Who Is Pete Buttigieg and Why Is He Killing It in the Polls? | The Daily Show

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Maverick Rider
Maverick Rider - 3 hours ago
Here is what Pete Buttigieg has done for South Bend Indiana.
As a liberal socialist this all he can bring to the entire United States.
South Bend is ugly, one in eight houses are vacant and boarded up. There used to be some beautiful houses on the west side, but they're mostly abandoned or trashed now.
One of the worst economies in the entire state with higher overall unemployment numbers and far lower average wage income.
One of the worst places to start a company in the entire country.
South Bend is very business unfriendly; it has the highest taxes in the state, more than doubled the local income tax in one year.
South Bend boasts an extremely high crime rate, 98% of communities in Indiana have a lower crime rate than South Bend, Indiana. The south and west sides are full of crackheads and welfare moochers.
I don’t care what he sticks up his buttt, he has no business in any political office, especially National Policy priorities.
Buttigieg is another DNC one trick pony loser..........................
Discover Lexi
Discover Lexi - Day ago
As a fellow Hooiser who lives about 2 hours away I immediately fell in love with the guy. He's got my vote
david Hale
david Hale - Day ago
He is a fudge packer , POS !!
Jay Euskadi
Jay Euskadi - Day ago
He can't be a millennial if he's 37
Matthew - Day ago
Omg he’s so good
Crabby !
Crabby ! - Day ago
*Peter Buttag the mayor of Indianapolis*
John Cameron
John Cameron - Day ago
Obviously there are a lot of people who think the presidency is a school yard play ground and actually think it is ok that we have a homo president. While I would never want any abuse of anyone who is gay but in this case we need to clear our heads. I do not understand what causes people to be gay but I know this. The prime objective of every living creature from bacteria to whales and everything in between including us is to reproduce. So if you have a person attempting that with the same sex then it is clear the wiring of these individuals is crossed. They are in my opinion defective. The white house is not a place for emotionally and mentally defective person like budjudge.
TioteProdsTV - Day ago
#yang2020 ❣️
Nakki S
Nakki S - 2 days ago
He gave me calcium for my bones 😂😂😂
AC FireWriter
AC FireWriter - 2 days ago
Imagine him debating with Trump... there would be no competition.
Skip White
Skip White - 2 days ago
you people fail to understand that this guy is totally against every single thing that Trump is doing. How the fuck is that a good thing. He has no plan for the economy. He is for helping the poor and lazy people of this country with social programs, at the tax payers expense. He is for open boarders more or less. He no business sense. He's way to young also
James Niedermeyer
James Niedermeyer - 2 days ago
He's a douche nozzle
MANUEL Huaman - 3 days ago
Ladys and gentleman the anticrhist
Elias Nkosi
Elias Nkosi - 3 days ago
All the way from south Africa i really enjoy Daily Show
Prince Gumbo
Prince Gumbo - 4 days ago
There you have it folks unless someone rigs the elections or buys votes Mayor Peete is gone be president for 2020 🤷‍♂️
Andrea Zakrocki
Andrea Zakrocki - 5 days ago
Dude is a ignorant piece of shit he lies about everything he said Southbend is not a dying City I'm from South Bend we have so much problem with crime and violence shootings constantly dude is a piece of work do not want him as president
Richard Mendell
Richard Mendell - 5 days ago
Mayor of my town
Gnome Queen
Gnome Queen - 5 days ago
I like him!
El Serg
El Serg - 5 days ago
I wonder if he is Top or Buttom? From the polls 😉😂
4c1dr3fl3x - 5 days ago
Mayor Booty Judge is Judging Your Booty, and he is unimpressed
Justin Stalbaum
Justin Stalbaum - 5 days ago
I like Pete I just wish he had policies and wasn't an established dem
Bryan Zafra
Bryan Zafra - 7 days ago
hahaha!!! i love u trevor! i love u buttigieg! 😎😎😎
Arlene Tognetti
Arlene Tognetti - 7 days ago
And Mr. Pete is a great guy, he has been and seen everything from the Military Service, a Rhode Scholar, Gay and been a Mayor and fights for Our Rights All Our Rights. He is multi lingual. Like Trevor said Mr. Pete is pretty much the exact opposite of Donald Trump. Got It Trevor is spot on!
