James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go (Official Music Video)

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Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia - 3 minutes ago
I always thought he was gifted and knew he had the voice to be successful but I never knew he'd have a video with a billion views. Extremely happy for him!
hello lo
hello lo - 57 minutes ago
Dewi Susianti
Dewi Susianti - Hour ago
Like the song from 🇮🇩 indonesia
enzo daren
enzo daren - Hour ago
who reapet this song 2020
Hey, I’m a die-hearted James Arthur fan. My name is James🙂.. I’m just here to ask you all to subscribe to my page🙂👊🏽
SN VMX - Hour ago
ลินลี่ อัง
2020 like
Kian mg
Kian mg - 2 hours ago
🤡🤡🤡 up miniminter
RandomDepressedKid - 3 hours ago
10 like and I will confess to my best friend that I love her
Carolina Mota
Carolina Mota - 3 hours ago
Ala Jędrzejewska
Ala Jędrzejewska - 3 hours ago
I'm crying..
Omar Espinoza
Omar Espinoza - 3 hours ago
Shantay Dennis
Shantay Dennis - 4 hours ago
november 2019 and i still love this song😭😭😭😢😢💯💞💕💘
Peter Be blessed
Peter Be blessed - 4 hours ago
Thinking of my very good friend I love most. He is the sunshine always!
Jarred McMerrick
Jarred McMerrick - 5 hours ago
James Arthur eats poo pass it on
liltbone22 - 5 hours ago
Look at this god damn wetty
Ahmed Nirob
Ahmed Nirob - 6 hours ago
I know i needed you but i never showed... :))
Thomas Winter
Thomas Winter - 8 hours ago
You’re a wetty
Jacky Martinez
Jacky Martinez - 9 hours ago
im not crying you are...
Daniel Purpera
Daniel Purpera - 10 hours ago
I literally just noticed who this was. Like I knew the guy from x factor and I this guy but it just clicked😂
RGTvlogs - 11 hours ago
🔥😍😍❤❤love from Nepal😍😍
georgeDA mouse
georgeDA mouse - 11 hours ago
My opinion does not mater but i dont like this song
Taylor L.
Taylor L. - 7 hours ago
😡😠well this song doesn't like you either😡😠
Kekoa Mauna Kea
Kekoa Mauna Kea - 11 hours ago
Outlaws arent allowed to send these types of love songs to their girl...its the judgement that hurts the most.
Zachary Simpson
Zachary Simpson - 12 hours ago
I luv this song can’t stop listening like
Pãul J
Pãul J - 12 hours ago
How does this have 1 billion view and I never heard of him or this song until Twitter
My Life
My Life - 12 hours ago
5000 likes and I’ll propose to the love of my life !!!
el legui
el legui - 12 hours ago
q sida
Lebron Jordan
Lebron Jordan - 12 hours ago
Good song, but he takes a MASSIVE L for trying to beef the Sidemen. STAY IN YOUR LANE PUSSY
Garrett Fish
Garrett Fish - 12 hours ago
James Arthur eats poo pass it on
sli ki
sli ki - 17 hours ago
I really like a guy who is a grade higher than me but I don’t know what to do and how to get in contact with him. Does anyone has a tip for me? (Im 16)
Taylor L.
Taylor L. - 7 hours ago
Tell him. Be yourself and if he doesn't like you than you shouldn't like him.
Memey - 18 hours ago
Absolute melt😘
sucfred photography
sucfred photography - 18 hours ago
Dresista - 18 hours ago
Wasn’t BRIGHTBURN trying to destroy the humanity?
Now he Sings and plays the Guitar? :O
GOE J O S U I T A - 18 hours ago
Hey, wat is brazil lake ?
MLP Rainbow
MLP Rainbow - 20 hours ago
The best song ever. That's the fact
Emely Gømëz
Emely Gømëz - 21 hour ago
Que Canción tan hermosa
Keke Paiva
Keke Paiva - 22 hours ago
😭😢o meu Deus
Rangel Beltran
Rangel Beltran - 23 hours ago
100 likes and I will tell my crush that I love her😍
kili 7
kili 7 - Day ago
itsimaneo - Day ago
sidemen all the way!
Mary Sophy
Mary Sophy - Day ago
Lol . I don't even know this song. To see that it already has 1b views, I am shocked.
Cali bts
Cali bts - Day ago
there was this time when i was with my boyfriend (which is now my ex) we were in a cab while this song was playing, the lyrics "just say you won't let go" he whispered it on my ear, I looked at him and said "I won't love, I won't." he answered "promise me though" of course I promised. HAHAHSHA cute huh? but look at us now, it's already a year since he broke up with me for the girl he told me not to worry about. :))
Just say you wouldn’t let go 🥰
Atuheire Blessed
Atuheire Blessed - Day ago
This will always be my best song of all times..... holds a lot of my best memories especially in 2017
Maria F.
Maria F. - Day ago
Such an easy life to imagine because we have all lived parts of it, and hoped it would lead to something so magical .. as long as we breathe, it's possible :) I'm hopeful even if I'm grey and old when I find it :)
Noble potato
Noble potato - Day ago
Who the fuk is that guy
 - Day ago
I am so sorry for putting my hands on you I hat my self for that I will never do that to you ok I am so sorry you just don't know how much I need you in my life and around me
 - Day ago
I don't know if I am going to say goodbye forever maybe are maybe not I just don't know yet but if you do hear a big bang you know what happens
Tadhagu ツ
Tadhagu ツ - Day ago
hey man are you ok
Ra8ecca_ - Day ago
Bloody nonce
Fauzi Senyo
Fauzi Senyo - Day ago
Wow... Congratulations 1m view the best👍💯
Ra8ecca_ - Day ago
1B you idiot
REVIVE - Day ago
I thought james arthur was mature but he's just one them cringe showoffs on social media what a clown
REVIVE - Hour ago
Thelosticecream I'm sorry I guess you didn't know how much of dick he is for going off on youtubers in which he could've just ignore and show off by saying he gets more money than them and shows a pic of his views on RUvideos then just runs away from an argument that he started so yeah pretty much your superior or idol is a clown
Thelosticecream - Hour ago
In reality you are the clown. You only judge people because you know you're worthless. James arthur is a loved songwriter by many. Quit judging people because they are in a relationship and you are not
kaitlyn hopper
kaitlyn hopper - Day ago
This song is so beautiful. The words are so deep and it really touches my soul.
Cidinei Iung
Cidinei Iung - Day ago
Leveltan? 🎼🎵
Addison Webb
Addison Webb - Day ago
Dude I knew this song but I truly did not know who this fucking dude is low-key
Otnzx5 Otnzx5
Otnzx5 Otnzx5 - Day ago
James Arthur eats poo
Pass it on
SwampieG - Day ago
eclips_Xexen - Day ago
1,000 likes in 1 week and i'll kiss my crush in front of my class
ajnewi - Day ago
This song is easy listening garbage and you’re a nonce.
Michael Hanna
Michael Hanna - Day ago
1 billion views and this is my first time hearing this song
M - Day ago
Bad words=0%
Naked girls=0%
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