BRUNCH at 7-ELEVEN in Seoul South Korea

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Friyaz - 9 hours ago
I can’t even imagine how bad the microwaves would look if there was something like this in the US
User 8383727
User 8383727 - 15 hours ago
Why do I watch this at 3am this makes me hungry in the middle of the night
Karma Sama
Karma Sama - 16 hours ago
*•If only we had this in America•*
sadfsadfsdaf asdfasdfsdfaasfd
msg overload hahahahaha
ItsFunneh MysteryFan
ItsFunneh MysteryFan - 23 hours ago
u hungry boi?
TheMythsOfThePuppy :p
Mike Chen: buys like five Ramon stuff
The other millions of Ramon noodles:Am I a JoKe To YoU?
Foxie Girl
Foxie Girl - Day ago
Im korean and indian i love ramen
Yna Bautista
Yna Bautista - 2 days ago
1:11 did you hear that the music is Dance The Night Away
Elsa Ramos
Elsa Ramos - 2 days ago
2019 anyone
Alazca Flowers
Alazca Flowers - 2 days ago
I think I hear dance the night away from twice
Carter Poulsen
Carter Poulsen - 2 days ago
love this. I am going to Taiwan in November. cant wait because of your videos.
The Templars
The Templars - 3 days ago
So you’ve never had a microwaved corndog
suho her
suho her - 3 days ago
are you Korean because I am new to this chanel
Tae Tae Ate My Potato
Tae Tae Ate My Potato - 4 days ago
*if American president is Asian, my first wish is "give us 7eleven in Asian style"*
theonlyisteve - 4 days ago
Asian countries use so much plastic for packaging.
Gabe Gonzalez
Gabe Gonzalez - 5 days ago
When 7 11 food is better than your food at home
Pandaduuu - 5 days ago
Yoooo was that Sunny Summer by GFriend i heard at 3:18 lol 🤣
Kpop is life
Kpop is life - 6 days ago
I wanna go back to Thailand😭 and I want to go to Korea
Jayesh Ajitsaria
Jayesh Ajitsaria - 6 days ago
4:25 "You think I've got enough for brunch" are you kidding me!!!
One_Eleven11 - 7 days ago
Why the hell can't they have an Asian seven-11 in somewhere like canada.
새댁의 식탁 Korean Home Cooking
How can you not gain weight when you eat so much?
Khai tuck
Khai tuck - 8 days ago
Y everyone would not come to Singapore 7eleven it nice and good place
Delicious Food
Delicious Food - 8 days ago
I feel like I won't enjoy korean food is so spicy
Danielle Kernan
Danielle Kernan - 8 days ago
Watermelon milk made me want to puke
Sssmiley_YT - 8 days ago
He eat to much
Hoes Mad
Hoes Mad - 8 days ago
I’m hungry ahh
Jungkook Bts
Jungkook Bts - 8 days ago
Australia 7-ELEVEN is not good, they are expensive! And the thing they sell in Asian they didn’t here ,, we can’t even eat in 7- ELEVEN. I use Australia 7-ElEVEN sell stuff like noodles 😭😔 I wish Australia 7-ELEVEN is good as Asia 7-ELEVEN..!
Robi Robertooo
Robi Robertooo - 8 days ago
Si esto es el almuerzo, no me imagino la cena
Maryam Kamran
Maryam Kamran - 8 days ago
Left Youtube 2 times
just a normal person _
just a normal person _ - 9 days ago
if i ever go to korea i will most likely get food from
seven eleven daily.
ÔNG MON - 9 days ago
Ăn uống không khoa học , ăn tá lả âm binh sao chịu được hay vậy trời 🤨🤨
Mauricio Vargas
Mauricio Vargas - 9 days ago
I wish i was a youtuber
m k
m k - 9 days ago
Yo even 7/11 knows TWICE they were playing dtna in the background.
uwucheiken :D
uwucheiken :D - 9 days ago
“what kind of cows do they have here to get watermelon milk...????”
Sandra Czennie
Sandra Czennie - 9 days ago
We need this series back!
Pluq - 10 days ago
YouTube: Recommends this video 10 months later...

*Thanks YouTube algorithm*
the death kid
the death kid - 10 days ago
I love you're videos strictly dumping 🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝
MN Tormon YT Place
MN Tormon YT Place - 10 days ago
7/11 in Korea is so great and cool. And wow hello to all ONCEs there.
fralex xelarf
fralex xelarf - 10 days ago
Is he putting plastic in the microwave?!
Stefanie Z
Stefanie Z - 11 days ago
Lmao imitation must be plastic or something !! 😂😂
Gamer831crossfire - 12 days ago
13:23 did he say penis
Alex G.
Alex G. - 12 days ago
Omg how do
U not get fulll ahaha
Caroline Morphis
Caroline Morphis - 12 days ago
This guy is a pig
YOONGI JAMS - 12 days ago
I instantly thought of jungkook when u said banana milk
_Basement_Brothers_ 101
_Basement_Brothers_ 101 - 12 days ago
I am not trying to be rude but how are u not on my 600 pounds life?!🤣
Cremé Péach
Cremé Péach - 11 days ago
He works out alot he has a channel that shows it "Mike Chen" you should check him out
Ian Gabriel Torres
Ian Gabriel Torres - 12 days ago
Please visit 7/11 in the philippines especially on recto manila 🤙🏻
kitty unicorn
kitty unicorn - 12 days ago
S h a d o w
S h a d o w - 12 days ago
seven eleven in manila
Wiket Ket
Wiket Ket - 13 days ago
tips for zombie apocalypse: stay at 7/11
Quan Nguyen
Quan Nguyen - 13 days ago
So hurgy
Thaj Yeeb Yang
Thaj Yeeb Yang - 13 days ago
Lol in the back all i here is dance the night away from twice lol banana milk jungkooks favorite drink lol
Thaj Yeeb Yang
Thaj Yeeb Yang - 11 days ago
@FakexLove lol
FakexLove - 11 days ago
i was looking for this comment🤧😂
AQuinn0630 - 13 days ago
I love watching these videos
Mario Party 7
Mario Party 7 - 13 days ago
Are you just gonna ignore the fact that dance the night away was playing in the background
Poopoo Peepee
Poopoo Peepee - 14 days ago
“Tastes like somebody milked a banana”
kaitlynn Sandoval
kaitlynn Sandoval - 14 days ago
This is exactly why I miss Korea
robert bourgoine
robert bourgoine - 14 days ago
Why are no U.S. 7 Elevens this awesome?! Are the CEOs afraid of raking in tons of money?
eleazar ecky
eleazar ecky - 14 days ago
looks like jeckie chan .
Levi MLBB - 14 days ago
11:14 so you all just gonna ignore the thing that came out of the burger
hi Lauw
hi Lauw - 15 days ago
Is not a blood is a spicy sause
RumiIsBoss - 15 days ago
American 7 elevens have gas stations Asians have freakin’ awesome food and a microwave
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