Emma Chamberlain for the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 Show

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Just Jahiem
Just Jahiem - Day ago
It's weird seeing emma in makeup
Jordann Grigg
Jordann Grigg - Day ago
This video sucks!
Kate Parra
Kate Parra - Day ago
I love how u were next to "cheryl"
Belinda Bee
Belinda Bee - 2 days ago
“It’s at the airport?”
Nawshaba Aziz
Nawshaba Aziz - 3 days ago
Emma kinda reminds me of Rashida Jones.
Travis Grider
Travis Grider - 5 days ago
Cheryl bombshell yess love her
Lee Tickle
Lee Tickle - 7 days ago
Who else noticed she sat next to Madeleine pesch
Ann Mendoza
Ann Mendoza - 8 days ago
Is that bae from riverdale
Batool Alkhabbaz
Batool Alkhabbaz - 11 days ago
Am I the only one that saw Madelaine Petsch sitting next to Emma ?
Berkeley M
Berkeley M - 12 days ago
Me: Casually sitting next to my cat
Emma: casually sitting next to Madalaine Pestch
Lily Weiss
Lily Weiss - 12 days ago
My mom was there at the show
Shannon - 13 days ago
Emma, where's your black dress from in this video?
Lara Raz
Lara Raz - 14 days ago
Emma is such a beauty 😅
Luci K
Luci K - 18 days ago
This is just truly sad......LV why would us adults that can afford to buy your bags want to buy them when your marketing them to kids? Please re-think your marketing strategy.
Freak AF
Freak AF - 7 days ago
LV is not only for adults
Aalijah Strayhorn
Aalijah Strayhorn - 20 days ago
She’s not really funny anymore

Sorry guys 😐
Alleona Marie
Alleona Marie - 22 days ago
Hi Emma
Jazmine Whitmer
Jazmine Whitmer - 22 days ago
emma is so gorgeous
Wolf Peutz
Wolf Peutz - 22 days ago
gekke kanker kind
glxssyHeidi Xo
glxssyHeidi Xo - 23 days ago
Jayden Bennett
Jayden Bennett - 23 days ago
I love how Emma was sitting next to bella thorne😂
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali - 23 days ago
Valery - 24 days ago
I agree with Emma, I don't like byrthdays, I hate my birthday :)
AUBREY PIERCE - 24 days ago
omg she was sitting next to madelaine petsch
Julča Čiháková
Julča Čiháková - 24 days ago
ohh there's madelaine!
Emily Walters
Emily Walters - 24 days ago
This would be so hard for me because I talk with my hands😂
Random Random
Random Random - 24 days ago
Emma has so much confidence and I’m here for it
khushali panchal
khushali panchal - 25 days ago
ColdBrewBarbie - 25 days ago
Emma looks insanely gorgeous!
Amanda Rose
Amanda Rose - 26 days ago
Paris, Hunter, David & Aaron,,,, thank you for creating such a cute video and editing just like Emma, it was adorable!
Cassia Lafour
Cassia Lafour - 26 days ago
I'm a 30 year old woman in love with Emma and everything she's about. She's such a character
Hannah Million
Hannah Million - 26 days ago
i loved this too much XD
Hasiger Hase
Hasiger Hase - 26 days ago
seriously? she didnt burp every five minutes like she usually does? and seriously, you took her there the second time, when she is the epitome of a homeless woman in style and behavior? wow.
Freak AF
Freak AF - 7 days ago
Jonathan Lundquist
Jonathan Lundquist - 26 days ago
Am I the only one who noticed she was sitting next to Madeleine
Taylor Taylor
Taylor Taylor - 27 days ago
4:57 i had felt so bad for that girl i’m so glad emma is so nice to be kind to her
Nick Y
Nick Y - 27 days ago
emma is my soul child ... were only 7 years apart but still
Alexis Sena
Alexis Sena - 27 days ago
She was sitting next to Cheryl blossom!!😮
Esther - 27 days ago
Alyson Reyna
Alyson Reyna - 27 days ago
Girl u over there next to Madeline petsch I see u gurl
Dolan Gacha
Dolan Gacha - 27 days ago
Casually waiting for The Dolan Twins turn for the interview, anyone else?
Stephanie Martinez
Stephanie Martinez - 27 days ago
Emma SLAYEDDDD that look!!!!
Nah. Graal era
Nah. Graal era - 28 days ago
She's like so chambie
Hailie Paz
Hailie Paz - 28 days ago
I love this
kamryn green
kamryn green - 28 days ago
isn"t it funny how cheryl is sitting next to her liiikkkeee wwwhhhhaaattt
Simran Mangat
Simran Mangat - 29 days ago
4.20 Emma trying to swear but stopped by the brand😂😂😂
Catherine Horn
Catherine Horn - 29 days ago
She is honestly a really good Louis Vuitton model and also her with makeup is everything
Dax Luidhardt
Dax Luidhardt - 29 days ago
Casually sits next to Madeline petsch
Malia Johnson
Malia Johnson - 29 days ago
I wonder if they made her shower for this video?
Sophia Patiag
Sophia Patiag - 29 days ago
Omg she was was sitting my Madeleine AHHHHHHHHHH
marwuhh xxx
marwuhh xxx - 29 days ago
Zor - 29 days ago
your left toe
your left toe - 29 days ago
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