Weekend Update: Two Girls You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation with at a Party - SNL

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Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson - Day ago
This is like if AOC were twins.
Anime Bakudan
Anime Bakudan - Day ago
Matt P
Matt P - 2 days ago
do people actually find this funny?
Kevin L.
Kevin L. - 8 days ago
Look it's AOC and Gillebrand.
James Martin
James Martin - 10 days ago
WTF just happened?
Carrie Thompson
Carrie Thompson - 11 days ago
Yes, that's about right. Our future people. Scary!
neurofire - 13 days ago
Such a classic routine - timeless. Witherspoon's comedy chops on full display - loved this. Thank you.
scampoli25 - 19 days ago
Reese was so believable in this I was actually worried she might dose off a some point
Randy Staley
Randy Staley - 22 days ago
AOC lol
Kaiser Sözshye
Kaiser Sözshye - 24 days ago
Cecily Strong is spot on with the AOC impersonation. 😂👍👏
TheCwhite137 - 27 days ago
AOC is everywhere isn't she?
K MS - Month ago
If you C-section say something. Truth
Jason Butche
Jason Butche - Month ago
Why are there so many Trump supporters in this comment section jerking off over AOC? And most of the comments are about her being inarticulate. Really? Trump is in his 70's and never learned how to speak English, AOC clearly has a better command of the English language than Trump, and anybody who has even the most rudimentary grasp of the English language can confirm this. Your president is objectively stupid.
M Snow
M Snow - Month ago
Three of these skits were removed. Why is that Youtube? Doesn't fit the narrative?
Keith Showell
Keith Showell - Month ago
The nirony i get recommended the day after Tiger's big Master's win, 2019
Nunyo Bidness
Nunyo Bidness - Month ago
I’d talk to them all night
scifinerd1911 - Month ago
Hahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahaha
Nathan N
Nathan N - Month ago
Darin Gregory
Darin Gregory - Month ago
Its aoc aka cow farts cortez and brie larson.
your mom
your mom - Month ago
Cecily Strong god damn.
michelle hancock
michelle hancock - Month ago
we need to have Resse on more
Laurel Desilets
Laurel Desilets - Month ago
"That's hippopotamus."

This is a phrase that I will be using in times to come.
Robb Montez
Robb Montez - Month ago
Occasional cortex right here lmfao
GILBERT Hernandez
GILBERT Hernandez - Month ago
What do you drink?
GILBERT Hernandez
GILBERT Hernandez - Month ago
I drink green tea
GT Violinist
GT Violinist - 2 months ago
The randomness
stillatin - 2 months ago
This is from 2015, why the fuck are you morons mentioning AOC, are that scared of her being smarter than you?
stillatin - 2 months ago
Damn Reese was looking good in that dress
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law - 2 months ago
In the 1950s these two would both be bleached blondes, bimbos.
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law - 2 months ago
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law - 2 months ago
She multiplied, xeroxed herself .. oh lordy. Or Why men aren't dating.... lol
Chris Estep
Chris Estep - 2 months ago
Alexander Ocasio Cortez!
Travis Carr
Travis Carr - 11 days ago
A lil more wits than AOC.. Close tho .
M B - Month ago
+stillatin totally Alexandria Ocrazy-eyes Cortez!
Chris Estep
Chris Estep - 2 months ago
+stillatin yep
stillatin - 2 months ago
No you idiot
Tiana Smith
Tiana Smith - 2 months ago
el gar
el gar - 2 months ago
The "humour" in this skit was a bit....forced. FAIL.
knot head
knot head - 2 months ago
These are great!!

