Becoming... The Avengers: From Captain America to Captain Marvel - The Ultimate Endgame Primer

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BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1 - 4 months ago
Watch more of Ali with the Avengers here, with Tom Hiddleston, Tom Holland, Brie Larson, Bradley Cooper, Chadwick Boseman, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and more:
brl brl
brl brl - 2 months ago
There may be hope for a hulk standalone movie after all
BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1 - 4 months ago
@StaGeeOfficial We just haven't had the chance to interview Don Cheadle about it yet, but we'd love to. He's great, and War Machine is a true OG Avenger.
BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1 - 4 months ago
@Degus Jacoby Pradana Well... we said it was over $10 billion dollars, and 18 billion is over 10 billion, so we were technically correct 😬
Abel Ferreira
Abel Ferreira - 4 months ago
GVZ - 3 hours ago
Best interviewer for sure, specially with the MCU actors.
T San
T San - 7 hours ago
I won't watch captain marvel because I dislike Bree Larson so much. She doesn't even seem like a fan of her character.
P Leviathan
P Leviathan - Day ago
Aww, I missed my little Scottish girl Karen and my boi Seb. Hope you get to include them another time!
michael simoes
michael simoes - 2 days ago
if i was mark and my kid believed i could really turn into the hulk they would never act out id just start yelling and throw my self to the floor and hit the ground and watch them run ahaaa and once they hit the corner get the the hulk hand and let them see only that
DealerUmbra - 3 days ago
Which "three movies" is that for the Hulk? Avengers / AoU / Ragnarok?
WolfGangSchumacher85 - 4 days ago
"Green is not a sexy color." Like hell it's not!
Marvelboy 27
Marvelboy 27 - 8 days ago
Is that at the marvel avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N where you try to pick up mjolnir and you were in front of the iron legion
Syd Zedler
Syd Zedler - 10 days ago
What the fuck was Brie Larson wearing? Even her clothes are pretentious
S L - 12 days ago
You interview the wasp before winter soldier?? C'mon man.
Squidward's Testicles
Squidward's Testicles - 13 days ago
It was so jarring to go from the chill, well thought out interviews to the one with RDJ where the guy was shitting his pants (to be fair most people including myself would be shitting their pants if they met RDJ)
Mr D
Mr D - 14 days ago
26:36 evidently not
Kino - 16 days ago
This guy is incredible. And so was the people behind this video. Wasn't planning on watching the while thing but ended up doing it anyway.
Mathilde - 16 days ago
Literally been binging Ali Plumbs interviews. He is incredible. Obsessed.
Z Siddiqui
Z Siddiqui - 17 days ago
Eric Bana also played HULK... way before Ed Norton
Lieselotte - 14 days ago
yeah but that wasn’t in the mcu
Send Some Positivity
Send Some Positivity - 17 days ago
Were the parts where the interviewer was in these areas with the costumes and weapons of the characters called Avengers Station? Because I think it is; I have been there and it's really cool and the setting in the video looks really, REALLY similar.... (i don't know.. Just a thought) (and it's really cool filming or photography place so I highly recommend going..)
Fattoum Mihoubi
Fattoum Mihoubi - 16 days ago
@Send Some Positivity Thanks. I'm in France. I checked here but nothing. I think it happened in 2016.
Send Some Positivity
Send Some Positivity - 16 days ago
@Fattoum Mihoubi the place I went to was in Vegas at this casino.. I don't remember the name tho
Fattoum Mihoubi
Fattoum Mihoubi - 16 days ago
Where's this place please ?
Intelligent_ Zombie
Intelligent_ Zombie - 20 days ago
I clicked on this video thinking I'll just watch a bit of it cos it's so long... it's now 12.43am yeah I watched it all 🙄😁😅
1Axxonn1 - 21 day ago
Whelp... 3 people have played the hulk.. unless Bana's hulk wasnt part of the MCU like he said
James Huynh
James Huynh - 22 days ago
Great video, I thoroughly enjoyed it
FaithIn TheReins
FaithIn TheReins - 23 days ago
Robert just being incredibly soft with the interview person
Rakt Videos
Rakt Videos - 24 days ago
technically Iron Man was the first avenger
Frank Catlin
Frank Catlin - 24 days ago
"squabbling siblings" Try saying THAT 6 times fast!
Ryan lex
Ryan lex - 25 days ago
DAMN bbc with their left wing agenda
Siddartha Kumar
Siddartha Kumar - 25 days ago
20:34 Talks about the actors for Scarlet Witch and Vision
Actor for Quicksilver: Am I a joke to u 😢
Liverpool 6 times
Liverpool 6 times - 25 days ago
Whoa bud it's now 23 wtf
Stephanie A
Stephanie A - 25 days ago
Is this filmed at Avengers Station?
