Top 10 Things To Remember Before Seeing Avengers: Endgame

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Comments - 7 months ago
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小白R - 5 months ago
@carealoo744 women DARE NOT play football & rugby with men, how can women fight with men? backward stupid lies.
carealoo744 - 5 months ago
@小白R Like What?
jessie omagap
jessie omagap - 5 months ago
Gauntlet was missing a stone dummy
小白R - 6 months ago
@carealoo744 i m not upset. i just laugh at WESTERN stupid GENDERS lies. so stupid & backward.
carealoo744 - 6 months ago
@小白R @小白R I'm Sorry, I can see you're upset, and I agree that Genders should be treated entirely equally, but what does this have to do with: 'Avengers: 'End Game?''
Axel Nilsson
Axel Nilsson - 8 days ago
The ship used by gotg is called milanu
terry noonan
terry noonan - 24 days ago
You show clips from endgame!!!!! Wtf! Not a prep for the movie if you’ve been avoiding the trailers etc.
Kartik Verma
Kartik Verma - Month ago
Am I the only one who's watching this even after watching Endgame ?
Adam Selvig
Adam Selvig - Month ago
When I saw infinity war I even guessed one
Adam Selvig
Adam Selvig - Month ago
I finally saw endgame and i was so triggered
race chau
race chau - 2 months ago
Why don’t they use time stone to bring back iron man back
Kyle George
Kyle George - 2 months ago
Im soo excited... hopefully iron man survives
The Aarshia Bhagat's
The Aarshia Bhagat's - 2 months ago
U know what?? I saw this after .......
Kellster 5000
Kellster 5000 - 2 months ago
👎 why would you show scenes of End Game?! Even if they are trailers, you're showing content of a movie I obviously haven't seen yet from my search for this video. 🤯😠
ivan martin martinez
ivan martin martinez - 3 months ago
the redhead woman Xanderia possesses the 6 gems of infinity with the intention of dominating and controlling the 6 essential aspects that make up the universal existence: gem of time, gem of space, gem of reality, gem of the mind, gem of the soul and gem power
Dandy Yanuar
Dandy Yanuar - 4 months ago
Avengers 4 endgame full movie =>
Zakia Sultana
Zakia Sultana - 4 months ago
i like it
Waterbender24 - 4 months ago
Before endgame-No joke Sherlock

After Endgame-Huh...they were wrong
Real Chill 67
Real Chill 67 - 4 months ago
fuck captain marvel all she has is power
Adam Wallis
Adam Wallis - 4 months ago
Shit Mobile website doesn’t even work
Jiocarlo Ramirez
Jiocarlo Ramirez - 5 months ago
Black widow was sacrificed for the soul stone .....
MR.R7 - 5 months ago
Who wants a solo

