Early Harvest Problems-BUT RAIN AIN'T ONE

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Haley Hays
Haley Hays - 6 days ago
Jd is makeing a new combine called x9
Robert Tribby
Robert Tribby - 7 days ago
Zach, here's a product that would serve you well. I've been using it for years. I WORKS. With all of the connectors you deal with, I think it would be beneficial to you. https://caig.com/deoxit-d-series/
RealtreeRebel Forever
RealtreeRebel Forever - 21 day ago
I’ve never got to see a combine up close, but couldn’t you put some kind of wired or wireless camera near the header connection to see better when you’re putting it on?
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - 22 days ago
Not a farmer. Currently a pilot used to be a trucker. Made some farm pick ups. Even in MN. Have always wanted to run a tractor and harvester
larb400 - 22 days ago
That’s hilarious I spit my drink out
goforkev - 22 days ago
I’m not a farmer. I started watching Cole the cornstar then found your channel. I enjoy watching both your channels mainly because I appreciate hard work. I am fond of what you do for a living and you should be proud of what you do. It’s not easy work but it is needed work. Great stuff keep it up.
Dakotas - 23 days ago
So he’s not working for you?
Hume Farms
Hume Farms - 24 days ago
Leg Arm's is just like: nah man, nah
Robert Richter
Robert Richter - 25 days ago
Retired Chicago FF. Never farmed but find farming very interesting. Especially your You Tube videos.
Michael Shedd
Michael Shedd - 25 days ago
Made it to the end. I’m not a farmer, I watch your videos because you make great content. Plus farming is something I would like to do if given the chance.
Awenda - 25 days ago
I do miss the farm!
christopher lind
christopher lind - 25 days ago
Great video
Maurice Cahill
Maurice Cahill - 25 days ago
Legarms…….ya Legend!!!!!
Tough sheet Zach lol!!! Pmsl "Is this MR ARMS??
Kaur - 25 days ago
Get yourself a gearkeeper for the mic on the cb radio. They are a lifebreaker
Angryfarmergamer21 - 25 days ago
No,, usually soyboeans do not pick up moisture in the night, unless it's already raining. The best beans are when it's at night.
Tim Chap
Tim Chap - 26 days ago
Regular_mars440 Games
Regular_mars440 Games - 26 days ago
Missing Person: Leg Arms plz return to Shelby mt if found
Gwlyddyn - 26 days ago
James Pollitt
James Pollitt - 26 days ago
Rod K.
Rod K. - 26 days ago
I didn't a GM product could do that....... #whatsthat
Dhiraj Kinhekar
Dhiraj Kinhekar - 26 days ago
I am from India
Tracey King
Tracey King - 26 days ago
New combine and your using that old thing
Gary Manske
Gary Manske - 26 days ago
Nice AgCam, Bro!
Primitive Agriculture
Primitive Agriculture - 26 days ago
Your work is wonderful. The place I live in works very hard.
The Dude
The Dude - 27 days ago
Millennial Farmer: so, you wanna run it?
Leg Arms: AW HELL NAW!
spyder 4351
spyder 4351 - 27 days ago
Lets see a hunting video with the boy
Jay - 27 days ago
Is master pipe layer owner or owners son of the operation he’s on?
Mark Kirkman
Mark Kirkman - 27 days ago
Field dry from 20 to 16 in 4 hours??? Must blow all your moisture our way, 4 days to let them dry here in Michigan
Brad H
Brad H - 27 days ago
That opening was greatness!! LOL
TruckerCJ video photography show
are you going to be doing daily harvest vids like last year
Jonathan Coker
Jonathan Coker - 27 days ago
Hey Zach! I want to say you’ve really inspired me to start growing my own crops and given me a lot of advice with your videos. Keep up the hard work!
Travis Tharp
Travis Tharp - 27 days ago
I’m trying to find your farm on google maps is there a way you could tell me without telling everyone?
Taylor Ty
Taylor Ty - 27 days ago
Don’t blame leg arms, love the vid, take care and god bless
Ashurii - 27 days ago
I am not a farmer, but I find farming interesting, and your channel is fascinating. I like the style of video's that you do, you have a good sense of humor as well.
bailey greenwood
bailey greenwood - 27 days ago
Any merchyet
Glenn Gaul
Glenn Gaul - 28 days ago
I should say that 16.6 % was on corn. Beans where all 13% and below, very dry
Glenn Gaul
Glenn Gaul - 28 days ago
18%! We had 16.6% on Saturday
Keydan Asefa
Keydan Asefa - 28 days ago
When is the next episode
Johnathan Agin
Johnathan Agin - 28 days ago
Harvest 19 is officially over for us in central Ohio
Johnathan Agin
Johnathan Agin - 28 days ago
Just finished our last pass
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen - 28 days ago
Great video good luck harvesting
barry mueller
barry mueller - 28 days ago
Hey, Welker has cool music to his YouTube video's, and his drone footage is fantastic...... just sayin.... But your sense of humor is better than both of those. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.... MF...
Charles Beauregard
Charles Beauregard - 28 days ago
Mr. Arms ahahahahahahahahahn
Cade Yount
Cade Yount - 28 days ago
What about the new combine
AgTime with Aaron
AgTime with Aaron - 28 days ago
We had a few pieces of equipment stuck this year. Check it out on my channel!
Jamie witzel
Jamie witzel - 28 days ago
I seen them climbing in the blind the other day..... Seemed like a odd place to sit, should set up closer to one of the trees. Hopefully he had some luck.
jess de haan
jess de haan - 28 days ago
if it ain't red it stays in the shed.
jess de haan
jess de haan - 28 days ago
Zack, did you have a John Deere 9330?
Chris Wubs
Chris Wubs - 28 days ago
Hey Zack, is there a video coming where you answer the questions we asked you under the videos about the history of your farm? I remember that you said in the second video that there would come one.
smcox1991 - 28 days ago
You scared off poor leg arms with all that green equipment 😂🤣
George Brassington
George Brassington - 28 days ago
Send the rain over here to Australia please
derek mclean
derek mclean - 28 days ago
Bring mr arms back
DL541 - 28 days ago
Farms efficiently with John Deere but drives Chevies... what a Millennial...
Jared - 28 days ago
1-800-Green Pods
Bill Whitman
Bill Whitman - 28 days ago
I am wondering if you're going to use the finger paddles? I get the wind system will help but the more I thought about the paddles the more it made sense.
Dan Finley
Dan Finley - 28 days ago
Good stuff working out the bugs
Carter Reichert
Carter Reichert - 28 days ago
why arnt you useing the one with tracks.Nothihg runs like a deere
Lucas Mohn
Lucas Mohn - 28 days ago
How come you didn’t use the S series? And also if the problem was on your combine did it still go under warranty?
Sherwood330 - 28 days ago
I sure your enjoy when your dad is in the videos. It just has to be awesome working side by side with him. Take care!
Keith Broadbent
Keith Broadbent - 28 days ago
wheres the s790 zack
beau hollinshead
beau hollinshead - 28 days ago
Nick Welker is glad leg arms is gone he said keep him 😂
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