Top 10 Things To Remember Before Seeing Avengers: Endgame

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小白R - 17 hours ago
+carealoo744 i m not upset. i just laugh at WESTERN stupid GENDERS lies. so stupid & backward.
carealoo744 - Day ago
+小白R @小白R I'm Sorry, I can see you're upset, and I agree that Genders should be treated entirely equally, but what does this have to do with: 'Avengers: 'End Game?''
小白R - Day ago
+carealoo744 do u mind your KIDS to be cheated by LYING movies? or do u love and enjoy your KIDS to be cheated by LYING movies?
小白R - Day ago
+carealoo744 women DARE NOT play basketball & rugby with men, how can women fight with men? do u love LYING movie?
小白R - Day ago
+carealoo744 do u mind using movies to cheat KIDS & LIE to KIDS?
SXC_Donald Chen
SXC_Donald Chen - 4 minutes ago
Me reacts to title: uh oh i already watched endgame yesterday on April 25
I get to watch it 25th because my dad bought it realky quick
X Mayaelizabeth X
X Mayaelizabeth X - 11 minutes ago
Spider-Man is still alive right, because far from home is after endgame! Also tom Holland is the hottest thing ever
Ana Monten
Ana Monten - 29 minutes ago
Only number 4 and 2 were useful everything else was obvious.
martha - Hour ago
half the universe is ded?? yeah, no shit sherlock
D 0404
D 0404 - Hour ago
Can you see this movie on Netflix
Drew Esponda
Drew Esponda - 2 hours ago
Maybe the only way to win was to give the time stone to thanos because iron man is so powerful and he’s the only one he knows/remembers and dr strange saw the future and knows how to win
Oh' Yeah
Oh' Yeah - 2 hours ago
*Where is SuperMan & DeadPool* ?
Daragingunicorn 1738
Daragingunicorn 1738 - 3 hours ago
2:05 that's where ant man comes into use
Condo Paul
Condo Paul - 3 hours ago
even these nerdy theory videos are getting millions of views.
BkayProxie12345 Panda Proxie
Thanks for the reminder of current movie events because I'm watching this TONIGHT
Radny Gomilla
Radny Gomilla - 5 hours ago
The mind stone is not real..and vision died before it remove
JANIMATIONS ! - 6 hours ago
Groot can regrow off of Thor's axe
Aakriti bhattacharya
Aakriti bhattacharya - 7 hours ago
Watched the movie and its so funny to know how manyyy of these assumptions are wrong! Lol don't worry wont spoil it for anyone:3
Rogue Knight
Rogue Knight - 8 hours ago
Thanos: I am Inevitable
Tony: I am Iron man*snaps*
Rogue Knight
Rogue Knight - 3 hours ago
+alex it's not if still haven't seen the movie
alex - 3 hours ago
Rogue Knight spoiler
Siddharth Vlogs
Siddharth Vlogs - 8 hours ago
Duolingoringo - 12 hours ago
Iron mad takes all the infinity stones and kills thanks but iron man dies trying
Big Dog
Big Dog - 13 hours ago
Seeing Brie Larson's bitch face in every scene is puke inducing. I can't stand that wretched person. She think she has to be angry all the time, and have a severe case of resting bitch face, to be taken seriously. So glad she's only in end game for 15 minutes
Nandkishor Nangre
Nandkishor Nangre - 14 hours ago
Thanos is not a bad guy , thought
He is just balancing the universe
Saul Bermudez
Saul Bermudez - 14 hours ago
Careful in the comment section potential end game spoilers
Urbana Eyecare
Urbana Eyecare - 15 hours ago
Half the universe has left the chat
Falcons Online
Falcons Online - 15 hours ago
Spoiler Alert:

"Activate Insta-kill."
African__Goddess __
African__Goddess __ - 15 hours ago
But scarlet brother is supposed to be coming back to life like I hope he is brought back
yudhi setiawan
yudhi setiawan - 15 hours ago
I thought capt marvel will take biggest part to beat thanos but i was wrong after watch it...
Justin Delapena
Justin Delapena - 15 hours ago
Justin Delapena
Justin Delapena - 15 hours ago
watchmojo already said the solution
7DaysAWeek - SiebenTageHatDieWoche
*Number ONE:*
Germany has seen that movie two days earlier than US ✌️
Sooo, in the end the following people dieJUST KIDDING i won't tell ya, cause spoiling movies is evil and should be forbidden by the law
Cat Vega
Cat Vega - 17 hours ago
Legitimate Theory That May Say It All...
Thanos said, "You should've aimed for the head"~Doctor strange saw only one possibility of winning, out of 41 million~Ant man was in the quantum realm, but are you guys forgetting what the quantum realm is? It's where all things that disappear go off to in this movie? If everybody didn't exactly die off, maybe they're stuck in the quantum realm- The guardians of the galaxy were able to transport to different galaxies, different times, and more, so maybe they will too...?
