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Ariela Alvarado
Ariela Alvarado - 7 часов назад
Omg I’m totally using that eyebrow soap trick
Ariela Alvarado
Ariela Alvarado - 7 часов назад
Low key thought she was J-Lo when I clicked on this video......
Elizabeth Ramirez
Elizabeth Ramirez - 2 дня назад
Anyone think she kinda looks like jlo around 12:11
K Lu
K Lu - 2 дня назад
There's no foundation but by the time you're done with concealer it's basically acting as foundation.
Gabriela Torres
Gabriela Torres - 4 дня назад
Love it!!!!! Going on a cruise and this will be my go to look for sure
Aren Longkhumer
Aren Longkhumer - 6 дней назад
You're so beautiful without makeup also 😘
Hum AlHashmi
Hum AlHashmi - 7 дней назад
I looooovvvvve how flawless your makeup is 😭
Angela Kinard
Angela Kinard - 7 дней назад
I think we all have become obsessed with the no makeup makeup look thanks Jordyn Woods
Sue Ellen Lacharité
Sue Ellen Lacharité - 11 дней назад
OMG so beautiful and usefull!! Absolutly love it 😻😻
11:11 - 13 дней назад
really bothered by how her nails can scratch her face
yangjamas - 18 дней назад
Im trying to find the morphe g40 brush on their site but it seems like they dont have it. Does anyone know if they changed the name? Thank you!
Pienda - 19 дней назад
U already have a beautiful skin I love it!❤️😍😘🌸
SimpLee Beth
SimpLee Beth - 20 дней назад
Valerie Kay
Valerie Kay - 20 дней назад
I have good skin thanks to genes. If I took that long to get ready my husband would go crazy. And I moisturize a lot!,,,
CPIII - 24 дня назад
Nasiba Clark
Nasiba Clark - Месяц назад
This natural look is soo beautiful than those heavy makeup applications that has become such a trend
Amy Osorio
Amy Osorio - Месяц назад
Total JLo in Monste-In-Law vibes 😍
Obsidian Butterfly
Obsidian Butterfly - Месяц назад
This is ingenious seriously. The tip a bout covering the blemish as a mole! That morphe brush!!! Gotta get it!
kawaii corn castillo
kawaii corn castillo - Месяц назад
Love that look
ovoxobubbles - Месяц назад
I think she missed a very important step which is great skin care before hand. Wash your face, apply moisturizer, oil, serum, face mists makes sure your skin looks super hydrated and healthy ! Other than that this definitely helped !
K. A.
K. A. - Месяц назад
gorgeous 😍
Xena - Месяц назад
PLEASE PLEASE!!! Who knows which brand are these hoop earrings DEsi is wearing ? Or at least someone knows where I can get similar ones? Thanx :)
Suzanne Z
Suzanne Z - Месяц назад
Good lord I can't get over that you layered FOUR HIGHLIGHTERS. FOUR. I think it hurts me personally coz I'd do that too if that was my bone structure. 😭😭😭
90% of this wouldn't work on me, but it was still very informative & gave some ideas, so thanks!
Songül Denizer
Songül Denizer - Месяц назад
Omg i died when you applied de powder highlighter😍🤤
Lucero Lucero
Lucero Lucero - Месяц назад
Hi, I love this look, but I need a dupe of MARC JACOBS BEAUTY DEW DROPS COCONUT GEL HIGHLIGHTER, it´s so cute, but very expensive, thank you
EricaYE6 - Месяц назад
This is one of the most helpful makeup tutorials I've seen in years. I live in the hot Georgia heat and struggle with keeping makeup from melting off when I'm out and about or at work. This was very eye-opening and helpful for someone like me. Thank you! 💋💜
farah hasbany
farah hasbany - Месяц назад
Im going to say something so weird but i mean it in every normal and supportive way possible. how gently you touch your face is so satisfying and Watching you doing your skin gives me the same feeling i get when I watch asmr i love watching your videos love you desi!
Svetlana Remizov
Svetlana Remizov - Месяц назад
Been trying to edge of foundation and concealer completely lately to try and get my skin to clear up...I stopped breaking out a while ago but my skin texture is still very "bumpy" and full of large pores and uneven. Otherwise I'd love to wake up and be ready to go in 15 minutes lol
Lounell Ventura
Lounell Ventura - Месяц назад
Wow... im your instant fan!
