5 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test - Part 4

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UltimateNepNep - Day ago
A dog eats a dog🤔
Petter !
Petter ! - Day ago
sherry a
sherry a - 3 days ago
Gee, wish I had 1 friend at least to share
paulekas #
paulekas # - 4 days ago
That's all right Tara's it's good content
Regular Person
Regular Person - 6 days ago
a tray for KRUMPS!
X-Red Savage
X-Red Savage - 6 days ago
He typed rain deops
JJ Booster
JJ Booster - 7 days ago
2:42 yes sorry I'm a right cretin soggy bred is lush
Theboyprince 222
Theboyprince 222 - 8 days ago
hot dog
4n6 r3w
4n6 r3w - 10 days ago
Who else watching in 21 B.C
It’s wimpy!
It’s wimpy! - 10 days ago
3:02 *best part of this video.*
Furri - 10 days ago
I thought that was my Alexa in the other room
Restless Zombie
Restless Zombie - 10 days ago
How he said rain deops
Mateo Paredes
Mateo Paredes - 12 days ago
Rain deops
Spiderhead - 14 days ago
You had me at campfire.
The-laughining Gerbils
The-laughining Gerbils - 15 days ago
melvin carter jr
melvin carter jr - 15 days ago
I have a longer hot dog LOLOLOL :) !!!!!!
Freddi Fish
Freddi Fish - 17 days ago
Yeah, seaming the bread makes zero sense. Best way to warm hotdog or hamburger buns is to grill them until golden brown.
Andrew King
Andrew King - 18 days ago
2:45 Those hotdog buns are SOGGY!!! EWWWW 😳😱🙃 😳
Knifer J
Knifer J - 18 days ago
It dosent matter to me about the buns. just make sure they are warm. 👌
Zaher Rishmawi
Zaher Rishmawi - 18 days ago
Zaher Rishmawi
Zaher Rishmawi - 18 days ago
Louise Adayah Cerda
Louise Adayah Cerda - 20 days ago
Me i like soggy hotdog bums
Joshua Bartlett
Joshua Bartlett - Month ago
Now I craving hotdogs. Unfortunately it's 1 am in NY
Rachel Farr
Rachel Farr - Month ago
That sasuge is swollen boom drop it on your hot dog
Sylvadim - Month ago
“Oh my gosh... that dog is barking, haha, THAT DOG IS BARKING... GET IT?!” 2:59
THS_ BRLEK - Month ago
9:40 thats čevapi maker😂😂
begone - Month ago
You could just use your stove and toaster to make a hot dog.
Lila Lavanda
Lila Lavanda - Month ago
BOOM drop it on your hot dog
J Zyskowski
J Zyskowski - Month ago
Look ate the bottom of the screen looks like he got a bit hungry 2:57
Ethan Klingenberg
Ethan Klingenberg - Month ago
3:21 that's what she said
Jayden Butler
Jayden Butler - Month ago
Do you eat all the food you use
Horary Zappy
Horary Zappy - Month ago
I want an hot dog now...
Elio Ramírez
Elio Ramírez - Month ago
What is right way to heat up hotdog buns?
AmazeGames YT
AmazeGames YT - Month ago
Quote from video - There getting really really THICC now.
Anton Schönemann
Anton Schönemann - Month ago
9.50 hot cow
Creepmaster G.M. Danielson
Hope your right tohm is doing better, Taras :D
richard cantilena
richard cantilena - Month ago
Just curious Taras Kul? What do you you do with all the food that you cook for demonstration purposes only. My guess is it goes to your dogs.
Cromwell Rebusquillo
Cromwell Rebusquillo - Month ago
I Like how he grabs that hot hotdog and said...
"Its really really hot"
Cheeterz - Month ago
When he put the water in I thought it was vodka at first.
