Trying "Funny" DIY PRANKS on My Friend Azzyland

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Sarah Does Stuff
Sarah Does Stuff - 8 hours ago
Azzy ate a "sponge" cake.
Sarah Does Stuff
Sarah Does Stuff - 8 hours ago
When Kassie "sneezed" Azzy didn't say "Bless you." >:(
For my only one in my life True to be honest
Arent Azzy was your girlfriend?(・–・;)ゞ
Champ Harima
Champ Harima - 11 hours ago
kassima or kassie hey azzy come here
me lel
Tillie Ryan
Tillie Ryan - 11 hours ago
Karen Holmes
Karen Holmes - 11 hours ago
Hiii azzy
Vanilla bean ice creamy
Vanilla bean ice creamy - 14 hours ago
I have the same BOWLS!!!🤗🤗😁😁😀😀😀
reshma shakya
reshma shakya - 14 hours ago
hi kasiee
Kiarni Thompson
Kiarni Thompson - 15 hours ago
Is Azzy acting
Layla Viers
Layla Viers - 17 hours ago
why do i feel like they faked this
Jaevin Phan
Jaevin Phan - 18 hours ago
Who noticed she is flexin her AirPods in her ear
Lindsey Clemons
Lindsey Clemons - 19 hours ago
At 15:11 they did it wrong. You don't put the scarf all the way around your neck, you put it behind your neck and fold it back to where you started and then tie it.
Diamond Pro
Diamond Pro - 19 hours ago
sunny -
sunny - - 21 hour ago
I’m seven and I No
Fatima Berumen
Fatima Berumen - 21 hour ago
I feel like she already knew she was getting tricked
Yessenia Varela-Allen
Yessenia Varela-Allen - 22 hours ago
Azzy knows she is getting pranked
Michelle Crabtrey
Michelle Crabtrey - 22 hours ago
I love you so much Aze
Patricia Casdia
Patricia Casdia - 22 hours ago
Oh what are you dowwin over there? AHHH
LeanMilana - 22 hours ago
Pranks oh Jesus
BUNNY OMG1 - 23 hours ago
What did she mean about another game ;)
Eirik Dyrbeck
Eirik Dyrbeck - Day ago
Gacha Loly caty
Gacha Loly caty - Day ago
I can do the nick one :3
Magnus Björk
Magnus Björk - Day ago
Ik its prob fake but i still felt bad for azzy about The balooncake
Anyone else?
Shreena Almheiri
Shreena Almheiri - Day ago
Prank azzy again
Arta's Vlog
Arta's Vlog - Day ago
Poor Azzy
Jennifer Ohakwume
Jennifer Ohakwume - Day ago
6:42 get ready
I loved it this video.
Lauma The Gamer
Lauma The Gamer - Day ago
Kassie/Gloom you look like my mom...

And i was adopted.... So.... Are you mama?
Javina Tiwari
Javina Tiwari - Day ago
I Did The Prank The Cake Prank Thingy... To My Sister But It Failed... She Said " I Don't Want Cake "
🍰 1 like = 1 Cake For Azzy And My Sister 👍
Ebrahim Paridel
Ebrahim Paridel - Day ago
While I was watching this I dropped my phone on my face so yeah I guess I pranked myself without knowing it ಠಗಠ
Emily’s Adventures
Mum* yes?
ME* Well I smashed ... THE LIKE BUTTON 😆
MUM* I can’t deal with these jokes any more😒
Emma Y
Emma Y - Day ago
I got it wrong on the scarf but I did it after ten tries
Kale Van haren
Kale Van haren - Day ago
Ive been watching you for a day now and by far your my favourite youtuber much love ❤️
iLikecats ANDdogs
iLikecats ANDdogs - Day ago
Æñgėlêê sweet Potato :P
I feel bad for azzyland
Angela Knowles
Angela Knowles - Day ago
Great job goom goom👍🏾😀
PoTaTo Chip
PoTaTo Chip - Day ago
If you like gloom like the video
If you like azzy like the video
If your gonna say something mean to me dislike the video
Uni Pugz
Uni Pugz - Day ago
Azzy’s like: your a great friend
I’m like :she’s going to regret it
Ellen Diesmo
Ellen Diesmo - Day ago
Who else thinks this is a set up
its yo boy um Gordo nino
Kass: puts the thing
Azzy: um😬😶🙁😑😞😮🤐😯😧
Give me back mah COOKIES
1:36 Azzy: FU-
Elizabeth Casillas
Elizabeth Casillas - Day ago
Lol she pranked Azzy on her channel just like azzy said :P
It’s Annie
It’s Annie - Day ago
Azzy is Selena, Cassie is Taylor😂
the dark wolf
the dark wolf - Day ago
Do it when its late
manaal nasir
manaal nasir - 2 days ago
I know this is fake because on the balloon one in the video they were eating cookies and azzy was
Emilie Duedahl Hansen
Emilie Duedahl Hansen - 2 days ago
Sabnam Lamichaney
Sabnam Lamichaney - 2 days ago
Happy ch
Lilly Nyancat
Lilly Nyancat - 2 days ago
do u know 123GO? Well don’t try they’re tricks because they are fake
"Ew its disgusting "
Me:eating and seeing a cockroach
Panda pan
Panda pan - 2 days ago
Who puts a fork and knife in a cupcakt
Darkness Wolf kid
Darkness Wolf kid - 2 days ago
Hey Im 9
Amber DeChastel
Amber DeChastel - 2 days ago
And Azzys bad person just kidding she’s a great person says gloom
Samie Loco
Samie Loco - 2 days ago
12:37 she sounds like a goat baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Galaxy Kurz
Galaxy Kurz - 2 days ago
5:16 😂😂😂
Teresa Solorio
Teresa Solorio - 2 days ago
If you like Aazzy better like
If you like Gloom better comment 😆
Teresa Solorio
Teresa Solorio - 2 days ago
Xx ShadowWolf xX
Xx ShadowWolf xX - 2 days ago
i hope frosting does not have glue in it
Orlando Peshlakai
Orlando Peshlakai - 2 days ago
Monica Commock
Monica Commock - 2 days ago
This is how much azzy got pranked
Monica Commock
Monica Commock - 2 days ago
Why are you telling your friend to go to sleep lol
Amyra Kumar
Amyra Kumar - 2 days ago
I hate balloons too! 🎈+🔪=me screaming
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