Berry Romi
Berry Romi - Месяц назад
Flawless beauty
right spyder
right spyder - Месяц назад
Beauty mark trick is solid
Roxanne Rod
Roxanne Rod - Месяц назад
Brittney Conway
Brittney Conway - Месяц назад
Loveee ♥️
Bel z
Bel z - Месяц назад
You are just so beautiful, I love your video thank you for sharing
Kara B.
Kara B. - Месяц назад
Lisa Scales
Lisa Scales - Месяц назад
Haha u be nuts to wear any make up coz ur flawless
EraAndErza 1
EraAndErza 1 - Месяц назад
Wow I will do this every dayyy
justlola - Месяц назад
These brows are sooo amazing!!! 💖💖💖
Madonna Rachuy
Madonna Rachuy - Месяц назад
What was the name of the stencil you used to shape your eyebrows? :)
Moira Piper
Moira Piper - 2 месяца назад
Beautiful! It was really bothering me that I thought I knew you from somewhere, but then it finally hit me! You look like a darker version of Megan Follows--both so lovely!
Tamara Da Rocha Oliveira
Tamara Da Rocha Oliveira - 2 месяца назад
Elizabeth L. Alanis
Elizabeth L. Alanis - 2 месяца назад
Katie Is awesome
Katie Is awesome - 2 месяца назад
Step one: have perfect skin 🤠
Misaki Takahashi
Misaki Takahashi - 2 месяца назад
Your eyes are really pretty
antonellabarberini - 2 месяца назад
love your earings: I was wearing the same today. you look gorgeous and natural keep the sparkle on !!
Asma Zainab
Asma Zainab - 2 месяца назад
my face looked wired today without wearing primer and moisturizer
sfax.s - 2 месяца назад
6:38 applies concealer all over the face 🤣
be crazy with Anu
be crazy with Anu - 2 месяца назад
Step 1 have a perfect skin
Angelica G Hesse
Angelica G Hesse - 2 месяца назад
ooo... Lovely look. And I like how it's really not a full layer of product on your face. Might need to get myself a few of these products. This might just become my standard "going out" look... with a touch of eye-makeup. (But definitely way too many "things" for everyday for me)
Vanessa Amaechi
Vanessa Amaechi - 2 месяца назад
i don’t wear mascara that often too because my eyes are tearing up all the time and my eyes also look better without any eyeshadow or mascara lol
sweetsugar cookie
sweetsugar cookie - 2 месяца назад
12:42 look like jlo
Anjali@Makeupvase - 2 месяца назад
Wow ! Excellent look. 😊
C A S S A N D R A - 2 месяца назад
you kinda look like jLo so i subbed
Shanaza W
Shanaza W - 2 месяца назад
This look is incredibly beautiful!
Karen D
Karen D - 2 месяца назад
Whoa! You could be Jlo’s twin!
Jayla Mejia
Jayla Mejia - 2 месяца назад
U did so good
flytru blu15
flytru blu15 - 2 месяца назад
You're dope!
Angelina Carrasquillo
Angelina Carrasquillo - 3 месяца назад
By far my most favorite “no makeup” makeup look without looking so greasy and oily. Going to try this soon
Noor Ul Ann
Noor Ul Ann - 3 месяца назад
I live for this kinda looks. WOW!
Miri ARMY - 3 месяца назад
I stopped wearing foundation and my skin has never looked better! I was brainwashed into thinking I needed foundation cuz of all the beauty YouTubers. turns out I don't need it at all! I only use a very small amount to spot conceal and I use powder foundation. also, hint: blush hides redness anyway. so does bronzer. so yay 😁I'm so happy I quit foundation
Jemima O'Neill
Jemima O'Neill - 3 месяца назад
Step 1: Be naturally flawless and perfect
maruquel rivera
maruquel rivera - 3 месяца назад
I am glad I found this video, since am older I do this daily I feel like foundation is too much for me... I conceal, do brows, shadow and lips and thats am gonna get the highlighter powder she says she uses. You are a gorgeous woman do what you like.
Angie's vlogs
Angie's vlogs - 3 месяца назад
She is so lucky that her eye lids look like she is wearing eye shadow
Magic11 - 3 месяца назад
Filter or not?
Ashleyash - 3 месяца назад
i LOVE this look!!!!
