How To BRAINWASH Yourself To SUCCEED - Affirmations

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Seth Alexander
Seth Alexander - 2 years ago
Thanks for having me on the channel IP! Seriously a dream come true! (Affirmation come true, really) ;)
To everyone else feel free to stop by my channel for similar content on becoming your strongest version if you'd like! Cheers!
Laishram Rama
Laishram Rama - Month ago
The secret?
Haris J
Haris J - 4 months ago
Awesome video and the thumbnail also
sacha hrx
sacha hrx - 4 months ago
thanks to you to take the time for change our life and explain it very well
NeostormXLMAX - Year ago
Seth Alexander btw is this using the law of attraction? I swear its the samething?
I am SS ONE - Year ago
Oliver Syed
Oliver Syed - 7 days ago
What type of hater would dislike this tho
Ady - 10 days ago
That's such a cool thumbnail!
normal guy
normal guy - 20 days ago
Thanks dude
Sergane Sariani
Sergane Sariani - 21 day ago
Albert Einstein opposed the theories of Quantum Physics quite harshly and unjustly. I know it sounds simpler to attribute that to him, as he is the incarnation of intelligence, but he was fiercely against the string theory that theorizes that the universe is vibrations.
Still, nice video, but when you want to keep it simple, do not, please, make it the opposite of what was.
Lunatic Crackhead
Lunatic Crackhead - 25 days ago
I'm changing career path soon, finding a new way of life and persuading my dreams, hoping to become a multi millionaire. There Will be doubters out there pulling us down but it won't stop our ambition. Craving power is not my goal but craving financial freedom is, and be United with nature.
Surround ourselves with the right minded people, use experience, knowledge, connection and mana we will succeed. Action action and prove the doubters wrong. Success is the best revenge, wealth, health number one priority.
Lilith - 29 days ago
What do you mean by action?
Jan Irvine Belmonte
Jan Irvine Belmonte - Month ago
I will stop procrastinating...

Anglaide - Month ago
I liked the points about being believable and going slowly. Just repeating stuff you don't believe never helps.
Kirthik - Month ago
I want to become billionare
TC Fitness / TC Talks
TC Fitness / TC Talks - 2 months ago
Amazing video bro 🙌🏽🙌🏽 explained everything very well.
Victor Antônio
Victor Antônio - 2 months ago
If only i could forget about about the humiliating things...
Joanne M
Joanne M - 2 months ago
Listen to positive affirmations at a low volume at every night.
Zeus Men
Zeus Men - 2 months ago
Very nicely explained sir... Crisp and to the point
ana karenjina
ana karenjina - 2 months ago
Thank you
Ali Zakaria
Ali Zakaria - 3 months ago
Awesome video thank you
Burin Sriwongkol
Burin Sriwongkol - 3 months ago
you give me hope.
يسرا فارس
يسرا فارس - 3 months ago
-must be believable to conscience, so act in accordance with them. less dissonance.
-if it feels like a lie, stop using it.
-be specific
-universe will help you out when you take action
-be consistent in your practice (results come later. be patient)
-use present, future, and natural tense
-recite before bed and upon waking (subconscious is more awake than subconscious)
-carry affirmations with you always
-put on post it notes to see it often

