Little Mix - Love Me Like You (Official Video)

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Nightmare on Pig Street Productions
Aren’t they all like 20 or older
Diganta Rabha
Diganta Rabha - 16 hours ago
Isn't it the green power ranger from power ranger samurai?
Sofi Šalamounová
Sofi Šalamounová - 19 hours ago
I Love this song ❤️❤️❤️
I feel like im in the 60s 14 y/o
AceLovesDIYs Christopher
I keep thinking of my crush when watching this. 😍❤😍❤
Denisa Elena
Denisa Elena - 2 days ago
simply luk
simply luk - 3 days ago
Bebe Rexha
Bebe Rexha - 3 days ago
Love me like you is my favorite song from little mix 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Paul Cullo
Paul Cullo - 3 days ago
Samaa - 4 days ago
I made a video about them plz go check it out ❤️
Cute kitten paws
Cute kitten paws - 4 days ago
Bitch, if all the girls liked me I'd get them everything and give them everything I have
Kundari - 4 days ago
He might got the biggest cooo-o-o-ock
Mya Sanchez
Mya Sanchez - 5 days ago
Who thinks that that guy was a player
With all of them
Syd Casanova
Syd Casanova - 5 days ago
2019 everyone
Naira Martiño Castiñeiras
I LOVE 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Juliana Min
Juliana Min - 5 days ago
evann navera
evann navera - 5 days ago
evann navera
evann navera - 5 days ago
Lyrics are in the description box
Puja Bhanja
Puja Bhanja - 6 days ago
The part from 0.40 where Leigh Anne sings.. That sounds similar to True love by Katy pery and kesha
Ryujin - 6 days ago
So this guy shows up at the last dance of prom? Honestly how stupid.
5H Harmonizer CANDL
5H Harmonizer CANDL - 6 days ago
juharra salva
juharra salva - 6 days ago
aya El-sisy
aya El-sisy - 7 days ago
Jeed at 3:04 got me so hard 😂😂
Perrine Elicia
Perrine Elicia - 7 days ago
I don't like this boy😑😑😑
Perrine Elicia
Perrine Elicia - 7 days ago
Yomna Alani okay
Yomna Alani
Yomna Alani - 7 days ago
Me to
Zoey Pino
Zoey Pino - 7 days ago
Me I like black pink and little mix🤗
T i n y R o s e
T i n y R o s e - 7 days ago
That one guy from samurai power rangers the green ranger 🙊
Naomi Joustra
Naomi Joustra - 7 days ago
Who is that boy? Does anybody know his name?
Mint Fowler
Mint Fowler - 7 days ago
I see a lot of comments on the girls, but no one's pointing out the main guy in the video. He's from the power ranger franchise, the samurai one where he plays the green ranger.
Hi5 ForLife
Hi5 ForLife - 6 days ago
That's why he looks so familiar!!!!
T i n y R o s e
T i n y R o s e - 7 days ago
Mint Fowler right I realized that and finally someone notices
Tøxic memöries -_-
Tøxic memöries -_- - 8 days ago
It's the same guy for all of them
Jade:same guy💕
Perrie:same guy💕
Leigh:same guy💕
Jesy:same guy💕
Dane Lamusao
Dane Lamusao - 8 days ago
The last part was me in promm😢😂😂
Kyra_ Raveena
Kyra_ Raveena - 8 days ago
He's a friggin' playah get over him
kamara betz
kamara betz - 9 days ago
omg you have a pinkest person there lol XD + COOL :o
Stephen Key
Stephen Key - 9 days ago
Was incomplete without a revenge ending.. Smug womaniser smirk 😏.... C""kk
Blazenka Culap
Blazenka Culap - 9 days ago
Cool song
Carrie Simpson
Carrie Simpson - 9 days ago
In my opinion this is there best song
Radu Cookie
Radu Cookie - 9 days ago
Is that Chloe Lukaisk from Dance Moms at 03:24?
JC Lacson
JC Lacson - 10 days ago
I'm sorry but is that Betty?
Mayssem Benflis
Mayssem Benflis - 10 days ago
اين انتم ياعرب
Rheine Micole Villaraza
Rheine Micole Villaraza - 10 days ago
Idk but im watching BTS vids then I clicked this
Neha Anup
Neha Anup - 10 days ago
Jesys reaction though
madison gray
madison gray - 10 days ago
mkozirekapo lozurdsmoz load
αуαѕнα.χχ - 11 days ago
Shirley K.
Shirley K. - 11 days ago
Does anyone know his ig ?? :D
Johaira Dy
Johaira Dy - 11 days ago
Theyre so dork 😂😂😂
Johaira Dy
Johaira Dy - 11 days ago
Kiko sakamaki
Kiko sakamaki - 11 days ago
1:31 😂😂👍
chaby's angel
chaby's angel - 11 days ago
xd Adams
xd Adams - 11 days ago
Super piosenka
____________ - 11 days ago
0:02 Man: This is the laaaaaaast daaaance!!
Me: This is one of Little Mix’s BEST SONGS AND MUSIC VIDEOS
Blue Starx
Blue Starx - 12 days ago
Perry is my main
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