Jennifer Moreno
Jennifer Moreno - 3 месяца назад
I love it❤️ !! I will try to do this 😊
Mehrin Tabassum
Mehrin Tabassum - 3 месяца назад
Lol is it just me or do ALMOST all muas that I know have thin eyebrows 😂😂
Beej Kniprath
Beej Kniprath - 3 месяца назад
I love the idea of beauty marking your blemishes.
FannyGo - 3 месяца назад
I’m trying this tomorrow!
Boichong Touthang
Boichong Touthang - 3 месяца назад
I love your healthy, natural glow makeup,,one of the Best makeup tutorial ...u look gorgeous so beautiful😍
عطروبہ فاطمہ
عطروبہ فاطمہ - 3 месяца назад
You don't look "DESI" in any second of the video.
nadia rahbi
nadia rahbi - 3 месяца назад
U using the same brush for the foundation and the face cream thats why ur skin has ,,,
MRoy Ghosh
MRoy Ghosh - 3 месяца назад
Loved you all the way!!
Jayne Bostock
Jayne Bostock - 3 месяца назад
Love this! Definitely going to be trying this out as I’m all about a natural look, but what brush are you using? I need it! Thanks so much for a great video!
Aminata h.
Aminata h. - 3 месяца назад
Omg I though it was Jennifer Lopez
MUT - 3 месяца назад
Love it!
Stephanie Croatti
Stephanie Croatti - 3 месяца назад
What brush did u use for the blush??
Angelica Aguago
Angelica Aguago - 3 месяца назад
Jlo tween
faiqah almas
faiqah almas - 3 месяца назад
super easy and pretty
Melanie Manders
Melanie Manders - 3 месяца назад
your so gorgeous you dont even need make up! I wish you cld comment me a list of all the products and brishes u use so I can order this for my christmas :) pretty pls! keep rockin girl your da bomb! 🙌🙌
Mimilie D
Mimilie D - 3 месяца назад
so so SO pretty
Steve Mak
Steve Mak - 3 месяца назад
whats up with them ghetto nails.
April Hill
April Hill - 3 месяца назад
You are very cool....😀
Ann Hines
Ann Hines - 3 месяца назад
I call the BS flag no makeup is no makeup...that to me is a lot of makeup...false advertising
Frances Quezada
Frances Quezada - 3 месяца назад
You look like jLo
ursacubej - 3 месяца назад
This is realy fucked up!
Perry O’Parsonnes eating juicyfruit gum
Perry O’Parsonnes eating juicyfruit gum - 3 месяца назад
Damnnnn... strong jawline, snatched cheekbones, beautiful olive complexion, great lip shape, sexy almond eyes AND amazing skin??!! Girl, this ain’t fair your face is perfect😍
robbin melton
robbin melton - 3 месяца назад
This is so beautiful. I want this look, but am combatting oily skin.
Melissa Jones
Melissa Jones - 4 месяца назад
This look is gorgeous and I love the eyebrows!!
Dewa Si
Dewa Si - 4 месяца назад
Is she asian?
Lucy Rickard
Lucy Rickard - 4 месяца назад
Are you wearing eye shadow?
Sammi Polgar
Sammi Polgar - 4 месяца назад
Just finished doing this. A quick 5 minute look perfect for Sunday’s when you want to give your skin a rest 🧖🏼‍♀️💛💛💛
rude one
rude one - 4 месяца назад
I love the her. She does makeup so good. Ive been watching tutorials forever lol because im older. She is my favorite❤ better glow than jlo
Jolanda Cristiano
Jolanda Cristiano - 4 месяца назад
Mac testes its products on animals :( why do u advertise it?
MoreVolumeNOW - 4 месяца назад could follow the tutorial or watch "REDEFINE PRETTY" by Em Ford from My Pale Skin ---> @
Lidia Rodriguez
Lidia Rodriguez - 4 месяца назад
Love this look especially for me .. I do not like waring loads of makeup
Cameron Ewing
Cameron Ewing - 4 месяца назад
You look like Jennifer Lopez
Manuel Bernet
Manuel Bernet - 4 месяца назад
Patricia Henry
Patricia Henry - 4 месяца назад
The Red Cat
The Red Cat - 4 месяца назад
OMG, this was phenomenal! I think I have to have these products :))), honestly.
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