I Love You All - Frank OST (Michael Fassbender)

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Electronic Adventures
Electronic Adventures - 16 days ago
A great portion of this movie was also inspired by Captain Beefheart when the Magic Band was holed up in a house in California recording Trout Mask Replica. Do yourselves a favor and look into the Captain.
Electronic Adventures
Electronic Adventures - 16 days ago
Found this DVD at a dollar store of all places....
Sean Reed
Sean Reed - Month ago
Love this movie and music
Mad Tobey
Mad Tobey - Month ago
3rd Gunman
3rd Gunman - Month ago
I love you all 3000
• Rxsaa •
• Rxsaa • - 4 months ago
This is lowkey kinda creepy...
robonaught - 7 months ago
Not Frank.....................if you've seen the proper film, you'll get it x
Joel's Jedsart
Joel's Jedsart - 7 months ago
The great thing about the song is your thinking he could be saying all yet when he starts it's wall so is it wall are we all the wall?
Valeck Verden
Valeck Verden - 8 months ago
I fucking love this movie
Jennifer Harrison
Jennifer Harrison - 8 months ago
I love you more C. y
Rory Bjorkman
Rory Bjorkman - 9 months ago
I thought he was saying .. I love you WALL cause he was looking at a wall when he started singing it hehe
Nik Novakovic
Nik Novakovic - Year ago
Great song
Enge Buren Michiel Bos
Enge Buren Michiel Bos
supergood song!
Lauren Arnold
Lauren Arnold - Year ago
His head looks better than the one I tried made for Halloween.
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker - Year ago
awesome song and movie too bad it took me this long to see it
Hartman - Year ago
Норм чувак)
Oldboy -
Oldboy - - 2 years ago
I wish this band was real, I love this movie, the actors should make albums and tour as this band!
코코아 - 2 years ago
사랑해 패스벤더♡
An yee
An yee - 2 years ago
I cried
Руслан Абдулин
Were nice music
Alejandro Quiroga
Alejandro Quiroga - 2 years ago
Es como Morrison cantando con la cadencia de Ian Curtis
Android España
Android España - 2 years ago
Marco Vinas
Marco Vinas - 2 years ago
I Don't have words to xpress my feelings right now.
Jose Lucas Alves
Jose Lucas Alves - 2 years ago
Jose Lucas Alves
Jose Lucas Alves - 2 years ago
One of the best performances of Fassbender, and his face only appears in the last minutes, he has a excellent physicality.
Aubrey the Butcher Pig
Aubrey the Butcher Pig - 2 years ago
Did he say I love you all or I love your Wall?
Wacked Studio
Wacked Studio - 3 years ago
If you liked the movie consider checking our video essay on Frank :)
Doga Can Sayilkan
Doga Can Sayilkan - 3 years ago
Great singing but who wrote this song this is important because song is beautiful
If Michael Fassbender did this he should continue
MikSane - 3 years ago
so good
Neon Scott
Neon Scott - 3 years ago
i find this inspiring
qetoun - 3 years ago
Trump needs to play this when the US-Mexican wall goes up!
Sarah McMullan
Sarah McMullan - 3 years ago
(By the way, we had Franks head for work (one of them) absolute nightmare. You could see and hear sweet F.A in that thing!
Sarah McMullan
Sarah McMullan - 3 years ago
(And Jon who's gone from innocent to jealous bystander to star of the show has FINALLY learned enough to know it's not about him; it's not his story. He was just a chapter, a character passing through. So he sits, and watches the natural order of things be restored, and he leaves to find his own life and his own place.
Frank doesn't need Big Frank anymore.
Jon doesn't need Frank.
davidsomerset - 3 years ago
Perfectly put, Sarah!
Sarah McMullan
Sarah McMullan - 3 years ago
Frank finds his way back to the one place where he nearly fits - through the music - and doesn't know how to apologise or ask for forgiveness or tell them how he feels or what he wants or what he needs, so he just opens his heart and sings. And his voice and his tears and his body say more than the words, though those words say so much too.
And the band, stony faced, say nothing. Just step aside and let him take his place amongst them again. Where he belongs. Home. And its a beautiful beautiful moment of recognition and acceptance, and it gets me everytime.
All anybody wants is to be understood.
davidsomerset - 3 years ago
Well said.
Sammy Sours
Sammy Sours - 3 years ago
My new favorite film! Very warming scene when Frank sings this in the bar. Thanks for posting this! I'm prolly gonna rock this everyday! Is this soing original to the film?
