Ice Cream Truck Taste Test: Finals

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Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning - Month ago
Check out Link turning into a human-sized ice cream sundae!
•cRaZy CaT•
•cRaZy CaT• - 3 days ago
Mile Smith sorry but BURNNNNNN
B T - 5 days ago
Adella /it's
B T - 5 days ago
Good Mythical Creature
B T - 5 days ago
I am going into real real estate tomorrow
B T - 5 days ago
Good Mythical More
North B
North B - 12 hours ago
This whole episode I was waiting for cotton candy Randy to show up
Samuel Schiltz
Samuel Schiltz - 18 hours ago
I was really hoping for some sort of "The ice cream sandwich is pretty good, but it's still okaaaaay, cause I'm on vacation!"
Disguised Dramodey News
Jaxon Mace
Jaxon Mace - 2 days ago
Who else loves the SpongeBob (demon) popsicle
iampatmac - 2 days ago
Wait a second how did you find payphones ? I thought those were extinct lol.
Woods Feigan
Woods Feigan - 2 days ago
3:03 46×2=92 not 96
Hamtha NOORDEEN - 2 days ago
CC - Confetti Coating !!!!
Mb_xP - 2 days ago
snow cone was my favorite
Purple Face
Purple Face - 3 days ago
It cracked me up that on this channel 46+46=98 just like my favorite equation f=cm3
Aaron Pau
Aaron Pau - 3 days ago
I haven't been with GMM for a while, so what happened to Chase? (Josh is great tho)
Manta Ci
Manta Ci - 3 days ago
so nobody noticed that he said 46 ice cream sandwiches are eating in one second in America and then said its 98 every two seconds?????
Natalie Ann
Natalie Ann - 3 days ago
Yes, because 46x2=98
Linnéa Thunberg
Linnéa Thunberg - 4 days ago
Ice cream sandwich ia my fav😍
Mason Rey
Mason Rey - 4 days ago

*we do?*
Isabell DeSimone
Isabell DeSimone - 4 days ago
Susannah Stout
Susannah Stout - 4 days ago
I'm a strawberry shortcake, fudgsicle, dreamsicle kind of a girl.
fUn - 5 days ago
3:07 waiiit a minute 46x2 doesn’t equal 98
Juneillia Lauren Reyes
Juneillia Lauren Reyes - 5 days ago
I'm disappointment they didnt do the cookies and cream blizzard ice cream cup
Neville Longbottom
Neville Longbottom - 5 days ago
hyperactive gam3s
hyperactive gam3s - 6 days ago
The choco taco has a crispy shell if you eat it fresh
randomlikings - 6 days ago
Strawberry Shortcake gets a 10 from me. Other faves: Snow Cones (when served RIGHT and not rock hard like these ones) and Fudgesicles
master blaster
master blaster - 6 days ago
that is not a snowcone, at least not the one that i get
Jimmy Lennox
Jimmy Lennox - 6 days ago
There is a chocolate version of the Strawberry Shortcake.
Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning - 6 days ago
Daniel Doctrow
Daniel Doctrow - 6 days ago
Pizz4tr0nionle4der - 6 days ago
Mhhhh so you like popsicles I got a hole freezer full of popsicles
Grumby - 6 days ago
The raw nuts
Greta Gantenbein
Greta Gantenbein - 7 days ago
The snowcone is good if u get a cup and a spoon, i have a lot of memories of me and my friends at camp j hamering at it with plastic spoons.
rentmimi777 - 7 days ago
Snow cones were great for those of us who are allergic to dairy
aaron anstett
aaron anstett - 7 days ago
7 53 that's what she said
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat - 7 days ago
The Chipwitch is superior
gene ralph
gene ralph - 7 days ago
bro who els cant stand them not finishing the ice creams
Protag_MC Gaming
Protag_MC Gaming - 8 days ago
The Ice Cream Sandwiches Don't Turn Them Into Zombies?... Huh That's Weird.
Bella Greene
Bella Greene - 8 days ago
If u sprinkle salt on a regular ice cream sandwitch it tastes so good!!! Weird food combo but okay
Ruby McNeil
Ruby McNeil - 8 days ago
Like here if you stan strawberry shortcake! (Like me)
J Wohl
J Wohl - 8 days ago
Drumstick > chaco taco
Dexter Letterman
Dexter Letterman - 9 days ago
3:08 Its 92 not 98
Noah Manos
Noah Manos - 9 days ago
I feel your pain Link....
Wunderful - 9 days ago
Gosh my teeth hurt watching the snow cones
Gabriel -iPhone
Gabriel -iPhone - 10 days ago
If this was an English ice cream truck u would have to have put: magnums,huba bubas, flakes, cornetos,slushes
tammynwes - 10 days ago
You’re not supposed to bite the sno-cone immediately. Just sayin’.
