Joe Rogan Experience #1268 - Ron White

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Woody Woodman
Woody Woodman - 23 hours ago
Uncle Ron's Bad Ass... but obviously Anti Trump!
Still Love him though cause hes Smart enough to NOT announce his own political sides!
Paul Wall
Paul Wall - Day ago
Did somebody say DMT?
Jesse Case
Jesse Case - Day ago
There is a dip that uses cannabis. Their brand is called Cannadips. Outlaw did a video on it.
Neva’ eh’s Natas
Team Young Jamie. That dude rocks and he doesn't get enough credit.
Cancer Ridden Lung
Cancer Ridden Lung - 2 days ago
TIL Joe Rogan has never heard of pot brownies.
Luke Banter
Luke Banter - 3 days ago
this one of my favorite comedy based ones
Fill a Void Podcast
Fill a Void Podcast - 3 days ago
Hour 13 in and Ron is TOASTED
Chris Schneider
Chris Schneider - 3 days ago
The term for tranny lovers is gay.
Chris Schneider
Chris Schneider - 3 days ago
Golf is the friendliest game possible, provided the course is maintained without too much poison.
Chris Schneider
Chris Schneider - 3 days ago
Human shit is always infuriating. Skid mark Row
Chris Schneider
Chris Schneider - 3 days ago
The so called super gluttons lacked refrigeration, on demand energy, central heating, etc. Moderation is a modern luxury.
Chris Schneider
Chris Schneider - 3 days ago
Clinton Body Count
Chris Schneider
Chris Schneider - 3 days ago
Get Barry's cock out of your mouth, Rogan. Obama fucked us.
Te Dogg
Te Dogg - 4 days ago
Slrums McKenzie in human form
Devon Tarry
Devon Tarry - 5 days ago
Never seen a hole in one in another sport? Look up steph curry putting buzzer beaters in from the other side of the court.
hutch homestead
hutch homestead - 5 days ago
I want to see Kurt Russell on here some day
Robert Tavernier
Robert Tavernier - 7 days ago
Joe! You should get Dave Mordal on your show. He’s doing some work on our local morning radio show in the twin cities now, but I think he’d be guest for your show. Thanks! Love the show.
David Jones
David Jones - 7 days ago
First, I love Ron. Awesome. But why didn't someone tell Ron he didn't need to "eat that microphone." That's a multi-hundred dollar microphone.... move it 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 inches from the microphone.
mike - 8 days ago
Joe Rogan, your ok my amigo!
illini dave
illini dave - 9 days ago
You two are wrong. Obama always used a telle prompter without it his speeches were awful
Bryon Lape
Bryon Lape - 11 days ago
People couldn't make fun of Obama and his teleprompter.
BigWave - 12 days ago
24:57 this man is telling his story while I got a mouth full of hard boiled egg. Thanks Ron. thanks.
Old Man hendo
Old Man hendo - 13 days ago
When they were talking about going low with jokes, all I could think about is:
Micahel Richards: HE’S A NIGGER!!!!!
California Sun Bear
California Sun Bear - 15 days ago
No hitters in baseball are like holes in one to me.
Riley Kenitzer
Riley Kenitzer - 17 days ago
“Baby duck pussy lip taco”
Tony Patton
Tony Patton - 17 days ago
Wow, Rogan and Tater Salad licking Dr Phil's balls together. Such a tender moment.
Eye of the Tiger [][][]
Eye of the Tiger [][][] - 18 days ago
Ron White is the unfunniest person on planet Earth. Nearly three hours of barely coherent drivel. Please never have this fucking loser ever back again.
Mark Tipton
Mark Tipton - 18 days ago
Ain’t no way Joe is 51
jks2389 - 20 days ago
Joe please have Paul F Tompkins on the podcast.
Cj Lamonda
Cj Lamonda - 21 day ago
So awesome Ron whites on the show he’s a great comedian.
Cj Lamonda
Cj Lamonda - 21 day ago
Elephant pig haha
Tim Mill
Tim Mill - 21 day ago
Most comedians really don't care of themselves.
Ken Clive
Ken Clive - 21 day ago
Ron White is the finest Texan. That is all.
Chrissam07 - 23 days ago
Make it happen Ron and Phil podcast!
Chrissam07 - 23 days ago
Or McGraw and white!
A.D. Green
A.D. Green - 26 days ago
The drug alcohol , is one of most additive , next to the. Drug tobacco.
iLLDeeOnTheBeat - 26 days ago
I'd throw up all over the table drinking as much as ron does.
