Weekend Update: Two Girls You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation with at a Party - SNL

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Gulf Relay
Gulf Relay - 17 hours ago
Didn't find it funny; I'm doomed. Wasn't funny; they're doomed(who ever they are) it's funny to the people who pay to air this crap; we're all doomed. My fellow Americans, I give you the 21st century Left.
singleasasin - Day ago
The clip is ok, BUT, at the end, the music gets so loud and that's irritating as hell --__--
Trigger Warning
Trigger Warning - 3 days ago
Do you know who I am ...Reece bitch
Bigfoot - 5 days ago
I feel like a lot of the things these girls say could be made into Buddhist Koans.
Ήλιος태양 - 7 days ago
Please add captions.
Bönzeaux Bleügreen
Bönzeaux Bleügreen - 8 days ago
Cecily Strong is the funniest cast member I’ve seen in years.
Sharralynn Pierce Woolworth
This would be funny if there weren't thousands of graduating seniors from College each year! In Congress too!
Shawn Gilliland
Shawn Gilliland - 19 days ago
Even sober, these girls are not among the leading intellectual lights of their generation. Great skit!
FrancesBaconandEggs - Month ago
Wait so Cecily’s dad is Tiger Woods?
That Girl
That Girl - 11 days ago
FrancesBaconandEggs: How does that even make sense, what you said? At no point did she say she wants to marry Tiger Woods. Just that he’s downstairs.
Rahul Ghosh
Rahul Ghosh - Month ago
I hoped they would say amber is a bitch😅😅😅
John Province
John Province - Month ago
Not that funny when they get elected to Congress
Imdugud - Month ago
Jerome Lund
Jerome Lund - Month ago
Many folks triggered, insecure and fearful of AOC.
stevepd1 - Month ago
Not triggered, fearful, or fearful of AOC. We're just nepalled!!!
Allen .Berge
Allen .Berge - Month ago
Finally, an AOC sketch.
Be1smaht - Month ago
I know a girl in med school who is like this. Omg. She is in meeeeed school
oldschoolgreentube - 2 months ago
AOC has a friend.
John Thomas
John Thomas - 2 months ago
Two girls at the Democratic Party.  Shit man, why couldn't OAC be a republican?
John Wedderburn
John Wedderburn - 2 months ago
Is the woman in red AOC?
Ryan Moulds
Ryan Moulds - 2 months ago
Reese is funny as hell and SO beautiful!
Human Tacos
Human Tacos - 2 months ago
Pretty much all frat party experiences.
Dallas Cowboys Highlights
Dallas Cowboys Highlights - 2 months ago
Psychic SNL writers knew AOC was coming! 😂😂
Jeremy - 2 months ago
Reese Witherspoon gets hotter with time.
vidhika - 2 months ago
Cecily sounded in character but Reese Witherspoon just sounded drunk
mugwump666 - 2 months ago
And now this stupid annoying bitch is in Congress. AOC.
Ruby M
Ruby M - 2 months ago
A brunette bimbo and of c, a blonde one 😂😂
Elo Talks
Elo Talks - 2 months ago
I thought it was AOC and Pelosi 😂
God Love
God Love - 2 months ago
Um they just clowned Hillary, and now SNL is all Alec Baldwin as Trump (the duck 🦆 lips 👄 funny) cracking jokes like every week. So i had a point but you can say what you want about someone it is free will. But at some point it does become bullying. I had to support “Dub-ya” AND Obama (which Hillary was supposed have won, someone was off by 4 years, Die Hard with a Vengeance), can’t we support Trump? People do a lot better with support, he strikes back true, but he must be tired always being on the defensive and feeling hated all the time because that’s all i see people do. At some point it’s enough. No, i don’t agree with the Government, but i support my President. And no i didn’t vote for him but i thought he was the logical choice because of his business experience. He knows how to work the system, he wasn’t going to take shit from people, and he was willing to fire mofos. Now sometimes it seems like fired means like fire 🔥 fired. Which is not what i am trying to do to the Asshats. I just want them replaced or something. This is not the universe I created. Honestly I don’t care what it changes into, but having abuse and suffering is not happening without being addressed. Slavery is wrong always, unless it’s sexual and consensual. Asshats, i love you too, definitely not romantically, and yeah.
RUDYARD MAGPIE - 2 months ago
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
stevepd1 - Month ago
@Chris Hash They sure can and they sure did. Proof? The Squad led by AOC!
Chris Hash
Chris Hash - 2 months ago
RUDYARD MAGPIE yeah, because bimbos could make it to Congress right?
Cortez Riley
Cortez Riley - 2 months ago
I died at the "transformer" comment
Mihai Marchidann
Mihai Marchidann - 2 months ago
finally, we need to start a conversation with Amber
trish ferris
trish ferris - 2 months ago
Perfect impression of Occasionally Coherent
Merrin Guthrie
Merrin Guthrie - 3 months ago
If you C section, say something! XD
IamScythed - Month ago
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson - 3 months ago
This is like if AOC were twins.
Devin Mills
Devin Mills - 3 months ago
How long you been working on that dud of a joke?
Anime Bakudan
Anime Bakudan - 3 months ago
Matt P
Matt P - 3 months ago
do people actually find this funny?
Kevin L.
Kevin L. - 3 months ago
Look it's AOC and Gillebrand.
James Martin
James Martin - 3 months ago
WTF just happened?
Carrie Thompson
Carrie Thompson - 3 months ago
Yes, that's about right. Our future people. Scary!
neurofire - 3 months ago
Such a classic routine - timeless. Witherspoon's comedy chops on full display - loved this. Thank you.
scampoli25 - 3 months ago
Reese was so believable in this I was actually worried she might dose off a some point
Randy Staley
Randy Staley - 3 months ago
AOC lol
Kaiser Sözshye
Kaiser Sözshye - 3 months ago
Cecily Strong is spot on with the AOC impersonation. 😂👍👏
TheCwhite137 - 4 months ago
AOC is everywhere isn't she?
K MS - 4 months ago
If you C-section say something. Truth
Jason Butche
Jason Butche - 4 months ago
Why are there so many Trump supporters in this comment section jerking off over AOC? And most of the comments are about her being inarticulate. Really? Trump is in his 70's and never learned how to speak English, AOC clearly has a better command of the English language than Trump, and anybody who has even the most rudimentary grasp of the English language can confirm this. Your president is objectively stupid.
M Snow
M Snow - 4 months ago
Three of these skits were removed. Why is that Youtube? Doesn't fit the narrative?
Keith Showell
Keith Showell - 4 months ago
The nirony i get recommended the day after Tiger's big Master's win, 2019
Nunyo Bidness
Nunyo Bidness - 4 months ago
I’d talk to them all night
scifinerd1911 - 4 months ago
Hahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahaha
Nathan N
Nathan N - 4 months ago
Darin Gregory
Darin Gregory - 4 months ago
Its aoc aka cow farts cortez and brie larson.
your mom
your mom - 4 months ago
Cecily Strong god damn.
michelle hancock
michelle hancock - 4 months ago
we need to have Resse on more
Laurel Desilets
Laurel Desilets - 4 months ago
"That's hippopotamus."

