Assault Android Cactus+ - Pre-Purchase Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Rettro - Month ago
George Magee
George Magee - 2 months ago
I basically came here just to comment on how much I dislike the character designs but honestly the gameplay looks really good. I wonder if you can just skip through the cutscenes...
Nyx Pigeon
Nyx Pigeon - 2 months ago
I loved this game on xbox! Great to see it re-released!
giovoid - 2 months ago
the title looks likes someone looking around objects to makeup a name!! lol "Running House Cloud" another great game
Pixel - 2 months ago
I seriously wanted a Switch version of this amazing game. It's like they read my mind.
Tim Richard
Tim Richard - 2 months ago
Is it physical?
Marshmello 70
Marshmello 70 - 2 months ago
Nope EDIT: not anytime soon at least, maybe.
GoldenIan 07
GoldenIan 07 - 2 months ago
I Play This Game before on Xbox one
kmden Rt
kmden Rt - 2 months ago
They should do a smash TV remake with these types of graphics?
Mark Guyton
Mark Guyton - 2 months ago
Your friendly reminder that Witch Beam has yet to make a game with a witch in it.
They have a lot of beams though...
Marshmello 70
Marshmello 70 - 2 months ago
That’s true this one game has thousands of beams and only two witches in the logo and the credits song literally titled “Witch Beam” omegalul
_Stealth_ - 2 months ago
I perfekt iOS
XDarkEcho - 2 months ago
Excellent game, definitely a must buy, especially with friends! Now if we could just get Helldivers over in the Switch, my stick shooter needs would be met.
CrackZero - 2 months ago
*Available now on Steam*
Chili Knight
Chili Knight - 2 months ago
What games would be best to look for games like this type of shooter?
Marshmello 70
Marshmello 70 - 2 months ago
Geometry Wars, Smash TV, Robotron 2084
Sebastian Inostroza
Sebastian Inostroza - 2 months ago
Leaper PW
Leaper PW - 2 months ago
Why isn’t soul knight on switch?
Jaou D
Jaou D - 2 months ago
Am I the only one that thinks about Bubblegum Crisis when it comes to this game
Jade[d] - 2 months ago
Oh wait I loved this gameeeeeee
Jellyroll Duck
Jellyroll Duck - 2 months ago
only going to get this game if there's a dlc to turn all the characters into cacti.
Buttered Funnybiscuit
Buttered Funnybiscuit - 2 months ago
SUCH a good game. Have it on PC.
Phung Xuan Tu
Phung Xuan Tu - 2 months ago
Seriously, without Nintendo, I would have never known of gem like this, even though it's been on steam since 2015. Go Witch Beam!
NegaLimbo - 2 months ago
Gal droids! 😄
Flame Lord
Flame Lord - 2 months ago
Wonder if there are any new characters
Sp1ash TV
Sp1ash TV - 2 months ago
I play this on xbox, it's fun and addictive
TekaiGuy - 2 months ago
Still waiting on Witchbeam's next game :)
Ray Khan
Ray Khan - 2 months ago
So smash tv but 4 people
Jesus Felix
Jesus Felix - 2 months ago
These characters are horrifying
Robert Garza
Robert Garza - 2 months ago
Super smah t.v. but with chicks. Who remembers that game?!
icecold723 - 3 months ago
Looks fun
Mr SniFFer C
Mr SniFFer C - 3 months ago
I have it on x box. I think it’s ok
original username
original username - 3 months ago
played this on xbox. was fun. time to try for switcj
Jonathan Tash
Jonathan Tash - 3 months ago
I've never played this game, but I'm going to listen to my intuition, and put it on my wish list. (Only games that I plan to buy go on my wish list.)
Game Wolf :D
Game Wolf :D - 3 months ago
Crazy Old Skool
Crazy Old Skool - 3 months ago
This game rocks! So glad its on switch now. Hope to see it physical one day.
Tanerion - 3 months ago
Highly recommend this. Got it on PS4 and PC and already preordered the Switch version.
StickEE - 3 months ago
I really don't know why this relates to cactuses.
HTakara82 - 3 months ago
is this like a western version of Touho?
Times - 3 months ago
I really hate the big head art style, but the gameplay looks fun and that's what's important.
aguy654 - 3 months ago
I see the graphics whores are out in hypocritical force today.
George Wilson
George Wilson - 3 months ago
This is the Spice Girls reunion people were talking about?
Stylesheet RA
Stylesheet RA - 3 months ago
Unless this game is Easy I dont think its gonna play well on a switch, but Hey wumbo plays tetris with the joycon so they are not that bad
aguy654 - 3 months ago
Get good.