Arlene Tognetti
Arlene Tognetti - 7 days ago
We love the Daily Show and Trevor We give a shout out from the NW Seattle/Tacoma! Keep going Trevor!
Charlie Hobin
Charlie Hobin - 7 days ago
Now this guy is epic
Desirable Jodie
Desirable Jodie - 7 days ago
some bobby vibe, not dems worst option. USS Pete Buttigieg nuclear supercarrier would be cool.
Andy P. Hoffman
Andy P. Hoffman - 7 days ago
He has no policies.
4c1dr3fl3x - 5 days ago
Not lighting the country on fire and then playing the fiddle seems like a pretty solid policy now, though, don't it?
ENews - 7 days ago
*I would vote for him! Not just because he speaks and reads arabic! But he is a vet!*
Aryaman Sharma
Aryaman Sharma - 5 days ago
damn is there no end to how unique he is?
Blue Crow
Blue Crow - 7 days ago
America is still populated with uneducated, biased, bigots. This'll be a hard fight to win presidency, but I hope he does win.
eat a sandwich
eat a sandwich - 8 days ago
If you people seriously choose this guy over bernie idk what to say to you... Atleast hes nice though
April does weird stuff
April does weird stuff - 8 days ago
I'm from South Bend Indiana. Oh almost forgot he is a really cool guy and l want to meet him and be like him
Bobon Meiknob
Bobon Meiknob - 8 days ago
Much respect for Buttigieg for telling the truth about the democratic party in his Vegas speech, they will destroy him for it. :-/
Gabsters - 9 days ago
Wow very likeable. What about his policies?
CRUSHFACTORPC - 9 days ago
Joel Ovalles Libertario
Donal trump President of the United States for a country better 2020th
Hans Lennros
Hans Lennros - 9 days ago
Russia will make huge and strenuous efforts to make Pete Butt President
Pranav Sreeram
Pranav Sreeram - 10 days ago
Andrew Yang: do I even exist?
green yoshi gamer gaming,vlogs,and more dumb stuff
Hmmmm..what's up with this Indiana mayor??! I might need to check this out!!
myFElovemimi - 10 days ago
Can you have an interview with Andrew Yang as well please!! He has amazing ideas.
Guess Who
Guess Who - 10 days ago
Anyone notice that Pete looks just like Chelsey Mannings twin? Right down to the chin dimple!
Steven Webster
Steven Webster - 10 days ago
Daniel Kokal
Daniel Kokal - 10 days ago
sorry, but Buttigieg will not be accepted by progs or mainstream dems.... DNC has already chosen Uncle Sniffy as the nominee anyway.
anne anne
anne anne - 13 days ago
Damn Trevor, tell us what you really think? Push Biden, Mayor Pete won't ever win, how about some insight into the other runners. Have Bernie or Warren on.
princess ann
princess ann - 13 days ago
I didn't believe Americans voted for 🎺 🎺 sucha an #di@@
Gay? No wonder he looks handsome
Soren Nilsen
Soren Nilsen - 14 days ago
Man, I like Trevor Noah, I really do, but this dude has just become so boring. He needs new writers.
Emily Ye
Emily Ye - 14 days ago
hey hey hey asians love those little ass white dogs too
Hà Trần
Hà Trần - 14 days ago
Hey!! trump can be fluent in American. What you see from his tweets aren't English spelling errors, they're American.
Brandon Jean-François
Brandon Jean-François - 15 days ago
Vote for mayor pete
Adriel Sjahfiedin
Adriel Sjahfiedin - 15 days ago
Honestly, I think we need to have a president who is willing to reach groups of people even if they speak different languages. I think Pete Buttigieg is the person who best fit the position.
humming bird
humming bird - 15 days ago
He exemplify American Academic excellence. Plus, served in the military with bone spurs and all....Yep look at that ...a responsible millennial. I am voting for pete.
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson - 15 days ago
WHAT R HIS POLICIES and this show is lame
Abdul-Wahid da Costa
Abdul-Wahid da Costa - 15 days ago
I'm sorry. But Trump is fluent in bullshit
Jeff B
Jeff B - 15 days ago
I’m 13 and I miss he days of good candidates. This is a stark reminder of what is possible
Ke Chambre
Ke Chambre - 16 days ago
You know dam well they will not let this man be president. Ya'll need to wake up finally and realize if a umm.."man" like Trump can be president clearly someone is pulling strings behind the scenes ...and it ain't gon change unless we get stop with the same ole' routine. Trump will win again and we as a nation will have to repent for ALL of our ways of face total destruction. Trump is just the whisper, his second term will be a shout.