This is a phrase that I will be using in times to come.
Robb Montez
Robb Montez - 4 months ago
Occasional cortex right here lmfao
GILBERT Hernandez
GILBERT Hernandez - 5 months ago
What do you drink?
GILBERT Hernandez
GILBERT Hernandez - 5 months ago
I drink green tea
GT Violinist
GT Violinist - 5 months ago
The randomness
stillatin - 5 months ago
This is from 2015, why the fuck are you morons mentioning AOC, are that scared of her being smarter than you?
stillatin - 5 months ago
Damn Reese was looking good in that dress
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law - 5 months ago
In the 1950s these two would both be bleached blondes, bimbos.
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law - 5 months ago
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law - 5 months ago
She multiplied, xeroxed herself .. oh lordy. Or Why men aren't dating.... lol
Chris Estep
Chris Estep - 5 months ago
Alexander Ocasio Cortez!
Travis Carr
Travis Carr - 3 months ago
A lil more wits than AOC.. Close tho .
Chris Estep
Chris Estep - 5 months ago
@stillatin yep
stillatin - 5 months ago
No you idiot
Tiana Smith
Tiana Smith - 5 months ago
el gar
el gar - 5 months ago
The "humour" in this skit was a bit....forced. FAIL.
knot head
knot head - 5 months ago
These are great!!

You need to make another and ADMIT it nails AOC
stillatin - 5 months ago
No, you idiot
Lance Branch
Lance Branch - 5 months ago
I thought this was snl doing an Alexandria ocasio Cortez impression
Thomas Gee
Thomas Gee - 5 months ago
You can tell Reese Witherspoon is naturally too intelligent to be this stupid just from watching her reactions from what is being said from her own self, man she is sexy
That Girl
That Girl - 11 days ago
Thomas Gee: Cecily Strong is also WAY too intelligent to be this stupid. The difference is that she is a better comedic actress than Reese. That’s not offense to Reese at all; they are just different types of actors. This is Cecily’s wheelhouse (sketch comedy and improv).
Blackwood 5225
Blackwood 5225 - 6 months ago
I could binge watch just these skits
Superman hero
Superman hero - 6 months ago
Actually, those two ladies are trump supporters
Diane Berg
Diane Berg - 2 months ago
MrCantstandliberals yeah like that smokin hottie Sarah huckabee-Sanders
MrCantstandliberals - 4 months ago
all the hotties are trump supporters. Liberal women are fuglified and fat slobs
iJay 2017
iJay 2017 - 6 months ago
Amber alert 😂
Donna Woodford
Donna Woodford - 6 months ago
Amber alert! Lol. They couldn't find her earlier. What would it be like to have friends like these two???Awful... I couldn't handle it. Just couldn't. OMG. What would it be like to have them as co-workers??? Even worse cuz you might not be able to walk away from them while on duty. Ugh.😮🤐😕
Martian74 - 6 months ago
AOC seems smarter in this clip. She doesn’t seem as stupid as she usually is.
Bicycle Ninja
Bicycle Ninja - 6 months ago
This one needs more practice. Still fun.
EatPezzzz - 6 months ago
Is the girl in the pink doing an AOC impersonation?
J B - 6 months ago
if you're on meth....sure
Daniel Sonntag
Daniel Sonntag - 6 months ago
That's not what Amber alert means
StephenB - 5 months ago
STEVEN SPENNEBERG - 6 months ago
The Political BIAS of SNL is on full display now. They are NOT making fun of AOC. Why not ???? It’s not as if they don’t have anyone who could play her. This character is ALREADY her. And Melissa ViaSenor is a Latina Impressionist.
djVOME - 6 months ago
Melissa does play AOC on SNL.
STEVEN SPENNEBERG - 6 months ago
That’s the Girl I wish I hadn’t elected to Congress.
Joe Crim
Joe Crim - 6 months ago
Wow so similar to Chris D'Elia, but drunk girl is too popular of comedy sketch to say they copied
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