Becoming... The Avengers: From Captain America to Captain Marvel - The Ultimate Endgame Primer

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BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1 - Month ago
Watch more of Ali with the Avengers here, with Tom Hiddleston, Tom Holland, Brie Larson, Bradley Cooper, Chadwick Boseman, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and more:
BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1 - 29 days ago
+StaGeeOfficial We just haven't had the chance to interview Don Cheadle about it yet, but we'd love to. He's great, and War Machine is a true OG Avenger.
BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1 - 29 days ago
+Degus Jacoby Pradana Well... we said it was over $10 billion dollars, and 18 billion is over 10 billion, so we were technically correct 😬
Abel Ferreira
Abel Ferreira - Month ago
StaGeeOfficial - Month ago
Kekasih Bening
Kekasih Bening - 17 hours ago
Is it weird that the montage makes me tearing up?
R3th3r3n - Day ago
Only real fans didn’t skip the video
Rosiejo !
Rosiejo ! - Day ago
Saul Rudd 😁
BC LR - 2 days ago
I guess I’m all done now with the mcu now that iron man is gone and Brie Larson is absolutely insufferable.
Someone Amazing
Someone Amazing - 2 days ago
"last time I trusted someone I lost an eye"
I believe that cat still owes Fury an apology.
A Precious Basket Case
A Precious Basket Case - 2 days ago
I hate it when people ask me who my favourite Marvel character is. How the hell am I supposed to pick when they're all so great
A Precious Basket Case
A Precious Basket Case - 2 days ago
Imagine if Sam could actually speak to birds in the movies. That would've been so funny
Park Jimin My little mochi
RDJ being Tony Stark
He's the reason I got into Marvel and I really really love him
Patrick Dale
Patrick Dale - 3 days ago
So good until the last few minutes. Was so looking forward to another insightful, researched, funny interview with Ali talking to Robert Downey Jr. Didn’t happen! I hope one is in the pipeline. Ali Plumb does the best movie celeb interviews.
Elaine Mo
Elaine Mo - 5 days ago
Howie Potter
Amy Fruge
Amy Fruge - 7 days ago
35:32 Tom Holland!!! YESSS!!!!
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith - 7 days ago
Every time I think I can’t hate Brie Larson more I see this ridonkulous outfit in this interview. She truly is the worst. Funny part is it only draws attention to the fact she has no tits matching her nonexistent @ss.
Mohamed Shamim
Mohamed Shamim - 7 days ago
Bigger than 'hawie potter' 😂😂
Lewis Ramos
Lewis Ramos - 8 days ago
Jerry Kalouris
Jerry Kalouris - 9 days ago
"Dude, where's Watford?"
Haha, definitely American...
Michal Kipnik
Michal Kipnik - 9 days ago
Im done with you for today #endgame #thanatos
Agustina Lima
Agustina Lima - 11 days ago
Casually making Mother’s Day cookies whilst watching this. This is multitasking in full force.
Nestor Robles
Nestor Robles - 11 days ago
Someone needs to make a Hulk movie out of all his clips.....
Jamilla Smith-Joseph
Jamilla Smith-Joseph - 11 days ago
“Dude, where’s Watford” made me belly-ache laugh for a full minute afterwards😂
Kai. A.
Kai. A. - 12 days ago
He said two ppl played the hulk: Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo. So, we not gonna mention that Eric Bana played The Hulk as well???
K A - 12 days ago
The best Chris Evans segments. You asked him such great things meanwhile other interviewers got stuck with the same 2-4 questions on shuffle. I mean he is the nicest dude so he always answers them over and over again but in this interview you see he's interested. All the other parts are great as well. Kudos to you.
Tabitha Knechti
Tabitha Knechti - 12 days ago
47:16 omg Chris Stark you sweet baby, you’re doing great honey. What is it with you and football shirts??
And the “dude where’s Watford?” At 49:33 is awesome 😂
Susan Baxter
Susan Baxter - 13 days ago
when the break up with your girlfriend im bored instrumental started playing at 21:20 i LOST it
Kaylin Jolina
Kaylin Jolina - 13 days ago
0:41 yo this gives me chills eVeRy fUcKiNg TiMe!! I’ve heard it thousand times but it gets me every time.