Jonathan Jacobson
Jonathan Jacobson - 26 days ago
i love how he said idont give a fiddlers fuck
Leon Wood
Leon Wood - 27 days ago
Here in Arizona in my town they have residential hunting with a bow......Till a guy shot an Elk in the city park with about 50 people watching.
Of the 50 people who watched the kill about 51 was GREATLY horrified and damaged for life and stormed town hall so due to political pressure they changed the law.
Erick Trousdale
Erick Trousdale - 27 days ago
Goddamn right that it's bullshit that I can be arrested and locked away for 3 days for having a half a gram of weed in my truck and found guilty through no admission of my own just to swindle me out of $1,500!!! Fuck Alabama BTW
Alex White
Alex White - 27 days ago
Then my daddy Johnny whie hit me in the head with by he landline so hard I saw a demon version of my mother in her moo moo in holding.FIRST and only visual compromise from a concussion.thank God that doesnt happen.
Dope D
Dope D - 28 days ago
Why the closed caption had the word nigga in it ?🤔😆
spencer kenney
spencer kenney - 29 days ago
i swear ron white and john force are brothers
Taltemaru Takanash
Taltemaru Takanash - 29 days ago
You can hear and see the emotion on him when he's talking about his friend.
Taylor Whitney
Taylor Whitney - Month ago
"I seem to require it." Those DTs are really no joke. If he drinks as much as he says thats probably why. DTs are the only drug withdrawal bad enough to kill you without medical help.
Vape Clouds901
Vape Clouds901 - Month ago
What’s his Instagram page?? Derek’s
Chip Hobby
Chip Hobby - Month ago
I won see how happy Ron was when tiger one the masters this year he seems like like a big tiger fan
Alexander Rose
Alexander Rose - Month ago
As of this date, 1.4k people suck at life and hate quality comedy/podcasts
David Gouin
David Gouin - Month ago
If you fuck your feet up or your lower back. You're fucked!
Michael McInnes
Michael McInnes - Month ago
"Keep your head still when you put." reminds me a lot of "Keep your stick on the Ice", quote about hockey from the great Red Green.
jaymiller73y - Month ago
Joe, humanity is not evolving. We have dark hearts from the beginning. There is a yard stick that never moves. Be open to the you are with every other idea.
Danny Cormick
Danny Cormick - Month ago
I’m thinking a whole in one in ufc or fighting in general could be a one punch knockout. Maybe not but the pro won’t even get 15,16,17 in a career
Vaden85 - Month ago
Does anyone else think Ron white resembles Locke's father in lost?
byallmeans - Month ago
Love Ron white. As foul and dirty he is he has such a big heart. And what a voice!! Crazy how decades of alcohol and smoking abuse can make that magic of a radio voice. LOVE THESE MEN.
Stef - Month ago
Just good timestamps for me :)
Brody Knapp
Brody Knapp - Month ago
Hole in one is a 900 series in bowling.
7DeadlySSJG's - Month ago
Brian Leinhauser
Brian Leinhauser - Month ago
Joe-Zay? Really dude ? You’re a damn commentator of the sport 😂😂
Jonathan Montanez
Jonathan Montanez - Month ago
Get Bo Burnham on your show
C. W.
C. W. - Month ago
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers - Month ago
Ron White isn't that funny

He's hilarious I would love to see him live
Colin Christensen
Colin Christensen - Month ago
Hole in one = one punch knockout
michael grossman
michael grossman - Month ago
Why dont they ever show the pictures!
Ed Smith
Ed Smith - Month ago
Joe, there are no psycho active chemicals in the leaves of any pot plant. Only in the flower. Folks that claim to process stems, seeds, and leaves into get get high are full of shit. It never happened once in all of history.
DREW ROGERS - Month ago
It amazes me how many people don’t know who Ron White is before this podcast!! Watch the original Blue Collar Comedy Tour! Then his own special when he’s alone after that! Some of the best work he’s ever done!! He blends so well with the guys on stage, and his delivery is impeccable!!
Seriously, check it out!
(Ur welcome!!)
Alvaro Argujo Jr
Alvaro Argujo Jr - 7 days ago
100% Facts that's where i first saw him as a kid his sharpness with his jokes flowed so well with Bill Jeff and Larry
Kevin Bonin
Kevin Bonin - Month ago
Obama was teleprompter in chief. He. Spoke. Word. After. Word. And. Never. Said. Anything.... Of substance.
Auzzy H
Auzzy H - Month ago
Eating weed won't get you high unless you decarb it..
Drew Richardson
Drew Richardson - Month ago
Not gonna lie, that story about golfing with his friend who had terminal brain cancer, damn near made me shed a tear.