Фаина Фадеева
Фаина Фадеева - 5 months ago
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Lil Kaori
Lil Kaori - 5 months ago
Why did I see this after I watched Endgame
tim johansen
tim johansen - 5 months ago
#1 it's fiction.
Kalila Deinaira
Kalila Deinaira - 5 months ago
But already see avenger:endgame
Bryant Del Toro
Bryant Del Toro - 5 months ago
Why dose your channel (which I absolutely love) pronounces names so awkwardly? The weirdest pronunciations 🤷🏻‍♂️
Joe Djrjd
Joe Djrjd - 5 months ago
Thanks watchmojo i forgot all of this
Vlad O_O
Vlad O_O - 5 months ago
Spoiler: He has already destroyed the stones in endgame.
Onder Mete
Onder Mete - 5 months ago
Half the universe is dead!!!
Did this happen in conjunction with the dust thing? Did they happen at the same time? Is that what happened to Samuel Sterns?
Lord Baltimore 5300
Lord Baltimore 5300 - 5 months ago
Endgame was going to be a lot longer in fact 3 hours and 45 minutes included scenes that didn't make it into the final film
dyahputriarief - 5 months ago
JustADuck - 5 months ago
anyone else notice the thumbnail has the power stone where the mind stone is supposed to be?
JustADuck - 5 months ago
in the first pic
Ur the best Plz
Ur the best Plz - 5 months ago
Why is ant man in endgame if he wasn’t in infinity war
Chassady Neva Spacke
Chassady Neva Spacke - 5 months ago
Ok she dies
Mat DeLong
Mat DeLong - 5 months ago
Mark this as SPOILERS! Showing parts from the endgame trailer counts as SPOILERS.
Henry L
Henry L - 5 months ago
I really hope they explainw hy kids go coocoo for cocoapuffs
Fashionless Schoolchild
Fashionless Schoolchild - 5 months ago
His pronunciations of Valkyrie and Meik were kind of funny
Noah Cross
Noah Cross - 5 months ago
This is terrible
Pratik Rai
Pratik Rai - 5 months ago
Is it necessary to watch 22 movies to watch endgames
Maria Gu
Maria Gu - 5 months ago
Seeing tomorrow!!! 🤩
Ryan Vevo
Ryan Vevo - 5 months ago
So in ant man and the wasp hope and Janet vanished because of thanos
Ryan Vevo
Ryan Vevo - 5 months ago
So sad that iron man dies at the end of endgame
Lu Wah
Lu Wah - 5 months ago
It would be funny if thanos got snapped out.
Jack Rutledge
Jack Rutledge - 5 months ago
BRUH!!!!! If i'm a fan of the MCU then what if the purpose of 0:28?
0:50 The plants got rejected hard
2:19 and he could've stopped it if he told them that thanos sacrificed gamora.
10:03 NOT. AT. ALL. This vid is not for marvel fans and your quiz is broken
JCJ Music
JCJ Music - 5 months ago
that moment when watchmojo predicts time travel
bornfromanegg - 5 months ago
And which one is Thanos again?
NITISH V P - 5 months ago
It is for those who have seen end game
Avengers travel back in time and get the stones
Nat and Clint get the soul stone
Cap and tony get space stone
Rhoodey gets the power stone
Thor and rocket get reality stone
Hulk gets the time stone
How do the get the mind stone?
NITISH V P - 5 months ago
@kỳ nguyễn vũ I did not notice that in the movie
NITISH V P - 5 months ago
@kỳ nguyễn vũ thanks man
kỳ nguyễn vũ
kỳ nguyễn vũ - 5 months ago
the mind stone is in the loki scepter
y' boy isaac
y' boy isaac - 5 months ago
I know how thanos dies

He is killed by a grape
Golden Freddy
Golden Freddy - 5 months ago
I forgot visions dead
Malivoo - 5 months ago
Don't forget about Vision - what happened to him is VERY important in Endgame - he plays a big role.
rubber161 - 5 months ago
Honestly, Thanos would have never been stopped if it wasn't for Shaggy
IRON-PANDA - 5 months ago
"All words are made-up."
Britta-Alrik O'Brien-Nikkola
Number five-
At Sunbelt Bakery. 😀
Oh goshdarnit, stinking advertisement, now I'm hungry. 🤣
[CGM] Sleo
[CGM] Sleo - 5 months ago
Ironically in the start thanos destroyed the stones and lives like a farmer
Zhi jian Quek
Zhi jian Quek - 5 months ago
SPOILER VALKERIE AND the rock dude and the insect.Playing fortnite y’all
John Ronel Ortiz
John Ronel Ortiz - 5 months ago
Who will be the next americas ass?? 😂
Nishant Sethi
Nishant Sethi - 5 months ago
Useless character in avenger cp marvel but overated
Jet - 5 months ago
Are there going to be more avengers movies after this ik it’s a dumb question but I wanna know
Jet - 5 months ago
Subham Kumar Sah
Subham Kumar Sah - 5 months ago
I love you ...3000
hunter hussain
hunter hussain - 5 months ago
Thanos is killed in the first 20 he is not a concerned.
Alex's happy Chanel
Alex's happy Chanel - 5 months ago
Lol in the movie thanos used the stones to destroy the stones.

SPOILER!(don't read if you don't want to)

Iron man dies
They time travel
And Gamora will not die and will betray thanos because she saw in the future that thanos will kill him for the stone and will team up with her "good sister" nebula instead of the bad one because basically there are 2 nebulas because of time travel.

Don't send hate I already said don't go to the spoiler button and it's your choice
Eric 8956
Eric 8956 - 5 months ago
My favorite was scarlet witch and when she perished....
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