You need to make another and ADMIT it nails AOC
stillatin - 2 months ago
No, you idiot
Lance Branch
Lance Branch - 2 months ago
I thought this was snl doing an Alexandria ocasio Cortez impression
Thomas Gee
Thomas Gee - 2 months ago
You can tell Reese Witherspoon is naturally too intelligent to be this stupid just from watching her reactions from what is being said from her own self, man she is sexy
Blackwood 5225
Blackwood 5225 - 3 months ago
I could binge watch just these skits
Superman hero
Superman hero - 3 months ago
Actually, those two ladies are trump supporters
MrCantstandliberals - 28 days ago
all the hotties are trump supporters. Liberal women are fuglified and fat slobs
iJay 2017
iJay 2017 - 3 months ago
Amber alert 😂
Donna Woodford
Donna Woodford - 3 months ago
Amber alert! Lol. They couldn't find her earlier. What would it be like to have friends like these two???Awful... I couldn't handle it. Just couldn't. OMG. What would it be like to have them as co-workers??? Even worse cuz you might not be able to walk away from them while on duty. Ugh.😮🤐😕
Martian74 - 3 months ago
AOC seems smarter in this clip. She doesn’t seem as stupid as she usually is.
Bicycle Ninja
Bicycle Ninja - 3 months ago
This one needs more practice. Still fun.
EatPezzzz - 3 months ago
Is the girl in the pink doing an AOC impersonation?
J B - 3 months ago
if you're on meth....sure
Daniel W. Sonntag
Daniel W. Sonntag - 3 months ago
That's not what Amber alert means
StephenB - 2 months ago
STEVEN SPENNEBERG - 3 months ago
The Political BIAS of SNL is on full display now. They are NOT making fun of AOC. Why not ???? It’s not as if they don’t have anyone who could play her. This character is ALREADY her. And Melissa ViaSenor is a Latina Impressionist.
djVOME - 3 months ago
Melissa does play AOC on SNL.
STEVEN SPENNEBERG - 3 months ago
That’s the Girl I wish I hadn’t elected to Congress.
Joe Crim
Joe Crim - 3 months ago
Wow so similar to Chris D'Elia, but drunk girl is too popular of comedy sketch to say they copied
Steven Rivas
Steven Rivas - 3 months ago
I'd let Cecily talk to me for hours. And I'd listen.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - 3 months ago
Good send up of typical progressives.
ph0kused - 3 months ago
Alexiandria ocasio cortes lookin good!
Robert James
Robert James - 3 months ago
wow the girl on the left is that supposed to be AOC...
Christopher Berryhill
Christopher Berryhill - 3 months ago
Where are their drinks? I feel like they should have a bunch of dead shot glasses and lime peels on the table
Jack Hicks
Jack Hicks - 3 months ago
Is that Alexandra and her new friends?
Lafe Denton
Lafe Denton - 3 months ago
Yep and they are always Hillary supporters and believe they are educated. Mostly they are Millenials
SecondTheScene - 3 months ago
we're nepalled 😂
amber gentry
amber gentry - 3 months ago
I feel attacked
mydogdeli - 3 months ago
"I'm voting for the SUDAN, but I'm sure Hilary Clinton is starving kids too"
Am I being thick? I don't get this joke.
Anthony Romanelli
Anthony Romanelli - 3 months ago
She’s being “woke” by saying that Michael should care more about starving children in the Sudan than about the election. It was poorly worded I know
smashtoad - 3 months ago
AOC! AOC! AOC! C'mon SNL...you know you want to.
Andrew Grove
Andrew Grove - 3 months ago
Fake news
Axa Axa
Axa Axa - 3 months ago
You have to understand they really don't want to. They may eventually have to, but no they really don't want to, else they would have already.
tingting35 - 3 months ago
Not enough attitude.
Robert Clifton
Robert Clifton - 3 months ago
Michael Chea is not funny .....
Ikaika Arnado
Ikaika Arnado - 3 months ago
Haha, I love meeting people like that at parties, they are hilarious!
Panada Bear
Panada Bear - 3 months ago
And this is funny because...??
Agon Leed
Agon Leed - 3 months ago
If you ever talked to drunk college chicks who THINK they really know everything...possibly really are s art but also really drunk...this is what they sound like They're trying hard to make points, but they're slurring shit. Or if you're talking to bimbos who TRY to use "smart words" this is also what they sound like lol and omg dont let them be drinking lmao It's one of those things where if you talked to any women at any parties, high chances are, you've encountered this...and therefore this joke is for you I always love this type of skit lol
John Watson
John Watson - 3 months ago
Reese looks fucking hot as hell.
Eric Fontaine
Eric Fontaine - 3 months ago
How does this crap pass for comedy. SNL hasn't been funny for years.
