James Harden *TRIES* Crazy Layups!

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Tristan Jass
Tristan Jass - 6 months ago
Can you do it???
it's just me
it's just me - 5 days ago
bro, I'm way too young to do it I mean I'm 9 but I am a big basketball fan and i truly idolize you bro keep doing the amazing videos and making me and the rest of your fans smile
AARYAN TIBREWALA - 11 days ago
Yehh I am 100% sure
AARYAN TIBREWALA - 11 days ago
Sports and Game
Sports and Game - 12 days ago
I’m the 1.4k like
Alfusainey Samateh
Alfusainey Samateh - 28 days ago
Am the worst basketball player
Z3N Former
Z3N Former - 5 hours ago
I would love to play with James Harden
Dino Rama
Dino Rama - 8 hours ago
Wait is James harden wearing the harden vol 4? Or he’s just wearing a random bball shoe
Najaci Likovi
Najaci Likovi - 9 hours ago
Neko iz srbije 2019
Challenge Accepted
Challenge Accepted - 2 days ago
professor live too
Challenge Accepted
Challenge Accepted - 2 days ago
aye is that bonecollector
Arda Duman
Arda Duman - 2 days ago
6.44 what is behind music name
kyal gordon
kyal gordon - 2 days ago
Did anyone tell you look like ghost aydan
Dope Clan
Dope Clan - 3 days ago
Book Flip
Book Flip - 4 days ago
You all need Jesus.
Cameron Plante
Cameron Plante - 4 days ago
They should have taught harden some D...
IplayboiKazz -_-
IplayboiKazz -_- - 5 days ago
It 2:43 James Harden is getting teach
Amazing AJ Gamer
Amazing AJ Gamer - 6 days ago
Harden didnt make those because he got fouled
Spectre GamingTM
Spectre GamingTM - 7 days ago
Wow,All of my Idols Are There...
Jadiel Gerbacio
Jadiel Gerbacio - 7 days ago
Is that professor
Angie Nia
Angie Nia - 8 days ago
Hi Tristan it me the little kid from utopia I wanted to say your videos are the best
Höher wertiger
Höher wertiger - 9 days ago
not one single layup in the whole video.
Marcos Berg
Marcos Berg - 10 days ago
Why don't play the profesor vs hardem?
Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez - 10 days ago
Was good I’m from Houston
Anna Dobs
Anna Dobs - 11 days ago
I can do it if I’m on a mini hoop
Unkillable Ninja
Unkillable Ninja - 12 days ago
Marcelas Howard + The Professor + GWade + Tristan Jazz would be awesome!
ako ay pogi
ako ay pogi - 14 days ago
Bone collector
Tristan jass or T-jass
The professor
And I forgot the name
James harden
Rosay - 14 days ago
Fear the beard
Rosay - 14 days ago
So crazy that he got to play basketball with Harden!!!!!
CalebMacapagal 27
CalebMacapagal 27 - 15 days ago
Hey T-Jass Igot you in nbalive 106 ovr
Lucas khalifa
Lucas khalifa - 16 days ago
James Harden looked like big black giant to all of them🤣🤣🤣
媽祖叫我來搞事 - 18 days ago
@3:14 Wow
Nin9 - 18 days ago
The beard is the best
Hassan .L
Hassan .L - 20 days ago
Fucked up
浜田瑛人 - 20 days ago
Nicholas Collins
Nicholas Collins - 21 day ago
Bad filming
jared kenneth sierra guillen
IG: jared_kenneth
Gogeta - 23 days ago
Harden to tall too play defense
Mateo Waetford
Mateo Waetford - 25 days ago
Hung Pham
Hung Pham - 25 days ago
Bú fame chetme
Jonas Mandelbaum
Jonas Mandelbaum - 25 days ago
6:57 the left guy was taking a selfie
turk500 - 27 days ago
Harden biggest loswr in nba history.. He will never play nba final never.
benneth directo
benneth directo - 27 days ago
2:07 he is professor
Snozic YT13
Snozic YT13 - 28 days ago
James hardens my fav player maybe one day I will be on the rockets with him
XxtylerpaninixX - 24 days ago
Zlatan Ibrahimović
Zlatan Ibrahimović - 24 days ago
Hustle bro!
