Let the MAJOR Lamborghini Aventador Mods begin!!

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Gene Eggleston
Gene Eggleston - 4 days ago
No ferarie
Eric Bichel
Eric Bichel - 14 days ago
The r8 looks good like this
Anthony M Ochoa R
Anthony M Ochoa R - 17 days ago
creeper bro
creeper bro - 25 days ago
Love Lamborghini mods!!!!!!!!😎😎😎
MaCH - Month ago
why did he say aston martin like a proper british person
Keshav Ohri
Keshav Ohri - Month ago
Can you put wrap of Crome blue on Lambergani
Ayman Mohammed
Ayman Mohammed - Month ago
Love the outro
Eeli Keränen
Eeli Keränen - Month ago
Wtf I haven't watched ur videos for A while and I have missed the sickest mods I have been waiting for the Aventador. Those are the stuff id have on my Aventador if I could afford one.. SIIIIICCKK!!
Courtney King
Courtney King - Month ago
You sounded SO BRITISH when you said “Aston Martin” the first time 😅😍🔥
Courtney King
Courtney King - Month ago
ECH World 💚 Ohh that’s cool 😅 I’m so oblivious to things like that lmao x
ECH World
ECH World - Month ago
He was trying to sound like James bond
Mustafa Khan
Mustafa Khan - Month ago
How did you buy Osker
Evan Scalo
Evan Scalo - 2 months ago
the color is white
Malgorzata Wota
Malgorzata Wota - 2 months ago
Shave your armpits
Jonhy Wishbone
Jonhy Wishbone - 2 months ago
What is the bread of osker
NIC Games
NIC Games - 2 months ago
Not a hater love ur vids but u were leaving someone to unpack ur stuff again not a hater
Brandy Hansen
Brandy Hansen - 2 months ago
Give me a YouTube or 60 mph on light
Snz Abraham
Snz Abraham - 2 months ago
What breed is Oskar?
Sahil Dwivedi
Sahil Dwivedi - 2 months ago
Can I get a final pic of Aventador
haris Jan Hari's hernandez
When you have a crate again can you deliver the empty crater my house
CoolPlayz920 - 2 months ago
Oskar is cute and i will give a gift in oscar
CoolPlayz920 - 2 months ago
Oskar is cute😀😀😀😀😀🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Scott Strong
Scott Strong - 2 months ago
James, you should join this forum for local off-roading and join a monthly ride in the Jeep. https://www.rme4x4.com/
Pearce Powers
Pearce Powers - 2 months ago
Every time he looks at it he says wow
Sohan - 2 months ago
dude sell everything and Buy lamborghini aventador SVJ,,,,,
matt lentz
matt lentz - 2 months ago
Or blow it up omg love that
Illuminati Dde
Illuminati Dde - 2 months ago
Shave your armpit man it's gross
Blizz DaYeti
Blizz DaYeti - 2 months ago
Bring your dogs dog cage in your Lamborghini aventador and take him for a small drive
T T - 2 months ago
Dude do yourself a favour and buy that freaking GT3 RS!!!!
Gingerplay _
Gingerplay _ - 2 months ago
Hunter Sash
Hunter Sash - 2 months ago
You should put a liberaty walk body kit on the aventador
rahul jain
rahul jain - 2 months ago
Please stop doing 🤦
Scott Polston
Scott Polston - 2 months ago
Do the job I have you will get abs I promise
Bmw760i - 2 months ago
wow this kid is annoying
Marcos Guiardinu Vlogs
Marcos Guiardinu Vlogs - 2 months ago
what happened to the baby Mac
Nabeel Arshad
Nabeel Arshad - 2 months ago
anyone else remember that ford gt from NFS II SE?
No? No 90's kids here?
Ezmo - 2 months ago
crazyhatdance - 2 months ago
Brake pads soon at 8mm? How fast do they go?
Brutus 632
Brutus 632 - 2 months ago
Hey everyone please check out AutoVlogs quick cash grab scheme he is running and report it!!! He just strung everyone along saying he was GIVING away a 2011 Mercedes to a lucky SUB.....only to now find out he's requiring everyone PURCHASE a $21 "pro membership" to his new website in order to be entered......so if just .01% of his 460K subs falls for this, he makes an easy $80,000.00 +!!! Aren't there federal laws in place to keep people from doing this? Didn't Stradman have a rough time regarding all the laws when giving away his prize legitimately?
Sammy Weber
Sammy Weber - 2 months ago
I want ur autographhh
Bladen Murray
Bladen Murray - 2 months ago
Liam Angello
Liam Angello - 2 months ago
james instal a supercharger in the aventedor
Liam Angello
Liam Angello - 2 months ago
you shouid instal a carbon fiber trunck and a carbin fiber dashbord
Liam Angello
Liam Angello - 2 months ago
the wheels are probubly orange or carbin fiber
Landrover Lover166
Landrover Lover166 - 2 months ago
Plz subscribe to Unicorn lily, Exotic Yt and Me
Nezzy Miranda
Nezzy Miranda - 2 months ago
how many cars do TheStrandman HAVE ???
WinGz 2op
WinGz 2op - 2 months ago
Buy him a bigger cage and give him something to play with
spadgm - 2 months ago
Those parts are sick!
Christian Empleo
Christian Empleo - 2 months ago
Buy uy lamborghini aventador SZ ♡! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Christian Empleo
Christian Empleo - 2 months ago
I love the aventodor😀
Christian Empleo
Christian Empleo - 2 months ago
hamid malik
hamid malik - 2 months ago
OMG the Porsches at the end
Taite Paradise
Taite Paradise - 2 months ago
what breed is oksar
Evren Isik
Evren Isik - 2 months ago
Oskar is so cute better than any other dog in the world
Robin Cregan
Robin Cregan - 2 months ago
Why you got a lame dog for little girls? Fucking horrible fluffy thing.