Nunya Biznes
Nunya Biznes - 16 days ago
Mayor Pete buttface howdy doody
A S - 16 days ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORKuZXo_sLk He is certainly smart enough to double speak when asked why he has no policy
aerodog2 - 16 days ago
AND, I hear he can suck the Black off your Tire !
A S - 16 days ago
He is a centrist. If you want the democratic party to keep moving to the right and prefer to vote for an inexperienced man, then by all means vote for Pete. Seven years as a mayor of a small city. Veteran? The ROTC program is amazing...it pays your way through college and allows you to serve as an officer and basically do desk duty wherever you are - I know, my brother benefited from this program. Transformed Bend? He gentrified it and made it business friendly. Yes he is educated. So are all those in the running. Is that all we are asking for?
blue X
blue X - 16 days ago
Pete for president
Yuhsuan Liu
Yuhsuan Liu - 16 days ago
Have anyone notices that he' wears a simple white shirt with a blue tie most of the time without a blazer? that makes him appear more young, less bureaucratic and trustworthy to me.
Trent Mitchell
Trent Mitchell - 16 days ago
is he is a maltese buttigieg is a maltese surname the small island of malta grows up eveen in america yesss
Shin Lin
Shin Lin - 16 days ago
Butt Plug Pete is HOMOSEXUAL. End of story.
Shin Lin
Shin Lin - 13 days ago
+Anabelle Doll How is Butt Plug Pete more successful than I am? You are clueless.
Anabelle Doll
Anabelle Doll - 16 days ago
Ok and? He's more successful than you ever will be.
Lucy Ar
Lucy Ar - 17 days ago
Great show Trevor. Keep track of Pete he looks like a viable candidate.
Tajne RO
Tajne RO - 17 days ago
A gay man with a last name Butt-i-gieg (butt gig?!) and a mayor of South Bend.... Hmm LOL 😂
Alfonso Diagro
Alfonso Diagro - 17 days ago
He doesn't have dirt because he's not a rich old man
PE CHA - 17 days ago
Americans, you guys were lucky to be born in the richest country in the world. But your quality of life is nowhere near a lot of other first world countries, and yet you have the pontetial to have the best quality of life in the world, way above Norway. But it will never happen if you keep electing neoliberals like Buttigieg or Trump, ever.
Dagooch23 - 17 days ago
Because the MEDIA wants him to kill it in the polls...so they skew the polls.
Nikhil Munde Patil
Nikhil Munde Patil - 17 days ago
Wow amazing guy ! Look amazing handsome talented reader speaker great achiever .seems he is next president and all women die hard to vote him but he gay...omg first gay usa president
aerodog2 - 16 days ago
Second. You forgot Obama.
blidwina - 17 days ago
Not an American, but holy smokes he has awesome achievements, wish I could vote for him. The US, good luck next year & vote for some1 better this time...not that orange pls.
TACIII - 18 days ago
Okay he’s resume is pretty cool, but I’m still for Andrew Yang or Tulsi Gabbard.
Leah Luck
Leah Luck - 18 days ago
It’s disgusting how so many people in this comment section hate him merely for the fact that he’s gay. It’s 2019 let’s calm down
Ana Maldonado
Ana Maldonado - 18 days ago
Others ask but Pete Buttigieg doesn’t think is too young.
I don’t get that question, change the constitution then, not joking seriously It says 35 years old to be president but apparently that’s a problem for most.
What can anybody (not just Buttigieg) humanly possible do to qualify at 35? 🤷🏻‍♀️?
And I suggest a limit up too, actually I beg you, perhaps 70 at the most.
Ana Maldonado
Ana Maldonado - 18 days ago
White peoples is impressed? Only? Hope not.
black starz
black starz - 18 days ago
Hes not as great as you think he is when you look at his polices. BERNIE 2020
Åshild Johansen
Åshild Johansen - 18 days ago
Imagine that he becomes president and some years later kids in history class learning his name...
awe - 18 days ago
BernieTulsi 2020 or green. No more neoliberal shit.
