ANOTHER SPITTOON!! | West of Loathing - Part 18

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Pine Tree
Pine Tree - 4 hours ago
he doesn't remember his infinite supply of bones
Musical Cat
Musical Cat - Day ago
btw because of you i bought this game. stinker. also, btw, if you go behind the bag guy in the attic you type 'boo'
AiErudito __-_-__
AiErudito __-_-__ - 3 days ago
Cole Bowser
Cole Bowser - 4 days ago
why is everything so expensive for you like the requiements and the token machine
Lieutenant BaconWaffles
"Do you need me to murder this chili for you?" lol
Alysssa Vander
Alysssa Vander - 5 days ago
26:22 Dont break a leg looking for those legless pants.
jian li
jian li - 6 days ago
When Mark read "I will see if i can find a way to help" I heard "I will see if i can find a way to hell". 39:38
Mskittenlover12 - 6 days ago
Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose?
The fucking Golden Girls???
Daniel Perlov
Daniel Perlov - 6 days ago
when mark goes by the investigate blurb in the library like 5 times in an hour long video...
Nickypoo - 8 days ago
41:06 When Mark doesn't get the Yu-Gi-Oh! reference.
Edit: Holy Hecc, Mark looked up my birthday in the almanac
Trent Matuszewski
Trent Matuszewski - 10 days ago
Three daughters named Dorthy, Blanche, and Rose? I SEE YOU, GOLDEN GIRLS FAN!!!
DomNick - 12 days ago
July 25th is my birthday
Jacob Hur
Jacob Hur - 12 days ago
11:28 why you're here
legion999 - 13 days ago
Thanks for pointing out the pantry joke, I didn't get it myself
Odin Norton
Odin Norton - 13 days ago
Mark my birthday is July 25
Sofia Laos
Sofia Laos - 14 days ago
14:23 “this sofy is tacka”
-Markiplier 2k19
S7ewie - 14 days ago
9:18 The moment mark realises he just said “wank” by mistake 😂
Prince Coda Leviathan
Prince Coda Leviathan - 14 days ago
I feel dare a spitton be clean
FLL FFL - 15 days ago
Mark: "I have cigars, but how do I make a exploding cigar?"
Tattooed Gamer Girl
Tattooed Gamer Girl - 15 days ago
He missed the Golden Girls reference 😢
EdTheJarHead - 15 days ago
It's so funny, the daughters names, Dorthy, Blanche, and Rose are the names of the women on Golden Girls. LOL
Erocketman - 15 days ago
39:10 I expected it to be from an exploding trombone slide
Simon is Gay and you can’t tell me otherwise
That was a really good “most dangerous game” reference. For people who don’t know, the most dangerous game is about this rich hunter who’s so good he’s hunted every animal you can possibly hunt. So he buys and island, sets up boat traps that strand people, then hunts them like animals. It’s something you’d read in like 11th grade.
Dragonwings206 - 17 days ago
So Macready had a duel at HIGH NOON? Intesting
Golden Dove
Golden Dove - 17 days ago
Oh how I love the golden girls reference 😂
the bookshelf
the bookshelf - 17 days ago
Starts reading normal english
reads french name
starts using accent
Simber The Cybermence
Simber The Cybermence - 18 days ago
Wow he named his three daughters after the fucking golden girls
kain35m - 18 days ago
Markiplier: these fights are worse/harder than I remember.
Also markiplier: I'm too powerful for these fights
Logan Brewer
Logan Brewer - 18 days ago
I cried when the spittoon was empty 😭
Kuz Ynot
Kuz Ynot - 19 days ago
How does the legless guy work then?
Music AMP
Music AMP - 19 days ago
I love how the daughters are named from the Golden Girls
Alvin Lim
Alvin Lim - 20 days ago
I noticed that the spoopy lullaby sounds like the plants versus zombie theme i think. Sorry if im wrong. it just remind me the way it sounds like.
Color Storm Fur
Color Storm Fur - 20 days ago
Try Advil for your mouth
Dan hudson
Dan hudson - 20 days ago
#21:42 gg
º Natalia º
º Natalia º - 20 days ago
Anyone gonna talk about the fact that this is ONE HOUR????
