5 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test - Part 4

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David Petrusewicz
David Petrusewicz - 3 hours ago
I think you should go in gunnies book of world record. For testing or owning the most gadgets on UTUBE LOL
I still think you have more gadgets then anybody else. Just my opinion.
Keep the videos going I like them
Exolette - 2 days ago
"Alexa stap"
armen 05/12/66
armen 05/12/66 - 3 days ago
My mothers Russian she also says offtomatic lol
Benji Jamin
Benji Jamin - 6 days ago
Love his reactions after touching the hot sausages.
Pooper Craig
Pooper Craig - 7 days ago
3:24 "boom drop it on your hotdog" lol
DoctorWhoRoblox1935 - 8 days ago
8:41 rain deops
DoctorWhoRoblox1935 - 8 days ago
8:41 rain stiOS
damien helm
damien helm - 8 days ago
I'm binge watching CRH. You?
Thetruthsetsyoufree - 7 days ago
And I food Binge watching it LOL !
Barry Gee
Barry Gee - 9 days ago
The Huskies, Loves, The Hot Dogs!🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭
CHAKLA _ - 12 days ago
Ahhahahahaha it's barking get it it is a dog
MEMERBOY memerboy
MEMERBOY memerboy - 12 days ago
I love the first gadget I like soggy bread
Eric Gauthier
Eric Gauthier - 13 days ago
On the subject of steamed buns: Baseball. Bring this guy to a game.
Nino - 13 days ago
That sausage is swollen, BOOM DRAHP IT ON YUR HAHT DAG
EingelDnl axk
EingelDnl axk - 14 days ago
Taras, you supposed to put the hot dog buns in a litlle bag.
Mat c
Mat c - 15 days ago
Which pet is Alexa?
Onyxx _
Onyxx _ - 18 days ago
It’s 2am, and I’m watching a Russian man talk about hot dog gadgets. Truly living the life.
jlopnut gaming
jlopnut gaming - 18 days ago
I post gaming vids
Andrei Offycial
Andrei Offycial - 19 days ago
Why are your hands vribrating like that ?
Big Cal
Big Cal - 19 days ago
5 ways to cook a hotdog
Ryan Lu
Ryan Lu - 19 days ago
Istvan Bogdanovics
Istvan Bogdanovics - 19 days ago
you mean beef-dogs
P9VN - 20 days ago

Rain deops drop top 😂
Ethan Ingersoll
Ethan Ingersoll - 20 days ago
Haha dog barking get it
Martin Rosti
Martin Rosti - 20 days ago
Always steam the rolls for the ultimate Hot Dogs experience along with onions, mustard , ketchup and mayo if that’s your taste, wonderful with a beer !!!
Pennant Gaming
Pennant Gaming - 21 day ago
I'm gonna get a hot dog.
LGN Instinct
LGN Instinct - 21 day ago
“I have longer hotdogs" 😂😂😂 nice Taras nice
Lantaivo [FiN]
Lantaivo [FiN] - 21 day ago
If you are reading this,