Amira Richards
Amira Richards - 3 months ago
Played this years ago. A must buy.
Jacob Rendall
Jacob Rendall - 3 months ago
This is the dumbest name for a game I've ever heard
McSoupBacon - 3 months ago
Thank you GMTK for introducing me to this :D
matthew rolon
matthew rolon - 3 months ago
Joey Bu
Joey Bu - 3 months ago
Assault Android Cactus > Jump Force
Joey Bu
Joey Bu - 3 months ago
I need it!
Ad Dee
Ad Dee - 3 months ago
Great. Thank you very much. But can we please get a rated M game for once. April is a long time to wait for MK11
ToadToad7 - 3 months ago
Seeing this for the first time. Love future stuff, and this game is really, really cool!
The Goof
The Goof - 3 months ago
Meh..... looks meh.
Keen 7: YouTube Is Toast
Keen 7: YouTube Is Toast - 3 months ago
Normally, I'm not so much into Arcade Style Twin-Stick-Shooter like "Smash TV", but hot damn that game was a fun ride and I had to finish it in one sitting.
One of the better indie-titles for the Switch for sure!
Jake Stowers
Jake Stowers - 3 months ago
Man is that some ugly art
Desmond Sawyer
Desmond Sawyer - 3 months ago
The game is great!
Dawn CL
Dawn CL - 3 months ago
This looks so adorable and fun!!
Zer D
Zer D - 3 months ago
So it’s Pixar’s ‘Smash and Grab’, told from the perspective of the security bots?
Zer D
Zer D - 3 months ago
Still looks like a great game!
dynamicsketch - 3 months ago
Cool! Just need some friends to play with.
Andres Pabon Aguilar
Andres Pabon Aguilar - 3 months ago
Looks good
Boostio - 3 months ago
looks fun too bad the characters are hella ugly
Marshmello 70
Marshmello 70 - 2 months ago
1) it translates well to the top-down view 2) there’s a “normal head” option that basically just gives them normal proportions 3) it was created on unity by three people and released in 2015 on Steam originally can’t expect much in that department Too bad you won’t even be paying attention to the characters at all when there’s hundreds of bullets and enemies trying to kill you
『GoldLink364』 - 3 months ago
"keep your battery charged"
Me: *phone at 4.20%
Me: heck
Tepig The Great
Tepig The Great - 3 months ago
0:07 *NEXT MEME*
Tepig The Great
Tepig The Great - 3 months ago
i want this game
Rockingpox227 - 3 months ago
That one game that was confirmed for the Wii U and was never cancelled
BOB777777777700 - 3 months ago
These characters seem to closely resemble the shape of Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank
Billy The Turtle - A new generation ,
Looks ok I guess
David Luis
David Luis - 3 months ago
Does anyone get a dead ops arcade vibe?
GiantPoogiv12 - 3 months ago
Kneeckoh - 3 months ago
i see what you did there
Ar7ific1al - 3 months ago
I came for the cactus. I did not see a cactus. I am disappoint.
Samuel Bruer
Samuel Bruer - 3 months ago
I was actually wondering if this might appear when the direct was announced. Good to see it come to fruition!
Ben Walker
Ben Walker - 3 months ago
Being a unique take on twinstick, I would say this game makes a perfect fit on the system. I've only played the demo on PC thus far (and found it pretty good), but who's to say that it's certain to get some love on the Switch?
homie blue toad
homie blue toad - 3 months ago
This looks just ewwwww
emil flognoid
emil flognoid - 3 months ago
That looks super Duper awesome!
Shilvio D. Linton
Shilvio D. Linton - 3 months ago
100% gameplay!
ShortyProGaming - 3 months ago
*Dont worry she does this all the time*
Marshmello 70
Marshmello 70 - 2 months ago
She literally does. She destroys everything that causes big problems because it’s just most logical to her lol
GaruuSpike - 3 months ago
Note: The Battery mechanic completely replaces "lives" and is critical to the game's experience because it encourages aggressive play. Push forward and grab those batteries/powerups to survive. These sorts of games are far less fun if you hang back and snipe, so this game doesn't let you do it. :P
Marshmello 70
Marshmello 70 - 2 months ago
No it lets you, it’s just not as fun as dodging through all the enemies and destroying them and racking up your chain and score.
David Trujillo
David Trujillo - 3 months ago
am i the only one who thinks it looks ugly?
MabiChao - 3 months ago
I'm so sad, I misread the title as Android Assault...
