Ice Cream Truck Taste Test: Finals

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Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning - 5 months ago
Check out Link turning into a human-sized ice cream sundae!
Hawk Weaver raccoon gamer
You get so many views
Gluestick Games
Gluestick Games - 21 day ago
Maria D'Angelo
Maria D'Angelo - 24 days ago
They have the chocolate strawberry shortcake bars....just not strawberry
Lori Galloway
Lori Galloway - Month ago
I have been watching this show since I was 4😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
Theoddcreeper - Month ago
I relly like your vids they are cool
Pandaman0503 - 19 hours ago
Who noticed josh’s math 46 eaten in 1 second 98 in 2 46 times 2 equals 92 not 98
The Real Sheepy
The Real Sheepy - Day ago
The cookie ice cream sandwich is my favorite
Gabby Chareunsap
Gabby Chareunsap - 3 days ago
I feel you Link
Rory Cohen
Rory Cohen - 4 days ago
Strawberry shortcake forever
Sharklops - 4 days ago
It makes me sad that no one seemed to get Link's _Reading Rainbow_ reference.
Ningnong - 4 days ago
We don't have those tacos in Sweden tho.
CK Martini
CK Martini - 5 days ago
Randy: hi daddies.
Icecream Guy: ok.
Profit Trump protégé
Profit Trump protégé - 6 days ago
You guys don’t know anything about ice cream apparently
My sister is brutal HELP?
46 in one second 98 in two seconds hmmmmmmm don't know bout that one
A.D.K - 7 days ago
"Wha issa ona ou'side Josh?"
"It's a crumb coating. It's meant to mimic the approximate 200 seeds on the outside of every strawberry"
"No it's not"
eldur hugi einarsson
eldur hugi einarsson - 5 days ago
Thank you for quoting everything liptard
Kevin Lombardo, Jr
Kevin Lombardo, Jr - 7 days ago
came here because I'm eating a strawberry shortcake ice cream rn
Carl Glennerster
Carl Glennerster - 9 days ago
Just wanted to say....46 ice cream sandwiches every second is 92 every 2 second, not 96.
PotatoKAT :3
PotatoKAT :3 - 9 days ago
"ice cream in this *manner*"
cosmicIllusion1999 - 10 days ago
There’s a chocolate version of the strawberry ice cream
Also I have very sensitive teeth but I bite down on ice cream full force.
Catherine Pammenter
Catherine Pammenter - 10 days ago
dude that snow cone is where its at idc
Rachel Elizabeth Pallatin
I have never agreed with a ranking more. But question myself for even knowing that.
Jack Steinle
Jack Steinle - 12 days ago
Dang it now I want ice cream really bad
Oliver Davies
Oliver Davies - 13 days ago
No Klondike bar :(
MelancholyMountain12 - 14 days ago
Choco Tocos will always have a special place in my heart ❤️
inside speachless
inside speachless - 15 days ago
Josh is not needed.
John Alonzo
John Alonzo - 16 days ago
King Kone for the win.
Nasser Alromaihi
Nasser Alromaihi - 17 days ago
Toyi Omokaiye
Toyi Omokaiye - 18 days ago
petition to get strawberry shortcake’s score changed from 18 to 30. who’s with me? 🥳
Solunetic - 20 days ago
Did anyone pick up on Link saying "I'm a chocolatey man"
Stefan Krstev 2
Stefan Krstev 2 - 20 days ago
Link: click: away click away
Also Link: don't click away don't click away
Ryan Marcum
Ryan Marcum - 21 day ago
The wheel of Mrs. Calloway had me laughing harder than I care to admit.
John Ottway
John Ottway - 21 day ago
Turn on captions 8:00

Andrew Converse
Andrew Converse - 21 day ago
I agree with Drumstick 100%...side note being if it was a caramel drumstick it would or should have been a 30
enigma cars
enigma cars - 21 day ago
You guys should try the English ice cream sandwich theres one that is a huge oreo cookie with ice cream in the middle
JF Hackbarth
JF Hackbarth - 21 day ago
Is no one gonna mention that 46×2 isn't 98😂
Frank Sanford
Frank Sanford - 23 days ago
It’s really not fair cause Link hates everything.He probably wears tampons ,lol"
Kayli Burrows
Kayli Burrows - 23 days ago
can you try the chocolate version on the strawberry shortcake think it’s called chocolate eclair
Darius Reidace
Darius Reidace - 23 days ago
"No it's not,"
Flawless conflict resolution strategy.
David Kraft
David Kraft - 24 days ago
I've never seen the chocolate chip cookie sandwich before, where I live the only option we have are the oreo ones with the oreo ice cream centers
isidor lundberg
isidor lundberg - 24 days ago
i live in sweden and i can tell you that we dont call it winner taco
Wali Hall
Wali Hall - 25 days ago
No one in Scotland calls ice cream sandwiches “sliders”
STW_banana - 26 days ago
"it's succulent" -Rhett 2019
Alexander Klimek
Alexander Klimek - 26 days ago
choco tacos dont have nuts...
Emily Cooney
Emily Cooney - 26 days ago
The ice cream cookie sandwich is easily the best
Masonopolis - 27 days ago
46 x 2 ≠ 92!
46 x 2 = 98?
My kind of math!
Basch152 - 23 days ago
I immediately came to the comments after hearing thai
Connor Hare
Connor Hare - 28 days ago
snowcones ARE THE BEST
Bernerd - 29 days ago
Josh's math just blew my mind 😂
HypeBeast 2
HypeBeast 2 - 29 days ago
3:17 since when was link bigger than Rhett
Judes Schaubel
Judes Schaubel - Month ago
Sorry... not reading 4K+ comments to see if anyone else corrected Mr Ice Cream Man’s math... 46 every second is equivalent to 92 ice cream sandwiches eaten every two seconds.
Yes I’m a Debbie Downer. Now I’m going to get a popsicle from my freezer.
Graeme Guthrie
Graeme Guthrie - Month ago
Ice cream sandwiches are the best
Justin Montana
Justin Montana - Month ago
The Choco Taco was robbed
Elizabeth Fowler
Elizabeth Fowler - Month ago
“no it’s not”
DawgLifeAintEasy - Month ago
92 smh
Green Gunner
Green Gunner - Month ago
The strawberry shortcake is known as a Brunch in Ireland, I thought they were exclusive to here.
stephen murphy
stephen murphy - Month ago
Chocolate eclairs instead of strawberry shortcake. Would have been better.
Casey Morris
Casey Morris - Month ago
3:08 = bad math 😂
Melek Bkathria
Melek Bkathria - Month ago
I stayed
MrBlueypoo - Month ago
3:01 I don't think 46x2 is 98...
Julie Greene
Julie Greene - Month ago
I actually love the texture of the Choco Taco ☺️
M1 Garand Guy
M1 Garand Guy - Month ago
You can’t beat a good ol’ classic drumstick
Jakob Hanssen
Jakob Hanssen - Month ago
spongebob and bombbpop get 10 from me but im not a GMM guy. hahaa YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING XD :)
ecoangel - Month ago
strawberry shortcake is a 10. and i’m no, i’m not taking any constructive criticism.
Justin V
Justin V - Month ago
the biting factor made it my goto back in the day too
Soham Sengupta
Soham Sengupta - Month ago
Did you know that there's 46 ice cream sandwices eaten in the states every minute? ThAt'S 98 In TwO SeCoNdS
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