Cheesethe Koala
Cheesethe Koala - 10 days ago
Man, I never liked the slider, it was too sweet for me, FOR ME and I have the biggest sweet tooth, I eat sugar cubes plain! I got sick eating an entire slider because my stomach wasn’t happy about the sugar...!
Cheesethe Koala
Cheesethe Koala - 10 days ago
Love sandy creams :,)
shadowunikat849 - 10 days ago
My favorite IS the strawberry shortcake!
Parker the Hufflepuff
Parker the Hufflepuff - 11 days ago
This is how I rate them(in my opinion)
1. Drumstick
2. Choco taco
3. Fudgesicle
4. Ice cream sandwich
5 . Cookie ice cream sandwich
6. Strawberry cheesecake
7. Creamsicle
8. SpongeBob square pants
9. Bop pop
10. Snowcone
Joshua Hunnicutt
Joshua Hunnicutt - 11 days ago
92 every 2 seconds Josh
Timelord 271
Timelord 271 - 11 days ago
I was hurt with the choco taco score
jjodoin05 - 11 days ago
She can call me Daddy
Anthony Rystsov
Anthony Rystsov - 11 days ago
where my choco taco reps at
Jess_K - 11 days ago
the chocolate chip cookie sandwich is my shiiii
Brianna Espinoza
Brianna Espinoza - 11 days ago
iTs sO suCculEnt
MRBOOOYA MrGamer - 11 days ago
It's not a taco shell xD
TheChacoTaco Coasters
TheChacoTaco Coasters - 11 days ago
shoulve picked me
Becca K.
Becca K. - 11 days ago
At my elementary school, every Friday they would serve ice cream that was the same brand of the strawberry shortcake ice cream. I have no idea what it was called, but it tasted like chocolate and childhood!!
Just a Random Gamer
Just a Random Gamer - 11 days ago
In lakeside there is a shop that is basically a stationary ice cream truck, but there are so many more varieties to choose from.
Trevor Shingler
Trevor Shingler - 11 days ago
Chaco Taco!!!!
Aperture Gaming
Aperture Gaming - 11 days ago
I don't think that the Snow Cone is meant to be consumed in the way you guys did. You're supposed to lick it before you bite it.
Logan Daso
Logan Daso - 11 days ago
I'm allergic to nuts
Whats Updog
Whats Updog - 11 days ago
the shortcake the best
Makenna McKamey
Makenna McKamey - 11 days ago
Who else has the same problem as Link? With the biting into the ice cream?
Nathan Payton
Nathan Payton - 11 days ago
The Choco Taco is my favorite. I agree with you about the chewy shell, but every once in a while you get a taco that is like a drumstick. And it's just purely magical. So it's purely mythical.
Josefa Untalan
Josefa Untalan - 12 days ago
Shocked y'all have never had the strawberry shortcake one. That's my favorite 💛
dollofvoodoo - 12 days ago
I always got the snow cone because it lasted the longest and you had a gumball in the end.
krartan - 12 days ago
"Free gumball inside!"
No it's not, you have to pay for it. Otherwise Mr. Ice Cream Truck Man I would like every gumball from all your snow cones.
Suzy Rose Blossom
Suzy Rose Blossom - 12 days ago
Where can I get snow cones it's literally impossible
Emma Fooshee
Emma Fooshee - 12 days ago
Those strawberry shortcake ones are the best thing ever produced u can’t change my mind, (the chocolate ones are better but wtevr)
sk8catatonik - 12 days ago
I need more Josh in my life!. #hilariousssss
Marcus Tomlins
Marcus Tomlins - 12 days ago
ʜᴀɴᴢō - 13 days ago
I never had the taco one lol,
Balasar Windstriker
Balasar Windstriker - 13 days ago
man i haven't watched since 2012
Kate McLewis
Kate McLewis - 13 days ago
and all we get to eat ... is ice cream sandwiches! who gets the reference?
Steinbros Stein
Steinbros Stein - 13 days ago
Why you hating on the snow cone
viola mammola
viola mammola - 13 days ago
Links shirt👌👌💯💯💯
Loudsquirrel 249
Loudsquirrel 249 - 13 days ago
How could you forget how good ice cream sandwiches are you made a whole ice cream sandwich song years ago
Isabella Jackson
Isabella Jackson - 13 days ago
The strawberry shortcake is my favorite!!!
Mister Cool Pineapple
Mister Cool Pineapple - 13 days ago
Ryan Shea
Ryan Shea - 13 days ago
Who else only watched bc of josh?
samurai7dkong - 13 days ago
My cousin and I would walk down the block to get ourselves a strawberry shortcake whenever I was over
MrCooj92 - 13 days ago
They're gone man it's over haha
No subscribers
No subscribers - 13 days ago
How do you give the spongebob a lower score???
Miguel Torres
Miguel Torres - 14 days ago
Anyone know where I can buy links button-up shirt?
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