Carter swfft
Carter swfft - 20 days ago
At 11:30 I just started laughing
Infinity Dark
Infinity Dark - 21 day ago
19:10 Wait, Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose? Aren't those the names of the Golden Girls?
Kaila Lewis
Kaila Lewis - 20 days ago
they are i was looking to see if anybody else noticed
Micah Flanders
Micah Flanders - 21 day ago
That Yugioh reference...
AP Charrier
AP Charrier - 21 day ago
i'll be honest. I am so goddamn disappointed that the spittoon was pretty much click bait! but still, with a game like this you can't just dislike a video.
Bubbles Bubbleton
Bubbles Bubbleton - 21 day ago
Who else caught the Golden Girls reference?
Frost Leis
Frost Leis - 21 day ago
Anyone notice every single ghost died because of a gun?
Silhouette The Skeleton
Poor cheeks!
wagnersalom - 21 day ago
That Yu gi Oh reference!
Eevee the Flareon
Eevee the Flareon - 21 day ago
markiplier x spittoon its real
Sam The Mountain Egg Lim !
The spittoon never gets old.
RandoMan246 - 22 days ago
The dueling part in the video kinda reminded me of Ace Attorney
Allis Wonderland
Allis Wonderland - 22 days ago
It took me an entire episode and a half to realize this is a parody about Mrs. Winchester.
Paypay 12
Paypay 12 - 22 days ago
Not the spittoon
ignigknogt - 22 days ago
19:16. Golden Girls reference. Weird.
Bex Neeson
Bex Neeson - 22 days ago
"It's a fucking spittoon" aw brilliant I must have laughed for a straight 5 mins lol
Skull the creeper
Skull the creeper - 22 days ago
OBJECTION! Chili has meat in it too.
ljooste - 23 days ago
I feel like Mark isn't enjoying these as much as he did in the original game? Like, in this DLC there is way more eyerolling rather than just enjoying the sheer ridiculousness of it all like when he first played it. Is this just me?
Garnet is Love
Garnet is Love - 23 days ago
19:09 anyone else notice her daughters are named after the golden girls
J.B. - 23 days ago
12:40 biggest blueballing in history
ChaycerTheGamer - 23 days ago
11:31 11:31
Wyatt Webb
Wyatt Webb - 23 days ago
I am actually playing 1812 overture for my school concert in a month.
Maggie Barry
Maggie Barry - 24 days ago
Legless pants, so a skirt?
Jake from Geico
Jake from Geico - 24 days ago
Mumflr reached his hand into the spittoon and instead of having to force his way through a thick layer of pure filth plunged his hand into the empty of the spittoon. At the very bottom however was a lever. Mumflr pulled this and was greeted by a pistol made of pure gold that shot diamonds.
Does 25-30 damage
Increases all stats by 10
After watching the heartbreak of an empty spittoon being found this random person took 3 minutes of precious time to write this.
Love the videos
KillerKoala999 - 24 days ago
Augusto Samai
Augusto Samai - 24 days ago
Bla bla
Ymg - 24 days ago
Pjerog - 24 days ago
*B O O*
Pippa The Angel Dragon
Pippa The Angel Dragon - 24 days ago
I made a bad joke to and laughed at it for way too long. When Mark says, "How am I supposed to know where Macready is?!" I said out loud, "He's in Antarctica, probably dead and frozen next to his buddy Childs." I swear to god I was laughing like an idiot for three minutes. If you don't get the reference, first off, shame on you, and secondly, it's from the 1982 horror movie "The Thing". Sorry, just had to make that dumb joke. XD
HoneyyBee - 25 days ago
36:27 gosh dangit they could've also put an obOO (ahagajaga get it Im so funny because oboe and they are double reeds... that was bad :( sorry)
Illegal Immigrant
Illegal Immigrant - 25 days ago
Dorothy blanche and rose definitely a golden girls reference
Garnet is Love
Garnet is Love - 23 days ago
Thank you!!! I'm not the only one who noticed
lonetiger306 - 25 days ago
11:29 for the spittoon part
thisdamn villin
thisdamn villin - 25 days ago
Whoever makes your captions.. 😹😹😹
Jacob Howerton
Jacob Howerton - 25 days ago
There is a 7th fnaf game it’s vr as the king of fnaf and the person that still bares the crown of fnaf you should play it
D Graves
D Graves - 25 days ago
am i the only one who wants to know the "weird thing" that happened off to the side was?? lol
Tessa McGinnis
Tessa McGinnis - 25 days ago
Wonder World
Wonder World - 25 days ago
Wait why did he give up Red dead
Intergalactic Browny
Intergalactic Browny - 25 days ago
How many people saw the doom reference in the trophy room
skyler_the patato
skyler_the patato - 25 days ago
19:09 THE GOLDEN GIRLS!!!?!?!?!
