Squishy Makeover: Fixing Your Squishies #14

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Melonie Shahan
Melonie Shahan - 25 minutes ago
befor were the tail was.......ehhhhhhhhhh
Melonie Shahan
Melonie Shahan - 25 minutes ago
the place were the tail was...ehhhhhhh
Melonie Shahan
Melonie Shahan - 26 minutes ago
Melonie Shahan
Melonie Shahan - 26 minutes ago
the eyes are cute on the cat
lionking life
lionking life - Hour ago
I love the👀
stephanie zachrich
stephanie zachrich - Hour ago
its not a alocorn its a pegasass
AlphaGacha_Gamer 1234
AlphaGacha_Gamer 1234 - 2 hours ago
The cat has been neutered
Miley Ganezzz
Miley Ganezzz - 2 hours ago
I'm fine with the kitty eyes becuz it looks like it's looking at the delicious dounut
YkinaMikina TV
YkinaMikina TV - 2 hours ago
Naaah. I think that tail is GREYt.

Lucy Kennedy
Lucy Kennedy - 2 hours ago
i like the eyes
Mike Chernous
Mike Chernous - 2 hours ago
The cats eyes are pretty!
Jessica Shields
Jessica Shields - 2 hours ago
It is not a alicorn it I a pegeses but any way I love you so so so so so so so much you are so cool and pretty
This is me
This is me - 3 hours ago
I like how the eyes look
Lonely Pastel Star
Lonely Pastel Star - 3 hours ago
Tbh i love the last one more than the others. Id buy that lol
Kitty Cat Girl
Kitty Cat Girl - 4 hours ago
do a cat😺
María Antonieta Pérez
María Antonieta Pérez - 4 hours ago
I have one little gray baby cat
Caralee Wight
Caralee Wight - 4 hours ago
hi i am new but she is AWESOME
Ellison Brown
Ellison Brown - 5 hours ago
Omg the eyes are adorable
XxLeahGachaxX - 6 hours ago
10:25 the pig is back
XxLeahGachaxX - 6 hours ago
Noticing she’s making a video tomorrow (seriously it’s Thursday today) HUH ME GONNA BE THE FIRST TO SEE IT
XxLeahGachaxX - 6 hours ago
XxLeahGachaxX - 6 hours ago
Andrea Pajaro
Andrea Pajaro - 6 hours ago
XxLeahGachaxX - 6 hours ago
I luv the eyes 👀
Evelyn Kever
Evelyn Kever - 6 hours ago
I love the eyes
Zoe Bullock
Zoe Bullock - 7 hours ago
Come on get ur fingers down my spine some thing some thing some thing oof
Viviana Hernandez
Viviana Hernandez - 7 hours ago
she is so funny!!!!!
Cookie K Crush
Cookie K Crush - 8 hours ago
I like the eyes
Btw I am from the future WOW
Zoey Almond
Zoey Almond - 8 hours ago
you should remake old shuishies and sell them
Katherine's Covers
Katherine's Covers - 9 hours ago
11:20 just realized she should have done louise from bobs burgers! that would be sooo cute
Lizzy Olney
Lizzy Olney - 9 hours ago
You did great do what you like and do listen to the haters also I L❤VE you❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Madi Pin
Madi Pin - 9 hours ago
A unicorn with wings is a pegasus mot a alicor
Madi Pin
Madi Pin - 9 hours ago
Talk about how mutch times she talks about the eyes on the cat
Rana Othman
Rana Othman - 9 hours ago
8:40 that’s a koala
A P - 10 hours ago
Omp thank you! IT IS AN ALICORN IF IT HAS WINGS! All my friends call them unicorns. So thank you Moriah
Taiya Greeff
Taiya Greeff - 10 hours ago
I love the eyes🤣😍😍❤️❤️
ROZ NOOR - 14 hours ago
Ew the eyes looks like it you're looking at the doughnut like a doughnut doughnut doughnut
Georgia Waldeback
Georgia Waldeback - 15 hours ago
Can you plz plz plz plz plz do a 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧 ppaaggwweenn pagwen
Ya Gurl
Ya Gurl - 15 hours ago
THE YELLOW TING IS A KOALA NOT A CAT IN A BUNNY COSTUME P.S not a hate comment I 💖💖💖 ur vids
Sienna Ahmad
Sienna Ahmad - 15 hours ago
he eyes dont look bad. i dont get what you guys think
Puppy Heart
Puppy Heart - 16 hours ago
Wait omg she should cute the roof off, scoop the insides out, cut the door a bit and make squishy furniture inside!!!!!
brianna ellis
brianna ellis - 16 hours ago
at 16:04 it looks like a horse wit 2 beards
Panda Face
Panda Face - 16 hours ago
4:13 -_-
michelle guzman
michelle guzman - 17 hours ago
I like the eye's#eyesquad! like if you agree ^﹏^

Karen Shaw
Karen Shaw - 18 hours ago
Moriah: this one kind of looks like a tall chicken nugget.
Me: you mean a chicken tender
Khia Smith
Khia Smith - 18 hours ago
Wow you hear so much mean comment it sad 😭
Heather Leifheit
Heather Leifheit - 19 hours ago
A unicorn with wings is called a pegasus
verock123 - 19 hours ago
The cat gave me a nightmare no joke it somehow ended up very terrifying I'm not lying! Lol its so weird.
cj.jhiene camposano
cj.jhiene camposano - 19 hours ago
My bunny is a white bunny and he had grey tail
tasha something
tasha something - 20 hours ago
I love the eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes
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