Vicky Rose
Vicky Rose - 13 days ago
Sad bucky didn't get an interview
Slim Jim Longfoot
Slim Jim Longfoot - 14 days ago
Betty Ross: the most neglected character in the MCU.... Lol
Slim Jim Longfoot
Slim Jim Longfoot - 14 days ago
Remember when people mentioned The Avengers and non comic fans only thought of the tv show (or 90s movie remake) with Emma Peel? Guess I’m old....
Tvmovie obsessionz
Tvmovie obsessionz - 14 days ago
the man interviewing rdj was so nervous and it was really cute
María José Rodriguez
María José Rodriguez - 14 days ago
ugh I really want to watch this video in all of its 49 minutes of glory but I have to study.... ill be back
QUEENDOM - 15 days ago
"What do you put in yerr smooothe"? Lol. My favorite comment
E d
E d - 16 days ago
"Hawy potter"
Jesha Austria
Jesha Austria - 16 days ago
This clip is full of good contents! I love Elizabeth Olsen! Go go Wanda!
a girl named brett
a girl named brett - 17 days ago
'trench jumping' lol
I love when RDJ says dude. idk why. lol
Ross Walker
Ross Walker - 17 days ago
Absolutely awesome , good job !!👍👌🖖
misszully03 - 17 days ago
When Samuel L Jackson is such a legend that Marvel cast him before they even made the movies 😂
Shahiq _Z
Shahiq _Z - 17 days ago
"Blackwidow standalone movie sooner then later"......uhhhh.....yikes
luke rogers
luke rogers - 18 days ago
15:58 Mr. Glass.
Suresh Saxena
Suresh Saxena - 18 days ago
please interview with got cast looking gor got 🙂🙂
SuperChicago2009 - 19 days ago
Love love love this recap of the MCU through your past interviews! Can't wait to see end game😄😄
Also...Ali is one of the funniest down-to-earth interviewer out there! Even the The guy who interviewed RDJ seemed so sweet.
Travmunger - 19 days ago
Just glossing over Eric Bana as the hulk lol
givmespace - 19 days ago
the fucking soy of this presenter is on a shocking level. his wife hates him and he doesn't even know it yet.
ksee yen
ksee yen - 19 days ago
So re use old interviews?
neoalex - 20 days ago
47:10 Great line huh
KK L - 20 days ago
I loved Norton in the Hulk movie
Banner in the Avengers movies
girlonthetrain _
girlonthetrain _ - 20 days ago
45:47 hahahahha avengers whatsapp group and brie’s not in it
Kartikeya Sharma
Kartikeya Sharma - 21 day ago
There are three hulks
Linda Gaston
Linda Gaston - 22 days ago
Chris Evans wear’s the caul so well.
Starliy presley
Starliy presley - 22 days ago
Two days ago finished the avengers endgame movie and it was one of a legendary movie of all movies in marvel studios of all time forever it's mind blowing and it's give me goosebumps for me this movie is a legend forever ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😍😍😱😱👌👌👍👍👍👍🎥🎥🎥😊🎦🎦🎦🎦😭😭😭👆👆👆🙌🙌👏👏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🤘🤘☝️🔥🔥🔥🎤🎤🎼🎼🎸🎸🎼🎼🎤🔥🎧🎧🎧🎧🎥💙💙💙♥️💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Linda Gaston
Linda Gaston - 22 days ago
Chris Evans wear’s it well.
Julliana Rodriguez
Julliana Rodriguez - 22 days ago
I love Guardians of the Galaxy 😍😍😍
13th Evergreen
13th Evergreen - 22 days ago
Remember when Thor and Cap was attacking Thanos and Miss Cunt comes in and does nothing but come off like a Cunt... Cunts
Jesus Christ RIP the weevster18
y'know I think I prefer Captain America can I trade them
Mary - 23 days ago
Chris Evans...that’s America’s ass!
Mike - 23 days ago
20:22 you forgot about poor Pietro Maximoff
Marie Hofer
Marie Hofer - 23 days ago
I‘m really wondering what Brie was thinking when choosing that outfit lmao
Rodrigo Terrazas
Rodrigo Terrazas - 23 days ago
how can you say you don't remember Ed Norton maybe he is not the best hulk but he for sure is one of the best actors in history, that guy is amazing, in my opinion, better overall actor than Mark.
Ahmad Merhi
Ahmad Merhi - 23 days ago
Skipped brie larsons part immediatly
Shanahan Nagendran
Shanahan Nagendran - 23 days ago
Rdj is a gem
Sebastian Siwek
Sebastian Siwek - 23 days ago
It was 18.5 billion its now more 20billion 🤩🤩 saw it three times
liimiitlessjay91 - 23 days ago
2003 hulk was the best hulk
Jay Yount
Jay Yount - 23 days ago
No one gave Brie Larson advice because no one liked her. She is toxic to this MCU
Amy n Vincent Mak
Amy n Vincent Mak - 24 days ago
No cape!