TWSTF 8 - 26 days ago
24 films now, including Far From Home and Endgame, the MCU has earned over 10 billion dollars worldwide, which is impressive for a cinematic universe that's just over a decade old.
But, it's objectively not, "Even bigger than Star Wars."
Because the Star Wars franchise has existed for over 40 years, earned more than 15 billion dollars worldwide, and the original, "A New Hope," was the highest grossing movie of all time all the way up until Titanic bumped it to #2, and then Avatar bumped it to #3.
Sure, Endgame has since knocked Avatar out of it's long-running top spot, but
ebrahim abdelfatah
ebrahim abdelfatah - 29 days ago
so cool i love it
Timmothy Copeland
Timmothy Copeland - Month ago
"most successful film series in history, even bigger than Star Wars".... only because these last 4 films sucked in comparison to the second trilogy that royally sucked in comparison to the original trilogy *and* the net sales from an economy 30-40 years ago; incomparable.... comparing the gross sales from a 21 movie franchise to a 7 - 10 movie franchise? really?
Culvea Solvere
Culvea Solvere - Month ago
Everytime I hear that CM is supposedly the most powerful, I'm taken back to both of the Dark Phoenix movies where she was literally taking apart the atoms of everyone within a few miles just by thinking about it! That's power, Captain Marvel wouldn't stand the chance vs Dr Strange much less the Dark Phoenix or even normal Phoenix!
Culvea Solvere
Culvea Solvere - Month ago
43:00 sorry not sorry but Captain Marvel is not the most powerful, Dr Strange is the most powerful. CM lasted all of 2 seconds against Thanos whereas Dr Strange was not defeated by Thanos at all! He just saw the future and acted out what he was supposed to do in order to make sure Thanos was eventually defeated.
Brie Larson's character has one real role in the comics, to be the victim of the manipulated Rogue who was told falsehoods in order to kill CM by absorbing her and every power she had!
Culvea Solvere
Culvea Solvere - Month ago
Evangeline is one of my favorites from the Hobbit! She played that part SOOOOO well even though it was a made up character it was a beautiful story! She was awesome especially in the sad scene of Kili. I think Her relationship would explain much better why Legolas changed his rivalry with Gimli because she was his best friend growing up, and he was very protective of her. He grew to call himself a friend a Gimli in the face of evil because he knew that the racial divide between his father and the elves was wrong and he saw what happened to Tauriel. I think that was what was missing in the original books was why did Legolas do that? It was a brilliant addition to explain why he became friends with Gimli it had psychologically to be something better than just a rivalry with his father's views.
Sayan datta
Sayan datta - Month ago
Ali Plumb can make Brie Larsson comfortable in an interview. This guy is amazing.
iCraftBuilder HD
iCraftBuilder HD - Month ago
I just came here cause I saw Tom in thw thumbnail LOL
Walter Lovejoy Chiradza
And where is Don Cheadle?
I’m Bored a lot
I’m Bored a lot - Month ago
Rip quick silver because he’s actually dead and he’s not even ecknowleged
fathin fathia achmad
fathin fathia achmad - Month ago
I love how rdj do with the interviewer. I'm gonna be super nervous too more than him. He has a beautiful heart💜❤
Neela Maxwell
Neela Maxwell - Month ago
Marquis Williams
Marquis Williams - Month ago
they forgot war machine
Mavis Dreyar
Mavis Dreyar - 2 months ago
21:16 Elizabeth Olsen’s outfit reminds me of a lady who has a bajillion cats, and it’s adorable ❤️❤️
Jesse Taylor
Jesse Taylor - 2 months ago
I have to stop at Brie’s part I can’t stand everything she ever says. I know the perspective for acting. I don’t think she does. Life. Age. Experience will help her grow up.
CABLE 715 - 2 months ago
Vision is fucking red and green people, not purple.
Khalil Jega
Khalil Jega - 2 months ago
1:52 my G rocking the Drum Gun
Where the Fortnite guys?
Nicole Pena
Nicole Pena - 2 months ago
“There’s an Avengers WhatsApp group...?” 😂
ithinkimcool - 2 months ago
lovely compilation! thank you for helping me procrastinate!
Zap Man
Zap Man - 2 months ago
20:34 apparently Vision is purple
Dragonfly Moon
Dragonfly Moon - 2 months ago
Can Ali Plumb have his own channel-would make life so much easier.
