Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - Nostalgia Critic

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Channel Awesome
Channel Awesome - 11 months ago
Nostalgia-Ween is back NEXT MONTH! Any guesses on the new intro for it?!?
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Jett LeFleur
Jett LeFleur - 3 months ago
It's Galactus not Galacticus
Lord Karasu
Lord Karasu - 4 months ago
Channel Awesome Say what you will, at least it wasn’t boring.
Rachael Curran
Rachael Curran - 4 months ago
est moive ever
Sebs Ignat
Sebs Ignat - 8 months ago
Beetlejuice cartoon
Advent Studio
Advent Studio - 8 months ago
You forgot the obvious sound he could have made.... hoOOoow?
Xenofon Katifes
Xenofon Katifes - Day ago
Galacticus...Galacticus... GALACTICUS????!!!!What the hell is wrong with you man???
Moonlight Productions
Moonlight Productions - 2 days ago
On a what Funhouse?
Pandora Vex
Pandora Vex - 2 days ago
They could be treating them like assholes cause they were more focused on a wedding and not the end of the world.
LT Arts
LT Arts - 2 days ago
did you know, This movie was gonna get nick fury at one point, but obviously, that never happened
The Jazz King
The Jazz King - 4 days ago
What the Hell is wrong with you people?
Sam Biely
Sam Biely - 4 days ago
What if Mr. Peanut has a peanut allergy? That question is more interesting than any moral question raised in the movie
Garchomp Lord
Garchomp Lord - 6 days ago
Katie - 7 days ago
Wouldn't be Doug Jones in a movie without him being naked... I say that about Paul Bettany's tush every time I see him on screen.
Pearange Productions
Pearange Productions - 7 days ago
One positive thing about this movie (for me, at least) is that it actually re-introduced me to the Silver Surfer.

I was a little kid, and one of my toys that I used to play with was an action figure of Silver Surfer (I knew he was Marvel, but I didn't know his name, so I called him "The Metallic Wave-Rider"...quite a mouthful).

That is until I saw this movie playing on YTV (A Canadian TV mishmash station of Cartoon Network shows, Nickelodeon shows, and other shows).

It still leaves me wondering if Silver Surfer is a bad guy or a good guy, because he seems to be on both sides.
Fluttershy Licious
Fluttershy Licious - 8 days ago
Flame on? More like flaming 😏😏
TheSpeedy Hernandez
TheSpeedy Hernandez - 8 days ago
4 stick
TheSpeedy Hernandez
TheSpeedy Hernandez - 8 days ago
holy shit
TheSpeedy Hernandez
TheSpeedy Hernandez - 8 days ago
Wakaran Takeuchi
Wakaran Takeuchi - 9 days ago
I don't remember it being so bad.😂 such a stupid child I was
austinrrrodrigues - 9 days ago
Effxrt - 10 days ago
Damn, reed actually has a thicckqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqcccckkckkqkqkqkqkkqkkqkqkqkqqcqcqcqckcq ass.
The Aegis
The Aegis - 13 days ago
PS the idea that the surfers power is all in his board is FUCKING BULLSHIT. because when he was exiled and sealed on earth, he found the loophole was that it was his board sealed on earth. he leaves the earth, creates a new board and flies off?
will Burridge
will Burridge - 13 days ago
Captain holt saying “what the hell is wrong with you people” is amazing and should be said in b99
Ian Miller
Ian Miller - 13 days ago
Doctor doom: *GASP*
Elmar A. Hannah
Elmar A. Hannah - 14 days ago
I almost want to downvote this for always saying Galacticus instead of Galactus. ALMOST
Nik does stuff
Nik does stuff - 14 days ago
Nc is the feminist icon we need
Red reaper
Red reaper - 14 days ago
holt in this movie is so weird, he talk about football?
Hayden TCEM
Hayden TCEM - 14 days ago
Lol you said Galacticicus instead of Galactus
Hayden TCEM
Hayden TCEM - 14 days ago
But Dr. Doom is one of the most respected villains in the Marvel Universes he is in
The Double U
The Double U - 14 days ago
As you may know, This YouTube Comment sucks.
See what I did there?
Matt Way
Matt Way - 15 days ago
Fantastic Four: THEY’RE KNIDA DICKS!
schlechterdrachen - 15 days ago
5:47 THEY'RE "KNIDA" DICKS! lol oopsie
Vallows - 15 days ago
why is Chris Evans in this movie?
Dylan Bomba
Dylan Bomba - 16 days ago
5:48 misspelled "kinda" i am sorry i had to point it out, but I just want to watch the world burn
Racool - 16 days ago
Good News Everyone!!! A Certain Fox and a Certain Mouse got along and now another adequately impressive three is coming
Dedric Silva
Dedric Silva - 10 days ago
This time done right instead of sitting around.
Sigurd Torvaldsson
Sigurd Torvaldsson - 17 days ago
The weird thing about this movie is that is was like 1 hour and 10 minutes long
sangria otaku
sangria otaku - 18 days ago
I relate to Malcolm and Doug so much
Trevor - 18 days ago
Why didn’t they just leave all their powers with Johnny so they could all live the normal lives they wanted and Johnny could all the attention that he wanted?
Benjamin Daigneault
Benjamin Daigneault - 19 days ago
It’s Galactus not galaticus
Abby Gould
Abby Gould - 20 days ago
Love the part at the end where the Critic turns and wonders who all the people at the wedding are.
Inøp Nølastname
Inøp Nølastname - 21 day ago
The GuyWhoDoesEverything
Don't know if this was from another review, but why does Rob have a band-aid on his forehead?
Patricks Movie Reviews
Patricks Movie Reviews - 21 day ago
I hope my fbi agent does not see the page i bookmarked on my samsung browser if he/she does he/she is gonna be surprised
Robert Lyndall
Robert Lyndall - 22 days ago
So, I got to the part of this review where you reveal the big evil and hear 'Galacticus' and think, 'Wait, they called him Galacticus instead of Galactus?'. I then force myself to rewatch the movie to make sure only to realize they do call him by the right name and NC just mis-spoke. So, thanks for forcing me to relive that trauma and waste 2 hours I'll never get back.... XD
Wesley Brown
Wesley Brown - 22 days ago
How?.. *Scratches head* Did they?.. Is Thing on a helicopter???
reaverraziel223 - 23 days ago
Who the hell is Galacticus?
YTWarrior100 - 23 days ago
8:22 As you know, no Phantom Menace does *NOT* blow. It's a great film and you'd better stop bashing it.
King 98
King 98 - 23 days ago
I cried during that Care bear joke XD
Kat The Red Hooded Cat
Kat The Red Hooded Cat - 25 days ago
Andre Braugher is just the best actor ever in a Boring Movie...kind of sad , at least he is amazing today!
Mr.Mustache YT
Mr.Mustache YT - 25 days ago
Next up Fantastic 4.20
David Garza
David Garza - 27 days ago
5:47 *Kinda
dragonweyr44 - 27 days ago
I actually LIKED these two Fantastic Four movies and you can't deny they're better than Fant4stic
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil - 27 days ago
1:04 Yeah, I wondered where she was as well.
Dan Torres
Dan Torres - 28 days ago
Galac-Tus. not Galac-Tick Us
Dan Torres
Dan Torres - 28 days ago
I forgot Raymond Holt was in this movie
Leonardo Giordano
Leonardo Giordano - 28 days ago
little did they frickin' know that the aforementioned little mouse would consume the entire fox, as it has done with several other entities, one year after this video was made
LT Arts
LT Arts - Month ago
Rob: The worlds on FIRE!!!
Malcom and doug: *sings* How ‘bout yours, thats the way i like it and i’ll never get bored!