ECH World
ECH World - Month ago
Leave that cute dog alone het anout your buiessnes
AAC VLOGZ - 2 months ago
I went gym today
ECH World
ECH World - 2 months ago
999% he wont see this
YouTube Gamer
YouTube Gamer - 2 months ago
UMMMM...…. SO what happened to Courtney and you????????????
trevor jr2
trevor jr2 - 2 months ago
I was thinking about oskibox as the winner but he hasn't subscribed so we will have to see
trevor jr2
trevor jr2 - 2 months ago
I've also extended the tube away the $1000 or the £1000 so there's 5 days left
trevor jr2
trevor jr2 - 2 months ago
Subscribe to me if u think strandman is great
abitoutofsorts - 2 months ago
Yes, yes you should add a Ferrari
Levi Guwap
Levi Guwap - 2 months ago
Strad you have a great blank canvas to achieve gains looks like you have near 0% body fat so you’re going to see results ASAP like
rajeev kk
rajeev kk - 2 months ago
Can you make a video pls about your Lamborghini Aventador
Sta Power
Sta Power - 2 months ago
Where is your next video?
I want to see you and oskar
Crazy Samurai
Crazy Samurai - 2 months ago
Can u review on India new super hyper car Named DC TCA its none like other
Shrek Wazowski
Shrek Wazowski - 2 months ago
When the Tesla roadster comes out, YOU GET IT OR I UNSUBSCRIBE!
floydbumby - 2 months ago
DUDE! you need to start making more content!
Ryan Nichols
Ryan Nichols - 2 months ago
nice armpit shot bro, I could make like a wool coat out of your bush
Kayitah Rose
Kayitah Rose - 2 months ago
Get a Ferrari please
Jman Rocks
Jman Rocks - 2 months ago
Get the vantage sell the r8
BridgerTV - 2 months ago
BRO I LIVE RIGHT BY YOU!! In the bluffs apartments!! Let me know if you wanna go workout at VASA with me man! I could give you some tips and stuff!!
Danish Rasool/SICAS Boys
Danish Rasool/SICAS Boys - 2 months ago
shave your arm pits
Jason Cope
Jason Cope - 2 months ago
When is the aventador mods going to be done, waiting for you to drop the vid
zach cruz
zach cruz - 2 months ago
your dog is so cute
Ben Powell
Ben Powell - 2 months ago
He has so many cars. Jesus
SMG Diecast Review
SMG Diecast Review - 2 months ago
Upload next video Man👀
Shashikant Sharma
Shashikant Sharma - 2 months ago
God bless you man and your cars you are awesome
Jeremy Anderson
Jeremy Anderson - 2 months ago
My 6 y/o son has realized that he has Gallardo Hotwheels just like yours and his eyes light up just like mine did when I hung my first Lamborghini poster in my bedroom. Thanks for keeping your content clean so I can watch with him. 👍🏻
Yousif Mustafa
Yousif Mustafa - 2 months ago
Put the purple wrap on Oskar!!
You should buy the Aston Martin v12
Christopher McHenry
Christopher McHenry - 2 months ago
Hey James. Love your YouTube videos and was wondering if you could do one on the new Bugatti La Voiture Noire? The owner is Ferdinand Piech, former chairman of Volkswagen Group, which owns the Bugatti brand. As you probably know, there was only 1 of these cars made and it cost £16.7 million Euros or $19 million USD. From reading the article I really couldn't tell what the primary differences were that would make the Noire cost $16 million USD more than the Chiron when they are made of similar materials. Any help would be appreciated as always.
Azwad Eram
Azwad Eram - 2 months ago
Please put a spoiler on your aventedor . Thats the only thing missing
Clave Sancio
Clave Sancio - 2 months ago
Hi sir your car is very cool :')
Hope someday i can have a car like that:')
Im from philippines
Omar Ibarra
Omar Ibarra - 2 months ago
you should make longer videos
Sergius Parra
Sergius Parra - 2 months ago
You should RWD convert the r8 or gallardo! #SUPERDONUTS
Best Fortnite Builders
Best Fortnite Builders - 2 months ago
Where did he get the carbon fiber parts?
Teen XD
Teen XD - 2 months ago
Godzilla DA Monster
Godzilla DA Monster - 2 months ago
Dat armpit hair
Peydon7777 - 2 months ago
His name is oskar not oskee
Taden Fix
Taden Fix - 2 months ago
Lamborghini looks amazing just saying you should give her some more horses
Falcon Fleet
Falcon Fleet - 2 months ago
Think of a sentence that has 0 e’s reply below
Launch Control
ForgotUsername - 2 months ago
dang it i was hopping for a lb body kit
Jhovaine Burton
Jhovaine Burton - 2 months ago
What is the name of this place [ THE GARAGE ] where they put on your lambo mods because its LIT!!!!!!11
ps. I nees to know the name please
T4gerine W0lvs
T4gerine W0lvs - 2 months ago
*ok.. I figured out that..the stradman is starting to flex on us?????*
TERRYNL - 2 months ago
You definitely should buy a ferrari, i think it will be a nice add on to your collection
Gamer Fast boy
Gamer Fast boy - 2 months ago
I like the aventedor alot it will look better with carbon fiber mods
Gamer Fast boy
Gamer Fast boy - 2 months ago
It will look killer I need to see it in person
Dendrin Nomad
Dendrin Nomad - 2 months ago
Colon-airy courses ? :'D
The World Traveller
The World Traveller - 2 months ago
2020 is so close! Only 9 months.
The World Traveller
The World Traveller - 2 months ago
2020 is so close! Only 9 months.
Jay Jones
Jay Jones - 2 months ago
Oscar needs a larger cage:(
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