You are beatiful, intelligent and AMAZING! Stay the way you are❤❤ Love from a small youtuber!!!
mr paccy money
mr paccy money - 22 days ago
I wish i could meet this guy in real life.
Pokémon and Warrobots Lol
Rain deops XD rain drops
Uchiha Master
Uchiha Master - 23 days ago
8:29 *insert wow meme* lol taras is awesome
Uchiha Master
Uchiha Master - 23 days ago
7:00 when you mess up around someone and play it off
BananaBone - 23 days ago
7:16 "Super long ones too; you know what Im talking about" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sebastian C.
Sebastian C. - 23 days ago
Sans joined the chat
Logan w.
Logan w. - 24 days ago
“And also make them super long ones too, you know what I’m talking about”. Was that on purpose?
Lebron James
Lebron James - 24 days ago
If u have smaller hot dog you can put some more😂😂😂
Jim Gibbons
Jim Gibbons - 24 days ago
Where do you find all of that junk?
Ezeckiel LOL -_-
Ezeckiel LOL -_- - 24 days ago
a dog eating hot dog... is that cannibalism
bobby boucher
bobby boucher - 25 days ago
those beef hot dogs ^^ gg wp
Conner C
Conner C - 25 days ago
Jake Johannesen
Jake Johannesen - 25 days ago
Dat dog BARKIN GET IT?!?
long pause
long pause - 25 days ago
Me: 5:53
szopex - 25 days ago
i really like steammed hot dog bun.
Cee Zee
Cee Zee - 26 days ago
Mujib Azam
Mujib Azam - 26 days ago
so u gave a dog a hot dog 🤣🤣
hinge pa BOBO
hinge pa BOBO - 27 days ago
wash your gadgets before you use it
B&B Studios
B&B Studios - 27 days ago
5:51, "definitely hot, im getting really really thick now"
Amazing Builder768
Amazing Builder768 - 28 days ago
Hoood wantz da hatdog
Ginger Lee
Ginger Lee - 28 days ago
I love the beef hot dog maker and the rotisserie thing.
Hicham Sbissa
Hicham Sbissa - 29 days ago
Bryle Mallonga
Bryle Mallonga - Month ago
You have many gadgets in every video; where do you put them?
NoNameProdukt - Month ago
iam against that climte change religion, but honestly, this is a loot of plastik for the trash bin
clint blaze
clint blaze - Month ago
Thumbs up for me very cool gadget
Akshay Sardar
Akshay Sardar - Month ago
shiv sharma
shiv sharma - Month ago
imagine how many left over hot dogs he had
Weird Potato
Weird Potato - Month ago
*_they see me rollin they hatin_*
Hanifa Bibi
Hanifa Bibi - Month ago
Kevin Zaki
Kevin Zaki - Month ago
I wonder if he knows hot dogs are pre cooked
Barça Fan
Barça Fan - Month ago
Great, now I want to eat some hot dogs
Hunter Tench
Hunter Tench - Month ago
"the light turns off automatically" jk CRH love your vids
Kyle Moon
Kyle Moon - Month ago
Dudes always worried about his buns getting soggy
Blaze Osirus
Blaze Osirus - Month ago
Gus is bigger than luke and hugo
Mike Ky
Mike Ky - Month ago
We have a Nostalgia Hot dog roller and love it. Gives the dogs a great flavor.
ELMERJUNchannel - Month ago
I find his clumsiness so funny
Urban Trap
Urban Trap - Month ago
Who’s watching this while they are hungry?
Your Moms Favorite
Your Moms Favorite - Month ago
Wasting all that food when people are starving
Jubz Fishkeeper
Jubz Fishkeeper - Month ago
What happen to your chicken farm now?
Hey its_me_ althea
Hey its_me_ althea - Month ago
I'm sorry but your accent annoys me
Michael Laws
Michael Laws - Month ago
I've always steamed my bread
Alleosus Squirt
Alleosus Squirt - Month ago
What does he do with all the food?
Nikolas Pleyer
Nikolas Pleyer - Month ago
nobody seen logan paul maverick thing?
Do Kim
Do Kim - Month ago
very addictive russian accent!
Jonathon Mayorga
Jonathon Mayorga - Month ago
Rain deops got into the mic guys! 8:39
Francesc2000 - Month ago
"Beef hot dogs"... also known as sausage... lol
Steve H
Steve H - Month ago
That first machine looks like it's made by Fisher Price.
Earthgal HippieChick
Earthgal HippieChick - Month ago
Awesome!!! lol
Earthgal HippieChick
Earthgal HippieChick - Month ago
Loved that barking one!!
csacgt - Month ago
0:11 is that a bow in the top right 😂😆
Regidor Delarosa
Regidor Delarosa - Month ago
Hahaha if you used horsemeat on the rollers/shaper,you would have made Dutch Frikandels,remember that Euro snack?
Regidor Delarosa
Regidor Delarosa - Month ago
I like the rolling one. That ought to be gooood!
Regidor Delarosa
Regidor Delarosa - Month ago
Someone is messing with my comments.
Regidor Delarosa
Regidor Delarosa - Month ago
Fesh - Month ago
Stahp bullying the soviet
Matthew Brookman
Matthew Brookman - Month ago
Dog hero was my favorite
Spooklz - Month ago
What goes inside a hotdog? A sausage or a hotdog?
Joe_264 - Month ago
'Rain deops got into mic' 😂
Acid Trip
Acid Trip - Month ago
Mom and dads boi
Carolina martinez
Carolina martinez - Month ago
Man I’ve seen a million of your videos and I still wonder to myself if you eat everything you make or do you just throw it away🤷🏾‍♂️🤔
GoldAxis - Month ago
Am I the only one who actually buys his products
Alise Laizāne
Alise Laizāne - Month ago
8:41 hahha
Jalovi Army
Jalovi Army - Month ago
4:08 I heard him say bird box
Shanna Miller
Shanna Miller - Month ago
I used to have the nostalgia hotdog roller one. Was sooo awesome. Along with the same brand sno cone machine. My sister had the popcorn popper from them too.
yaroslav Kasyanenko
yaroslav Kasyanenko - Month ago
Ooofffff that sausage is swollen!!!!! What do you prefer dry or soggy buns!?!?!?? Dude I am shitting my pants here
FRANKIE DIP - Month ago
That sausage is swollen 3:20
Claudia Vélez
Claudia Vélez - Month ago
I like steaming my bread for hot dogs... but yeah,, the first one was too much
Watchdogsshit !!
Watchdogsshit !! - Month ago
It's good when the bun is moist 😉 do you like dry or moist
FOXY Pig - Month ago
At 3:14 he called. The dog machine a hot dog so he said” the hotdog is barking at me” so cute😋
Different Videos
Different Videos - Month ago
2:17 avtematecly
tevin weir
tevin weir - Month ago
Steaming bread is uslesss
Chaskora Chef
Chaskora Chef - Month ago
The white panda gadget was from logan paul coz ________ hit the like when you know it
retchille gil mambuay
retchille gil mambuay - Month ago
Dropping swollen hotdog is painful😂
French Toast
French Toast - Month ago
That sausage is *swollen*
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