Irma Cobian
Irma Cobian - 18 days ago
I love this episode!!!
Joshua Quintanilla
Joshua Quintanilla - 19 days ago
Scabby Greg 04:10
The Galactic Galaxy
The Galactic Galaxy - 19 days ago
He seems to be centrist so I’m paying attention. I’m Tired of all the far left people who can’t take in others opinions.
MAX POWERS - 19 days ago
I don’t know this guy seems pretty milk toast I would rather have Bernie Sanders
Moneybagbandz - 19 days ago
He's an establishment candidate. He's got big money donors backing him, that's why he's so popular. You'll get Obama 2.0 with this guy. Really articulate, smart, but in the end doesn't get anything done. Vote for real change.
J.J. - 19 days ago
Supports Compulsory national service, gentrification/displacement of the poor in Southbend, says no to tuition free higher education, "troubled" by whistleblowing heros and Obama's Chelsea Manning commutation, pro military complex, blames Palestinians for their apartheid, backed off true single payer Medicare for all, stated open to corporate cash.... The list goes on. Progressive?......No thank you!
Pro Bliss
Pro Bliss - 19 days ago
Other less popular independent news channels were able to find a high amount dirt on Pete.....
The Humanist Report
Secular Talk
Minority Report
Nicholas Kuhne
Nicholas Kuhne - 19 days ago
Poor old Trevor getting his lines read out to him...04:11, first time I've seen that on the daily show
Tiffany Swift
Tiffany Swift - 19 days ago
A promising star,you can see the American dream in him,and he could really restore the credibility of America, well educated,a down-to-earth attitude and practical.
Weird Al Yankovic
Weird Al Yankovic - 19 days ago
Buttigieg is a snake. He is an establishment tool and is the only 2020 democratic candidate other than Biden that accepts corporate PAC money from donors like Wall Street and Big Pharma. He's just as bad if not worse than a Hillary Clinton or a Mitt Romney
Ichsan Nurzaman
Ichsan Nurzaman - 19 days ago
He sounds.......empty. You know, eloquent speech with barely any specific content. Look beyond his identity and resume, its a smokescreen. Criticize the content and policy. Check his empty website for more content anyway
Persiansweetcat1 - 19 days ago
Compare that to the current president, who has read zero books and is fluent in zero languages! Loool
Wislex - 19 days ago
Smarty mc smart grin is a suit with very little intend for change of the American status quo pre-Trump. Sanders and Yanggang have actual substance to them. Facts first then likability, that's your lesson murricah
Daz 008
Daz 008 - 20 days ago
Ahh another kiss ass show. Oooh your sooooo amazing. Love love p, kiss kiss, hug, let me ask you a tough question, nope just kidding we all agree with u, sooo great you are. Please bring back Jon Stewart
Cantara Bella
Cantara Bella - 20 days ago
Butt-tag? That is just lazy. 😂
Jonathan F
Jonathan F - 20 days ago
No Thank You, I will pass on Pete for sure!!!
Pg Gp
Pg Gp - 20 days ago
Havent heard any concrete policies from him (then again almost no one has laid out there policies yet) but still will wait to formulate a political opinion on him
nessa thomas
nessa thomas - 20 days ago
Right, they never needed to do south bend like that .. im from south bend
Patrick Jenkins
Patrick Jenkins - 20 days ago
🗿 And, to top it off...Pete's kinda cute. That never hurts❗🙄
Chãfïe Røss
Chãfïe Røss - 20 days ago
Harvey specter : the more they look clean, the more they have dead bodies in the closet. Just saying...
Annette Posante
Annette Posante - 20 days ago
RealTebs - 20 days ago
Defend Michael Jackson from what? don't take other people's agendas Trevor
Ricky Disco
Ricky Disco - 20 days ago
Please, Please, Please do not be fooled by this guy, ANOTHER FAKE PROGRESSIVE! Pete Buttigiege who apparently qualifies as a progressive by simply being intelligent and in a same sex marriage was recently in secret meetings with other corporate Democrats ( Pelosi, Schumer etc) to figure out how to derail Bernie Sanders campaign, what a douche ! Take that corporate cash and choke on it.
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