his restaurant ever!
Romeo Popaz
Romeo Popaz - 17 days ago
where on earth is the chef's hat??? all that sweat
Optimistic Gods
Optimistic Gods - 17 days ago
True masters always seeks new challenges. This is why he's so great.
X Papi
X Papi - 17 days ago
Madame V is a dish
Kelton67 - 17 days ago
8:11 he said “one of the most” so fast😂
Joesef Elbeltagy
Joesef Elbeltagy - 17 days ago
Your sweating in the food
9 b
9 b - 17 days ago
2:30 wtf filthy scum
crazyking player
crazyking player - 17 days ago
Does this also remind people of Shokugeki.
Oscar - 17 days ago
A little bit of Gordon sweat
SilverWhite - 17 days ago
Say what you want, but for the time that Gordon was given, the meals looked heavenly at the end. Despite such a struggle, he still managed to make them look like legitimate 5 star meals.
RazzBazz - 17 days ago
Who would want food with sweat?
CESAR FC - 17 days ago
7:07 someone make a meme out of this!!
Ikram Hakimi Mohd Hassan
Ikram Hakimi Mohd Hassan - 17 days ago
GR faces the Hell's Kitchen
Trenes HO y Mas
Trenes HO y Mas - 17 days ago
I think that sweat will give them a spectacular touch of flavor
Oscar Luff
Oscar Luff - 17 days ago
Good job Gordon, that sweating showing true stress but ya did it well done.
ken p
ken p - 18 days ago
did his sweat just drop in that food lol 2:29
Foxacaz - 18 days ago
Much love from vietnam
Aaron - 18 days ago
2:25 Gordon Adding his super secret ingredient
Mason Joseph
Mason Joseph - 18 days ago
“I should come into the kitchen and kick his ass” holy shit
Arnold Davis
Arnold Davis - 18 days ago
Madam vagina they should be yelling at him like he does
billl o'connel
billl o'connel - 18 days ago
I love this guy. He is an absolute killer I the kitchen, treating it like a sport. Combined my favorite two competitive worlds together. Highly impressed with his work. What a badass!
Shroctopus - 19 days ago
that women is gorgeous @ 5:00
raj kumar
raj kumar - 19 days ago
Lol 2:00 staff are struggling with his accent ,Look carefully Manager face, I think it's language
Joshua Wood
Joshua Wood - 19 days ago
Mr rice? Racist...
John Smith
John Smith - 19 days ago
2:29 secret seasoning coming off his nose
partlycurrent - 19 days ago
6:06 "I think what I want to say is, this is very brave"
GOD DAYYYUUUUUUUUUM!!! Ramsey got smacked right there!
Nuno Soares
Nuno Soares - 22 days ago
Well done Gordon. You managed to impress the locals with your cooking skills :-)
lapko luna
lapko luna - 23 days ago
I must say, He's Brave!
leona parker
leona parker - 25 days ago
I would love to go there looks beautiful.
MattyPranks - 26 days ago
2:30 sweat drops off nose into marinate lol
James Perez
James Perez - 26 days ago
The best part about any chef is their ability to learn. Gordon Ramsay still has the hunger to learn, and that is what makes him awesome
kamei katashillu
kamei katashillu - 26 days ago
He tried to learn in one week. Still it's good which was a impossible. But did it above average.
29Q #Bringiton#
29Q #Bringiton# - 27 days ago
Gy Giang
Gy Giang - 27 days ago
He never stop learning and challenge himself
Michelle Giles
Michelle Giles - 27 days ago
And believe me Chinese can really cook
Michelle Giles
Michelle Giles - 27 days ago
What is it with Gordon Ramsey and cursing
Bennygstring - 29 days ago
soft..... SILKY
Far Jli
Far Jli - 29 days ago
I love how much love n passion he have in cooking! Love lots mr. Gordon...
aduh aneh
aduh aneh - 29 days ago
Gordon is crazy, that amount of pressure would make me faint....
Luiz Ricardo
Luiz Ricardo - Month ago
"It's brave" OH NO
Trừn En
Trừn En - Month ago
welcome to the rice field RAMSAY
El Capitano
El Capitano - Month ago
Mdm duck LOL
John Smithee
John Smithee - Month ago
1:45 - Shoutout to the sweaty Asian Maitre'd trying to keep up
AnarutoFan5000 Jmaster
Get rid of you frig.
Joshua Langdon
Joshua Langdon - Month ago
Miss V is sexy. I want some of her V
Jinto117 - Month ago
Gonna be some extra salt with that meal.
Clarita Mamaril
Clarita Mamaril - Month ago
Gia Bảo Phạm Đức
As a Vietnamese, I find it quite funny that Gordon is struggling.
Mike - Month ago
No ones going to point out the lady walking into the bamboo at 0:32
sabaketa - Month ago
MrMedukneusha - Month ago
Plot Twist: That matradee doesn't speak a word of english.
SJ Taylor
SJ Taylor - Month ago
Beautiful Restaurant.
Boo Boo
Boo Boo - Month ago
Cooking food off the floor and watching his sweat go into the meat. He would of flip out if that was done in his kitchen..
Its nice to see that he lives by the rules that he makes contenstants in shows follow, that he doesnt just send out food even though it is not perfect
Marianne Johnson
Marianne Johnson - Month ago
The secret ingredient and extra salty flavor comes from fresh sweat dripping off celebrity chefs.
Bot 2
Bot 2 - Month ago
His wow sounds like owen wilsons wow
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