32 MINUTES OF FITZ | Fitz Compilation

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Zmachine - 10 months ago
11:54 dis is insane how he raps with the music
NeonNinja .rżr
NeonNinja .rżr - 4 months ago
Fitz da rapper
drep meg
drep meg - 4 months ago
he likes pepsi omg thank you
Nick _
Nick _ - 5 months ago
Subscribe to pewdiepie
Grant R
Grant R - 10 months ago
Elektrotehnik - 10 months ago
DDZTC lol - 10 months ago
Dude fucked up when he tried to rap battle fitz
PlaysHockey - 10 months ago
50k views in 1 day wtf
ZBloody Chain
ZBloody Chain - 10 months ago
Guys what is the word that broke the script
Zmachine - 10 months ago
11:32 is also good
do i care? no
do i care? no - 11 months ago
I hope that if I ever get high I'll be as funny as Swagger omfg
Francesco Penguini
Francesco Penguini - 11 months ago
26:46 how did you know!!!
Stuart The Turtle
Stuart The Turtle - 11 months ago
5:13 would be the best bit for swagger to shout "THE NUTS" XD
Paddy Fennell
Paddy Fennell - 11 months ago
Guys i need help i cant find the video where fitz is talking about being a prostitute and the guy leans in and whispers we're sisters now ive been looking for ages
Caleb Legend
Caleb Legend - 11 months ago
first 12 minutes(im commenting as I go) ive seen more than once didn't laugh
Joshua Kapechuk
Joshua Kapechuk - 11 months ago
The person who discovered milk just said: ITS 1884 AND I'M SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO COWS
hobo - 11 months ago
cheesesauce - 11 months ago
Why did the music become Aldin when swagger rapped
[GR] Nikos
[GR] Nikos - 11 months ago
Can someone explain the arnold clock joke to me? I dont get it
KushWizard420 - 11 months ago
[GR] Nikos the original was he wanted to see time fly but the ending was just changed to be as offensive as possible
SpilZ Trippy
SpilZ Trippy - 11 months ago
nice dude
Jacob Ziegel
Jacob Ziegel - 11 months ago
I miss the old days of fitz and swagger playing csgo
pooppro playz
pooppro playz - 11 months ago
Hi fits
quilf - 11 months ago
Sempiternal - 11 months ago
That part with Swagger screaming starting at 4:58 killed me! lmao
Jonathan Leverett
Jonathan Leverett - 11 months ago
Hey I love your vids
4loko Jayy
4loko Jayy - 11 months ago
Video would be so better if the curses weren't bleeped
James Meme
James Meme - 11 months ago
deez nuts
GM clan
GM clan - 11 months ago
Hellllll yea beautiful vid
Troxxeh's Life
Troxxeh's Life - 11 months ago
another one fuck yeah!
A Simple Joe
A Simple Joe - 11 months ago
Who's the guy in the 1st clip who was talking about slamming his mic , I love his voice lol
K T - 11 months ago
Well this was fucking fulfilling
Fire Blazer777
Fire Blazer777 - 11 months ago
sad star
sad star - 11 months ago
t h e n u t s .
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