Chevy Boy
Chevy Boy - 17 hours ago
Really you didn't know he had 6infinity stone
Chevy Boy
Chevy Boy - 17 hours ago
I can't wait to 👀 the end game yayyyyyyyyyyyyyayyyyy
Jonathan C.
Jonathan C. - 17 hours ago
I'm pretty sure there's a hidden infinity stone that his the destruction stone and can destroy Thanos lmao
Yani Bree
Yani Bree - 18 hours ago
Hello to those who already watched the movie. I’m in tears. 😭😭😭😭
Ashley Berri
Ashley Berri - 19 hours ago
Im afraid to read the comments cause I still haven’t seen the movie yet
paula acevedo
paula acevedo - 19 hours ago
Finally we all know that Captain Marvel kills Thanos, while Ironman travels to the past to destroy the infinity gems. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😂
khairin asraf
khairin asraf - 20 hours ago
Spoiler: tony stark save the world and .......
Burning Experience
Burning Experience - 21 hour ago
I have a deep feeling the x men will join the fight against thanos.
Kurt Mert
Kurt Mert - 21 hour ago
Me: can’t even jerk off with left hand.
Thanos: “eliminates half of the universe with left hand.
mike efron
mike efron - 21 hour ago
scrolling to the comments just to make sure this video doesnt contain any spoiler lol
Alberto Bromeo
Alberto Bromeo - 22 hours ago
Iron man dies lol
Priyangshu Goswami
Priyangshu Goswami - 22 hours ago
Thanos is very smart he will either hide it or just destroy the stones, or at least the time and soul stone.
Aaron Lo
Aaron Lo - 22 hours ago
There will be deaths in endgame. Brace yourself.
DanAndFernandoGAMES - 23 hours ago
Ummmm hi please delete half of the spoiler comments, thanks xoxo
Dope Dragon 999
Dope Dragon 999 - Day ago
Captain America and captain America die by holding the force of the stone in endgame 😈😈😈😈😈I went to the premier
Cosmic Gautam
Cosmic Gautam - Day ago
Just go for the Head
6. Iron man is stranded
Nebula and Captain M. are there
Vaibhav K Bhatti
Vaibhav K Bhatti - Day ago
You missed one point " Loki is dead or maybe " . I don't think Loki can easily die .
Tony and thanos died
The end is here. I’ll be seeing it later today
Ńąťşùkï tells you
the last part of a scene with thanos and his tent was philipines where i live
Thanos destroyed all the stones.
Pollista Barista
Pollista Barista - Day ago
Am I the only one who wasn't surprised of the ending because we all read the comic
Elliot Swift
Elliot Swift - Day ago
I know people will be annoyed at me for saying this but Starlord shouldn't have hit Thanos when they were trying to pull the gauntlet off of his hand. They could have weakened him significantly, had they been successful.
Jamaican Egyptian
Jamaican Egyptian - Day ago
Is The Reason there is a YouTube Video called, "Why Black People Should Boycott the Theaters"
Litue’ B
Litue’ B - Day ago
Troy Preiss
Troy Preiss - Day ago
Well u were correct with the quantum realm part
Krizztian Siuagan
Krizztian Siuagan - Day ago
Who is with me watching this after watching the avengers: end game?
TheStudiosHD- Youtube
And, 11th:

Yani Bree
Yani Bree - 18 hours ago
I wont
Chipmunk Gaming
Chipmunk Gaming - Day ago
*avengers endgame spoilers*
1-Iron man dies
2-thanos is defeated by an infinity suit(made be iron man)
3-everybody comes back
4-dr.strange was right by giving the time stone
5-hulk is back
(Special thanks to iron man for sacrificing himself to save the earth)
Finn Klein Brinke
Finn Klein Brinke - Day ago
I saw infinity war before endgame in a marathon in the cinema🤩😜 so amazing movies
Sven Sipcic
Sven Sipcic - Day ago
I've seen it
mathew miquiabas
mathew miquiabas - Day ago
who has watched endgame
Kemi Adorin'
Kemi Adorin' - Day ago
I just bought endgame tickets !!! EEEEKKK!!!! So excited
Lanyer Española
Lanyer Española - Day ago
I love you all 3000
Syed Haris Rehman
Syed Haris Rehman - Day ago
Thanks it realised yesterday in hk 5 hrs and4 mins left
Youssef Hefny
Youssef Hefny - Day ago
Ironman dies after he kills thanos
Nathan Näckdal
Nathan Näckdal - Day ago
i saw the movie today, what me to spoil the whole shit?
Hsh Ysha
Hsh Ysha - Day ago
Iv watched endgame in Australia
Livia V.