(Favourite part of this episode btw)
jojolafrite90 - Month ago
"Galacticus"? For real?
Joshua Huq
Joshua Huq - Month ago
Holy Hell, is that Captain Holt!?
Mattyman1987 - Month ago
I'm assuming you were saying Galactus wrong on purpose.
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil - Month ago
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil - Month ago
8:14 William Shatner
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil - Month ago
3:14 I laughed at this.
Tim Cummings
Tim Cummings - Month ago
Ok.... that one made me laugh pretty hard.
brittoncru - Month ago
My cousin is a HUGE marvel fan and has seen every movie and even after watching this movie she wish she didn't see it.
Javier Lorenzana
Javier Lorenzana - Month ago
Ok, the Care Bear joke was good
colonelcrispyrice432 - Month ago
I couldn’t take anything seriously anymore after captain holt showed up. I know its diffeent roles but he’s still usong the raymond holt voice with the exact same mannerisms 😆
Christian Holzschuh
Christian Holzschuh - Month ago
The fantastic four shoud't fight crime. As far as I've heard they are explorers. They should... explore. Ocasionalls save the world, but that's not their job. And that was also not doom, just a doombot with a... i mean many glitches.
Obair n/a
Obair n/a - Month ago
Even Captain Holt can't keep these guys in line
Skrimp Extra
Skrimp Extra - Month ago
That general was Andre braugher ( aka captain holt ) and yet no Brooklyn 99 jokes I’m not mad just disappointed
Alex A.
Alex A. - Month ago
It honestly HURTS how typically dumb Invisible Woman's character is. It actually hurts. GOsH. Forget it, pretty much everything in these movies except Chris Evans is dumber than is tolerable. His stuff is dumb too, but at least he has the charm to pull it off.

also, man, I love this channel in it's entirety.. but it's GALACTUS. GALAC-TUS.
KT926 - Month ago
"Sorry, reflex. BTTF3: He's an asshole" XDXD
When Johnny said "reflex" I thought "Commitment phobe!"
博霊麗無 - Month ago
Mr. Fantasic: * appears in front on Doom * It's clobbering time.
Dr. Doom: ....?! * gasps and getting punched out *
Boom Maker
Boom Maker - Month ago
Kelli Vincent
Kelli Vincent - Month ago
I just got the Franklin Richards and Valeria reference when Reed said we can raise a family
Kamic - Month ago
23:55 😂😂😂😂
dragonball slayer326
dragonball slayer326 - Month ago
The incredibles is the best Fantastic four film
Adonan the Stoic
Adonan the Stoic - Month ago
Given what the Surfer is capable of in this movie, as well as what they should Doom capable of in his short time with the board, this feels like a Fant4stic ending. In other words, they shouldn't have been able to take Doom down.
Adonan the Stoic
Adonan the Stoic - Month ago
Wait, how do they know each planet the surfer visits is destroyed? Unless it's a planet in our system, it should take thousands of years for the light from the planet to disappear.
Thomas - Month ago
She was dead but the zit was still covered
Proteus - Month ago
I just noticed this, that fishing ship in Japan's name was written in Korean. Which is fine, it's just the opposite of immersive.
Dalibor Jovanovic
Dalibor Jovanovic - Month ago
Hard to imagine but the movie could actually have been even worse! Andre Braugher's idiot general was originally supposed to be Nick Fury, but Fox was too cheap to purchase the rights for the character from Marvel. Fury sure dodged a bullet by not having that be his cinematic debut.
Scottish Locke
Scottish Locke - Month ago
mad hatter gamer
mad hatter gamer - Month ago
Andrew garfields's spiderman from amazing spiderman never seemed to learn his leason in the first one. yet he's still more commited then the fantastic four... Lol
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