Real Doctor Reacts to ROYAL PAINS | Medical Drama Review

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bex cortez
bex cortez - 6 часов назад
Yeasss I love this show and your channel I have wanted to be a doctor since I was 4
Ciara - 10 часов назад
You should do casualty and holby city some uk dramas
Erica Schaidt
Erica Schaidt - 10 часов назад
@ Doctor Mike I think you should react to St. Elsewhere.
I think it would be really interesting to see your thoughts the show considering how things have changed since the 80s and the medical advancements we've made in the almost 40 years since the show was made.
Xenous Prime
Xenous Prime - 11 часов назад
I like how much you focus, when watching a show. It is a gift.
PureBeauty511 - 13 часов назад
Omg yes! React to Call the Midwife! There's an episode where the midwife is helping a very large woman on a Russian or German ship full of men (I think she's either the captain's wife or she sadly gets passed around a lot), and she has to position the woman in a weird way to save the baby. All of the episodes are intriguing but that one stood out to me.
Muriel Elizabeth
Muriel Elizabeth - 14 часов назад
I need you to do an entire video about chest compressions. Please.
Golden Wolf
Golden Wolf - 14 часов назад
These videos teach me more life lessons than three years of middle school
saif nasser
saif nasser - 20 часов назад
" what do you get when you mix uber with a hospital" first thing that came to my mind was an ambulance
Jacqueline Cairns
Jacqueline Cairns - 22 часа назад
Has there been a SINGLE doctor reacts that didn’t devolve into “CHEST COMPRESSIONS” ???
Larissa Anne
Larissa Anne - День назад
I was REALLY hoping you would do one of these for Royal Pains I LOVE it. You should definitely keep watching it past the first season. Also wondering if anyone has ever told you that you look like Evan in later episodes/seasons of this show when he’s not so scrawny.
Nikki Landwehr
Nikki Landwehr - День назад
sometimes it's so attractive how smart he is lol
Grace Duffin
Grace Duffin - День назад
wong gaby
wong gaby - День назад
Please try watch and make video react to medical kdrama :)
crazystar2997 - День назад
your reaction when you were correct about the cardiac contusion was so cuteeee!!!! 😁😁🤩
Lauren Marie Somerville
Lauren Marie Somerville - 2 дня назад
Who else recognized Rosemary😂
Insta: janine.jeffrey
Insta: janine.jeffrey - 2 дня назад
Victoria Grajeda
Victoria Grajeda - 3 дня назад
I know you reviewed Grey’s Anatomy but you have to watch season 2 episode 26 deterioration of the fight or flight response! I got to see the look on your face when they cut the LVAD wire
Cristina Russo
Cristina Russo - 3 дня назад
C-P-R C-P-R ah-ah-ah-ah
C-P-R C-P-R ah-ah-ah-ah
C-P-R C-P-R ah-ah-ah-ah
C-P-R C-P-R ah-ah-ah-ah
Edit : 1:32
Mateja Sedinic
Mateja Sedinic - 3 дня назад
Dr. Mike, my very active 4-year-old suddenly had bruises all over his body. Everybody kept telling me to calm down, but I went to to ER, and they soon realized his blood clotting wasn't okay. In our case - luckily - just a temporary thrombocytopenia. But I can imagine that around here someone who suffers from real issues would at some point get a specific diagnosis. We were so far always told the name, tge (possible) cause and the grade of a disease. Do you not do the same, as you were wondering how he knew so much about his hemophilia?
HHay - 4 дня назад
No, his getting fired was real dumb.
Caidalee - 4 дня назад
Another One Bites the Dust is also the correct BPM, however inappropriate it may be. 😂
Is_ThePiggylover888 - 4 дня назад
The only reason in have somewhat of an idea of how to do chest compresions, is because of the office lmao
IDIOTSATTACK - 4 дня назад
Review House and New Amsterdam please!!!!
Fredlina Clewry
Fredlina Clewry - 4 дня назад
Loved the video, but as a Scottish Glaswegian.... your pronunciation of my city and the medical terminology your using needs help! Glasgow is pronounced GLAS-GO. Your welcome!
Braden McCrabb
Braden McCrabb - 4 дня назад
Dr. Mike, you should get Snapchat because I’m not allowed to get other social media’s
Salty Tea
Salty Tea - 4 дня назад
Every react video you do I say chest compressions in sync with you and I think I deserve an award💛
Deirdre M
Deirdre M - 5 дней назад
Got SO excited when AV Block was brought up, so many people are unaware of what it is. I've had it since birth and am on my 3rd pacemaker!
chipotlechicken bowl
chipotlechicken bowl - 5 дней назад
chest compressions chest compressions AND last but not least CHEST COMPRESSIONS
john durbin
john durbin - 5 дней назад
Beeee wooop
Sam Almo-Milkin
Sam Almo-Milkin - 5 дней назад
I watched this video and now I am on the 5th season
Jacob Steffen-Brune
Jacob Steffen-Brune - 5 дней назад
Do Chicago Med plz
Rachel Osei
Rachel Osei - 5 дней назад
1. I don’t know, but if someone came up to me from his house asking for help and says the blood on his shirt is his girlfriend’s blood, not his, I’ll think twice before following him into the house. I’d have probably called the police before entering that house (if I did decide to enter). I could be walking into a crime scene for all I know.