Livia V. - Day ago
Valkyrie is alive, it's was confirmed in an interview many months ago
Ο Κουλης
Ο Κουλης - Day ago
no captain can lift no hummer to be true
Isaiah Eatmon
Isaiah Eatmon - Day ago
scotch tape is the key everyone but don't tell nobody I told you this
Meosjin Kim
Meosjin Kim - Day ago
Tony stark will save everyone in End Game.
But you will cry in the ending.
Meosjin Kim
Meosjin Kim - 14 hours ago
+Yani Bree Same :(
Yani Bree
Yani Bree - 18 hours ago
She’ll be missed
Yani Bree
Yani Bree - 18 hours ago
I cried when the girl**** sacrifice herself. 😭😭😭😭
Beatriz Ferreira
Beatriz Ferreira - 22 hours ago
By saying shit you mean your mom right? 😘
Meosjin Kim
Meosjin Kim - Day ago
+Beatriz Ferreira Stop spoiling u sht.
The collector guy
The collector guy - Day ago
This movie will be the biggest box office hit off all time
yung xanny aka lil xanny
Just call Deadpool for help smh
10k with no vids challenge no vids challenge
Sofia Potter-Skywalker
Be like strange. Dont post spoilers
BIonIc oP
BIonIc oP - Day ago
No freaking du have the univerce is dead we dont have the memorey of a dog
Graandady Memes
Graandady Memes - Day ago
The soul stone breaks 50% of universe comes back and they all fight thanos on his home planet
Zein Shion
Zein Shion - 2 days ago
Are superman and batman not an avengers??Answer my question plss..
Louisentine - 2 days ago
I really want to spoil now but Avengers said "Do not spoil the game" TwT, that's ok I will respect them since this is their last movie
cie -
cie - - 2 days ago
For me Thanos is the real hero....he can makes all super heroes collab in one movie, soooo i just have to buy one ticket to see them all.
samuel velasquez
samuel velasquez - 2 days ago
Yeah what if this was the version that they won and to win all that had to happen so they could win
tankeryy - 2 days ago
Captain marvel is showing up?! Damn!
tankeryy - 2 days ago
Thx for the recap
W. Jones
W. Jones - 2 days ago
She’s been gone because she’s been helping the shape shifters. She warned fury to call only for emergencies, he had faith in his avenger.
Leah - 23 hours ago
Plus no one knows about her. She has been wiped from the record except for furry
Velile Mhlungu
Velile Mhlungu - 2 days ago
Captain Marvel is the way. She can take on Thenos.
Ace Destroyer
Ace Destroyer - Day ago
Thanos bitch slaps her but it's okay because Tony Stark puts on the infinity gauntlet and saves the day.
Seppe Verschueren
Seppe Verschueren - 2 days ago
spoiler alert: korg plays fortnite
khairin asraf
khairin asraf - 20 hours ago
Thanos want kill noobmaster hahaha
Spherical 3
Spherical 3 - 2 days ago
Damn the avengers endgame is so awesome. That's all.
Its Me
Its Me - 2 days ago
Good thing Doctor Strange Died cuz he will be a big spoiler
Yani Bree
Yani Bree - 18 hours ago
He really didn’t spoil anything even when .....
Sekai Eruza
Sekai Eruza - 2 days ago
turns out ur theory about the time travel was true
Euro's saylum
Euro's saylum - 2 days ago
Its Me
Its Me - 2 days ago
Im eatching it on next tuesday
Its Me
Its Me - 2 days ago
Pls dont spoil in comment sec
Euro's saylum
Euro's saylum - 2 days ago
Its Me
Its Me - 2 days ago
Dude did you watched Endgame?
The Nutdealer
The Nutdealer - 2 days ago
Damn totally forgot half the universe is dead.
Poy - 2 days ago
End game gave "you should've gone for the head" very unexpectedly
big fox
big fox - 2 days ago
remember that Iron Man dies
ami ssaddai
ami ssaddai - 2 days ago
Tony stark is gonna save everyone
ami ssaddai
ami ssaddai - 2 days ago
At Avengers Ending game
Hippos Jump
Hippos Jump - 2 days ago
Iron man dies so does black widow
Squid Dog
Squid Dog - Day ago
Hippos Jump ya know, you have 0 subs for a reason.
Hippos Jump
Hippos Jump - 2 days ago
Iron man dies and black widow dies
Hippos Jump
Hippos Jump - 2 days ago
He does not have all six
My Name
My Name - 2 days ago
Thanos is not strong is a fact!!
Andrew Oxford
Andrew Oxford - 2 days ago
Half the universe is dead?! I had no idea?!?!
Jeffrey Ahmed Sampulna
Jeffrey Ahmed Sampulna - 2 days ago
number 0 captain america shave her beard
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