Liam - 3 years ago
Fiddly digits, itchy bridges
findusuli - 3 years ago
I couldn't help but think of Pink Floyd
Victo The Gypsy
Victo The Gypsy - 3 years ago
Me on stone temple pilots :D
Lupe - 3 years ago
They should've skipped the slight autotune here, sounds a lot better in the movie.
cable wire
cable wire - 3 years ago
I thought he was saying I love you wall
Błażej - 2 years ago
cho hyunseo he is
BNG - 3 years ago
he say it
Peter Cowie
Peter Cowie - 3 years ago
nothing to do with Frank ...fucking BOBBIN'S.....
davidsomerset - 3 years ago
It's actually got EVERYTHING to do with Frank Sidebottom: The individual in society, etc. This Frank is a flipside. It's art. Frank would appreciate that.
E.R R.E - 3 years ago
PLS we NEED more music like this one !!
Michael Abreu
Michael Abreu - 3 years ago
I NEED more music like this.
Ciao Ciao
Ciao Ciao - 3 years ago
Michael i love you
onomatopee Lateste
onomatopee Lateste - 3 years ago
this changes all/a lot....Brilliant !!!
Ugi Ocean
Ugi Ocean - 3 years ago
Is there anything this man can't do? Too much talent Mr.Fassbender
DastardlyCrook - 3 years ago
Movie version is better IMO.. You can hear Michael's rough emotion through his voice and he goes higher on the 'all' of 'I love you all'. This version sounds kinda drab -_-
Jonas Bergmansson
Jonas Bergmansson - Year ago
The movie version is on the soundtrack album if you want to check it out!
Maham Khattak
Maham Khattak - 3 years ago
+DastardlyCrook exactly!
Jörgen Geesink
Jörgen Geesink - 3 years ago
If I die, I want this on my funeral
Samad Noor
Samad Noor - 2 months ago
Funny how even after we die, these comments will remain here! In a way we will always remain alive!
Nobody Special
Nobody Special - Year ago
Die with this head on!
Manye Büchel
Manye Büchel - 2 years ago
Nice one, I agree...The fact that there is a Beginning and an End is just a concept seeded into your mind by society. YOU are Constant, Continuous, Infinite, Energy and Energy never ends. It TRANSFORMS.
Milo Čestmír
Milo Čestmír - 3 years ago
@Mariana Rodriguez :)))
Violett Bellerose
Violett Bellerose - 3 years ago
Well, yeah but he should be fine... unless a vampire hunter is reading this :ooooo
Victoria Golston
Victoria Golston - 3 years ago
Geez oh peeaze that minor second.
I love you all :)
Alexander Laurence
Alexander Laurence - 3 years ago
Adonai - 3 years ago
carolinehunterrock - 3 years ago
Does Fassbender really sing in this? o.O wow.
Jorge Murcia
Jorge Murcia - 3 years ago
yes, he does
xcube666 - 3 years ago
lea rodriguez
lea rodriguez - 3 years ago
wow he sounds like Sinatra...this sounds literally ke something Dracula of sesame St would sing...
PANTA Music - 3 years ago
+lea rodriguez Sinatra? More like Morrison
Jorge Hernández
Jorge Hernández - 3 years ago
as she does wear the shirt never removes his mask?
Alex23karma - 3 years ago
This song is perfect!
Jan Stanfill
Jan Stanfill - 4 years ago
love to trip on this song!! lol so great!
BaileysMariner - 4 years ago
If you look at the scene, Frank turns away from the band when he says the line for the first time.
I think the implication is that Frank is actually saying "I love you wall", in his improvisational, inspirational way, which then turns in to "I love you all" as the song progresses.
Tom Hardy Lover
Tom Hardy Lover - Year ago
Thank U, Sherlock!
Patrick Koenigsfeld
Patrick Koenigsfeld - 4 years ago
Genius employs the close at hand. -Joyce Carol Oates.
Hubert Shitmeyer
Hubert Shitmeyer - 4 years ago
+BaileysMariner he says "i love YOUR wall" - makes sense while he gazes at the pubs illuminated decorated wall. both the movie frank and chris sieveys frank often merely made shit up from what they encountered. pure genius, he is bitterly missed.
Simon Official
Simon Official - 4 years ago
I love this movie i want the sequel !!!! U know if they make IT in future?
Emre Turkmen
Emre Turkmen - 4 years ago
İ heard his voice first time and his voice is wonderful, even much better than the other singers:)))
Jarkko Lounatvuori
Jarkko Lounatvuori - 4 years ago
wow. lol. @ com
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