Xx_Dubai life_xX killer
Xx_Dubai life_xX killer - 3 months ago
when is despasito 69 coming to switch
puffmilan - 3 months ago
why isn't this a rouguelike?
aguy654 - 3 months ago
Because that name is too vague a name to have anything under it as a genre.
Kongo - 3 months ago
Game of the year
VoluXian - 3 months ago
Thumbnail almost made me think Wonderful 101 spiritual successor.
marioguy 122
marioguy 122 - 3 months ago
W h a t d o y o u m e a n b y a n d r o I d c a c t u s
game for baby
SplatGirl Gamer Agent SG
SplatGirl Gamer Agent SG - 3 months ago
Can you send the splatoon 2 live concert to Australia Melbourne?
Yamsthepotatoking - 3 months ago
Real ones remember when this was going to be on Wii u
Yamsthepotatoking - 2 months ago
+Marshal Monsanto better?
Marshal Monsanto
Marshal Monsanto - 2 months ago
Real real ones remember that the Wii U version was never released.
Astrolab - 3 months ago
Benjamin Milkman
Benjamin Milkman - 3 months ago
I had this for PS4 it's fun
UndeadCollector - 3 months ago
10000 of undodgeable Needles Attack!
Pixel Game Squad
Pixel Game Squad - 3 months ago
Friggin LOVE this game! Super underappreciated.
Mikey Randazzo
Mikey Randazzo - 2 months ago
Pixel Game Squad I agree, I played it on Xbox One! It’s great!
Gage Degroot
Gage Degroot - 3 months ago
The song when you die is so funny
Shea James
Shea James - 3 months ago
Basically Neo Contra 2, eh? I don't care that that's inaccurate, that's just what the game feels like to me. I loved Neo Contra, so I'll be picking this up.
Dabomb 333
Dabomb 333 - 3 months ago
previously a planned wii u title. It is crashing to the SWITCH!
Deivid William
Deivid William - 3 months ago
top! Lembra muito os antigos jogos de Nave.
Deivid William
Deivid William - 3 months ago
Os personagem lembram JetforceGemini
SlimTim 178
SlimTim 178 - 3 months ago
I was hoping for online co op since the ps4 didn't have it but oh well.
Marshmello 70
Marshmello 70 - 2 months ago
SlimTim 178 yeah it’s just too much of a hassle in the long run for this indie title to have online co-op
SlimTim 178
SlimTim 178 - 2 months ago
+Marshmello 70 I can see that it would especially for the Switch I'm assuming.
Marshmello 70
Marshmello 70 - 2 months ago
SlimTim 178 yes while that is true, if there was any lag at all it would screw both of you guys over immensely, just because of how fast and difficult this game actually gets, especially in the campaign+ mode
SlimTim 178
SlimTim 178 - 2 months ago
+Marshmello 70 Regardless I would have been able to play it with my brother that we being that we're so far apart. We had bought it originally on the PS4 thinking that the co op was online as well.
Marshmello 70
Marshmello 70 - 2 months ago
Online reeeeally would not work well at all in this game lol
Yowska - 3 months ago
Do I love a + at the end of a title
Anime Girl Amy
Anime Girl Amy - 3 months ago
So, his name is Cactus cause he's green and spiny? That's... different. Also, judging by the + sign at end, this is a re-release for Switch or a port with new features for Switch? (signs) Why can't 1 game come out on all the consoles at the same time actually complete with all features at launch for a change? I'm sick of all this re-releasing games with all the DLC, sometimes slightly up-ed graphics and small new content.
Marshmello 70
Marshmello 70 - 2 months ago
*her This game released on Steam, then PS4, then Xbox One, in 2015, 2016, and 2017, respectively. This game is a long awaited release the devs had been hoping to get for like a year now. Steam version is more than likely going to be receiving a free update to the game which will transform it from AAC to AAC+, anybody on Steam who already owns the game will upgrade free of charge. Anybody who doesn’t will more than likely just either: A) see no change in price, with new features being added to the already stellar game B) just see an increase in price proportionate to their form of currency, equivalent to $5 USD This isn’t just some way to make more money, the devs actually care about this, it’s not their fault that the three of them couldn’t just create the game and release it on everything all at once.
Antonio Curry
Antonio Curry - 3 months ago
Robotron rpg style 😀
Kirbysmith64 - 3 months ago
If you like twin-stick shooters like Robotron: 2084, Smash TV and Geometry Wars, please pick this game up. It's really fun!
It's also currently available on Steam for Mac, Windows and Linux. You can try out the free demo on Steam right now.
B - 3 months ago
Everyday i know I can come home and watch a new Nintendo trailer
Maestro Drake
Maestro Drake - 3 months ago
Smash TV 7.0
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