M B - Month ago
you mean "4 years" 1976-1980
The Solar NERD
The Solar NERD - 3 months ago
I was on a date with a dipshit woman like this last night....
Jasper Fay
Jasper Fay - 3 months ago
1:29 the upward frown after "the Sudaaan" for a split second
Rick Tata
Rick Tata - 3 months ago
I think Cicily String could doan excellent Alexandria Cortez Impression, because Alexandria is someone you wish was made up. “We need to invent things that haven’t been invented yet”. Brain dead. Throw in a few cow farts. And I think it would be a hit.
Wayne J
Wayne J - 2 months ago
+yessum15 Nicely said. You've attempted to pierce the proverbial right wing bubble. The thing is, they don't/can't accept it, so it's really a waste of time. Imho. Good luck and keep the faith. Beto in '20!
yessum15 - 2 months ago
+Ash I think she's playing the game Republicans created. Engaging in hyperbole and inaccurate rhetoric to energize a polarized base. She's still in the process of calibrating precisely how big a lie you can get away with. We used to have a standard for this, but Republicans essentially blew it up. It seems very odd to freak out about a single district representative in the context of a Republican trend toward promoting Looney Toons candidates at literally the highest levels of government. Between Bush, Palin, Gingrich, Steele, and Trump, I fully expect to see Yosemite Sam on the ballot soon. I mean where else is left to go?
Ash - 2 months ago
+yessum15 Occasionally? You don't seem to be fully informed of the full extent of the nonsense that she has spewed. Do you wish to know a degree of the sheer idiocy she's stated or would you rather deflect and dodge?
yessum15 - 3 months ago
+Rick Tata Dear God I hope you're still in high school.
Rick Tata
Rick Tata - 3 months ago
Every time she opens her mouth dumb shit comes out; So that means the people that voted for her are stupider than her
Gordon Go
Gordon Go - 3 months ago
this one has too many attempted jokes and is lame
Caitlin Pierson
Caitlin Pierson - 3 months ago
Elle Woods y'all
Keely Chow
Keely Chow - 3 months ago
It’s Little Nicky’s mom.
Gary Morris
Gary Morris - 3 months ago
This is remarkable that these two women sound exactly like crazy Ocasio-Cortez, and this is before we ever heard of her, Sadly, this skit is really not much of an exaggeration of the real candy-land- Cortez.
J B - 3 months ago
Yeah, I forgot climate change isn't real and that promoting coal and oil is a smart thing to do.
Ronald Clark
Ronald Clark - 3 months ago
+Anthony Leone you're right! Reminds me of a Trump supporter!
Randy Jelinek
Randy Jelinek - 3 months ago
Gary you nailed it. Cecily is doing AOC on SNL now. Comedy genius. Alan Baldwin does Trump like no other. Can't wait for those two square off and get this party started!
Gary Morris
Gary Morris - 3 months ago
+Anthony Leone Do not be condescending to me. Do not think for one moment that I do not understand. Because I disagree with idiocy, doesn't mean I do not understand it. She is from candy land, and the only people more stupid than she are the ones who voted for her. I understand bad ideas when I hear them.
Ed Viera
Ed Viera - 3 months ago
100% AOC!!!!!!!!!!! So Stupid LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J B - 3 months ago
Tell us more how climate change is a hoax made up by the Chinese.
Twilight Gardens presentations
yo, ever since this review cops in sf have been real fucking chill. i just walk around like im free for years now, like a cop wont bother me even i i walk past him.
no crime, they just used to be bullies.
hollywoodshopaholic - 4 months ago
Reese got a great bod, look at that waist
Raras Hapsari
Raras Hapsari - 7 months ago
so weird that I actually have a friend exactly like this
sirocox5297 - 7 months ago
Reese is so pretty god damn
Rwik Kumar Dutta
Rwik Kumar Dutta - 8 months ago
Is it just me or are there similarities between their characters and the way Donald Trump speaks?
Lewis 970
Lewis 970 - 3 months ago
+Bradley Gong I said he's more honest than sleazy dummycrats like Clinton, Schumer, Pelsoi, etc. who've been lying to and ripping off people in this country for decades. It's pathetic that you blindly believe the MSM talking points.