Remy Willard
Remy Willard - 25 days ago
I know I'm about a week late, but we all know that the video could have started at 11:27 and still contained the full segment we all came to see.
Beautifully A Threat
Beautifully A Threat - 25 days ago
19:10 the golden girls?? 🤔
Claire Gehrig
Claire Gehrig - 25 days ago
Poor Mark 😥☹️😢😢😢 I feel bad for him 😞😧😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😷😞😞😞😞😞😞😞☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
AuggieJrAsh - 25 days ago
When’s the spittoon
Kain - 25 days ago
The sofy is tacka
Jewel Elizabeth
Jewel Elizabeth - 25 days ago
20:06 "hitting something with a rock was the very first human invention, and the second was swearing"
20:08 "granite is a natural source of radiation, which is why you shouldn't fill your underwear with it despite the pleasant weight"
Blackapella Gaming
Blackapella Gaming - 25 days ago
“Welcome to the Salty Splitoon”
Anna R.
Anna R. - 25 days ago
6:13 is it just me being paranoid or does that guy kinda look like the colonel 🤣🤣🤣
Taran Jones
Taran Jones - 25 days ago
Mark i sacrifice my monster and summon my blue eyes white dragon using its special effect, NOW I will shoot you with my gun and banish you to the shadow realm.

Brynna Sutherland
Brynna Sutherland - 25 days ago
I love the Golden Girls reference
Fighter jet Pilot
Fighter jet Pilot - 25 days ago
How about The West of Fear and Loathing.
Depression Queen
Depression Queen - 25 days ago
I actually cried on spitune part
Clayton Goodwyn
Clayton Goodwyn - 25 days ago
Clayton Goodwyn
Clayton Goodwyn - 25 days ago
It’s time duel!
Edgar castro
Edgar castro - 26 days ago
The spitoon is at 11:29
penguin king
penguin king - 26 days ago
Why don't you just fight all the ghosts?
Silent Blue
Silent Blue - 26 days ago
17:45 plag?
Inferno_beast - 26 days ago
the yu-gi-oh joke went right over marks head
Adofo - 26 days ago
Everyone else: The game crushed Marks spittoon dreams!
Me: Nobody freaking noticed the Yu-gi-oh shadow realm joke!
Cody Cole
Cody Cole - 26 days ago
Marks wearing his sexy glasses again
Robobox 27
Robobox 27 - 26 days ago
Marks French accent is incredible
Morbalord 15
Morbalord 15 - 26 days ago
Mark I'm gonna make spittoon in my ceramics 2 class next year just for u
XTalongraspX Nope
XTalongraspX Nope - 26 days ago
"The only thing I didn't understand is when it's legal to banish your opponent to the shadow realm." - Mumflr Fumpledink
Someone put a Yugioh reference in this game! That's awesome, and I love it! X3
Gopnik Kezachok
Gopnik Kezachok - 26 days ago
At 0:45 I can kezachok like that
Rebecca Weir
Rebecca Weir - 26 days ago
"I taste blood, maybe I shouldn't be- SPITOON!"
ButterflyColors - 26 days ago
I love how he did the Colonels voice for that one guy
Hailey Gilchrist
Hailey Gilchrist - 26 days ago
11:29 the moment all hell broke loose lol
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