FaKe ItsEndy
FaKe ItsEndy - 2 months ago
Mjspxrker’s Edits
Mjspxrker’s Edits - 2 months ago
Ruffalo preaching is so cute my heart can’t handle it.
Luciana Milano
Luciana Milano - 2 months ago
This was amazing! Congrats, guys! If you ever need a brazilian correspondent, I'm your woman!
Spencer Ferrer
Spencer Ferrer - 2 months ago
11:19 gwyneth paltrows reaction hahahahha
Lily Rose
Lily Rose - 2 months ago
Where is the winter soldier?
B - 2 months ago
0:16 Over 10 milll? This was a month ago, I don't think it reached 10 million+ that fast.
Tolucky foryou
Tolucky foryou - 2 months ago
11:01 what about puppies?
Rony Orobio
Rony Orobio - 2 months ago
I saw Falcon, but I did not see Warmachine, nor Bucky.
Rony Orobio
Rony Orobio - 2 months ago
"Please don't forget me if my luck changes"
ytclick - 2 months ago
I just wanna know why ariana grandes song is playing over paul’s explanation
sweet potato chip
sweet potato chip - 3 months ago
5:48 my favorite part of infinity war. That got me chills
MrFlimFlam - 3 months ago
Avatar: Avatar 2, 3, 4 release dates announced.
BTS KINGS OF IDOLS - 3 months ago
It's amazing how I watched everything in this video, without skipping it, cuz I really enjoy how you interviewed them wow! I hope you had done one with RDJ for Endgame cuz he's my favorite, and you are a great interviewer, so it'll gonna be a blast!
Backwards Brain
Backwards Brain - 3 months ago
I want someone to look at me the way Elizabeth Olsen looks at Paul Bettaney at 21:14.

Edit: I want Elizabeth Olsen to look at me like that.
Kekasih Bening
Kekasih Bening - 3 months ago
Is it weird that the montage makes me tearing up?
R3th3r3n - 3 months ago
Only real fans didn’t skip the video
Rosiejo !
Rosiejo ! - 3 months ago
Saul Rudd 😁
BC LR - 3 months ago
I guess I’m all done now with the mcu now that iron man is gone and Brie Larson is absolutely insufferable.
Hendrik Nicolaas
Hendrik Nicolaas - 2 months ago
me toooo
Someone Amazing
Someone Amazing - 3 months ago
"last time I trusted someone I lost an eye"
I believe that cat still owes Fury an apology.
Park Jimin My little mochi
RDJ being Tony Stark
He's the reason I got into Marvel and I really really love him
Patrick Dale
Patrick Dale - 3 months ago
So good until the last few minutes. Was so looking forward to another insightful, researched, funny interview with Ali talking to Robert Downey Jr. Didn’t happen! I hope one is in the pipeline. Ali Plumb does the best movie celeb interviews.
Elaine Mo
Elaine Mo - 3 months ago
Howie Potter
Amy Fruge
Amy Fruge - 3 months ago
35:32 Tom Holland!!! YESSS!!!!
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith - 3 months ago
Every time I think I can’t hate Brie Larson more I see this ridonkulous outfit in this interview. She truly is the worst. Funny part is it only draws attention to the fact she has no tits matching her nonexistent @ss.
Mohamed Shamim
Mohamed Shamim - 3 months ago
Bigger than 'hawie potter' 😂😂
Lewis Ramos
Lewis Ramos - 3 months ago
Jerry Kalouris
Jerry Kalouris - 3 months ago
"Dude, where's Watford?"
Haha, definitely American...
Michal Kipnik
Michal Kipnik - 3 months ago
Im done with you for today #endgame #thanatos
Agustina Lima
Agustina Lima - 3 months ago
Casually making Mother’s Day cookies whilst watching this. This is multitasking in full force.
Nestor Robles
Nestor Robles - 3 months ago
Someone needs to make a Hulk movie out of all his clips.....
Jamilla Smith-Joseph
Jamilla Smith-Joseph - 3 months ago
“Dude, where’s Watford” made me belly-ache laugh for a full minute afterwards😂
Kai. A.
Kai. A. - 3 months ago
He said two ppl played the hulk: Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo. So, we not gonna mention that Eric Bana played The Hulk as well???
K A - 3 months ago
The best Chris Evans segments. You asked him such great things meanwhile other interviewers got stuck with the same 2-4 questions on shuffle. I mean he is the nicest dude so he always answers them over and over again but in this interview you see he's interested. All the other parts are great as well. Kudos to you.
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