Bradley Gong
Bradley Gong - 3 months ago
Lewis 970: Trump is honest?? That's both laughable and pathetic that you think so.
Lewis 970
Lewis 970 - 3 months ago
+Bradley Gong Yes I have. Several times. And he's more honest than any dummycrat. Have you heard AOC speak? She has the IQ of a ripe summer squash. She's constantly preaching and whining about topics she knows nothing about, like the characters in this sketch.
Bradley Gong
Bradley Gong - 3 months ago
Lewis 970: You *_have_* heard Trump "speak", right?
Lewis 970
Lewis 970 - 3 months ago
+Bradley Gong No it's not. But the way Ocasio-Cortez speaks is a tragesty
Danila Likhachev
Danila Likhachev - 9 months ago
Reese is great, amazing actress ang huge comedy talent, but as long as Cecily is around in this kind of role.. You can't improve upon perfection. Nice to see them both though!
RonnyDonny13 - 9 months ago
Reece can withermyspoon
Lázaro Murad
Lázaro Murad - Year ago
I looove how brilliant is Reese's physical comedy, love her on friends too!! she is so funny
Al Clayton
Al Clayton - Year ago
Are they milking this?
Is it still as funny as hell?
Jay C
Jay C - Year ago
They are both so sexy
Martian74 - Year ago
They seem like typical liberals with their constant virtue signalling.
N D - Year ago
Michael sucks. Girls are fabulous
Lázaro Murad
Lázaro Murad - Year ago
reese looks so much like elizabeth banks here lol
Legends - Year ago
Cecily is hilarious.
Unknown Dissident
Unknown Dissident - Year ago
These women are too deep for me.
Sudiptaa - 2 years ago
That's Jill from friends
Yousuf Shahzad
Yousuf Shahzad - Year ago
Glitter Grasshopper why was she in something else too? Isn't she a chef or something?
Glitter Grasshopper
Glitter Grasshopper - Year ago
Sudiptaa is that literally the one place you recognise reese witherspoon from?
Spooks & Books
Spooks & Books - 2 years ago
Bring her back!
Bethan Sproat
Bethan Sproat - 2 years ago
Love this series
Dumbledonttouchme - 2 years ago
Bruce Jenner is allowed to be a transformer....
Dias Amreé
Dias Amreé - 2 years ago
that's hippopotamus!
Dias Amreé
Dias Amreé - 2 years ago
but our climate is not allowed to change... that's eh... what do you call it?
californyeah - 2 years ago
These girls are way too much train in their minds ...they're smartalicious ..!!
sharpEAGLES - 3 years ago
I don't like the host
Crispy Chicken
Crispy Chicken - 3 years ago
dude yes legally blonde does it better
Samantha L
Samantha L - 3 years ago
Reese Witherspoon playing Reese Witherspoon.
Cecily brilliant as per.
Sun Day
Sun Day - 2 months ago
I screamed at your comment.
Lewis 970
Lewis 970 - 3 months ago
You sound bitter and jealous.
Shulissa Dominguez
Shulissa Dominguez - Year ago
Samantha L So wrong, she's a intelligent and educated woman. Dont judge her by her movies
Jesús Ángel Rondón
Samantha L savage
Gábor Vág
Gábor Vág - 3 years ago
Reese's comedy timing is amazing.
George Askitas
George Askitas - Year ago
Gábor Vág hahahaha im dying! 😂
Gábor Vág
Gábor Vág - Year ago
Fingers crossed, I'm your stepmom.
George Askitas
George Askitas - Year ago
Gábor Vág I see a comment of yours in every video I watch and I’m not even stalking you! What’s going on ??? Heheheh
Marina Isms
Marina Isms - 3 years ago
arie brons
arie brons - 4 years ago
wait. don't you mean mother in law?
Wayne J
Wayne J - 2 months ago
+JCS wait. Huh? I think you're conflating the issue. Nest pause?
JCS - 3 years ago
i think not, cause they meant she'd marry the other's dad. "Mother in law" would be the mother of her husband, in this case the other's grandmother would be, but idk if that's even a real thing
Touye1989 - 4 years ago
And fingers crossed, her stepmom!
gangstabambi - 7 months ago
so is her dad Tiger Woods?...
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