Chris Lee
Chris Lee - 5 дней назад
Yes Doctor Mike so glad to hear you talking about DPC it needs all the highlights and praise it deserves thanks so much
Lisa Hennessey
Lisa Hennessey - 5 дней назад
I really want to see you do another Chicago Med!!! That and The Resident are 2 of my favs and I plan on starting The Good Doctor as well!
icesteel - 5 дней назад
You should watch more season 2 that start a free clinic service
pinkdog 0919
pinkdog 0919 - 5 дней назад
You made my day less shitty (hope I spelled it right.^^)
Chuck Pagsuguiron
Chuck Pagsuguiron - 5 дней назад
I unconsciously shouted "Chest compressions. Chest compressions! Chest compressions!" When that guy fell down.
I think I've been watching too much Dr. Mike videos.
Chloe Kennedy
Chloe Kennedy - 6 дней назад
We don't sing "Staying Alive" when doing CPR on the Ambulance, we sing "Another One Bites the Dust", but only in our head. I would kick a newbie out of my bus if he sang anything out loud while working a code.
Karol fforhsak
Karol fforhsak - 6 дней назад
*chest compression*
Pastry Lover
Pastry Lover - 6 дней назад
Can you do an episode of Good Doctor. It is the original Korean version for 'The Good Doctor'.
Sarah W
Sarah W - 6 дней назад
Hey doc,
What about to compare good doctor USA and good doctor South Korea ?
Johan S
Johan S - 6 дней назад
That bee whoop sounds so satisfying
Beno Soares
Beno Soares - 6 дней назад
You should try the show « the Knick » just to point out the barbarians way of médecine in the 1900s and it’s a good show. We all enjoy listening to your comments!
gege palma
gege palma - 6 дней назад
that moment at 04.18 where it was obvious that you took a deep breath while watching a kissing scene lol
HP lover
HP lover - 7 дней назад
What do you mean by protecting the airway??
HP lover
HP lover - 7 дней назад
Lmao never mind
Lulu Laine
Lulu Laine - 7 дней назад
It's so nice that he explains everything that normal people would probably wouldn't understand because i have no idea what the heck those people are talking about
Martin Čelko
Martin Čelko - 7 дней назад
I wonder if chest compressions help everytime, or how often they fail. What if the persons heart is beating, but I think its not and I do chest compressions for no reason?
burger king
burger king - 7 дней назад
yeah, he’s a beautiful man
*that brain* 😍
Sarah Markwald
Sarah Markwald - 7 дней назад
Doctor Mike you should react to “A Gifted Man”. It’s a really good show and very underrated.
Nurriiya M
Nurriiya M - 7 дней назад
You give me life everyday watching your videos ❤️
Always fandom
Always fandom - 7 дней назад
chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions
Leeza Doorenbos
Leeza Doorenbos - 7 дней назад
Hi Doctor Mike! I am an athlete, and involved in several different sports. Compared to other people I have to work a lot harder to gain muscle and lose body fat. And when I do gain muscle it’s difficult to maintain it. Is there a specific reason for this? Or is this a “mental to physical” scenario?
Maya Nerada
Maya Nerada - 8 дней назад
Try reacting ko korean medical drama too. Romantic Doctor, Yong Pal, Doctor Crush, Doctor Stranger, etc.
Emma Cooper
Emma Cooper - 8 дней назад
*Hasn’t even finished highschool*
I watch Dr.Mike I am a certified doctor
MUAlivia UwU
MUAlivia UwU - 8 дней назад
Please react to the episode of the office where they have to get first aid training 💕 it’s hilarious haha
Fun Size Productions
Fun Size Productions - 8 дней назад
why he got fired: because no one is allowed to die in a hospital obviously
keerthana babu
keerthana babu - 9 дней назад
1:23... just so u know.. .that wasn't bad singing 😂😂😂
TheTinyDancer1992 - 9 дней назад
Hi Dr. Mike, I did a first Aid course years ago and they agreed with the song 'staying alive', but also suggested 'row row row your boat'. If you hum it at the right tempo, at the end of the song you would give the casualty a breath of air. This was suggested as a more appropriate song. Would you agree with this?
Hi from Sydney, Australia :-)
Carter Griffith
Carter Griffith - 9 дней назад
Do you know about the Hippocratic oath?
Katie Deay
Katie Deay - 9 дней назад
Lisa Kodet
Lisa Kodet - 9 дней назад
You gotta watch Saving Hope
Lune Coulson
Lune Coulson - 9 дней назад
This is soooo bad, but I got all sorts of very dirty thoughts when he was saying "you need to do them with your upper body" and then showed us...
Yes, I am definately objectiving him right now (I agree thats bad).
He is super hot tho soo 😂
killi TV
killi TV - 9 дней назад
React to New Amsterdam, again.
Kerry Bradley
Kerry Bradley - 9 дней назад
This shows how doctors need to juggle a hundred things all together, and they can get pulled over the coals for a minuscule thing!