Manuel Goncalves
Manuel Goncalves - 24 days ago
Mark is totally right, Ragnarok was obviously planet hulk and infinity war and endgame are professor hulk.
ytubeanon - 24 days ago
hey I think Olsen talking about her eyes turning red was the moment in Endgame when she confronts Thanos, I don't recall that happening before, it did help sell the moment
oh yeah and all you have to do to fix capes is add some weights to the bottom so it doesn't flip over your head or get effected by air so much, plus the weights can be used to hit people
ViaAyres - 24 days ago
“GOD bless Ame- “
rancArtan - 24 days ago
Sadly, we won't see gamora anymore...
She cracked her head on that cliff... in infinity war, as the price for soul stone. If she didn't die we won't see the stone.
Ryda Abbaxi
Ryda Abbaxi - 24 days ago
Prag Prince
Prag Prince - 24 days ago
Captain America being know as the first Avenger then what is Captain Marvel? Im confused 😕
Muhammad Vali
Muhammad Vali - 24 days ago
17.05 he lost it to a cat
Charmian Lee
Charmian Lee - 25 days ago
This journey had me emotional and in tears
Charmian Lee
Charmian Lee - 25 days ago
This interview is goals 🔥💯🔥
ThePubBub - 25 days ago
This was dooooope. Thanks BBC!
Matt V
Matt V - 25 days ago
Endgame ended my life. I got nothing left. Everyone turned to dust...
Anime King
Anime King - 25 days ago
21:26 I love how Ariana Grande, Breakup with your girlfriend, I'm Bored starts playing LOL
Juan Duran
Juan Duran - 25 days ago

That scene
That fucking scene
Natasha Parmar
Natasha Parmar - 25 days ago
Sweet frick... someone get Ali and interview opportunity with RDJ because my god Ali is the only the interviewer I will accept!
Dencel K Babu
Dencel K Babu - 25 days ago
These are best interviews I have ever seen in my life. Ali is so great.
liv gallivan
liv gallivan - 25 days ago
rhodey?? BUCKY??

other than that great video!!
Darlene Lewis
Darlene Lewis - 25 days ago
Whoa Whoa Whoa! You forgot Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier
StarSeeker - 26 days ago
i was waiting for iron man that whole time and then . _ .
Skinny kid
Khasfa Nafeezah
Khasfa Nafeezah - 26 days ago
Wait.. did anybody saw Ant-Man hand on the costume, his doing the thing, seriously tho
Nick K
Nick K - 26 days ago
17:00 He lost an eye to a cat 😂😂😂
Nick K
Nick K - 26 days ago
You and Loki literally look the exact same
Kiran Van de Velde
Kiran Van de Velde - 26 days ago
where is that museum i need to go there now
Marcus Albertsen
Marcus Albertsen - 26 days ago
Where is this museum?
Oscar Ramo
Oscar Ramo - 26 days ago
Can't believe you use a Batman shirt for this one lol
Al the Alligator
Al the Alligator - 26 days ago
Dude you honestly deserve a cameo in the MCU
Anime and Comics
Anime and Comics - 26 days ago
plz don't forget me if my luck changes 4:26 melt my heart
KiwiLuna - 26 days ago
I just spent 49 minutes watching this……

Spidey Hatton
Spidey Hatton - 26 days ago
Is the Incredible Hulk not mcu
Ameera Mehyar
Ameera Mehyar - 26 days ago
9:33 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
Yellow Bubble
Yellow Bubble - 26 days ago
21:16 is that .. is that "break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored" playing in the background?
Yellow Bubble
Yellow Bubble - 26 days ago
JAMES C - 26 days ago
Wow. Most of your videos suck but this one was pretty good. Props to the staff
Harsh Bhandari
Harsh Bhandari - 26 days ago
Swago Saurus
Swago Saurus - 26 days ago
You forgot don cheadle
ArcticFoxWaffles - 26 days ago
I've been to that place you were at displaying the MCU characters.
Miss Laufeyson
Miss Laufeyson - 26 days ago
Lokis 'surprise' reminded me of 'surprise bitch'
Harsh Bhandari
Harsh Bhandari - 26 days ago
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