The Future Unfolds

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BricksbergStudios HD
BricksbergStudios HD - 18 hours ago
Ching Chang chong
S a m s u n g S o u n d
S n o w i r d
Samar Eid
Samar Eid - 2 days ago
Samsung like
Apple coment
wehave2 - ROBLOX
wehave2 - ROBLOX - 6 days ago
this was a freak in 1 week
Claudia Villarreal
Claudia Villarreal - 19 days ago
GOOD BOI SAMSUNG *Pats Samsung's head*
Batuhan Türev
Batuhan Türev - 20 days ago
i'll keep waiting for s15 . these phones get broken in 3 years anyway
김어진 - 21 day ago
일단 국뽕 한사발 들이키고 가자
A or Z
A or Z - 25 days ago
When is note 10
Gagan .i chawla
Gagan .i chawla - Month ago
*Problems unfold faster than actual phone*
뒝이님 - Month ago
미래를 펼치다만 몇번째야
Silvia Cruz
Silvia Cruz - Month ago
Es un celular pegable de samsung en galaxy fold y van a seguir la serie de celulares pegable fold fold 2 fold 3 fold 4 fold 5 y etc y como sera el fold 10 debe tener buenas camaras
Sunel A
Sunel A - Month ago
Getting this phone for my birthday so exited
Mc Banditas
Mc Banditas - 12 days ago
Yeah i have s10 plius
Its Just Me Cardi T
Its Just Me Cardi T - Month ago
Apple is shook
ald catPlaysGamer
ald catPlaysGamer - Month ago
البقغظتسثكعفثظزىب samsungS10
Shinentai Joho Togo
Shinentai Joho Togo - Month ago
한글의 우수성을 세계에 알립시다!!
백승준 - Month ago
미래를 펼치다
GALAXY ARCHIE - 2 months ago
I’m just going to stay with a Normal Phone
Nihal Reddy
Nihal Reddy - 2 months ago
0:07 How Do I Sing That?
otaku_trist - 2 months ago
k o r e a *a s h e c k*
Sadia Aziz
Sadia Aziz - 2 months ago
Only for the rich
권정인 - 2 months ago
미래를 펼치다
Sejes Oscorp
Sejes Oscorp - 2 months ago
Респект Самсунгу
버프5개소마 - 2 months ago
Shivganesh Naik
Shivganesh Naik - 2 months ago
This ad was actually for the galaxy fold
The Lichauco Family
The Lichauco Family - 2 months ago
Can’t wait for the note 10
Mariano WotB
Mariano WotB - 2 months ago
Dolo03 - 2 months ago
Яблоки сасатт
Joshua Espinosa
Joshua Espinosa - 2 months ago
I feel like even though they are a Korean company they're using the Korean language just as an aesthetic anyone else get that?
이준기 - 2 months ago
미래를 펼치다
On Kang
On Kang - 2 months ago
미래를 펼치다
love you아이카츠
love you아이카츠 - 2 months ago
미래를 펼치다
Pompeiioh - 2 months ago
에씨 Essi
에씨 Essi - 2 months ago
아니 뭐야 미래를 펼친다 하나가 존나 간지나잖아
浜田太郎 - 2 months ago
Hello Korean people who are good at video editing technology🤣😂🤣😂😮😶🤭🤫. Japanese do not buy Galaxy very much. Because it is a product made by a Korean, it is because I am bullied just by having it. Actual story Galaxy hides Samsung's logo in Japan and sells it. I can not eat it in Japan unless I hide that it is a Korean company.
boocraftgaming - 2 months ago
I literally heard thtis over and over and over for 20 minutes waiting for the unpacked event to start
FrezZyK1nG - 2 months ago
I just cracked my s8+ display, it doesn't work anymore and it was not worth repairing so i got a note 9 since the price dropped so much, but wow, the dolby atmos, specially on this song it's wow. Great job samsung!
H J.
H J. - 2 months ago
We are korea
Johan Machado
Johan Machado - 3 months ago
Blu Studio Energy- Galaxy Core Prime- LG Optimus L90- Galaxy S5-Galaxy J7 Star
Those Used To Be My Main Phones
Abdulkadir Çeler
Abdulkadir Çeler - 3 months ago
Music name ?
Abdulkadir Çeler
Abdulkadir Çeler - 3 months ago
Music name
The_Liek ツ
The_Liek ツ - 3 months ago
Im Apple fanboy and Samsung Fanboy
Spinner - 3 months ago
Snowbird by Clark. You can find on Spotify
Muhlis E. G. Gürsoy
Muhlis E. G. Gürsoy - 3 months ago
I don't know why but the music is interesting.
Mehmet Usak
Mehmet Usak - 3 months ago
¿ - 3 months ago
미래를 펼치다.
Jayantha Rohan
Jayantha Rohan - 3 months ago
Apple = Good
Samsung = Goooooooooooooddd
The Josh Channel
The Josh Channel - 3 months ago
The Josh Channel
The Josh Channel - 3 months ago
+엔샤르 Thank You
엔샤르 - 3 months ago
clark - snowbird
Lysones - 3 months ago
not saucy
not saucy - 3 months ago
I am commenting this on a Samsung device.