Jordan Brulez
Jordan Brulez - Month ago
14:51 when you have to go to work on a day off.
Torn - Month ago
Joe is gay
Cozc47 - Month ago
Yes Joe, I too love that my representative for 8 years was a man who admitted to an 80% civilian casualty rate on his ungodly drone program
Stonewall Strategy
Stonewall Strategy - Month ago
38:32 Ah damn. Ron's tearing up a bit...
That's a good story man.
Coretta Hattereaux
Coretta Hattereaux - Month ago
Obama wasn’t stupid at all. He was violently sadistic in his love of hunting humans, reviving slave trade, toppling stable democracies and the Eu, and distributing fentanyl far and wide just to watch his alienated citizens die en masse so they’d never live to vote against his successor. Basic psychopathic tyrant but very smart man.
Glenn Jimenez
Glenn Jimenez - Month ago
When I was a kid I never ever thought I’d be seeing Ron white on a joe rogan podcast
I never even imagined YouTube
Glenn Jimenez
Glenn Jimenez - Month ago
Talk shit about joe rogan, get hugely complemented on your athletic talent.
Maybe we should try to react like this to people who don’t understand us?
Boofer T. Washington
Boofer T. Washington - Month ago
Jim Norton is an unhomosexual.
jesse eagleton
jesse eagleton - Month ago
Fiffel Tomte
Fiffel Tomte - Month ago
Justin Smith
Justin Smith - Month ago
No matter the guest, the cast is Always better with drinks and smoke!!!!
R Schmidt
R Schmidt - Month ago
If you play at 1.0x speed Ron White sounds drunk.
Skerdy - Month ago
As opposed to how he sounds normally?
Leo Vuitton
Leo Vuitton - Month ago
Zzzkoszzz - Month ago
Great story based standup comic
Michelle Wyatt
Michelle Wyatt - Month ago
Class of '86!!!!!!! Goooooo Joe!!! RW was drunk, thought I could be too!
IM internet mash
IM internet mash - Month ago
32:52 hole in one in baskettball from one court side to another 3 points
IM internet mash
IM internet mash - Month ago
22:55 there is not a man on this planet who wouldnt fuck all the the women he could if the opportunity was presented in any form or shape. 100% fact
Terra Rae
Terra Rae - Month ago
Joe's obviously never heard Ron Whites Dr. Phil story. It's so so good.
Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller - Month ago
3:15 Holy shit Joe...
Your Big Head Cousin
Your Big Head Cousin - Month ago
Bush was always a dummy, Joe. Hes charismatic but hes not bright, never was.
Jonathan Rogers
Jonathan Rogers - Month ago
I fucking can almost guarantee Rogan is smarter than you with a 128i.q.
Chad Harris
Chad Harris - Month ago
Dude... Idk... I think Ron White and Bill Burr might be the most genuinely funny people on the fucking planet. I'd love to have a drink with this guy 😆
austin tasious
austin tasious - Month ago
Joe "Coyotes Ate My Chickens" Rogan
COLE Hackett
COLE Hackett - 2 months ago
Thank you joe Rogan. From the heart man.
Jesse Segedy
Jesse Segedy - 2 months ago
Ron is super cool, he's such a real guy.
Xzone256 - 2 months ago
Ron White MIGHT be my favorite Rogan guest.
jenky1044 - 2 days ago
He's a "tier one" comedian. Joe is "tier two". (and I like Rogan). Look at how many seats filled in the audience and how many CDs/DVDs sold. That's how you can tell the difference.
Cody Iuliucci
Cody Iuliucci - 2 months ago
Joe went full bisexual for a moment 1:29:10
ThatGuyLane_ - 2 months ago
Get Conor on the podcast
Boofer T. Washington
Boofer T. Washington - 2 months ago
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones - 2 months ago
Joe is looking a the face... must be all that food hes earing at the illuminati goat head orgies hes been going to lately with jack dorsey and george soros.... =)
Max Miller
Max Miller - 2 months ago
1:29:00 lmao damn joe nice to know how YOU get down lmao
Fabulous Rider
Fabulous Rider - 2 months ago
I have lived in multiple parts of San jose, for over 30 years, and have never seen, or heard a wild pig/boar. Ive been ALL OVER the bay area and never seen a wild pig/boar or heard one. I want to see one of these fuckers!
dragnet53 - 2 months ago
The kissing democrat hour.....holy shit.
Boofer T. Washington
Boofer T. Washington - 2 months ago
33:35 way more people do NOT hit walk off grand slams. Not in the pros, at least. That's a unicorn.
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