TheBonehead1997 - 9 дней назад
While yes you can use Stayin Alive, you can also use Another One Bites the Dust.
shuyin1111 - 9 дней назад
you should watch an episode of House M.D called "Insensitive"
Wesley Bender
Wesley Bender - 10 дней назад
I’m a Respiratory Therapist and I can’t hardly watch Medical dramas anymore because I’m like really? Lol
davina moore
davina moore - 10 дней назад
Please do a video on the new show New Amsterdam. I love that show.
kate johnson
kate johnson - 10 дней назад
resident 2 please and thank you
Claire Marie
Claire Marie - 10 дней назад
I love this show!!!!!
Isky Mate
Isky Mate - 10 дней назад
Flow Bandz
Flow Bandz - 11 дней назад
React to night shift
Kushley Kay
Kushley Kay - 11 дней назад
Dr Mike mimicking their kissing is everything hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Samantha L
Samantha L - 11 дней назад
I say as I sit in Glasgow watching this video, that I love you to pieces but, I die a little on the inside every time you pronounce Glasgow incorrectly.
Jeannour Turarbekova
Jeannour Turarbekova - 11 дней назад
omg I am in love with Dr Mike. 😍
gui bin
gui bin - 11 дней назад
Why does it seem like all medical shows start with the main character doctor going about their everyday life and all of a sudden something happens, and they have to go into doctor mode?
Crystal Millard
Crystal Millard - 11 дней назад
You should watch Greenwing, it's An amazing British tv show about Dr's... Not a single medical scene takes place except wildly inaccurate surgeries!
GuyLopz - 12 дней назад
Finally, I've been expecting to see this. I watched all seasons of Royal Pains.
Kell Bell
Kell Bell - 12 дней назад
Do a nurse Jackie reaction
astridjl85 - 12 дней назад
Hey MIKE! Can you maybe make a list of doctor shows you should watch of like which ones has the most accurate jargon (and the least romantic stuff)?
Viktorija A.
Viktorija A. - 12 дней назад
Please react to New Amsterdam ❤
Lynnie Ancog
Lynnie Ancog - 12 дней назад
Its a medical drama... people in medical field doesnt need romance? Ya really!!! Cause I dont have one. Lols! 😂 really for decades now. Pulling the heads of the babies makes me think twice about romance.😁😀😊. Since I became a NURsE😅😆😂😊😃
A.J. Felling
A.J. Felling - 12 дней назад
Do The Knick!
Maab Bilal
Maab Bilal - 13 дней назад
"My man call 911" LMAO
weave snatched
weave snatched - 13 дней назад
4:50 his eyes are moving a lot 😂
Genevieve Hamelin
Genevieve Hamelin - 13 дней назад
Next one you have to watch is Station 19!!!
MyLifeasTiny1 - 13 дней назад
Learned the beginning of the video in school, health class.
Sarah Garrett
Sarah Garrett - 13 дней назад
Dr. Mike you should try to find an episode of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman... It aired in the mid 90s. If you don't know what it is about, it takes place in late 1800s of a woman doctor from a wealthy family in Boston. She moved to Wild West (aka Colorado pre-statehood).
It would be interesting for you to do a reaction to this show... I remember watching it as a kid/teen... But rewatching as an adult makes me understand how much time was spent on making things be as accurate for the time period.
CherrY_ G
CherrY_ G - 13 дней назад
Another one bites the dust
Anisha Beniwal
Anisha Beniwal - 13 дней назад
Hey doc, how would one know that they are suffering from depression?
Stephenie Savage
Stephenie Savage - 14 дней назад
Hello Doctor Mike I am a big fan and I don't know if you will see this or not but I love your videos I watch them when I'm going through stuff and I think you are really funny thank you for being yourself and letting us be able to watch you being you
CherylBirosel AllanGraver
CherylBirosel AllanGraver - 14 дней назад
The have a whole playlist for cpr you should check it our
Lilly D.
Lilly D. - 14 дней назад
Can you do Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Episode 12 please? :)
Mr Amer Zamzam
Mr Amer Zamzam - 14 дней назад
1:22 Greys Anatomy
Miya Baldwin
Miya Baldwin - 14 дней назад
You should react to the British shows casualty and Holby city. Especially the casualty and Holby city recent cross over.
Adrian Haustveit
Adrian Haustveit - 14 дней назад
Casually draws fanart for fantastic beasts. Watches this. Looks up at the screen for a split moment. BOOM. EZRA FUCKING MILLER. This can't be a fucking coincidence.
Monica Jacobs
Monica Jacobs - 15 дней назад
You should do "Rush"
DJ Rommy Balibalita
DJ Rommy Balibalita - 15 дней назад
Loved this reaction!! Especially the end lol! this is gold XD
Violeta Sosa León
Violeta Sosa León - 15 дней назад
Dr. Mike you can react to Koreans dioramas related to the medical field like Doctors, Doctor Strange (specially this one) and It's ok that is love. You can check another's country perspective maybe? Cheers 😊 here is your matcha tea 🍵👌🏻😌
TheJjcczz - 15 дней назад
Your description at the end is actually the basis for the entire show I hope you watch more episodes
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