_chill - 26 days ago
you can do it dude!
R3created - Month ago
Dude be looking like Jake Paul...
Aydin Huseyinli
Aydin Huseyinli - Month ago
shame on you Harden
Coolhigh6000 - Month ago
Dribble gods near a traveler
The Sport Brothers TSB
0:58 I flinched 😂
Bloodyheaders - Month ago
White trash
Bloodyheaders - Month ago
Hate this guy
Donny B
Donny B - Month ago
They all dapped up too much
Игорь Малышев
7:24 не мог понять откуда 3 рука
Mason Lane
Mason Lane - Month ago
Adonis Drip
Adonis Drip - Month ago
What instrumental is that
Its Lamar
Its Lamar - Month ago
What game was they talkin bout 5:55
Loo kang
Loo kang - Month ago
Only midgets can do moves like that
Sophia C.
Sophia C. - Month ago
maybe derrick rose can do it
Marvel Jason Axel Hosea
Is that the real James Harden?
Marshawn Powers
Marshawn Powers - Month ago
I didn't know this Marcellus was there
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith - Month ago
Im wondering why Devon isn't there. 😠😠
Mark Semanco
Mark Semanco - Month ago
Camera man:last one *camera clicks 50 times*
Pedro Fonseca
Pedro Fonseca - Month ago
Adam merritt
Adam merritt - Month ago
what the
TAJY26 - Month ago
You're very talented. keep doing what you doing
Matrix Vuksanovic
Matrix Vuksanovic - Month ago
Let's catch up with everyone Tristan Jass!!!
Matrix Vuksanovic
Matrix Vuksanovic - Month ago
I don't no
J.O.N M - 2 months ago
I saw u at Mayfair , please respond t jass
DatzJahhGaming - 2 months ago
That's the worst someone's made harden look (and he ain't playing defense)
NBD Runk
NBD Runk - 2 months ago
John Wall tries crazy layups?😮
Mike Jone
Mike Jone - 2 months ago
Nigga thats carry df..Turn over
Mario Tovar
Mario Tovar - 2 months ago
Can you play one on one with me
Jahaira lee Gonzalez
Jahaira lee Gonzalez - 2 months ago
NBA live is ass
IT'S ME - 2 months ago
Wa wawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawwwawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawa is uuuuuupp every buddy we are I am alone but we are at the toooooooooo what center
Anas Syahir
Anas Syahir - 2 months ago
Your hair fucking ugly
CJ Blazerz
CJ Blazerz - 2 months ago
How did you meet the Professionals at basketball; including THE PROFESSOR?
Jason Davidson Lee
Jason Davidson Lee - 2 months ago
Let's see if Irving could do that
Caden Turner
Caden Turner - 2 months ago
Please play me 1v1 bro I promise you ain’t shit
Joshua Bass
Joshua Bass - 2 months ago
all we really want is a professor vs T jass 1 on 1
Александр Комаров
Dristan lol
trash 46
trash 46 - 2 months ago
Tristan I’ve been watching you since you were a 10k
Koby Paul
Koby Paul - 2 months ago
How did u meet up with him
Triple- M
Triple- M - 2 months ago
I’d want to see the proffesor, T Jass, and Marcelas Howard all on a team and go three vs three in the hood
Ryder Elias
Ryder Elias - 2 months ago
You never said professor was here
Kto To
Kto To - 2 months ago
Есть русские?
CONNER ROBERTS - 2 months ago
That guy had jazz swag
Tekeon - 2 months ago
3:49 marcelas is not interested haha
Tekeon - 2 months ago
That day all basketball legends show up exept hot sauce
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