just my notes. thanks!!
Jeffrey Carfagna
Jeffrey Carfagna - 3 months ago
Love the way you explain this, allot of teachers state don't limit your goals want millions ask for it ect. Always thought that was BS.
Julie C
Julie C - 3 months ago
Thank you I love this because that is the most logical explanation about affirmations and I « will » do this from now on much love! 🌺
Ilyas Hamid
Ilyas Hamid - 4 months ago
Thank you Sir.
Zulfekar Ali
Zulfekar Ali - 4 months ago
One of the best on title.... thanks
Juan J Nicasio
Juan J Nicasio - 5 months ago
its also powerful when you record yourself and listen to it on repeat as you sleep
Aguilera Productions
Aguilera Productions - 5 months ago
I am a lion
MasterofPlay7 - 6 months ago
not a lie, but becomes a question, and you started to question yourself and your belief xD
Sanket Gupta
Sanket Gupta - 6 months ago
This video sums up every damn thing to be successful.
Best Ever !!
Best Ever !! - 6 months ago
"I HAVE A BIG DICK" "I HAVE A BIG DICK" "I HAVE A BIG DICK" - ill post in 2020 if it came true lol .
selva prasad
selva prasad - 7 months ago
Day 34 no fap ,at start it looks very tough buy days goes, it too become easy .
Jason Todd
Jason Todd - 8 months ago
When you use affirmation your brain start suggesting you different ways to make money and also actions which you have to take.
Jim Williams
Jim Williams - 8 months ago
Great message! Makes sense.
Sayra mehra
Sayra mehra - 9 months ago
Next time when I'll comment it'll be a new me. I promise.
Calvin Schmucker
Calvin Schmucker - 9 months ago
I think the biggest factors are people hurrily do their affirmations then forget about it so they can do their work and they're not truly focused on what their saying.They might be writing "i am happy" while thinking about" so far im not happy" .Or they might be thinking about what they want to do tommorow. The negative affirmations below i posted are some of the things i always stuggled with.I starting to change it.I have been using an affirmation to have more friends.I didn't think too much of it,just told myself people like me.After a while people started coming up to me to start a conversation.
Ted - 9 months ago
Great video!
Maher Aldayoub
Maher Aldayoub - 10 months ago
This was so useful and helpful. Thanks
Xmantrader 1
Xmantrader 1 - 10 months ago
Ive had this video on my watch later playlist for over a year now and i just got around to it. Ive been believing in positivity more and the power of our thoughts so to finally watch this was no coincidence. This year has been completely different for me since I'm using the knowledge your sharing and I'm believing in myself again and I can only hope many more people can benefit from watching this as well.
fromthebamma - 10 months ago
Well that cleared things up lol
chitra guha
chitra guha - 10 months ago
The video is basically about setting goals and having a disciplined approach towards them. Clickbait title
Nikita Pavlov
Nikita Pavlov - 10 months ago
I didn't even know that it's affirmations, I just have been using this for 1 month... And that works.
April Bongado
April Bongado - 10 months ago
Can you like have over 20+ affirmations or limiting yourself to 5 only works better?
Warsilver - 11 months ago
Make it believable then embody it! Great video!
Joshua Bono
Joshua Bono - 11 months ago
I write my affirmation very different. So I word mine like I’ll do this or die trying or I write down what would give me fear if I failed. I say I will create a new type of world because this reality will have no other use for me than for me to make it better.
super hero start from zero
So if actions make results what the purpose of affirmations 😐
Justin Kerns
Justin Kerns - 5 months ago
super hero start from zero The purpose is after enough time affrimations cause you to take action with 100% belief it will happen.
Vince Villaruel
Vince Villaruel - Year ago
Dat bike at ur bck
Macrina - Year ago
Is this the same as the Law of Attraction?
Edit: what is the max number of affirmations you can have? Can you have too many?
Insatiable Thirst
Insatiable Thirst - Year ago
I just need some clarification? how many different affirmations can we say in one day? Is it only one affirmation that would take effect by repeating Or can we say different affirmations during the day?
Andrew Rich
Andrew Rich - Year ago
McGregor should use the natural tense to make them work. :P
Max Almonte
Max Almonte - Year ago
Everything was great until that "universe complaining" crap.
Genio Arto
Genio Arto - Year ago
the best information starsts at *05:21*
David Coupal
David Coupal - Year ago
Great video I just started so thanks for the instructions
mauricio macri
mauricio macri - Year ago
Sub Español Plis
ZONE Dixidia
ZONE Dixidia - Year ago
For a moment i thought fouseytube is the guess by reading the title 😂
Arcane Atri
Arcane Atri - Year ago
not racist, just curious: why do many african americans insist on making it clear what color they are in their names? it's almost obsessive and i see it so much that it's kind of annoying. can african americans stop focusing spotlight in color where it's not necessary to do so?
Kenardo Danvers
Kenardo Danvers - Year ago
thanks bro, for ,aking things a bit more clearer for me and setting it straight.
SalsaSpartan7 - Year ago
What is the background music?
A Series Of Unfortunate Events
This is honestly the most helpful video I have seen about affirmations ever. Thank you!
THF The hacked fashion
thnq soo much !
teycir bensoltane
teycir bensoltane - Year ago
Thanks for the video.
Chris Ossa
Chris Ossa - Year ago
For those that want a summary:
POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS is a positive statement that you say over and over that describe how you want to be. They may not be true at the time of stating them, but over time, will begin to sink into your subconscious until, eventually your subconscious begins to believe it, making therefore, a sef-fulfilling prophecy.
Why they DON'T work:
1. Too unbelievable. Example: REPEATING to yourself you are a billionare and you are broke as hell. Make them small and believable, or your subconscious will not internalize it as your conscious will reject it as it detects an incongruency in your daily life.
2. Not specific enough. Subconscious is your best and worst enemy. So, for this reason, you need to make it specific. Saying I will be a millionaire by the end of this month is more specific than saying I am a millionaire.
3. People not taking action. It is not the affirmations alone that will bring your changes. It is ACTION. Affirmations are to take the necessary actions. Affirmations ONLY prompt the action.
4. You need Consistency. Some only do them sometimes. Plus, take into account this takes a long time and needs to be approached knowing that it needs to be done continually.
How it does work:
1. You must use the proper tense. Three different tense:
The present "I am" but the brain can reject them more easily
future "More believable for the bran"
natural "the ability I need is within me" these are my favorites.
2. Before you sleep and when you awake up.
3. Write them down so you have easy access to seein them.
4. Write them all on post it notes through the house. Your subconscious will not fight it.
minnie lee
minnie lee - Year ago
Great video! Makes so much sense.
btw, I can't see your favorite affirmation because it's being blocked by suggested video boxes that for the life of me I don't know how to remove.
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez - Year ago
*Autopilot yourself to succeed.*
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