/Gamer /
/Gamer / - 3 months ago
한국사람이 없네
Snapparazzi - 3 months ago
And why would we need a phone that can unfold?
아 조
아 조 - 3 months ago
미래를 펼치다
톳기톳끼 - 3 months ago
미래를 펼치다
Hoon Gi Ahn
Hoon Gi Ahn - 3 months ago
미래를 펼치다
_Mitu - 3 months ago
The future is here.
유병연 - 3 months ago
미래를 펼치다
Sup' Guys?!?!
Sup' Guys?!?! - 3 months ago
Fire animates
Fire animates - 3 months ago
Snowbird by clarck
EL - 3 months ago
What is this song????
Fire animates
Fire animates - 3 months ago
Snowbird by clarck
apexpppyyuu - 3 months ago
Name of the song anyone?
Fire animates
Fire animates - 3 months ago
Snowbird by clarck
Andrés Zeledón
Andrés Zeledón - 3 months ago
El futuro es hoy oíste viejo.jpg
Dylan Chen
Dylan Chen - 3 months ago
Can I knew what music is this ?
Fly Boy34
Fly Boy34 - 3 months ago
Galaxy fold is officially Galaxy S11. Goodbye Apple
Busan Love
Busan Love - 3 months ago
Busan Love
Busan Love - 3 months ago
미래를 펼치다
Fire animates
Fire animates - 3 months ago
C r e e p y
ツ『Riki』 - 3 months ago
Whats the music?
ツ『Riki』 - 3 months ago
Fire lucitox thanks
Fire animates
Fire animates - 3 months ago
Snowbird by clarck
Ms.guitara Life after Life
I wish only once in my life to get a new device from the company Samsonk but unfortunately it is just dreams do not materialize
orpy31 - 3 months ago
The future begins now
Isaiah James
Isaiah James - 3 months ago
If apple better than samsung like
insert name here
insert name here - 3 months ago
Come on this is more dramatic than dramas and for a phone, but it wasnt dramatic enough for the fold
rize ki
rize ki - 3 months ago
what's music?
Lu B.
Lu B. - 3 months ago
Snowbird - clark
Quellyxx - 3 months ago
Oh, the tiny samsung galaxy star was my babe when I was 10! Samsung forever!
Club OG
Club OG - 3 months ago
Yes now this will be scratches at a level
7 deeper grooves at level 9
Kiwi - 3 months ago
This music 😫😫🥵
Lu B.
Lu B. - 3 months ago
+Kiwi you're welcome, i found this from someone else asking, and had been searching for a while and liked the song. So i thought i would share it. (The name)
Kiwi - 3 months ago
+Lu B. dude thank you so much !
Lu B.
Lu B. - 3 months ago
Its called snowbird by clark
Chuck Lee
Chuck Lee - 3 months ago
I'd love to find the full song this music is from. So epic.
Shaggy Rogers
Shaggy Rogers - 3 months ago
Its snowbird by clark
Chuck Lee
Chuck Lee - 3 months ago
They might've just made it themselves.
ZMK5478 - 3 months ago
역시 한국어다
조영욱 - 3 months ago
ㄹㅇ이런 나라에서 삼성이나왔다니
Chanman87 - 3 months ago
Pratik K.
Pratik K. - 3 months ago
Where can I get the full song? For the vocals, anyone??
정민수 - 3 months ago
21M view 😱😱😱😱😱
정한량 - 3 months ago
국 뽕!!!
cringemaster - 3 months ago
Name of song, its sounds so cool
Brian Park
Brian Park - 3 months ago
"미래를 펼치다" means "to unfold the future" when it's directly translated.
호독이 - 3 months ago
한글 등장
Dani min
Dani min - 3 months ago
루스4bin - 3 months ago
Super Red Stars
Super Red Stars - 3 months ago
Whats song?
송윤천 - 3 months ago
미래를 펼치다 (펄럭)
Rivanis - 3 months ago
can we talk about the music/backsound?
Damn Fix
Damn Fix - 3 months ago
Who after unpacked?
Abgelehnt - 3 months ago
It was insane! Keep it up! Apple isnt even a thing anymore conpared to this
Kdh1030 - 3 months ago
김대휘 - 3 months ago
Who is here after Unpack 2019???
Jinger Partin
Jinger Partin - 3 months ago
Luis Rubio Ojeda
Luis Rubio Ojeda - 3 months ago
injong yu
injong yu - 3 months ago
크~ 한글이 들어가니 겁네 예쁨ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Panos - 3 months ago
Disappointment, sadness, confusion. I don't like infinity-o. You shouldn't present it until you were ready with the "new infinity"!!
Alex S
Alex S - 3 months ago
Ok the new one is up everything is good , how about the real unsolved problem with loosing it ?
오뎅ODENG - 3 months ago
미래를 펼치다를 저렇게 있어보이게 광고하는건 너가 처음이야
Steve manninen
Steve manninen - 3 months ago
Байгали Каскабаев
Бул телефонды мен утуым керек снбеби самсун с 10 котен куттим арманда келем
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