Teresa Charniak
Teresa Charniak - Month ago
My husband sed he was hungy while I was watching the videos now we have to go get dinner lol love it
ali29342 - Month ago
8:41 rain deops got into the mix 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Gamergod88 - 2 months ago
Doggos going crazy
Luis Caballero
Luis Caballero - 2 months ago
Alejandro Rochocz
Alejandro Rochocz - 2 months ago
Turno on automatically, unplugged.
Ciel Mendoza
Ciel Mendoza - 2 months ago
I like hotdogs!
Halm Stad
Halm Stad - 2 months ago
boom drap it on yur hat dog
Wayne Campbell
Wayne Campbell - 2 months ago
Soggy buns are gross. I would steam more dogs and then toast the buns.
SomeRandomGuy - 2 months ago
A tray for crumbs underneath the hotdogs when the crumb tray should be for bread. Umm... what is that logic
David Easter
David Easter - 2 months ago
What state are you in lol
ryantres85 - 2 months ago
That sausage is swollen ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Γεώργιος Διαμαντόπουλος
2:12 autamatically
indah camelia
indah camelia - 2 months ago
you look like American
deighton13601 - 2 months ago
Where safety isnumber1priority lol love this dude
Tucker Nogales
Tucker Nogales - 2 months ago
Who else used to eat hotdogs raw
David Petrusewicz
David Petrusewicz - 3 months ago
I think you should go in gunnies book of world record. For testing or owning the most gadgets on UTUBE LOL
I still think you have more gadgets then anybody else. Just my opinion.
Keep the videos going I like them
Exolette - 3 months ago
"Alexa stap"
armen 05/12/66
armen 05/12/66 - 3 months ago
My mothers Russian she also says offtomatic lol
Benji Jamin
Benji Jamin - 3 months ago
Love his reactions after touching the hot sausages.
Pooper Craig
Pooper Craig - 3 months ago
3:24 "boom drop it on your hotdog" lol
DoctorWhoRoblox1935 - 3 months ago
8:41 rain deops
DoctorWhoRoblox1935 - 3 months ago
8:41 rain stiOS
damien helm
damien helm - 3 months ago
I'm binge watching CRH. You?
Thetruthsetsyoufree - 3 months ago
And I food Binge watching it LOL !
Barry Gee
Barry Gee - 3 months ago
The Huskies, Loves, The Hot Dogs!🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭
CHAKLA _ - 3 months ago
Ahhahahahaha it's barking get it it is a dog
king jhaner
king jhaner - 3 months ago
I love the first gadget I like soggy bread
Eric Gauthier
Eric Gauthier - 3 months ago
On the subject of steamed buns: Baseball. Bring this guy to a game.
Nino - 3 months ago
That sausage is swollen, BOOM DRAHP IT ON YUR HAHT DAG
EingelDnl axk
EingelDnl axk - 3 months ago
Taras, you supposed to put the hot dog buns in a litlle bag.
Matt c
Matt c - 3 months ago
Which pet is Alexa?
Onyxx _
Onyxx _ - 3 months ago
It’s 2am, and I’m watching a Russian man talk about hot dog gadgets. Truly living the life.
jlopnut gaming
jlopnut gaming - 3 months ago
I post gaming vids
Andrei Offycial
Andrei Offycial - 3 months ago
Why are your hands vribrating like that ?
BigCal - 3 months ago
5 ways to cook a hotdog
Ryan Lu
Ryan Lu - 3 months ago
Istvan Bogdanovics
Istvan Bogdanovics - 3 months ago
you mean beef-dogs
P9VN - 3 months ago

Rain deops drop top 😂
Ethan Ingersoll
Ethan Ingersoll - 3 months ago
Haha dog barking get it
Martin Rosti
Martin Rosti - 3 months ago
Always steam the rolls for the ultimate Hot Dogs experience along with onions, mustard , ketchup and mayo if that’s your taste, wonderful with a beer !!!
Pennant Gaming
Pennant Gaming - 3 months ago
I'm gonna get a hot dog.
LGN Instinct
LGN Instinct - 3 months ago
“I have longer hotdogs" 😂😂😂 nice Taras nice
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